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Robert Hobbs of Hobart, Oklahoma, arrived Saturday to spend a few days with his grandfather E.B.Hobbs

Mrs. Martin Mumma left for her home in Kansas Friday.  She was called here by the illness of her father, E.B. Hobbs.

William Lacy, aged 72 years died Sunday March 13 at the home of his son, Ben Lacy.  Funeral Services were
held at Hobbs Chapel by Rev. Smith Monday, and the remains tenderly laid to rest in the Hobbs graveyard.
The bereaved relatives have the sympathy of the community in their deep sorrow.

Will Edwards and Miss Emma Peasley were quietly married March 9th at the George Russell home
near Brooklyn.  Rev. Moore performed the ceremony.  About fifty of their friends gave them an old
fashioned chavari in the evening and were generoulsy treated by the bridal couple to candy, apples
and cigars and a pleasant evening was enjoyed by all.  Their many friends extend congratulations.

Bert Kennedy sold the boxes at the Union Chapel supper Friday evening, sixteen boxes brought
$22.00, the highest bid for a box was $2.00.

Source:  Harrison County Democrat
March, 1910
submitted by: Melody Beery

We were confronted by two very touching sights on Monday morning, in the form of A.E. Rose, tall and slim sadly bending over the garden he was making, and Dr. Robertson, short and round, kneeling over his garden, tearfully planting the seeds.  Now we will predict that with plenty of sunshine and rain, and some one to do the hoeing, they will have fine gardens.

"Taggs the Waif" will be played at Blythedale, on Friday night, and at Eagleville on Saturday night, the proceeds to be turned over toward the piano for the hall.  The company will consist of exactly the same persons as when given the first time.  Good orchestra music and good specialties.

William Dunsham, of Butler township, was in Eagleville, on Thursday, looking after business.

Miss Clara Bandy was the guest of Mrs. Ethel _____, of Ridgeway on Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Ves Rinehart, of south of Ridgeway were the guest of Pete Rinehart and family.  Mr. Rinehart is suffering from neuralgia.

Jacob Miller and daughter, Miss Iva, spent Saturday and part of Sunday with Judd Miller and family. Sylvia Franciso  being the guest of Mrs. Miller during their absence.

Miss Ethel Gilbert is the guest of Miss Bea Bridges, this week.

G.W. Neville, James Gill and Marion Coberly were in town, Thursday.

George Shirley and family, and John Canaday and family were in Blythedale on Sunday, to witness the baptizing.

H.D. Harter is painting the awning to the hall this week.

Miss Ethel Thompson writes that school will open in Glen Ellyn about the sixth of May, and that all are more than well pleased with the location.

Frank Manore is building a barn for O.W. Curry, which will shelter that fine colt this winter.

There was a baptizing near the Gilbert home on Sunday, seven being baptized by Rev. Campbell.

School begun at Lone Star on Monday, Miss Lettie Aber being the teacher.

Maurice Mudgett, of Blythedale, was in Eagleville, on Saturday, looking after business interests.

Mrs. E.H. DeWitt of Grant City came in Wednesday for a visit with her son, Marsten and family.


Gilman City:

John Dewitts have a new baby boy.

Mrs. Rose Dean is recovering from the measles.

Mrs. Lafe Williams and two children left Sunday for Colorado.

Mrs. Mary Gardner and Miss Viola Scott of Melbourne attended lodge here Wednesday.

C.F. Lake is moving into the Jack Burke property.

F.M. Williams and wife returned home Friday from several months visit to Corpus Christi.

Mrs. Julia Shaffer and children moved to her farm Monday.  Mrs. Shaffer's children have been
ill but are better.

Chas. Thompson left Monday for McCraken Kan. where he has employment.

Theophilus Dunn and daughter, Miss Florence have been quite ill for sometime.

Barney Markey and daughter, Miss May of Colorado came in Sunday to attend the funeral
of his sister, Mrs. John Honan.

Chas. Foster and wife are the proud parents of an eleven pound baby girl, who
put in appearance March 7.

Source:  Harrison County Democrat
March, 1910

Transcribed and
Submitted by:  Melody Beery


Armstrong:  H.B. Armstrong, who was here during the illness and death of his son-in-law, Blaine Barry, returned last Saturday to his home in Wellington, Kansas.

