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Levy - Klass
Engagement to Sidney Levy of Detroit Is Announced.
The announcement of the engagement of Miss Pauline Dana Klass of Columbia to Sidney Levy of Detroit, formerly of King City, Mo., was made yesterday at a card party given by Miss Klass to sixteen of her girl friends at the home of her parents, and Mrs. J. A. Klass, 214 South Eighth street. The card party was followed by a two-course luncheon which the announcement was made. Mr. Levy is a graduate of the University, having received the degree of B. S. in 1914. He is now connected with the Timken Axle Company of Detroit. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Levy of King City, Mo. Miss Klass is the only daughter of and Mrs. Klass. She is a graduate of the Columbia High School and was for two years a student in the College of Arts and Science. She was also a student in the Christian College Conservatory of Music. The couple met as students in the University. (Source: University Missourian; Date/Page: June 9, 1915, page 4; Submitters Name: Terry Dicken)

Pike - Biddick
They Carried off His Bride. Parents Take a Hand in a Gentry County Elopement
St Joseph, Mo , Sept 1:  Thomas Pike and Sheriff Buckley of Gentry county are in the city searching for Pike's missing bride, 15 years old. She was Miss Mary Biddick, Pike eloped with her last Tuesday from the home of her parents at Darlington. They were married at Albany A few hours after the wedding the parents of the bride stole her away from her youthful husband and came to the city on their way to California. Pike had the sheriff telegraph to the police had to hold them, but they would not interfere. It is supposed that the parents of the young bride have gone west with their prisoner They arrived here holding her between them and were driven away from the station in a cab. [Saturday, September 8, 1900, Kansas City Star (Kansas City, MO) Page: 1]

At the residence of the bride's father, on Thursday December 31st, by Rev. H.A. Davis, Mr. John S. Williams and Miss Emily A. Bulla.  We received an invitation to attend the infair given at the residence of Dr. Williams and of course we attended (never possessed the courage to refuse) and long shall the remembrance of the occasion remain fresh in our memory.  Bride beautiful, bridegroom in escatacies, guests enjoying themselves in the best possible manner.  We wish the happy couple a long, happy and prosperous life.
Source: The Albany Ledger, Albany, MO.Jan. 7, 1868
Married, on Thursday, September 17, 1885, at the Evans house in Albany, Joseph W. Williams, of King City, and Miss Sarah C. Campbell, of near Albany, Elder J. M. Cunning, of the Christian church officiating.  The groom is well known throughout the county, and is at present a prosperous jeweler of King City, while the bride has a host of friends and admierers in this vicinity, all of whom will join the LEDGER in wishing the couple a happy and prosperous voyage on the matrimonial sea.  This office acknwledges the receipt of "smoakables" from the groomn, which are heartily appreciated.
Source: The Albany Ledger, Albany, MO, Sept. 18, 1885

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