Ackley, Dr. F.E.:
Kansas City, Mo. Dec. 30-
Dr. F.E. Ackley was arrested here today for investigation pending the outcome of the coroner's inquest into the death of Miss Clara Schwenk of Bethany, Missouri, which according to the undertaker was due to a criminal operation.
Source: The Daily Ardmoreite, Ardmore, OK, December 30, 1912 edition

Adams, Charlie "Babe"  
"Babe" Adams former pitching star of the Pittsburg Pirates who now lives near Mr. Moriah Mo. is the democratic candidate for sheriff of Harrison county, Missouri.
(source: Miami Daily Arizon Silver Belt August 22, 1928)

Anderson, William and John Sheets
William Anderson and John Sheets who have been at the Jess Phillips bachelor quarters on the Fletch Turner farm north of town, are now located elsewhere Mr. Anderson at the P.J. Richardson home, and Mr. Sheets in an apartment at the John Fitzgerald home in Blythedale.
Source: Bethany Republican Clipper, Dec. 1, 1943

Beet, Dr.
Dr. and Mrs. R.H. Beets and daughter are visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Willis Pryor at Beaumont, Texas this week.  They will return home Friday.
[source: The Ridgeway Journal, August 24, 1939 edition]

Red Oak IA, Aug. 18-

Carried away from his home by a cyclone when a boy, and adopted by the people in whose yard the storm dropped him, Charles H. Bennett, a native of Missouri, has after growing to maturity, learned his identity and discovered his relatives.

Eighteen years ago a cyclone swept across Harrison County, Missouri, south of the town of Leon.  As the storm came to the farm of a man named Hudson it dropped a 6 year old boy in his dooryard, uninjured save that the childs mouth, ears and eyes were packed with mud.  The child had been carried ten miles.

The Hudsons rushed out and carried the child into the house, and Mrs. Hudson ministered to it, giving it attention and care.  Mr. and Mrs. Hudson had no children, and regarding "visitation as an act of fate", they decided to keep the child so strangely brought to them. They had just sold their farm, and a few days after the storm they moved to Milbourn, LA.

The boy was unable to recall anything that had happened before the storm, and grew to manhood believing Mr. and Mrs. Hudson his parents.  Four months ago he and his supposed father had some differences, and the story of his life was told him by Mr. Hudson, who gave him $700 and told him where he might get trace of his relatives.

Mr. Bennett took up the work of finding his relatives at once, and after some time located a brother at Fairfield NE and from him learned of the rest of the family.  This week he is visiting a sister, Mrs. Benjamin Richardson, living twelve miles north of Villisca, Ia.

After the storm his parents made every effort to find the lost child, and finally gave him up as dead.  They moved to Long Beach, Cal. where the father died four years ago.

After spending a couple of weeks with his sister, Mr. Bennett will go to California to visit his mother, who is eagerly awaiting his coming.
[source: The Daily Ardmoreite, Ardmore, Okla., August 19, 1907 edition]

Mrs. B.B. Boatright and daughter Mrs. Charles Gilladette of Bethany, Missouri, arrived in the city, Wednesday night, and are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. C.M. Noble.  Mrs. Boatright is Mrs. Noble's sister.  As Mrs. Gilladette has a little son with her, there are representatives of four generations now under the Noble roof.
[source: the McCook tribune, McCook, Neb., June 14, 1895 edition]

Boone, Louis:
A young man came into the Gazette office yesterday, inquiring for his mother, who he had not seen for eleven years, and as it may be of some interest to our readers and be the means of the young man learning the whereabouts of his maternal parent, we publish a few of the facts as related by him.

His name is Louis Boone, and eleven years ago, while with his parents resided in Harrison County, Missouri, for some cause unknown to the young man, they separated.  His father, whose name was Daniel Boone, and who was a second cousin of the old pioneer of Kentucky, removed to White county, Illinois, taking with him his two youngest children, Marion and Louis, aged respectively four and eight years.  There they lived together for two years, at which time the father died, and Louis, the older of the two went to work on a farm and supported his brother until he was large enough to take of himself.

