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Early Settlers By Name

Efforts were made to obtain the names of the principal actual settlers prior to 1850, and to arrange them by neighborhoods, but it was found to be almost impossible, and accordingly they are here given alphabetically. These names have been taken from the public records and interviews with some of the remaining pioneers.

Of course it is not proclaimed that this is a full or complete list of all the early settlers, but it is believed to be a larger and more complete list than has ever before been published.
[Source: History of Harrison and Mercer Counties, Missouri, St. Louis and Chicago, The Goodspeed Publishing Co, 1888]

John S. Allen William Clopton Russell Gay William G. Lewis Peter Pettit William M. Virdin
Stephen C. Allen William Cumming Benjamin Grubb Joshua Looman J.A. Piburn George Williams
William R. Allen Luther T. Collier Thomas M. Geer John Long J.M. Piburn Alfred Williams
Able W. Allen Lott Cain Noah Grant C.A. Long William Robinson John Williams
Joshia Allen William Crawford Elkanah Glover John Ligget James K. Rees Andrew Williams
Thomas Allen W.W. Collins John Gibson Leonard Ladd James Ramey David Williams
Calaway Allen John Cutshall O.P. Green Jacob B. Ladd Benjamin S. Ramey John B. Williams
William Allen Eli Clevenger Phillip Harris William Liles William Rice Richard Watson
Samuel Alley D.C. Courter Joel Harris William Mitchell Shedrick Robertson Noah Whitt
Sampson Alley Sam Courter David Harris Jacob Mitchell Solomon Richardson Sharp Winningham
Benjamin Ashby James Case Isaac Hammers John Mitchell Hugh Ross Elijah Wilcot
John J. Arnold William Canady William Hamblin Daniel Mitchell Samuel Ross John Wilcot
Joseph Arnold John Q. Chambers Thomas Hutchens James M. Mitchell Jacob Ross Hiram K. Weddle
Thomas Arnold Luther Collins A.B. Harden Reuben Macey John E. Roberts Calvin Williams
Benjamin Archer Thomas M. Carnes Edward Hunt Eli McDaniel Henry Rice Adam H. Wilson
William C. Atkinson Thomas Dunkerson Joseph Hunt F.H. McKinney James Rhodes B.T. Whedbee
C.B. Atkinson James A. Dale Elijah Hubbard Patrick McGill Perry Reed Solomon Wilkinson
David Buck A.E. Dale E.L. Hubbard Elisha Meeker John Ramsey W.B. Weldon
Henderson Buck W.E. Dodd E.S. Hughs James Mallett Ephraim Stewart Zachariah Weldon
Bethuel Buck Willis Dickinson John J. Hatton F.B. Miller Wright Stephens Johnathan Weldon
John W. Brown Philip Davis Marshall K. Howell Cornelius Murphy William M. Selby Mark P. Wills
James Brown John Duley William W. Harper Daniel Morgan Vincent Smith Daniel Walker
John A. Brown Pleasant Daniel Thomas Hart William Munns John W. Stevenson Richard Walker
Jacob A. Brown John Daniel Henry C. Hamilton John McGinley John R. Scott Joel H. Worthington
Thomas Brown Thomas Daniel J.D. Hardin Charles Miller George Smith Jeremiah Young
William S. Brown Alfred Daniel Henry Herrington S.C. Miller Jonathan H. Smith Harvey Young
Aaron Bales John Dorney Charles Hauck Thomas Monson A.J. Smith R.R. Young
William E. Burris George Davis Lewis Hunt Hugh T. Monson Ed. Smith F.B. Young
John Brooks Willis Daniel John Hudson Adam Miller James Stone William Young
James Blakely John P. Devers John W. Hobbs Abram Myers Amos Spurgin
Jonathan Booth Willis Dickinson E.H. Hobbs John McGraw Eli Salmon
