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Bohemian National Cemetery
written by W. Pelikan and Anthony Skroth

The Bohemian national Cemetery is situated on section 35, range 26, township 4, consisting of one acre of ground which was donated by Mrs. Josephine Roberts in the year of 1869 for public use.  At that time there were only a few Bohemian-American citizens here, namely, John Posler, Joe Skroh, Joe Sobotka and the Solil family.  About that time this part of the county began to be settled by more Bohemian people, who settled on farms.  Later on another acre of ground was bought and added to the other acre. 
First Person Buried in Bohemian Cemetery Josephine Prazak, who was born in Bohemia in 1829 and died in September 1869
Second Person Buried in Bohemian Cemetery Mrs. Anna Posler, born in 1800, in Bohemia and died in June 1871
Third Person Buried in Bohemian Cemetery Miss Elizabeth Prazak, born in 1852, died November, 1872 in Bohemia
Fourth Person Buried in Bohemian Cemetery Joseph Skroh was born in 1813 and died in 1875
Fifth Person Buried in Bohemian Cemetery Miss Josephine Roberts born in 1854 and died in July, 1875

Joseph Sobotka, born in 1836, died July 1902.  John Posler was born November, 1823, came to this country in 1849 and died March, 1912.  He was the first Bohemian settler in Harrison County and settled on a farm in 1856, as that was his occupation before coming to the United States.  Up to the present time there has been twenty six children and sixty nine adults buried in this cemetery, making a total of ninety five.

This cemetery is under the organization of about fifty members and paying necessary assessment each year for to keep fences and cleanup work and have several hundred dollars on hand in Liberty Bonds and treasury.

Source: The History of Harrison County, Missouri, Geo. Wanamaker, 1921

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