Never having heard a word from their mother during the whole eleven years, Louis recently went to Harrison County, this state, in search of her, and there he learned that she had moved to either St. Joseph or Cameron.

He came to this city yesterday, and after looking through the directory and finding his mother's name, which is Nancy Boone, started on a round through the city enquiring of all with whom he happened in converstion, whether or not they knew her, and expressing a determination to find her if she was in the land of the living.  He has a sister and three older brothers, named George, Robert, and Daniel Boone, and thinks his mother is either with them or with her son-in-law, whose name is W.H. Prewitt.

Mr. Boone was born in Wayne County Ills., May 30, 1857, is a young man of pleasing countenance, modest in his speech, and one who commands the respect of all whom he meets.  He will return to Harrison County and remain a while with friends, where any information concerning his mother will be thankfully received if addressed to W.H. Fallis, at Bethany.  We hope the young man will succeed in finding his long lost mother, and should this notice be the means of his doing so, we will be fully compensated for its writing.- St. Joe Gazette, 10th
[source: The State Journal, (Jefferson City, MO) June 15, 1877,transcribed by: Melody Beery]

Old Missouri Sorghum
The Herald office is in receipt this week of a sample of very fine Missouri "lasses" which was sent us by H.E. Booth, of Logan, but who is now at Eagleville, Missouri, where he has a sorghum mill and has been engaged for several weeks in making molassess.  The sample was certainly a very delectable one.  When it comes to molassess, it is hard to beat the old Missouri variety, when made by one who knows how it is done, and the sample proves that Mr. Booth certainly knows his business.
[source: The Beaver Herald, Beaver.O.T., Okla. October 3, 1918 edition]

Brewer, J.A.
About the 15th of May, J.A. Brewer, of Bethany, Missouri left that place to attend the General assembly of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in this city.  He took part in the proceedings until the adjournment of that body, returned to St. Louis on the 30th ult. and on the evening of that day told a friend, named Bell, of Logan Illinois that he was about to leave for home, since which time nothing has been heard of him, although the telegraph and every other means has been employed to search for him.  He has a wife and two children in great distress at his absence.  The citizens of Bethany, where he was universally respected, offer a large reward for information concerning Mr. Brewers fate.
Source: The Tennessean, Nashville, TN, June 21, 1871

Benjamin Bulger, aged 16 years, left his home at Bethany, Harrison County, Missouri, in August, saying he was going to work on a railroad in Nebraska.  He has not been heard from since, and his friends think he has been murdered.
Source: The Dallas Daily Herald, Dallas, TX, Nov. 8, 1881

Ross Burch
of Eagleville, Missouri left this morning for Pittsburg PA, after a three weeks visit with his sister, Mrs. F.W. Baker
Source: The Daily Herald, Delphos, OH, June 23, 1898

Harry Burrton
The police Tuesday united Harry Burrton of Bethany, Missouri and his sister, whom he had been seeking thru many cities.  The sister recorded on the police books as Ella Smith fourteen years ago left her husband, a well to do farmer near Bethany and their three year old daughter, now in high school.  She returned yesterday with her brother to Missouri.
Source: The Wichita Daily Eagle, Wichita Kansas, Aug. 18, 1915

Jas Coberly
of Eagleville, Missouri arrived in MedfordTuesday and will undoubtedly decide upon locating hereabouts.  The gentleman is a brother in law of A.T. Markley and is visiting with that gentleman and his good family while he shies his eye about the valley for a location.
Source: The Medford Mail, Medford, Oregon, Mar. 19, 1897

Collier, Lizzie
Miss Lizzie Collier left Friday morning for a visit at her old home, at Bethany, Missouri.
Source: The Valley Republican, Kinsley, Kansas, Apr. 12, 1879

Curtis, Raymond:
Raymond Curtis, son of Mr. and Mrs. R.A. Curtis, left Monday morning for St. Louis where he will be a guest all  week of the St. Louis Browns baseball club.  His transportation and all his other expenses are being taken care of by the Browns
[source: The Ridgeway Journal, August 24, 1939 edition]

