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Miscellaneous Churchs
Source: The History of Harrison and Mercer Counties, Missouri
Goodspeeds, 1881

Highland Chapel U.B. Church-
in Union Township, not far from Eagleville, was built in 1880, at a cost of $968.00. It is a one story frame building and has a seating capacity of about300.  The society which meets for worship at Highland Chapel has a small membership, ministered to at this time by Rev. D.A. Beauchamp.  The building stands in the northwest part of the township, on land donated by Jeremiah Mumma.

Mount Gilead Christian Church-
west of Eagleville was organized about the year 1876 or 1877, and at this time has an active membership of from sixty-five to seventy.  The house of worship is a frame building erected in 1877 or 1878.  The pastor in charge at the present time is Elder Adams.

Bethel United Brether Church-
in Colfax Township northern part), is a flourishing society, numbering in the fall of 1887 about forty-two members.  The house of worship is a neat frame building, erected about the year 1876 at a cost of over $1,000.00.

Mount Pleasant Baptist Church No. 2-
in the northeastern part of Colfax Township, was organized in 1853.  The first pastor was Rev. John Woodward, who ministered to the congregation at intervals for a number of years.  Three years after the organization a log building was erected about four miles west of the site occupied by the present house of worship.  The present building, a frame structure, was erected in the year 1877 at a cost of $1,200.00.  Rev. Joseph H. Burrows, of Cainsville, was pastor for several years, after whom Revs. Harper and Woodward preached at different times; present pastor, Rev. O.E. Newman.  The first deacons were J.V. Brooks and G.J. Wardrip; present deacons, R.T. Richardson, and W. Taylor; Trustees, R.T. Richardson, J.N. Richardson and J.W. Brooks.

The Methodist-
have a strong organization and a substantial house of worship at the village of Akron, Clay Township.  The present building was erected in 1873, and dedicated by Rev. Amos Wilson, of Leon Iowa.  The membership at this time is about sixty-five.  The Sunday-school is under the efficient superintendency of E.N. Roberts.

The Presbyterian Church of Akron-
ws organized December 1863 by Revs. William Reed and Duncan McRuer.  David and Morgan Frazier were the first elders.  So far as now known about twenty members went into the organization.  The present house of worship was erected and dedicated in 1876; present membership, sixty.  The pastor in charge at this time is Rev. Mr. McKay.  William Frazier is superintendant of the Sunday School.

The Roman Catholics-
have a large congregation in Clay Township.  A beautiful building was erected about the year 1871, since which time the church has gone by the name of Mound St. Mary.  Mass was first celebrated in the building by Father Powers of Maryville, Mo.  The present pastor is Father Coullen, of Stanberry.  The original number of Catholic families belonging was twenty-two; the number at this time is forty.

In Lincoln Township-
is a society of United Brethern, the organization of which took place in 1865.  It was reorganized in 1887 under the name of Danford Church, and at this time has a membership of thirty-five.  Rev. David Beauchamp is pastor.  There is also a Christian Church in the eastern part of the township which has a good membership.

Wesley Chapel Methodist Episcopal Church-
is situated in Section 17, Washington Township, and dates its history from about the year 1865 or 1866.  There were twelve original members, to wit:  Adam Wilson and wife, Elizabeth Wilson, Martha Wilson, George Westlake and wife, Eli Westlake, Elizabeth Baker, Mrs. Lent, Margaret Bowser, Emanuel Fluke and wife.  The building in which the congregation now meets for worship was erected in 1873, at a cost of $1,100.00.  Present membership, sixty; pastor, Rev. W.R. Wood; class leader, Joseph Wright; trustees, F.Zimmerman, J.W. Chesney, Joseph Wright, Abraham Smith and J.R. Mitchell; recording steward, J.D. Wilson.

Baptist Church-
In the fall of 1887 there was a Baptist Church organization effected near the home of W.S. Young, of Washington Township, with twelve charter members and five additions.  Elder J.B. Seat was called as pastor.

White Oak Grove [Missionary Baptist] Church, in the southwest corner of Madison Township, was organized in 1885, by Revs. Woodward, Harper, and Withard.  Meetings are regularly held in what is known as the Young schoolhouse by the pastor, Rev. C.M. Withard; present membership, twelve.

Pleasant Valley Baptist Church-
southeast part of Marion Township was organized February 7, 1885, by Revs. J.H. Burrows and John Woodward.  Meetings were held in the Pleasant Valley schoolhouse until the summer of the above year, when a temple of worship, costing $800.00 was erected.  It was dedicated in September, 1885, by Rev. J.H. Burrows, who served as pastor until the fall of 1887; present pastor, Rev. Mr. Newman; membership, thirty-eight.

Churches of Ridgeway-
There are two religious societies at the town of Ridgeway, Methodist Epicopal and Christian.  The former was organized in the fall of 1881, by Rev. Isaac Chivington, with a membership of about twenty or twenty-five.  A building was erected the same fall, at a cost of $1,400.00.  It is a frame structure, stands in the southern part of the town, on Pine Street, and will comfortably seat 300 persons.  The society is not so prosperous as formerly, the membership at this time numbering about sixty.  The following pastors have served the congregation from time to time: Revs. Chivington, Develin, Reuter, Stevenson, Grover, Reno and Pierce.  J.E. Opdyke and Mrs. J. Travis are the stewards; Levi Goodwin, classleader.

The Christian Society
was organized May 21, 1882, with about forty-one members.  The ministers who brought about the organization was Elder W.H. Richardson.  Previous to the organization a neat frame building was erected in the northwest part of the village at a cost of $1,500.00.  It was completed in the spring of 1881.  W.H. Richardson, J.H. Coffey, Elder Parker and B.A. Wilkinson have preached for the congregation, which at this time numbers about 50.  The church is in a flourishing condition, and is ministered to at the present time by Elder James Connoran.  Officers, William Rakestraw, William Ellington, George Grant and T.J. Hasty, elders; James Hughes, Eliseph Munson and Ellis Hopkins, deacons.  Connected with the church is a prosperous Sunday school, superintened by T.J. Hasty; the teachers are Mrs. L.H. Oxford, Mrs. S.H. Coleman, Mrs. S.D. Rardin, Mrs. T.J. Hasty and L.J. Hasty.  Average attendance sixty-five.

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