Ballard: L.F. Ballard and Arthur Thompson, who have been living near Coffey, were passengers from Bethany  Sunday to Bellingham, Wash., where they expect make their home.

Beets:  Dr. R.H. Beets and wife moved last week from the suite of rooms up town to their residence on Millionaire ave.

Bender:  Miss Daisy Bender went to Pattonsburg last Saturday to visit with her sister.

Bennett: Rev. J.B. Bennett and wife returned last Thursday to their home in New Hampton.  They had visited with friends in the Mitchelville neighborhood.

Bishop: Mrs. George Bishop returned last Thursday to her home in Akron after a visit with her sister, Mrs. A.M. Morgan who has been quite sick.

Bonser:  Mrs. A.C. Bonser visited a short time last week with relatives in Leon Iowa.

Bryant: Mrs. J.F. Bryant visited the past week with her daughters in St. Joseph.

Burgess: Earl Burgess and wife returned Saturday from their trip to St. Louis.

Corbet: Jos. Corbett went to New Hampton last Saturday to visit at the Dr. Kavanaugh home.

Davis:  Miss Pauline Davis, who has been attending school here, returned Thursday to her home near Eagleville.

Fansham:  Miss Florence Fransham returned to Ridgeway Saturday, after a visit with friends.

Gusewelle:  Mrs. Fannie Gusewelle, who makes her home with her daughter, Mrs. Albert Springer went to Blythedale last Friday on a visit with her son.

Harvey:  Frank M. Harvey and wife came up Thursday morning from Stanberry and drove to Martinsville to attend the funeral of Mr. Harveys aunt, Mrs. A.F. Wilson.  They returned to their home Friday.

Kautz: L.R. Kautz and wife came in Saturday from Kingston Mo. On a visit with Mrs. K’s parents, G.W.Barlow.

Keown: Mrs. J.A. Keown returned last Saturday to her home in St. Joseph, after a visit with her daughter, Mrs. I.N. Martin.

Lingle: E.Y. Lingle made a business trip to Leon, Iowa last week.

Millian: Miss Anna Millian visited home folks in King City Saturday and Sunday.

Poynter: Fred Poynter was a passenger to St. Joseph last week.

Shroyer: Mrs. Harry Shroyer spent a few days with her husband in Eagleville.

Towns: Mrs. Albert Towns returned Saturday from St. Joseph where she had been for several days with her son, Gay, who was in the Ensworth hospital for treatment.

Webb:  Jos. Webb who has spent the winter in Kansas City with his daughter, Mrs. G.W. Hannah, returned here last Friday.  Mr. Hannah accompanied him, returning home the same day.

Wiley: Geo Wiley was here from Ridgeway on business last week.

[Source: Bethany Clipper, April 14, 1911 edition]



Miss Lillie Alley returned from Pawnee Saturday.

Dave Robertson of Sedalia visited our community Saturday.

Miss Mable Ray of near Lamoni visited here Sunday.

Source:  Harrison County Democrat
County Correspondence
March, 1910
sumitted by: Melody Beery


Jack Frost made his appearance in this locality, leaving a coating of ice on the water and spreading himself over the peach and plum blossoms;

Rev. A.C. Jones made a trip to Allendale, to visit a sick friend;

Miss Alice Kirkpatrick is staying at Mrs. H.C. Heaston's during her mother's absence;

T.E. Rankin made a business trip to Grant City, Sunday;

Lincoln Township has purchased five road graders and we expect to have good roads in the future;

Miss Anna Pennington has returned to her home, west of town;

Mrs. Lydia Raynor and her duaghter, Ida, came in from Pittsburg, Kansas Saturday to visit her sister, Mrs. Fleming Butler;

There will be a box supper at the Hall, Saturday night, May 2, for the benefit of the U.B.Church.  All are invited to come and help in the good work;

Rev. O.P. Garlock will preach at the Christian Church, the first Sunday in May, at 7 p.m.;

A jolly crowd of young people gathered at the home of Chod. Knott one evening last week.  The evening was spent in the social games and a very enjoyable time was reported;

Mr. and Mrs. John Sylvester of Eagleville, spent Saturday and Sunday with his parents Mr. and Mrs. _E. Sylvester;