Miss Ella Dale
of Harrison County, Missouri, a friend of Uncle W.W. Dryden, arrived in Caldwell last Wednesday.  Miss Dale expects to follow her occupation of teaching in the west, and comes highly recommended.
Source: The Caldwell Tribune, Caldwell, Idaho Territory, Feb. 20, 1892

Laura Frances Davis-
of near Bethany in Harrison County, Missouri, whose outstanding work in canning won her a national canning award.  Laura Frances, 16 years old, is amember of the Mitchelville 4H club.  She took over the canning for the entire family this year and canned 960 quarts of food.  This included fifty quarts for a grandmother and fifty for the school lunch program
[Source: Kansas City Star, Kansas City, Mo. Dec. 5, 1945]

Eads and Wren:
Mrs. H.H. Eads and Mrs. Harry Wren are recent arrivals in Bisbee from Bethany, Missouri
.[source: Bisbee Daily Review, Bisbee, AZ, February 9, 1904 edition]

Mrs. Charles Farrar returned this afternoon from an extended visit with her daughter, Mrs. Mellie White, at Eagleville, Missouri.  Mrs. White returned with her mother and will visit here for a few days.
Source: The Daily Democrat, Huntington, Indiana, Mar. 10, 1894

Fish, Clayton
Pvt. Clayton D. Fish of Camp Howze, Texas, came last Monday to spend a 10 day furlough with his parents, Mrms. Dee Fish.  Other guests in the Fish home last week were Miss Lavaughn Snipes, Mrms. Vaughndean Ragan and son, Larry Dale of near Lamoni, IA.
Source: Unknown newspaper dated June 1943

Fish, Clayton
Pvt Clayton Fish and Miss Lavaughn Snipes enjoyed a fried chicken dinner Thursday at the Eldon Snipes home.  They were supper guests that evening of Mrms. Morty Chandler and Waunita.
Source: Unknown newspaper, dated June 1943

Mr. and Mrs. Ward Franklin
Mrms. Ward Franklin and daughters were Sunday dinner guests at the W.A. Peugh home.  Mrms. R.M. Bennett were afternoon callers.
Source: Unknown newspaper, dated June 1943

F.M. Davis has rented his store to I.M. Fuller of Bethany, Missouri, who will take possession after March 1st.  Mr. Davis will try to sell all of his stock in the meantime.
[source: Iola Register, Iola Kansas, Jan. 5, 1900 edition]

Gravitt, Sim:
Sim Gravitt and family expect to move to Harrison County Missouri this spring.
[source: Adams County Free Press, Corning Iowa, Jan.28, 1903 edition]

Mrs. Dean Grinstead and daughter and grandson of Ridgeway, Missouri apent a few days the past week as guests of Mrs. J.L. Baker on Belmont Street,
The Caldwell Tribune, Caldwell, Idaho Territory, June 9, 1922
Walter Guymon and family are visiting relatives at his old home in Harrison county Missouri
[source: Hobart Weekly Chief, Hobart, OK, August 6, 1908]

Hall, Mrs. Robert:
Mrs. Robt. Hall entertained a number of ladies at luncheon on Saturday afternoon in honor of Mrs. Stockwell of Bethany, Missouri.
[Source:  The Liberal Democrat, Liberal Kansas, January 29, 1915 edition]

Harris, Robert:
Published letter brings out information that woman is at Bethany, Missouri-
The publication of a letter written by Robert Harris, a 12 year old lad who was taken from his mother by his father three years ago, will lead to reuniting mother and son.  Yesterday Chief of Police Donahue was notified that Mrs. Harris had secured a divorce from her husband and had since married William J. Wisner and was at Bethany, Mo. The chief's informant stated that Wisner was a wealthy man and that he and his wife had searched dilligently for the son.  Chief Donahue has written to Mrs. Wisner and to Robert Harris.  The boy is at the home of P.E.. Kieppe at Juniata, Neb.
[Source: Omaha Daily Bee, Omaha NE, Nov. 12, 1902 edition]

