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Alonzo Nossaman was born in Marion County, Indiana on March 26, 1850. Soon after his birth his parents moved to Marion County, Iowa then after nine years moved to Harrison County, Missouri where Alonzo grew to manhood. He married Mary Eisenbarger February 28, 1869 in Harrison County, Missouri.

Mary was born November 21, 1850 in Pennsylvania. Alonzo farmed in the Martinsville, Missouri area until 1891. He owned various farms in the area. One farm of 60 acres was purchased for $600 in 1879, which was witnessed by his father Lewis Nossaman.   The last land sale found was in 1891. According to the obituary of Alta Maude Nossaman, his youngest daughter, Alonzo moved to near Cunningham, Kansas in 1891.

Evidently Alonzo Nossaman had some interest in his community. He donated land for a school December 8, 1871. The school was named Nossman School #36.   It was located 4 miles north and two miles east of Martinsville in Washington Township.

Alonzo and Mary Nossaman's children were as follows:

1. Cora Belle, b. January 11, 1870, at Harrison County, Missouri, d. September 24, 1951

2. Martha Ellen, b. August 5, 1871, at Harrison County, Missouri, d. September 10, 1957

3. Malissa Francis, b. January 26, 1874, at Harrison County, Missouri, d. April 13, 1933

4. Lillian Christian, b. April 28, 1876, at Harrison County, Missouri, d. April 22, 1955

5. John Wesley, b. November 28, 1878, at Harrison County, Missouri, d. January 13, 1961

6. Ora Randall, b. September 13, 1880, at Harrison County, Missouri, d. June 8, 1929

7. William Lewis, b. December 12, 1881, at Harrison County, Missouri, d. August 11, 1951 

8. Adam M., b. October 2, 1883, at Harrison County, Missouri, d. March 12,   1884

9. Alta Maude, b. March 7, 1885, at Harrison County, Missouri, d. March 15, 1955

10. Ernest Allen, b. May 17, 1887, at Harrison County, Missouri, d. May 10, 1955

The Cherokee Strip was opened up for settlement by a land run on September 16, 1893. The Cherokee Strip was originally set aside as a hunting area for the Cherokee Indians when they were moved from the southeastern states to Oklahoma. This area comprised 5,500,000 acres lying adjacent to Kansas. The western end was at the eastern end of the Oklahoma panhandle.

People could make the run into the Cherokee Strip and stake a claim for 160 acres. Alonzo and his brother Oscar Nossaman made the land run. Alonzo staked his claim to the SE  of section 22, R12W, T28N. Oscar staked his claim to the SE  of section 27, R12W, T28N, which was one half mile south of Alonzo.  Oscar's claim was immediately across the road west of the present Kieth cemetery located about two miles west and one and half mile south of Burlington, Oklahoma.

Alonzo's future son in law Perry Cloyd (he married Malissa Francis Nossaman February 26, 1895) staked a claim at NE , section 4, R11W, T27N. Alonzo lived at the site for many years till he retired and moved to Cunningham, Kansas. He died and is buried at Cunningham, Kansas. Alonzo did a lot of landscaping work. Pictures of his home show many shaped trees. All of Alonzo's children made the move to Kansas in 1891.

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