J.W. Dale.- a retired farmer of Harrison County now living at Blythedale, has been known for years as a successful breeder of Aberdeen Angus cattle on which he has won several prizes at the Bethany Fair.  He has conducted two public sales of his cattle, receiving $265.00 for one cow.  This was his record price.   Mr. Dale grew up in this county and is one of the many men who have achieved success here and so are in every sense an integral part of Harrison County.

Mr. Dale was born in Colfax Township, May 18, 1859, the son of Abraham and Martha (Mastrus) Dale, natives of Kentucky, who married there and, in 1852, came to Missouri and settled on a farm one and one half miles north of Blythedale.  To their union eleven children were born, three of whom died in infancy, and only four of whom are now living.  They are: Mrs. John Canady, a widow living in Eagleville; Lewis J., a Civil War veteran, now living at Springfield, Missouri; Nancy, wife of William Kieser, of Oxford, Nebraska; and J.W. , the youngest child and the subject of this review.

J.W. Dale was educated in the district schools and attended college at Avalon.  He began to work for himself when he was a young man and worked by the month for five years, receiving thirteen dollars a month.  He bought his first land in 1884.  He purchased the old homestead and added steadily to his holdings until he now owns 600 acres and more in three farms besides the ten acres at Blythedale upon which his home is located.  His farm in Clay Township is especially equipped for the breeding of cattle.  He has bought and sold both cattle and mules for years and it was in this particular phase of farming that he made his success.
Mr. Dale was married on October 15, 1884, to Rosa Booth, born three miles north of Cainsville, the daughter of Evermont and Susan (Reeves) Booth, the former born in Virginia and the latter a native of Kentucky, early settlers of Harrison County.  Evermonth Booth was one of the vast number of men who joined the westward movement in 1849 in search of gold.  To Mr. Dales union with Rosa (Booth) Dale two children were born:  Glenn, now a salesman for a St. Joseph glass and paint house and living in Topeka, Kansas; and Earl, living in Colfax Township.

Mr. Dale votes the Democratic ticket and is a member of the Baptist Church.  He has always been interested in enterprises other than farming and is a stockholder in the Farmers and Merchants Bank and of the Citizens Bank of Blythedale.  He is a member of the board of Directors of both banks.  Mr. Dale is a man of varied interests, marked business acumen, and progressive ideas and methods.  These things have contributed to the marked success which he has made in life.
Source: History of Harrison County, Geo. Wanamaker, 1921

L. M. Davis- Assistant treasurer of the Bethany Trust Company, belongs to a family that is well known in Harrison County where several members of it are living.  Mr. Davis was born in Smith County, Virginia, November 25, 1877, the son of J.K. and Emma A. (Harvey) Davis, who came to Harrison County in 1881, and located on a farm six miles west of Bethany.  Here L.M. Davis grew to manhood.  His father was a veteran of the civil war, serving in the Confederate Army. Both J.K. Davis and his wife died on their farm in Harrison County and are buried in the Marion Cemetery in Bethany.

Martin Davis and his wife, grandparents of L.M. Davis lived in Smith County, Virginia, and were the parents of nineteen children, seventeen boys and two girls.  J.K. and Emma (Harvey) Davis wre the parents of eleven children, as follows:  H.M., of Casper Wyoming; Eda W., now Mrs. Robert Cuddy of Kansas City, Missouri; Innie M. , now Mrs. Earl Hamilton, of Bethany; Lewis M., the subject of this sketch; R.H. of Bethany; Jimmie C., now Mrs. M.E. McCoy of Monte Vista, Colorado; C.E. of Bethany; Martha, now living in Bethany; F.P. of Bethany; Porter K. of Bethany; and Paul J. of Bethany.

L.M. Davis was educated in the public schools in Harrison County and the Methodist College of Albany, Missouri.  He worked for various mercantile firms in Bethany for several years.  For ten years he ran a grocery business in Bethany with the firm name, Chambers and Davis.  He sold his business in order to accept his present position with the Bethany Trust Company in November, 1920.