Hutchinson, Emil
left Monday for his home in Ridgeway, Missouri, after spending the summer here.
Source: The Liberal Democrat, Liberal, KS, Oct. 30, 1919

Mr. and Mrs. Myron Johnson
Mrms. A.M. Johnson were entertained at the home of their son, Myron, and wife Sunday to a chicken dinner, given in honor of their little daughter, Frances Ann's second birthday.
Source: Republican Clipper, June 1843

Knott, Wm., Sr.
Wm. Knott Sr., returned on Friday last, from Eagleville, Harrison County, Missouri where he had been visiting his son, Andrew, for the past two weeks.  He reports very high waters in that section of country.
Source: The Pantagraph, Bloomington, Illinois, April 28, 1876

Lotz, Walter:
Walter L. Lotz, of Bethany, Missouri who has been visiting his brother, Rev. R.L.Lotz of this city for several days has returned home.
Source: The Empora Weekly News, Emporia Kansas, Aug. 27, 1885

Mr. and Mrs. Edgar S. Miner and Miss Shirley Miner leave Wednesday for Bethany, Missouri, where they will spend the summer months.  Mrs. Miner and Miss Shirley Miner will return to Phoenix about September 1st, but Mr. Miner will remain in the east until November.
[source: Arizona Republican, Phoenix Arizona, May 31, 1908]

Morris, Thomas
Lincoln, Neb, June 24
Newspaper investigation has disclosed the fact that Nebraska's oldest living inhabitant is Thomas Morris, 117 years old of Westerville, Custer County.  There are several other remarkable things about Morris.   He nevera attended school a day in his life.  He never married.  He has always smoked tobacco and used liquor in a moderate degree.  He drinks coffee, two or three cups of it, at each one of his three meals.  He never used glasses until a few years ago, and now only for close work.
Morris was born in Wales January 15, 1794.  He came to America at the age of 78, and for four years lived at New Hampton, Harrison County, Missouri.  In 1886 he removed to Nebraska.  For more than a century he has been a cobbler.  He worked steadily on the bench up until a few years ago.  For two years he has done no work, but spends his time fishing.  He has refused to sit for photographs becasue of a fear that it was a ruse to get him to the poor house, but had his first picture taken a few days ago.
[Source: Kansas City Star,Kansas City, Mo. June 24, 1911]

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Munson of Bethany, Missouri, are visiting at the home of J.W. Slinger of this city.
[source: Medford Mail Tribune, Medford, Oregon, April 27, 1911 edition]

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Murphy returned last evening from Missouri, the "land of their birth," where they have been visiting with relatives and friends for a month past.  Mr. and Mrs. Murphy spent the majority of the time they were away at Ridgeway, Missouri, where Mr. Murphy passed his youth and early manhood.  Joseph had not been back to the old home for twenty-five years, and the present visit revived old friendships and ties, almost forgotten, that made the visit a doubly pleasant one.  Mr. Murphy talked half an hour to a cousin of his without knowing he was of kin, thinking he "pumping news" from a stranger; and there were many other interesting experiences.
[source: Bemidji Pioneer, January 10, 1908  edition]

Man Arrested in Iowa on Charge of Burglary in Missouri.
Ottumwa Ia, Aug. 20:  Two women have appeared, each claiming to be the wife of Greeley Napier, arrested here, and wanted in Harrison County, Missouri, on a charge of burglary.
It is stated that eleven other women at various points in Iowa and Missouri claim to be married to the prisoner.
[source: The St. Louis Republic, St. Louis, Mo. August 21, 1902 edition]

Neville Twins:
Oldest Living Twins
Eight-two years of age and remarkable in many other respects

Harrison county, Mo. claims to be the home of the oldest living twins.  They are Colonel H.O. Nevill of Ridgeway, and Colonel J.M. Nevill of Blythesdale, and are remarkable in more than being twins.  They were born in Barron county, Kentucky, June 23, 1815, and are therefore, 82 years old.  They married sisters, Rhoda and Lilly Ann Brooks, both of whom are deceased.  In 1850 they moved to Harrison county, Missouri, settling upon farms near where Blythesdale now stands.

