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William H. Munford, son of Richard Munford and Elizabeth Carter Munford, was born Oct. 8, 1828 in Hart County Kentucky
married February, 1852 in, Hart County Kentucky to Henrietta O. Craddock, Born Oct. 8, 1831 in Hart County Kentucky,
 daughter of James Craddock and Nancy Gardner Craddock
William and Henrietta  were the parents of the following children:

Elizabeth Story Munford Howard. aka "Betty"
B: 10-6-1853
D: 1-26-1930
John Lewis Munford
B: 10-19- 1854
D: 10-15-1869
Stillborn Child Munford
B: 1856
D: 1856
James Richard Munford
B: 5-9- 1857
D: 1-15-1881
Nancy Jane Munford Howard
B: 8-28-1859
D: 12-28-1880
Henrietta Belle Munford
B: 1-1-1861
D: 4-27-1913
George W. Munford
B: 11-20- 1863
D: 7-6-1948
Martha Malissa Munford Hitchcock
B: 3-27- 1867
D: 2-19-1897
Mary Parthena Munford
B: 1869
D: 1955
Sarah Ann Margaret Green
B: 3-17- 1870
D: 7-6-1960
Rose Emma (Dolly) Munford
B: 1872
D: 1888

William H. Munford died January 5, 1882 in Harrison  County, Missouri and is buried in the Memorial West Cemetery, Eagleville, Mo.
Henrietta O. Craddock Munford died October 28, 1878 in Harrison County, Missouri and is buried in the Memorial West Cemetery, Eagleville, Mo.

oldest daughter of William and Henrietta Munford

Elizabeth Story Munford Howard, aka "Betty" daughter of William H. Munford and Henrietta O. Craddock was born Oct. 6, 1853 in Hart County Kentucky was married to William W. Howard, on April 1, 1877, in Harrison County, Missouri
William W. Howard born May 4, 1850 in Toulon, Stark County, Illinois and was the son of David Crockett William Howard and Thankful Almina Elston Howard. Elizabeth and William W. Howard were the parents of the following children:

John Howard
B: 1878
D: 1878
Areena May Howard
B: 1879
D: 1973
William David Howard
B: 2-1-1880
D:4-13- 1911
Rosie Maude Howard
B: 1883
D: 1884
Eva Almina Howard Demmer
B: 6-8-1885
D: 12-10-1958
George Roy Howard
B: 1887
D: 1967
Malissia Annebelle Howard
B: 1889
D: 1969
Ethel Parthena Howard
B: 1892
D: 1978
Arthur Lee (Leon) Howard
B: 1894
D: 1954
Grace Eleanor Howard
B: 1896
D: 1983
Stella Emily Howard
B: 1898
D: 1898
Retta E. Howard
B: 1901
D: 1982

Excerpt from the Munford Family History, written by Retta E. Howard, daughter of Elizabeth Story Munford Howard "Betty"

"When Betty was about seven years old the family moved to a cattle ranch near Eagleville, Harrison Co., Mo.  They travelled in a covered wagon drawn by a team of oxen.  The trip was very difficult for grandmother (Henrietta Craddock Munford) who was in pain most of the time.  The family did their own cooking, and slept in the wagon.  One evening grandfather (William H. Munford) decided to stop at the next farmhouse and ask for lodging for the night so that grandmother could rest more comfortably.  Just at dusk, they saw the lights of a large country house.  As they approached they noticed that it seemed to be much more prosperous than any they had seen on the way.  It was a two story house, and lights could be seen in all the windows, both upstairs and down.  As was the custom of travellers in those days, grandfather stopped at the yard gate and shouted, "Halloo!!"  Suddenly, as if a master switch had been closed (although it was long before electricity was dreamed of) every light in the house was extinguished, and darkness and dead silence prevailed.  Grandfather did not tarry long.  He had heard numerous stories of bands of highwaymen who preyed on travelers.  This might be the headquarters of such a gang; they couldn't take a chance.  So they drove on as fast as the weary oxen would go, and did not make camp until nearly daylight, when they were a safe distance away. "

" Elizabeth "Betty's" father was William H. Munford.  Her mother was Henrietta Craddock.  Henrietta was an invalid much of her life due to complications arising from giving birth to her children.  Elizabeth Story Munford "Betty" was the oldest of the Munford children and assumed most of household duties and child rearing duties for the family at a very early age."

son of William and Henrietta Munford

John Lewis Munford was born Oct. 19, 1854 in Hart County Kentucky.  He was the son of William H. Munford and Henrietta O. Craddock Munford.  The following excerpt regarding John Lewis Munford is from a family history written by Retta Elizabeth Howard:

"The first tragedy in Betty's life, (Betty is Elizabeth Munford Howard) came nine days after her 16th birthday.  On October 15, 1869, five days before his 15th birthday, her brother, John--her constant companion and helpmate---was thrown from a horse and instantly killed.  Betty was almost overcome with grief, and hardly knew how she could go on without him.  But she had no time to mourn as her little brothers and sisters must be cared for, as well as her invalid mother."

John Lewis Munford is buried in the Memorial West Cemetery, Eagleville, Mo.

daughter of William and Henrietta Munford
married George W. Hitchcock in November 1888. Died Feb. 19, 1897 in Kansas City, MO., buried in the Brown Cemetery, Harrison County, Mo. First daughter, Myrtle Veda Hitchcock, born 1888, died 1952 in Harris County Texas, never married. A second daughter, Ethel M. Hitchcock, was born in 1891 in Kansas.   Early records indicate that Ethel was a stenographer and she apparently married, nothing else is currently known about her. 

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Source: Family History and Genealogical Research of Holly Fischer, direct descendent
Sources used: Census records, birth records for Hart County, Kentucky, cemetery records and written family records
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