Knights of Pythias

Source:  The History of Harrison County, Missouri
George Wanamaker, 1921

Lodge No. 87, Knights of Pythias, was established at Bethany in 1883.  The following were the charter members:  S.W. Leslie, J.C. Wilson, A.R. Aufricht, W.J. Taylor, Frank Meyer, W.S. McCray, E. Dunn, J.H. Casebolt, J.D. Good, T.O. Tucker, W.L. Barry, J.T. Corcoran, Joseph Newland, H.D. Poynter, W.A. Templeman and Max Keller.

This lodge continued for about three years when on account of diminished membership the charter was surrendered in 1886.  However  a Knights of Pythias Lodge was later established at Bethany, which is now one of the strongest fraternal organizations in Harrison county.  Knights of Pythias Lodges are organized at New hampton, Bethany, Ridgeway and Eagleville.  On December 30, 1913, the Knights of Pythias dedicated a fine Pythian building at Bethany.  This is an imposing structure of brick and of neat design and was erected at a cost of $10,000.  Herman Roleke, grand ex-chequer of the Knights of Pythias Lodge for several years, lives at Bethany. 


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