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Earliest Marriages.

The following is a list of the earliest marriages solemnized in Harrison during the first two years of its history:
David C. Bryant and Permelia Edmiston, married November 6, 1845, by Rev. L. Morgan

Benjamin Casner and Nancy Miller were united in the holy bonds of wedlock on the 26th day of December, 1845, by Ivan Lane, Justice of the Peace.

November 11, 1845, Willis Harper and Eleanor Williams were made man and wife, Charles Jennings, a Justice of the Peace officiating.

Thomas H. Poynter and Susan A. Jenks were married by C.L. Jennings on the 24th day of December, 1845.

Other early marriages:
Elkannah Ratcliff and Catherine Prewet
John Spencer and Emily Safter
Matturn Taylor and Mary M. Henson
John Taylor and Mary E. McDaniel
Alfred Williams and Sarah Vanderpool
William Allcock and Rebecca Allen
Josiah J. Allen to Mary Hogan
David Blaketer and Harriet Lawson
Core Houk and Malinda Dolson
Levi Hunt and Caroline Cummins
George W. Hanners and Elizabeth Bullington
Jesse Haunn and Saulda Booth
Archibald M. McDaniel and Jane Daniels
Harden Carmen and Elizabeth Hultz
Frank M. Brown and Saulda Poynter
John W. Brown and Irene Higgins
Samuel Corister and Nancy Miller
William Carver and Tamer Condry
Tobias DeBoice and Mary Garner
Peter C. Dowell and Hester W. Brown

[source:  The History of Harrison and Mercer Counties, Missouri, The Goodspeed Publishing Company, 1888]

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