Ella Masden spent Sunday at her home in Ringgold, Iowa;

T.C. Moffet and family visited at Charlie Knott's Sunday;

Frank Ireland, who has been visiting his sister, Mrs. J. N. Snedeker, the past week, returned to his home in Freemont, Ill. Friday;

Mrs. Margaret Butler, Mr.and Mrs. J.N. Snedeker and Mr. Ireland visited with J. L. Hickerson and family, last Wednesday;

Dennis Cook and Lute Skinner and families, of Eagleville, visited relatives at this place one day last week;

Mrs. Hickerson and Vergie Carter returned home from Blythedale, Sunday, where they have been selling milinary goods;

R.L. Green is working on telephone lines at Murray, Iowa;

Jennie Kelly returned home Monday, from Ridgeway, where she has been attending school;

Mrs. Lizzie Roach is making an extended visit with her daughter at Farragut, Iowa;

Mrs. Kirkpatrick has gone to Kansas to visit her children, she expects to be gone for some time;

A.J. Simpson has decorated his store in city style;

Mrs. Nannie Heaston is visiting with Mrs. Geo. Hefner, north of Allendale;

Jasper Fletcher started for Kansas, Tuesday, where he expects to spend the summer;

Mrs. C.R. Wells and family went to Smithville, Mo., Thursday, where they will visit her sister;

Miss Vena Hopper commenced a spring term of school at South Lone Rock;

Joe Reynolds, of Kellerton, Iowa has purchased twenty head of fat cattle from Albert Vanmeter.  Joe Hunsicker also sold twelve head of cattle to Ben Schooler, of Grant City;

Mrs. Lucinda Coughennower and family visited with M. Coughennower and family, near Eagleville, last week;




Quite a cool wave visited this section of the country last week;

Miss Dungie of Grant City was in Town Saturday;

Dave Cain, of Iowa, movedinto the Gately property last week;

Geo. Smith, of Washington Center, was in town, Tuesday;

Walter Pennington went to Iowa again last week, where he intends to work for a time;

Mr. Toaming sold a horse the first of the week, for $100.00;

John McCoy, of Martinsville, visited a short time, Monday, with his mother, Mrs. Martha Beymer;

Miss Anny Dillion, of Lamoni, Iowa, was a guest at the Kelly home, Friday;

Jordon Donelson and family spent Sunday with his brother, Chas. Donelson and wife;

Vess Vankirk has had his house moved onto S.A. Crawford's land, west of town;

Mr. Skirrow Smith and wife were Hatfield callers, Wednesday;

Mrs. Nannie Hunsicker, from near Pawnee, visited, Thursday with her uncle, Mr. Haley, who still remains in critical condition;

Mrs. Julia Hickerson and Miss Vergie Carter went to Blythedale, Wednesday, where they had a hat sale.

[source: BETHANY CLIPPER PAPER, September 24, 1924, transcribed by: Melody Beery]

Burns, Evans and Beeks:  Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Burns, Mr. and Mrs. W.R. Evans and Mary Beeks were Sunday guests at the S.B. Skinner home.

Ely,Edwards, Lockwood:  Mr. and Mrs. S.B. Ely, Jay Edwards, Mrs. Joe Lockwood and son Kade Edwards and Jim Ely were Sunday visitors at the Chas. Shain home.

German and Hobbs:  Misses Gladys German and Katie Hobbs visited the Eagleville High School Tuesday of last week.

Grabill, Hazel:  spent Tuesday night with her friends, Mable and Lucille Ballew

Hobbs Cemetery:  All who are interested are asked to come and help clean the Hobbs cemetery Thursday, Oct. 2.  All who have lawn mowers are asked to bring them.

Hobbs Chapel:  Sunday, Sept. 28 will be the day to elect new Sunday school officers.  We urge all members of the Sunday school to be present  and help elect the officers.

Mathes:  On account of the rainy weather Friday evening the intermediate class party, which was to be given at the S.T. Mathes home Friday night, was postponed until this week.

Mathes and Keaton:  
Most everyone from their neighborhood attended the Edgar Mathes sale south of Eagleville Wednesday, and the Walter Keeton sale in Eagleville Saturday.  Both sales were well attended and everything sold well.

Mitchell:  Word received from Mr. and Mrs. Ed Mitchell, daughter Opalle and son Glenn states they have been making good time driving and are out in the region of the Rockies.