At that time of life they were handsome, distinguished looking men, and so much alike that strangers could not tell one from the other.  They have always exerted a marked influence on the affairs of Harrison county.  Both have served as judges of the county court, and both served in the state legislature, Henry O. from 1854 to 1856,  and James M. from 1858 to 1860, and from 1880 to 1882.  On the breaking out of the Civil War both went into the service of the union as captains and came out colonels.  Each raised a family of seven children, all of them being now living except two, and each has a large number of grand children and great grand children.

The old veterans still retain vigorous minds and, considering their age, are far above the average in physical strength and endurance, which fact they ascribe to having lived temperate lives.  

The colonels dictated the following for the Chicago Times Herald.  "Our grandfather, James Nevill, was a Virginian.  he served as a private in the Revolutionary war, and lived to be 99 years and 8 months of age.  He moved to Kentucky in an early day and was forted up with Daniel Boone, and afterwards moved westward again and settled in Barron county, in the Green river country.  Our father lived in Kentucky until his death, which occurred at 88 years of age.  he was a soldier of the war of 1812."

"We were born in 1815 and at the age of 8 years moved to Hart county.  H.O. Nevill was commissioned colonel of the Kentucky militia, and was also commissioned by Gorvernor Ousley as first lieutenant of Company H, Fourth Kentucky volunteers, for the Mexican war.  In the spring of 1850 we moved to Harrison County, Missouri, and have lived here since.  We were both, in our early days, Henry Clay whigs in politics, but in the civil war we cast our fortunes with the Republican party, and have continued a part of the faithful since.  We served in the late unpleasantness as soldiers from Missouri, and were both colonels at the close of the war.  Since then we have farmed and tried to do our duty as loyal citizens of the United States and of Missouri."

Col. H.O. Neville is father of Mrs. S. J. Kinkead of Dodge City.
[source: The Globe-Republica, Dodge City, KS, Oct.21, 1897 edition]

Norton and Russ:
Mrs. Chas. Norton started for Bethany, Missouri Tuesday night.  Mrs. H.N. Russ left for Bethany, Missouri Monday morning.
[source: Western Kansas World, WaKeeney, Kansas, April 4, 1891 edition]

Mrs. Officer who has been visiting her daughter Mrs. Rhen, returned Monday night to her home in Eagleville, Mo.
Source: The Great Bend Weekly Tribune, Great Bend KS, Sept. 29, 1899

G.W. Laeper is entertaining Mr. and Mrs. G.A. Powell and family from Eagleville, Missouri and Mr. and Mrs. R.W. Powell from Hatfield, Missouri.
[source: St. Johns Review, St. John Oregon, September 29, 1905 edition]

Miss Muzy Prather, who has made Bemidji her home for over two years, will leave tomorrow morning for her former home in Ridgeway, Missouri.  Miss Prather was in poor health when she came to Bemidji, but is leaving our city perfectly well.  She is a cousin of Miss Elizabeth Murphy of the register of deeds office.  Miss Prather has made many friends during her stay in Bemidji who are sorry to see her leave.  If the Missouri climate does not agree with her she will immediately return to Bemidji.
[source: Bemidji Daily Pioneer, Bemidji Minn. Sept. 14, 1914 edition]

Tomato plants five feet high and loaded with fruit are the notable sights in the garden of Charley Riley at Eagleville.  The editor of the Bethany Republican visited the place and discovered the secret of these big tomato vines....a quart can is buried at the root of each plant.  Every day the can is filled with lukewarm water which drains slowly through small perforations into the soil at the roots of the plants.
[source: The Holt county Sentinel, Oregon, Mo. July 27, 1917 edition]

Russell, Carlos
Mrs. Leonard Hubbard of Cameron, Mo. and Mary Lee Hubbard of Kansas City, Mo. were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Russell.
Source: Bethany Republican Clipper, June 1943