Robert Bullington Samuel Edmiston John Hyde Dr. J. G. Miller Thomas Shain
Howell Blaketer John P. Edmiston Edward Higgins William Martin Noah Snell
Benjamin S. Burns James M. Edmiston William Hunter John Merifield Jacob Stambaugh
Nash Bender Edward L. Ellis Henry Hunter Rolla Merifield Rod Stark
Jonathan Bender Samuel Ellis Porter Hardin Nathaniel Martin Charles M. Scott
William H. Bender Aaron England John M. Haynes Arch Montgomery Benjamin Salmon
Daniel Bartlett John D. Enloe Thomas J. Higgins Kader Madden R.H. Salmon 
Joseph Bartlett Anthony Enloe Nelson Hockridge Allen S. Meek John Sanders
Wilburn Blankenship Abram Endsley William Hamaker Jacob H. McLey Daniel Shumate
Simpson W. Burgin Hugh Endsley Robert Hall James Moss G.W. Selby
Dennis Burgin John H. Elliott William Hall John R. Maize Samuel Spires
Boon Ballard L.H. Elliott William Hendricks David Macey William Smith
S. Burson Samuel P. Fleenor John Honan G.M. Mendenhall Sylvester Smith
Christopher Blessing Simon Fleenor W.B. Harper John G. Music Allen Scott
James Brady Thomas Flint J.J. Hogan George W. Noah William Simpson
Isaac Brady John Flint J.B. Hyde Harrison Noble James N. Stafford
Alexander C. Brady John Fields Alex. Hinkley S.M. Nelson L. Dow Thompson
E.J. Bondurant Dilwood Fields Benjamin Harris James Nash Thomas Tucker
Isaac Brown Robert Ford Granville Hogan William Nally Daniel Tucker
B.A. Brown R.Y.Ford Joseph W. Harper Samuel F.Neal Beverly Travis
Aaron Bridges John J. Ford Enoch Holland Henry O. Neville David Travis
Allen Bridges Samuel Ford Shepard Hulse James M. Neville William A. Travis
James Bridges Henry Fuller Alfred Hickman Hardin Oatman Hiram Tinney
Adam Brown James Fuller Charles L. Jennings Clem Oatman John Taylor
E.T. Baldwin S.L. Fox E.M. Jennings John Oatman Thomas Taylor
Ed Baldwin Elijah Fleming Martin Jennings John Oram Chris Taylor
William Ballew Thomas Foster Samuel O. Jennings William Oxford James Taylor
Elisha W. Banton John Foster Miles Jennings Jonathan Oxford Thomas Thompson
E.H. Brady Levi Fields Ichabod Jincks Jacob B. Oxford Thomas Terry
James G. Broughton Jesse Fowler Lee P.Jones Drury Obion Daniel M. Thomas
James B. Bell Matthew Franklin John Jones Samuel Prewitt Elkanah Timmons
William Barbee Joel J. Fair Joseph Jones John Prewitt Rueben Tilley
Austin Bryant Asa Fleming Joseph C. Johnson Robert Peery Sanford M. Tilley
Stephen Bryant Richard Ford Charles Killyan ?Peery John Tull
John Conduit Charles Fitch John P. King Logan H. Peery Ben Tull
William Chambers Sam Fitch William King John Poynter Jeptha Tull
L.W.H. Cox William T. Foster Simon P. King Thomas Poynter Birdine Taylor
A.M. Cox George Foster Jesse Kelley William Pilcher J.F. Thompson
Fleming Cox George Fallis William Long James Powell Allen Turner
John W. Casebolt John Faning Iven Low Anthony Plymel Silas Turner
Harrison Casebolt William B. Gillespie Joshua Low Peter Price John W. Virdin
Dennis Clancey Joseph Gillespie Alvin P. Low Joseph Price Jesse Vail
Lewis Charlton John Gillespie Isaac N. Ladd James Price Daniel Vanderpool
Arthur Charlton Jacob Gutshall Thomas Ladd William L. Price Isaac Vanhoozer
John Charlton David Garton William Lauderback Veazey Price H. Vanhoozier
John Y. Creswell Ananias Garton William G. Lewis Christopher Platz Valentine Vanhoozier

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