Genealogytrails Harrison County, Missouri
Births pre-1910
Source: State of Missouri Birth and Death Records

Name of Child Place of Birth Date of Birth Fathers Name Mothers Name Mothers Maiden Name
Allen Bethany Mo 8-19-1883 Isaac N. Allen Ida Allen Ida Marshall
Berry, Rebecca Rosella Dallas Township 8-23-1883 H.M. Berry M.R. Berry M.R.Bender
Brewer White Oak Township 9-16-1883 Jesse Brewer Arvilla Brewer Arvilla Rogers
Allen Union Township 9-9-1883 James C. Allen Hattie Allen Hattie Rusie
Barnes, Alice Grant Township 8-22-1883 Charles Barnes Emma Barnes Emma Zimmerlic
Allen Sherman Township 10-16-1883 Emery J. Allen Rachael Allen Rachael Custer
Ballard Cypress Township 8-27-1883 Austin Ballard Jane Ballard Jane Allen
Allen, Pearl Eagleville Mo 10-27-1883 Doddridge B. Ally Laura A. Ally Laura A. Suinck
Bolar Sheridan Township? 9-22-1883 John Bolar Mary M. Bolar Mary M. Helton
Arvey, Alice Myrtle Fox Creek Township 10-20-1883 Geo Arvey Hannah E. Arvey Not listed
Brinegar Marion Township 9-14-1883 Thos B. Brinigar Lucinda Brinigar Lucinda Bandy
Adams Sherman Township 12-20-1883 A.W.Adams Saphronia Adams Saphronia Anderson
Briggs Hamilton Township 8-20-1883 John D. Briggs Malissa Briggs Malissa Fish
Allen Cypress Township 1-29-1884 Wm. H. Allen Sarilda J. Allen Sarilda J. Allen
Allston, Ema J. Union Township 1-20-1894 Edward Allston Alvina Allston Alvina Choat
Bauta, Maggie Pearl Washington Township 7-26-1883 Harvey Owen Bauta Sarah Jane Bauta Sarah Jane Stauly
Brill, Adair Robert Hamilton Township 7-27-1883 John Frederic Geistabe Brill Ellen Julia Brill Ellen Julia Rundquist
Allen, E. Jr. not listed 1-31-1884 Elanson M. Alley Mary Alley Mary Mooney
Beeson Ridgeway Mo 9-25-1883 Newton Beeson Angeline Beeson Angeline Lilly
Abbott Bridgeport Mo 12-7-1883 John Abbott Sarah J. Abbott Sarah J. Vistal
Brooks, Lloyd Newton Colfax Township 9-14-1883 Geo Wm Brooks Clara Jane Brooks Clara Jane Melis
Arrosmith Bethany Mo 3-11-1884 Swanson Arrosmith Mary E. Arrosmith Mary E. Hancock
Blessing, Stella Harrison Co Mo 8-29-1883 Wm. C. Blessing Mary C. Blessing Mary C. Elis
Allen Mt. Moriah Mo 3-18-1884 John Allen Sibitha Allen Sibitha O'Donald
Bain, Anna Laura Madison Township 10-12-1883 Not Known Susan C. Bain Susan C. Bain
Abbott, Cippy Myrtle Marion Township 4-24-1884 Thomas William Abbott Sarah Lutemia Abbott unreadable
Brock, Dee C. Near Ridgeway Mo 10-28-1883 Chas M. Brock Anna Brock Anna Himmett
Allen, Herbert Spencer Cypress Township 5-19-1884 Thos. Allen Mary Allen Mary Butler
Allen, Corrine Union Township 5-11-1884 McGuiness B. Allen Laura J. Allen Laura J. Piburn
Brown, Charles F. Grant Township 11-1-1883 Charles Brown Mary Brown Mary Luggle
Berger, Clara Ellen Marion Township 11-21-1883 Hiram Berger Catherine Berger Catherine Noekey
Arnold Marion Township 4-25-1884 Sylvester Arnold Rasey Lee Arnold Rasey Lee Miller
Arthurs Harrison Co. Mo 6-23-1884 Chas. E. Arthurs Sarah E. Arthurs Sarah E. Madden
Bishop Washington Township 11-21-1883 Wm P. Bishop Sarah Bishop Sarah Larmer
Allen, Bertha B. Union Township 7-10-1884 James A. Allen Florence Allen Florence Haley
Baker Martinsville, Mo 11-24-1883 C.W. Baker Hattie Belle Baker Hattie Belle Howard
Brown, L.G. Fox Creek Township 11-14-1883 Francis M. Brown Martha A. Brown Martha A. Foster
Atkinson Colfax Township 8-29-1884 James Atkinson Martha J. Atkinson Martha J. Caster
Adair, Cary Lincoln Township 7-5-1884 David Adair Margaret Adair Margaret Young
Bolar Sherman Township 12-7-1883 Thos. J. Bolar Serilda F. Boler Sarilda F. King
Addison Madison Township 10-9-1884 Robert Addison Phoebe Addison Phoebe Scott
Burris, Elbretta Harrison Co. Mo. 8-26-1883 Geo. W. Burris Samautha M. Burris Samautha M. Poynter
Applegate Sugar Creek Township 9-17-1884 Isaac P. Applegate Lurena Applegate Lurena Rucker
Bails, Thomas Harrison Co. Mo. 9-10-1883 Wm. H. Bales Margaret E. Bale Margaret E. Watkins
Allen Union township 9-18-1884 Newton Allen Sarah C. Allen Sarah C. Logsdon
Bennett Cypress Township 12-14-1883 Nelson Bennett Sarah Bennett Sarah Demastus
Barnett, Harry Edward Eagleville, Mo. 1-3-1884 James A. Barnett Castilla Barnett Castilla Dickey
Allen, Andrew Wilson Union Township 9-23-1884 Thomas A. Allen Sarah Jane Allen Sarah Jane Johnson
Behee Bethany, Mo. 2-12-1884 Sidney W. Behee Mary E. Behee Mary E. Evans
Aufrrict, Lolo May Bethany, Mo. 8-30-1884 Ferdinand R. Aufricht Stella A. Aufricht Stella A. Rogers

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