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Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Hubbell

Fifteen years ago last Tuesday Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Hubbell were united in marriage.  They had both been reared at Trenton, Mr. H. being a son of Hon. Geo. Hubbell and Mrs. H. a daughter of Mr. James Austin and during the fifteen years of their married life, as before they were married, they have occupied a prominent place in society- none more respected.  Having been blessed with the privilege of journeying happily together for fifteen years, it was a very suitable occasion to invite in a few of their friends and celebrate what is termed as their crystal wedding.  It was a happy occasion and long to be remembered by those present.  Mr. and Mrs. H. spared no effort to make the evening pleasant for their guests.  The evening was spent in social intercourse interspereced with some excellent instrumental music and singing.  Their own daughter being one of the players assited by the two Misses Austin, Miss Hubbell, sister of Mr. H., Mrs. O.M. Shanklin and Mr. Walter Shanklin.

Our space will not permit us to speak further of incidents of the eveing as we would like to.  As time rolls on may it bring many more such happy occasions.  Mr. and Mrs. H. were the recipents of a number of valuable presents a list of which we give below:

Miss Nancy Shanklin, cut glass pickle dish
Mr. James Austin, cut glass set
Mrs. Susan Austin, large looking glass
Mr. W.E. Austin, silver cased pickle stand
Messrs. Jud Hughes and Albert Smith, one preserve stand, cake stand, cream bowl, sugar bowl and spoon holder
Mr. Chas. Hubbell, silver cased fruit stand
Mr. Geo. H. Hubbell, parlor lamp
Miss Alida Hubbell, bottle cologne
Mrs. Dr. Day, T. Torpey, R.A. Collier, E.A. Conards, E.J. Waler, E.B. Cooper, K.A. Shanklin, W.C. Benson, Burkeholder, Misses Hubbell, Sallie Thomas and Mr. Luther Collier, one silver cased pickle stand.
Mrs. Charles Conrads, picture frame
Mr. and Mrs. O.M. Shanklin, one camphor bottle, tilled.
Mrs. N. Shanklin, cut glass pitcher
Mrs. Wm. H. Smith, pickle stand
Mrs. Mollie Spitler, pickle stand
Mr. Jack Spitler, ink stand
Mr. R.A. Collier, glass pitcher
Mrs. G.D. Smith, glass bread plate
Mrs. W.H.S. Marsh, one dozen salt stands
Mrs. G.W. Smith, glass pitcher
Miss Babe Garvin, bottle bay rum
Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Carnes, one dozen sauce dishes
Messrs Lord & Dunn, paperweight
Miss Emma Stombaugh, pair glass candlesticks
Mr. and Mrs. W.B. Rogers, hour glass
Mr. W.H. Shanklin, pickle stand
Mr. Robt Kerfoot, preserve stand
Rolla and Mollie Short, set vases
Misses C.A. and A.K. Shoot, barometer
Mr. J.C. Hughes, pair cut glass pickle stands
H.F. and R.S. Carnes, sugar bowl, pickle dish, cream pitcher and spoon holder
Source: Trenton Republican Times, Trenton, MO., Oct. 17, 1878

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