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Harrison County, MO Cemeteries-
 Source: GNIS.

Cemetery Name



GNIS Map Designation

Akron Cemetery 403029N 0934904W Akron
Allen Cemetery 402538N 0940346W Brooklyn
Andover Cemetery 403332N 0935404W Lamoni South
Bohemian Cemetery 402337N 0934806W Cainsville
Brown Cemetery 403241N 0940210W Pawnee
Buntin Cemetery 402346N 0940058W Brooklyn
Cat Creek Cemetery 401212N 0934715W Gilman City East
Catholic Cemetery 403308N 0935018W Akron
Cedar Hill Cemetery Blythedale
Christian Union Cemetery East of Blue Ridge
Dale Cemetery 401705N 0940010W Bethany
Downey Cemetery 403329N 0935139W Akron
Foster Cemetery 401446N 0941152W Matkins
Gilman Cemetery 400842N 0935120W Gilman City East
Grace Cemetery 402133N 0941235W New Hampton
Hobbs Chapel Eagleville
Hughes Cemetery 403236N 0934639W Akron
Kidwell Cemetery 401955N 0940837W New Hampton
Lilly Cemetery 402317N 0935304W Eagleville
Lincoln Center Cemetery 403140N 0941025W Hatfield
Logsdon Cemetery West of Eagleville
Magee Cemetery 402100N 0940801W New Hampton
McKone Cemetery North east of Eagleville
Miller Cemetery 403257N 0934852W Akron
Miriam Cemetery      Bethany
Mitchell Cemetery 400812N 0934801W Gilman City East
Monson Cemetery Bethany
Morris Chapel Cemetery North of Bethany
Mount Moriah Cemetery
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402006N 0934843W Mount Moriah
Mount Olive Cemetery 401351N 0940514W Mitchellville
Payne Cemetery 403333N 0940425W Pawnee
Phillebaum Cemetery 401755N 0940140W Bethany
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery 401033N 0940140W Mitchellville
Rakestraw Cemetery Bethany
Ridgeway Cemetery 402320N 0935652W Eagleville
Rose Hill Cemetery 402448N 0935613W Eagleville
Russ Cemetery 402111N 0940440W Bethany
Shirley Cemetery Eagleville
Springer Chapel Cemetery 401420N 0934808W Gilman City East
Stoner Cemetery 402103N 0934823W Mount Moriah
White Oak Cemetery 401314N 0940819W Matkins
Yankee Ridge Cemetery. 402155N 0935434W Gardner

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