Genealogytrails Harrison County, Missouri
Births Pre-1910
Source: State of Missouri Birth and Death Records.

Name Place of Birth Date of Birth Fathers Name Mothers Name Mothers Maiden Name
Broman Cainsville, Mo. 4-14-1884 Andrew Broman Alberiau Broman Alberiau Nelson
Alexander Ridgeway, Mo. 7-14-1886 Oliver Alexander Louisa Alexander L. Chisl?
Anthony not listed 9-1-1886 Robin L. Anthony Elizabeth Anthony E. Waid
Beaver, John Robert Marion Twshp. 5-1-1884 John D. Beaver Ruth Ann Beaver Ruth Ann Beaver
Booth Madison Twshp. 6-7-1884 Wm. Booth Eliza A. Booth Eliza A. Wilson
Anderson, Andrew McClelland Ridgeway, Mo. 10-18-1886 James T. Anderson Hattie B. Anderson H.B. Mcldin?
Allen, Eagleville, Mo. 8-6-1886 James L. Allen Bertha B. Allen Bertha B. Downing
Burris, Cypress Twshp. 6-14-1884 Frank Burris Emma Burris Emma Barlow
Alsto, Clara May Union Twshp. 2-5-1887 Edward A. Alston Anna Alston Chervitt
Blake, Bertha Pearl Jefferson Twshp. 6-5-1884 Samuel Blake Mary Elizabeth Blake Mary Elizabeth Postlewait
Addison, Madison Twshp. 1-18-1887 Charles Addison Martha Addison Estep
Brannou, Cainsville, Mo. 6-1-1884 C.A. Brannou Sarah E. Brannou Sarah E. Murray
Alder, 1/2 mile E. of Bridgeport, Mo. 8-15-1886 William B. Alder Mary Jane Alder House
Bumgarner, Bethany, Mo. 7-5-1884 Andrew Bumgarner Viola Bumgarner Viola McDonald
Barth, James Wm. Colfax Twshp. 6-28-1884 Andrew Barth Amanda Barth Amand Putiman
Arkle, Buford M. Jefferson Twshp. 7-7-1887 Thomas J. Arkle Isabell S. Arkle Dungal
Brown, Grant Twshp. 7-11-1884 Thomas Brown Amanda Brown Amanda Oram
Allen, Jennie May Union Twshp. 3-30-1887 James F. Allen Hannah Allen Hufford
Adams, Bethany Twshp. 1-21-1887 Benj. Adams Eliza Adams Blair
Burgess, Earl B. Harrison Co. Mo. 6-20-1884 Chas. W. Burgess Mary E. Burgess Mary E. Fluist
Ashford, Alice West Bethany, Mo. 3-12-1887 George Ashford Barbara E. Ashford Barbara E. Thomas
Blake, Jefferson Twshp. 7-27-1884 J.W. Blake Rebecca B. Blake Rebecca B. Moore
Ashford, Alphus West Bethany, Mo. 3-12-1887 George Ashford Barbara E. Ashford Barbara E. Thomas
Burton, John Arthur Union Twshp. 7-27-1884 Abram ? Burton Margaret Jane Burton Margaret Jane Pruett
Allen, Viola Victoria New Hampton, Mo. 7-6-1887 Wm. L. Allen Isabelle Jane Allen Isabelle Jane Owens
Blake, Geo. Riley Hamilton Twshp. 7-10-1884 Albert V. Blake Mary Jane Blake Mary Jane Lowe
Apperson, Carrie Not listed 8-26-1887 John Apperson ElizaJ. Apperson Eliza J. Noble
Bruner, Near Ridgeway, Mo. 7-13-1884 Andrew D. Bruner Eliza Winifred Smikth Eliza Winifred Brewer
Allen, Union Twshp. 9-8-1887 McGinnis B. Allen Laura J. Allen Laura J. Piburn
Braduey, Near Ridgeway, Mo. 7-8-1884 Chas. W. Braduey Sarah Olive Braduey Sarah Olive Meirseebery
Blakesley, Fannie Cainsville, Mo. 8-2-1884 C.H. Blakesley Sarah Blakesly Sarah Ouier
Baber, Harrison Co. Mo. 8-15-1884 Burgess Baber Martha Baber Martha Allen
Baker, Trail Creek Twshp. 8-16-1884 Robert Baker Mary A.Baker Mary A. Mulkey
Barnes, Cleveland Colfax Twshp. 8-16-1884 James B. Barnes Mary E. Barnes Mary E. Turner
Buntin, Willis Union Twshp. 8-3-1884 Albert A. Buntin Malissa J. Buntin Malissa J. Piburn
Burgin, Jefferson Twshp. 8-9-1884 John Herschel Burgin Laurinda Jane Burgin Laurinda Jane Hendren
Brough, Leona Gertrude Jefferson Twshp. 9-10-1884 Wm. H. Brough Sarah Frances Brough Sarah F. Plunck
Byers, Washington  Twshp. 7-31-1884 Samuel Byers Catherine Byers Catherine Swartz
Bell, Cloawa Pearl Colfax Twshp. 9-11-1884 Francis S. Bell Margaret E. Bell Margaret A. Minton
Bain, Madison Twshp. 9-7-1884 David E. Bain Elizabeth Bain Elizabeth Preston
Bartlett, Bethany Twshp. 10-11-1884 William Bartlett Ella Bartlett Ella Wright
Brock, Oscar Othello Harrison Co. 10-1-1884 Francis M. Brock Sarah Arabel Brock Sarah A. Hull
Bartruff, Ridgeway Mo. 9-14-1884 Clarence C. Bartruff Delia Bartruff Delia Catherine
Buck, Bethany Twshp. 11-6-1884 William T. Buck Amanda Buck Amanda ?
Buzzard, Olive D. Lincoln Twshp. 10-13-1884 Thomas B. Buzzard Bellzora Buzzard Bellzora Nevius
Buis, Madison Twshp. 10-11-1884 James L. Buis Elizabeth Buis Elizabeth Lake
Bridge, Trail Creek Twshp. 10-22-1884 Eli Bridge Harriet Bridge Harriett Booth
Butler, Near Ridgeway Mo. 12-2-1884 Norton Butler Elizabeth Butler Elizabeth Dyke
Baldwin, Martinsville, Mo. 9-28-1884 Ellis Baldwin Nancy E. Baldwin Nancy E. Booker
Burgin, Ernest Wm Jefferson Twshp. 12-15-1884 Charles H. Burgin Parallee Gertrude Hopkins Parallee Gertrude Hopkins

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