Shain, Virgil:  was a guest of his friend, Everett Skinner, Saturday and Sunday.

Skinner:  Leo Skinner spent Saturday night and Sunday with his friend, Dale Smith of the Wesley Chapel neighborhood.

[source: BETHANY CLIPPER PAPER, October 29, 1924, transcribed by: Melody Beery]

Ballew: Lucille Ballew spent Sunday with her friend Bernice Hale.

Ballew: Mr. and Mrs. Carl Shain, Leonard Hale, Mrs. and Mrs. Chas. Hunsicker and Grandma Ballew of Eagleville helped Mabel Ballew celebrate her 18th birthday Sunday

Burns: Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Burns and Eddie Booth and family were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. D.L.Cook.

Burns: Mrs. J.E. Burns, teacher of the White Oak school, dismissed school last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and attended the teachers meeting at Maryville. She also visted her sisters Mrs. Mumma and Mrs. Dale, who live in Maryville.

Cook: The neighborhood was surely grieved when the news of the death of William M. Cook was learned. His death occurred about 9:45 o'clock Monday evening. His body was laid to rest in the Hobbs cemetery Wednesday afternoon. "Billy" being a favorite in the neighborhood made it doubly hard for us and we all realize how we will miss him. Sympathy is extended to the heart broken family, and especially to the beloved wife.

Edwards: W.B. Edwards and family spent Sunday with Johnnie Todd and family.

Edwards: Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Edwards and Mrs. Edwards mother, Mrs. Black of Ridgeway returned home last Saturday night after a weeks visit with relatives in Illinois. They drove in a car.

Fowler: The body of Mrs. Forest Fowler was brought to this place for burial Tuesday afternoon of last week. Sympathy is extended to the heart broken relatives.

Hale: Bernice Hale spent last Wednesday night with her friend Vada Eisenbarger.

Mathes: Jim Mathes and family spent sunday at the S.T.Mathes home

Mitchell: Mr. and Mrs. Ed Mitchell daughter Opalie and son Glenn returned from their trip in Colorado and Wyoming Monday evening. They report a fine time in every way except that Mr. Mitchell and Opalie were sick during the later part of the trip

Robinson: Dr. E.L. Robinson our new district superintendent, preached here at 10 o'clock Sunday morning

Shain:  Theo Shain assisted with the work at the J.E. Burns home Saturday.

Skinner: Mr. and Mrs. S.B. Skinner and son Everett spent sunday at the Rev. A.P. Mathes home in New Hampton.

Whitley and Mathes:  Word received here from Virgil Whitley and family and Mrs. Addie Skinner of Ft. Morgan Colo., states they expect to see all of their old neighbors and friends back here soon.

Kirkley Chapel News:

Allen-  Mrs. Gray Allen and daughter Betty of Des Moines are here visiting with her mother, Mrs. Mary Taraba and with other relatives.

Ausmus- Mr. and Mrs. Claud Ausmus of Bethany spent Sunday p.m. at the home of her parents Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stanley.

Burton- Mrs. Arthur Burton and daughters called at the Lairhome Sunday evening.

Hogan-  Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hallock and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hogan were guests Sunday at the Homer Hogan home.

Polly-  Mr. and Mrs. James Polley and daughter attended a family reunion near Lineville, IA, Sunday

Smith-Jesse Marvin Smith will host the K.L.H. class at the home Friday night.  Melons will be served.  Please bring dimes.  Everyone welcome.

Stanley- Mrs. Charles Stanley and daughter visited Monday with her sister, Mrs. Edwin Hogan.

Young-Mr. and Mrs. Danny Young were Sunday guests at the Francis Zimmerman home.  Mr. and Mrs. N.E. Lair, Avis Lair and Justyn were afternoon visitors.
Source: The Ridgeway Journal, August 24, 1939
Mt. Moriah

Myron Kilbourn returned to his work in Kansas, Sunday, after a weeks visit with his family here.  He is meeting with considerable success, and intends to spend the entire summer in handling mops.

Miss Anna Millner left, Monday morning, for the state of Washington to visit her brother and, if suitable, to make that her future home.

