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Lewis Nossaman.

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Lewis Nossaman

Lewis Nossaman was born in Pike County, Kentucky March 13, 1826. In the fall of 1833 or spring of 1834 his parents moved to Marion County, Indiana where Lewis grew to manhood. He married (1) Elizabeth Eaton on September 24, 1846 in Marion County, Indiana. Elizabeth Eaton was born March 18, 1829, died September 10, 1847 and was buried in the New Bethel Cemetery in Wannamaker, Indiana along with several other Nossaman relatives. Lewis married (2) Mary Springer January 13, 1848 in Marion County, Indiana.

Lewis' father died July 23, 1849 at Marion County, Indiana. Two of his older brothers had moved to Lake Prairie Township, Marion County, Iowa in 1842 when the area was opened for settlement. Lewis moved to Polk Township, Marion County, Iowa soon after the death of his father. Only his oldest brother Adam and his sister Nancy appear in the Franklin Township, Marion County, Indiana 1850 census. Lewis (spelled Louis in this census) and Mary Nossaman appear in the 1856 Polk Township, Marion County, Iowa census along with their three oldest children Alonzo, Warren Pierce and Theodore. According to the census record Lewis had lived in Iowa 5 years. He lived in Iowa for another 4 years then moved to Harrison County, Missouri. According to the 1860 census they lived in Dallas Township, Harrison, County Missouri. This is the same township that contains Martinsville, Missouri. The 1870 and 1880 census shows the family living in the Washington Township, Harrison County, Missouri. Martinsville could be used as the address for birth and family records in Harrison County, Missouri.

Children of Lewis Nossaman and Mary Springer are as follows:

1. Alonzo Nossaman, b. March 26, 1850, Marion Co., IN, d. November 4, 1916.

2. Warren Pierce Nossaman, b. September 6, 1852, Marion Co., IA, d. March 6, 1926.

3. Theodore Nossaman, b. March 31, 1856, Marion Co., IA, d. May 28, 1861.

4. Oscar Nossaman, b. February 5,1860, Harrison Co., MO, d. May 5, 1947.

5. Lewis Douglas Nossaman, b. October 4, 1862, Harrison Co., MO, d. October 12, 1935.

6. Francis Marion Nossaman, b. May 20, 1866, Bethany, MO, d. May 5, 1940.

7. David Adrian Nossaman, b. July 4, 1870, Harrison Co., MO, d. September 6, 1954.

Lewis Nossaman volunteered for the Union Army at Eagleville, Missouri August 29th 1862 for a period of three years. He was shown to have blue eyes, light hair and a fair complexion. He was 5 feet 7 inches tall. At the time he was 36 years of age had 3 live sons, one that had passed away, and another child on the way. He was mustered into Company B 2nd Regiment of the Missouri Volunteer Cavalry on September 29, 1862. Since it was organized by Captain Lewis Merrill, the unit was known as Merrill's Horse. It participated in the Civil War primarily in Missouri and Arkansas. Lewis volunteered as a private, promoted to corporal on December 1, 1962 and then promoted to sergeant December 1, 1864. Lewis Nossaman was mustered out at Chattanooga, Tennessee on August 30, 1865 due to the expiration of term of service. He turned in one colt revolver, a cavalry sabre and accouterments.

Lewis farmed about 3 miles north and 1.5 miles east of Martinsville, Missouri in the 1876 atlas of the county (Washington Township). He farmed approximately 2 miles south of Eagleville, Missouri in the 1898 atlas of the county (Union Township). The soil developed from glacial deposits. The predominant soil is Shelby clay loam and Shelby clay. The slopes range from 5 to 20 percent, which resulted in severe erosion. Much of the area has now (1999) been planted to improved pastures and used for grazing. When Lewis moved to the area in 1860 he lived in Dallas township, which contains Martinsville, Missouri.

Several of the sons of Lewis Nossaman sold out and moved to Kansas around Kingman in the 1870-1880s. Warren Pierce Nossaman sold land in March 3, 1879. Oscar and his wife Phebe sold land December 27, 1982. Lewis Douglas sold his land on February 28, 1984 through a power of attorney as he was already in Kingman County, Kansas. Alonzo continued to live in Harrison County, Missouri and made several land sales with his wife Mary. The last sale of land by Alonzo and wife Mary was February 28, 1891.

Lewis Nossaman and his wife Mary evidently got a divorce around 1883. He and Mary sold 440 acres November 3, 1884. Mary signed the sale from Lawndale, Kingman County, Kansas. She was probably living with some of her children. Warren Pierce Nossaman for one was living around Lawndale at that time.

According to a declaration for a Widow's pension by Rose B. Nossaman, Rose B. Cantwell of Eagleville, Missouri married Lewis Nossaman May 16, 1986. The soldier had been divorced. After this marriage Lewis and Rose B. Nossaman sold several properties in the Eagleville, Missouri area. She appeared to be a real estate agent or property trader from these sales.

Lewis Nossaman filed for a pension (#604964) due to disability (Rheumatism) in 1890 at age 64 while living in Harrison County Missouri. He filed for a restoration and increase of pension July 17, 1893 in Harrison County, Missouri. Lewis filed for a pension February 8th, 1907 at Wellington, Sumner County, Kansas. Lewis Nossaman died June 5, 1908. He is buried in the veterans section of the Prairie Lawn Cemetery in Wellington, Kansas. Rose B. Nossaman filed for a Widow's pension July 1, 1908. She was dropped from the pension rolls due to her death May 6, 1917. At the time of her death she was living in Springfield, Missouri. Several relatives have asked who was Lewis' widow that was known as the lace grandmother due to her beautiful lace. I would assume this to be Rose B. Nossaman.

Obituary of Lewis Nossaman

Lewis Nossaman aged 82 years, died at his home on east 9th yesterday at noon of old age. He was an old soldier. The funeral services will be held tomorrow at 2:30, conducted by Rev. Stewart of the Presbyterian Church. Interment taking place in Prairie Lawn Cemetery.

Nossaman had been an invalid for many years and 2 years ago was adjudged incapable of attending to his affairs. Ab Shearman being appointed his guardian. The action was taken at the instance of two of the old man's sons and pending only a short time. Nossaman left six sons, and a daughter and his widow. Two of his sons have been summoned and will come for the funeral.

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