Mr. Davis married to Bessie Tolliver of Bethany, April 20, 1905.  Mrs Davis is the daughter of John H. and Susie Tolliver, the latter deceased and the former now living in Bethany where he is with the Bethany Mill and Elevator Company.  Mr. and Mrs. Davis have two daughters, Virginia and Margurerite.

Mr. Davis is a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and the Knights of Pythias Lodge.  He is known and esteemed in the town and county for his buiness acumen and for his high standards of citizenship.
[Source:History of Harrison County, Geo W. Wanamaker, 1921]

J.K. POLK DAVIS AND EMMA HARVEY DAVIS-J.K. Polk Davis and his wife, Emma (Harvey) Davis came to Harrison County, October 29, 1880 from Marion, Va.  They settled on 800 acres purchased from Campbell Crossan, a Bethany banker. 

Several grandchildren survive to continue the line of royal descent traced to Lewis Harvey, the great-grandfather of Emma Harvey Davis.  The 11 grandchildren in the J.K. Polk Davis family included:

Harry Mathew (11-7-1871-4-27-1958) who married Jeanette Williamson.  Their children: Lucille Kathryn Cypransean, Dorothy (d), Josephine, Campbell, Porter, Inez (d), Harry Guy, Dixie and J.K.

Edna Washington (3-29-1874-5-18-1956) who married Robert H. Cuddy.  Their children:  Roberta Cuddy Koch and Wade (d).

Innie Melissa (2-15-1876-6-26-1950) who married Stephen Earl Hamilton.  No children.

Lewis Martin (11-25-1877-8-20-1945) who married Bessie Tolliver.  Their children: Virginia Templeman, Marguerite Carson and Harold (d).

Reece Hannah (2-16-1880-10-12-1949) who married Coralee Denny, one son, Robert Lee.

Jimmy Conly (3-27-1882-4-17-1962) who married Malley McCoy.  No children

Campbell Edward (1-22-1884-4-14-1965)who married Vernice Shoots.  Their children:  Rex, Lois Beaver, Ruth (d), Madge, Shirley, Jacquiline (d).

Martha Jane Davis, 3-1-1887, single, a longtime Bethany resident.

Franklin Pierce (9-2-1890-4-16-1953) who married May Riley.  Their children:  Riley, Emma McMillen, Polk (d), Winnie (d).

Porter Knox (4-25-1894-5-31-1944) who married Marie Hambleton.  One daughter, Dorothy Jean, a veteran of World War I.

Paul Jack (7-15-1896-2-15-1973) who married Lois McCoy.   No children, veteran of World War I.

J.K. Polk Davis enlisted in the Confederate Army at age 15.  He was the son of Martin and Mahala Lovell Davis of Chatham Hill, Va who were honored by the State of Virginia for having so many sons in the Confederate Army.  His wife, Emma Harvey was the daughter of Matthew and Martha Hannah Harvey of Roanoke, Va.  She was of royal blood, being a direct descendant of Sir Dudley Digges (1583-1639).  Emma was educated at Martha Washington Conservtory of Music at Abdington, Va.  Her Rosewood baby grand piano, over 100 years old, is a family heirloom.   J.K. Polk Davis was a cattleman, farmer and owner of fine horses and operator of a private racetrack.  He contributed to the building of Shady Grove Church (1882) and to the Methodist College at Albany (1895).

Their last surviving daughter, Martha Jane Davis still resides in Bethany.  She attended the Central Missouri State College at Warrensburg.  She is a member of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution; Order of First Families of Virginia 1607-1624; United States Daughter of Confederacy; and the United States Daughter of 1812.

source: Harrison Co. Bicentennial,transcribed by: Melody Beery

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Dr. James Lynn Downing

Dr. James Lynn Downey-Dr. Downing was born in Pennsylvania of Scottish-Irish parents.  His parents moved to Ohio when he was two years old.  His father was a carpenter and painter by trade and the son learned and followed this trade.  In the spring of 1853 when he was nineteen years old he married Mary M. Hurd and they moved to Iowa.

