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Spanish American War
Source: History of Harrison County, Missouri
Geo. W. Wanamaker, 1921

Company D, Fourth Regiment, United States Volunteers:

When the United States declared war aginst Spain, Harrison County responded promptly.  Company D, Fourth Regiment, under Capt. J.F. Slinger, left Bethany for service on May 10, 1898.  This company spent several months in various military cantonments, althought it never saw service out of the United States.

Tuesday May 10, 1898, is a day long remembered in the history of Bethany for it was the day when Company D, Fourth Regiment Missouri National Guards started for the Missouri troops rendezvous at Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis.  The Saturday before Captain Slinger had received orders to have his company ready to entrain on Tuesday and immediately plans were laid to give the boys a pleasant send off.  A dinner was prepared by the Bethany ladies and served in the armory.  Promptly at noon Company D assembled at the bugle call and Chief Marshall R.H. Wren and his aides, John M. McPherson, Jere Weidner and Joseph Newland, formed the procession to escort the company to the depot.  It is said that in that day there had never before been such a crowd in Bethany.

Below are the names and addresses of the members of the company:

J.F. Slinger, Captain, Bethany Maurice Hook, Bethany
H.L. Stark, First Lieut., Bethany R.C. Hughs, Bethany
R.J. Ramer, Second Lieut., Bethany Jacob Jennings, Bethany
Bert Wren, First Sergt., Bethany D.L.King, Mt. Moriah
Freeman Frost, Second. Sergt, Bethany J.V. King, Mt. Moriah
M.G. Morgan, Third Sergt., Bethany J.W. King, Gardner
C.R. Lawrence, Fourth Sergt., Bethany R.G. Lawrence, Bethany
J.W. Bradley, Musician, Bethany B.V. Lewis, Bethany
J.M. Addison, Cainsville A.A. Long, Mt. Moriah
Lawrence Arney, Bethany M.Long, Mt. Moriah
Fred Arrasmith, Bethany R.E. Medworth, Bethany
HarryBaker, Mt.Moriah F.C. Misner, Mt. Moriah
C.L. Bartlett, Bethany J.D. Milligan, Bethany
E.M. Berkhimer, Gilman City O.P. Noah, Bethany
Jay C. Barber, Eagleville A.V.Madden, New Hampton
J. W. Cook, Bethany Clyde Neville, Bethany
C.O. Cumming, Bethany J.M. Osborn, Blue Ridge
Dan T. Davis,Bethany A. Perkins, Ridgeway
G.T. Dill, Bethany A.L. Piburn, Bethany
Roy Dunkle, Martinsville H. G. Potter, Blue Ridge
Joseph Eades, Bethany H.M. Poynter, Bethany
E.E. Easton, Andrew Elmer Pryor, Ridgeway
Charles Epperson, Bethany W.M. Reed,Bethany
George W. Foster, New Hampton Harry Robbinson, Bethany
J.R. Friend, Bethany J.W. Rupe, Martinsville
Fred Fruit,Bethany W.H. Smith, Blythedale
C.S. Glenn, Martinsville G.C. Stevens, Andover
W.P. Glenn, Martinsville Samuel C. Spence, Gardner
E. Hall, Cainsville Albert Stewart,Trenton
William Heaston, Bethany G.H. Smith, Martinsville
E.W. Hendren, Bethany C.S. Smith, Andover
A.T. Hogan, Bethany Fred Sutton, Bethany
C.O. Toombs, New Hampton Ed Taylor, Bethany
L. E. Terry, Bethany James Taylor, Bethany
CharlesTaylor, Bethany Stanton Williams, Bethany
Lewis Walter, Gilman City James Wilson, Bethany
William Weese, Bethany R.E. Wooden, Bethany
E.A. Whitaker, Bethany T.H. Woodress, Bethany
S.H. Willard, Hatfield J.E. Young, Bethany
T.L. Williams, Bethany J.S. Woodward, Cainsville
C.O. Young, Blythedale

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