Prosecuting attorney, Samuel P. Davison, and Maj. John M. Sallee, while enroute for Cainsville, Sunday, laid over a few hours at this point, and posted themselves up on a few important cases to come up at the May term of Court.

While Donn Neff was scraping dirt into and filling up an old well on his farm south of this place, last Thursday, one horse stepped into the well, and the walls of the well gave away, almost completely covering the horse.  The horse was killed, but the harness was saved.  The animal was worth about twenty-five dollars.

Uncle F.F. Shepard, an old and highly respected citizen, living about three miles west of town, died, Sunday morning, at 11 o'clock, after a sickness of several weeks.  The funeral was held from the family residence, Monday at one o'clock, and remains interred in Shepard cemetery immediately thereafter.


- Mr. and Mrs. Bob Bennett visited Sunday at the Ellis Hammack home.

Flucke- Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Flucke and daughter visited Saturday morning with Mr. and Mrs. Merrill Grant and sons Gordon and Lynus.

Franklin- Mrs. Gladys Franklin spent Monday afternoon at the Will Goodwin home.

Lacy- Mr. and Mrs. Grant Lacy and family of Eagleville spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. T.R. Stanley

Lowe- Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lowe and son enjoyed ice cream at the Ellis Hammack home Friday evening.

Provin-  Miss Francis Provin and brother Wilbur Jack returned last Wednesday morning from a visit in Osceola.

Provin-Mr. and Mrs. Earl Provin were in Bethany Friday with other relatives as a cousin of Earl's, Miss Bonnie Fitzgerald, underwent an operation that day.  Miss Fitzgerald is still quite low.

- Mr. and Mrs. Max Provin visited Sunday at the Omar Provin home.

Smyth- Littlee Jean Raymond Smyth spent the past week with his grandmother, Mrs. Grace Thomas

Snethers-Miss Verda Snethers of Davis City Ia is spending this week with her cousin Miss Lillie Cordle

Stanley-Letia Mae Stanley returned Sunday evening from a visit with Miss Gayle Richardson and at the home of her aunt Mrs. Jack Gibler of near Trenton and Brimson.

Young- Earl Young and Merrill Grant had lambs on the market in St. Joseph Monday.
[Source: Ridgeway Journal, August 29, 1939]



E. Nixson transacted business in Bethany Friday.

There will be a public sale at George Ballew's Wednesday the 16th.

Joe and Harley Shackleton made a business trip to Lamoni last Wednesday.

The measeles scare is quieting down in our neighborhood, with only a few cases.

Mrs. Hazen and three children are visiting her mother near Blythedale this week.

Miss Mary Sweden has been assisting Mrs. Walsh with her work a few days this week.

Uncle David Hannah passed away Tuesday morning.  He was laid to rest the following day.

John Hannah and mother transacted business in Eagleville Saturday.

Marie Stephenson has been spending a few days with her little friend Ralph Stillwell.

Mr. Williams and son have moved on one of the Seth Butler farms and will raise poultry.

Source:  Harrison County Democrat
County Correspondence
March, 1910
submitted and transcribed by: Melody Beery

Ridgeway Mo News

S.R. Seymour, who resided northwest of Brookly, was taken to St.Joseph, Friday, where he was to undergo an operation for locked bowels.  The ailment had reached such an advanced stage, however, that he passed away the same evening at 8 o'clock in a St. Joseph hospital,before the operation was performed.The remains,accompanied by a son, arrived in Ridgeway, Saturday, and were taken to the home of his brother-in-law, F.A. Beeks and we understand that the funeral will be held today, and interment will take place in the Ridgeway Cemetery.  Mr. Seymour was well and favorably known through out the county, and was regarded as one of its best citizens.  He served as county judge from the north district and in the discharge of his officail duties acquitted himself with honor.  He leaves a wife and several children to mourn his departure,and the sympathy of the community is extended them in the hour of sorrow.

source: Bethany Republican, Aug 31, 1911
transcribed by:Melody Beery

Washington Center News-

James Stewart went to New Hampton Monday to meet his wife and little grandson, who arrived that day from Kansas City. About fifty gathered at his home Monday night and gave him quite a charivari. They  were treated with candy and cigars.

Jim Stewart and wife and daughter Nannie visited Milton Burns and wife.

source: Bethany Republican, 1908
transcribed by:Melody Beery



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