Here he studied law and qualified to practice.  He brought his family to Eagleville, Mo., May 11, 1860 and here he continued to practice the profession of law while studing medicine under Dr. H.J. Skinner for three years.  He abandoned the practice of law for the medical service in 1864.

When he and his wife came to Eagleville they settled in a little home which was to be their place of abode as long as they lived.  Eight children were born to them.  Those who lived to maturity were: Laduke, Bertha, Benjamin, Jennie, Ida, Ursula, and "Hun".  One by one they left for homes elsewhere and once more the mother and father found themselves alone in the quiet little home which they came to love more and more.

When the doctor became to feeble to make the long drives, he stayed by his medicine case, doctoring a little here and there, until the death of his wife April 15, 1913.  From that time he began declining and died two years after her passing.

Dr. J. L. Downing was known all over Harrison county as the ever ready doctor, the benefactor to humanity. There was never a night too dark or cold, no snow too deep, the road to muddy or slick or waters too high but what, if the call came, Dr. Downing went.  He often said on the darkest bad night, he felt sure of a call to Hatfield or Blueridge, and he went. No thought of pay ever kept Dr. Downing from a sick bed.

Dr. Downing was well respected by all who knew him. Dr. and Mrs. Downing are buried in the Masonic Cemetery, Eagleville, Harrison County, Missouri.

source: excerpt from Eagleville Memories 1851-1969 by Elsie Herron, transcribed by: Melody Beery

Albert L. Dunn, M.D.-
was born in New Jersey, January 21, 1827, and is a son of Squire and Experience (Lennox) Dunn, both natives of the same State.  The father moved to Western New York with his family in 1830 and in 1844 went to Wisconsin, and from thence to Minnesota, in 1856, where he died.  The mother is still living.  Alvert L. lived with his parents during his youth, and having begun the study of medicine early in life graduated from the Eclectic College of Medicine at Cincinnati in 1851.  He first began to practice in Iowa, and then spent a few years in Colorado.  In 1865 he came to Missouri, and made his home in Mercer County for three years.  In 1868 he came to Harrison County, practicing at Mt. Moriah until 1879, when he came to Bethany, where he has principally been engaged in merchandising and the hotel business.  In 1855 he married Nancy E. Parnell, a native of St. Joseph, Ind., by whom he has four children:  Minnie L., wife of William W. Storms; Edwin L., Lettie D. and Hattie E.  Dr. Dunn is a Democrat.
Source:  History of Harrison and Mercer Counties, Missouri, Goodspeed Publishing Co, 1888

Willard A. Dale
proprietor of a popular and up to date cafe at Bethany, Missouri, is a native of Harrison County and a descendant of one of the very early pioneer families of this county.  He was born three miles east of Bethany and is a son of Allen E. and Lucy A. (Fuller) Dale.  Allen E. Dale came to Harrison County with his parents, who were among the very earaly settlers here.  Lucy A. Fuller Dale came to Harrison from Iowa with her parents who were also early settlers in Harrison County. 

Allen E. Dale and Lucy A. Fuller were married in 1858 and two children were born to them, who are now living:  Emma R. who married J.C. Hefner and they live in Wichita, Kansas; and Willard A. Dale, the subject of this sketch.

Willard A. Dale was reared on a farm and educated in the district school of the township and public schools of Bethany, Missouri.  In 1899 he went to Noel, McDonald County, Missouri, where he was in business for five years.  He then returned to Bethany and for some time has conducted a cafe here.  Mr. Dale conducts a first class place and has a large patronage. 

Mr. Dale was married August 16, 1899 to Miss Minnie Bartlett, a daughter of John and Susie Bartlett, both natives of Missouri.  To Mr. and Mrs. Dale have been born one son, John J. who resides at home with his parents.  He was educated in the public schools of Bethany and in 1920 he was married to Miss Ruth Leazenby, of Mt. Moriah, Missouri.  Mr. Dale is one of the well known citizens of Harrison County, and is progressive and enterprising.
Source: History of Harrison County, Geo. Wanamaker, 1921

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