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Daughters of the American Revolution

Source:  The History of Harrison County, Missouri
George Wanamaker, 1921

  The Elizabeth Harrison Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, an organization devoted exclusively to patriotic and historical interests, was formed in Bethany, Missouri, October 23, 1913 receiving from the national society the chapter number 1161.

  In choosing a name the charter members honored the memory of Elizabeth Harrison, the wife of Benjamin Harrison, a signer of the Declaration of Independence and the mother of President William Henry Harrison.

  Working along patriotic lines the chapter has been acitve in inspiring celebrations of special days in our national history.  Washington's birthday and flag day have always been observed in some befitting manner; sometimes with patriotic addresses and parades, at other times with receptions with patriotic programs.

  The chapter has also given prizes in gold to pupils in the grammar schools, writing the best essays on patriotic subjects and has presented the High School with a handsome portrait of General George Washington.

  Historical interest and love of their native health caused the daughters to conduct a column of local history in one of the county newspapers.  They compiled and published much valuable hisotry, beginning with early days before the organization of Harrison county.  To aid in this work pioneer settlers were persuaded to write articles dealing with life and conditions in early days in the county, and these articles wre printed in the Bethany Republican with pictures of the pioneers and views of early scenes in and near Bethany.

  During the great World War the daughters of Bethany participated in all war activities and gave leaders to many departments of work.  They made the first surgical dressings in the county in 1917 under the direction of Dr. Frances Burgess and sent the first relief to the Belgians the same year.  In addition to the regular Red Cross work the members joined with other women of the town in providing boxes and barrels of food for Harrison County soldiers; in sending pillows, books, magazines; in writing letters, preparing Christmas packages and doing everything possible that would help sustain the morale of our fighting men.  The daughters had a beautiful service flag containing twelve blue stars and not one of them was turned to gold.  They also made the service flag of the county for the county superintendent of schoools, which he presented to the state at Jefferson City, where it is kept on display.

During the entire period of the war the daughters were foremost in Red Cross work, Council of Defense, Liberty Loans and other war activities and furnished the following department chairmen:

Mrs. E.W. Prentiss, director of Women's Work in American Red Cross; chairman Woman's Committee of National Council of Defense; district chairman Liberty Loan campaign; district chairman Young Women's Christian Association campaign.

Mrs. William Roleke, chairman Patriotic Education; chairman of Conservation.

Mrs. A.S. Cumming, assistant chairman of Surgical Dressings for American Red Cross.

Mrs. T.E. Stone, treasurer of American Red Cross Chapter, chairman of Publicity of National Council of Defense; chairman of Publicity for American Red Cross.

The roster of the Daughters of the American Revolution comprises over forty names, Americans all, proud of their heritage which has come through generations of loyal ancestors, who have formed the warp and woof of our nation's glory and whose work it is their duty and privelege to carry on.

The twelve charter members:
Hazel Wanamaker Allen, Elizabeth Hockridge Barlow, Miss Charline Crossan, Lillie Skinner Freusham, Mable Barlow Kautz, Lillian Neville Prentiss, Stella Skinner Joyce, Mary Fuller Weber, Bessie Templeman Wanamaker, Harriett Templeman Stone, Miss Bess Agnes Vandivert, Marian Templeman Yates.

Non resident members:
Mrs. Ruth Teas, Mrs. Elizabeth Everett, Miss Effie Hart, Mrs. Marie Webb, Miss Ivan Long, Mrs. Emma Arney, Mrs Florence Sanders, Mrs. Bertha Fells, Miss Kathleen White, Mrs. Acklyn Edson.

Deceased members:
Miss Charline Crossan, Mrs. Edith Roleke

Transferred members:
Miss Bess Agnes Vandivert to Seattle, Washington; Mrs. Clare Darr Webb to Springfield, Missouri.

Honor Roll:
Hazel Allen Alquist, Sergeant George Patton, Virginia; Elizabeth Barlow, Daniel Wharry, New York; Charline Crossan, Lieutenant Groton Avery, Connecticut; Mabel Kautz, Daniel Wharry, New York; Lillian Prentiss, James Neville, Virginia; Stella Joyce, William Simpson, Pennsylvania; Harriett Stone, Sergeant George Patton, Virginia; Bess Agnes Vandivert, Sergeant George Patton, Virginia; Bessie Wanamaker, Sergeant George Patton, Virginia; Kathleen White, James Neville, Virginia; Marian Yates, Sergeant George patton, Virginia; Mary Weber, Mathew Fuller, Vermont; Martha Wood, Samuel Wood, Virginia; Florence Sanders, Mathew Fuller, Vermont; Bertha Fells, Nathaniel Cushman, Connecticut; Maude Frisby, James Neville, Virginia; Effie Hart, Daniel Wharry, New York; Edith Roleke, General John Armstrong, Pennsylvania, Marie Webb, Sergeant John Bryant, Virginia; Loie Brandson, Captain William Ward, Massachusetts, Reuben Melvin, Massachusetts; Cora Cumming, Samuel Wood, Virginia; Pearl Nelson, Joseph Sylvester; Amanda Garton, Mathew Fuller, Vermont; Ida Garton, Mathew Fuller, Vermont; Ruth Teas, Mathew Fuller, Vermont; Innie Hamilton, Major Nathaniel Burwell, Virginia, Robert Harvey, Virginia; Elizabeth Everett, Lieutenant William Wallace, New York; James Wells, New York; Harriett Wilson, William Brown, Pennsylvania; Emma Arney, Mathew Fuller, Vermont; Hallie Hubbard, Mathew Fuller, Vermont; Ivan Long, David Lamb, Massachusetts; Daisy Crossan, Lieutenant Groton Avery, Connecticut; Shirley Zingerele, Lieutenant Groton Avery, Connecticut; Eva Frisby, Thomas Tucker, North Carolina; Lane Frisby, Thomas Tucker, North Carolina; Ackly Edson, Sergeant George Patton, Virginia; Minnie Haas, James Bryant, Virginia, John Bryant, Virginia; Maretta Nally, Daniel Wharry, New York; Claudia Lee Webb, Lyttleton Cockrell, Virginia; Dortehy Slatten, Thomas Tucker, North Carolina; Watie Leazenby, Lyttleton Cockrell, Virginia; Irene Bridges, Elijah Evans, Pennsylvania.

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