Shain, Gordon:
Four persons were slightly  injured at Blythdale Friday when the southbound Burlington train hit a motor car containing Gordon Shain, his wife and daughter and Mamie Jeffries.  The injuries consisted of cuts and bruises.  The accident occurred at a blind crossing.  Shain tried to stop his car when within about fifty feet of the track, but the brakes wouldn't hold.  The car was carried a short distance and stopped against a post.  The side was crushed in.
[source: The Ridgeway Journal, August 24, 1939]

Skinner, Leo and Preston
We congratulate our young friends, Leo and Preston Skinner, over their success as turkey raisers.  They recently delivered their flock to the Armour Poultry Co., at Leon, Ia, recieving a good sum.  Leo's brought $3,500.00 and Preston's $4,216.74.
Source: Bethany Republican Clipper, Dec. 1, 1943

Lettie Skinner
Miss Lettie Skinner left for Eagleville, Missouri where she will visit relatives for the next few weeks.
Source: Independence Daily Reporter, Independence KS, Sept. 25, 1908

Mrs. M.E. Skinner
and son Fred, returned Sunday from their visit in Bethany, Missouri'
Source: The Leon Reporter, Leon IA, Oct. 7, 1909

Stewart, Effie:
Among those present at a dinner in honor of the birthday of Miss Effie Stewart held at the home of Mrs. W.A. Milner Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. V.E. Stewart, Mrs Amy Whisler and sons, Russell Lee and Vernon and Miss Pearl Van Buskirk, all of Mt. Moriah, Mr. and Mrs. Real who live in Mercer County, George Rinehart, Keith Stoner and the guest of honor.  The dinner was a complete surprise to Miss Effie.
[source: The Ridgeway Journal, August. 24, 1939]

Taylor, Glen
Mrms T.N. Martin, Mrms. James Martin, Mrms. Claude Hohn and Mrs. Eva Sheeler were dinner guests of Mrms. Glen Taylor of near Ridgeway Sunday.  The occasion was the fifth birthday of Martin Eugene Taylor.
Source: Bethany Republican Clipper, June 1943

for 45 years E. Terry has been away from Harrison County Missouri.  Tired of drouth and crop failure he recently left his home in Western Nebraska and starting eastward declared that he would go until he found MUD and that there he would locate.  The first mud he came upon was in Harrison County which he left so long ago and here he declares he will locate.-Bethany Republican

N.F. Haygood of LaGrange and W.C. VanCleve of Bethany, Missouri arrived here this week and have identified themselves as business men of our town by taking charge of the Victoria Hotel, possession having been given the 1st.  Clark Smith, the retiring manager will remain here for a time but has not yet decided whether he will stay permanently.
[Source: Canyon City News, Canyon City, Texas, November 2, 1906 edition]

Alpha Ward and wife and baby returned last Saturday from Bethany, Missouri where they have been visiting the past two months with Mr. Wards parents.  They report a fine trip.
[Source: The Liberal Democrat, Liberal Kansas, December 9, 1909 edition]

Mr. J.B. Wilcutt and wife, who have been visiting in the Dirigo neighborhood, this county, left the first of the week for their home in Bethany, Missouri.
[source: The Adair County News, Columbia, KY, March 18, 1914 edition]

Miss Mary Wood and little nephew, Master Dick Simpson, is here this week, from Hatfield, Missouri visitng with her sister, Mrs. S.W. Skelton.
[source: The Holt County Sentinel, December 29, 1906 edition]

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Woodruff
of Bethany, Mo. attending the commencement exercises, being guests of Mr. and Mrs. S.A. Gates.  Mr. Woodruff attended the Leon schools years ago when Prof. Frazier was in charge.  He is now one of the leading members of the Harrison County Missouri, bar.
Source: The Leon Reporter, Leon, IA, May 29, 1913
Woods, Mrs. M.L.:
Mrs. M.L. Woods who has been visiting the past two weeks with D.C. Woods and family, returned Tuesday to her home in Bethany, Missouri.
[Source: The Liberal Democrat, Liberal Kansas , August 28, 1919 edition]