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Mount Moriah Clipper, Mount Moriah, MO.
On Sunday, April 14, while Aunt Cindy Handcock was preparing her usual dinner for the family, a number who had come to spend the day, a stranger in a Ford stopped at the gate and asked to be admitted as a guest.  The stranger proved to be here brother, James Melton, who left Harrison County, Missouri fifteen years ago and went with his faithful wife and three boys and one grandson to make their home in the state of Oregon.  Since which time, like many others he has been called to pass through deep waters.  Death claiming for a victim, the dear old companion, whom we loved, and who we missed so much when we saw him alone.  Also the eldest son who was suddenly killed by the falling of a huge tree in the great forest of Washington.  And yet, not withstanding all the disappintments and sorrows of life, nature has been very kind in caring for him physically, as all were happily surprised to see him looking so strong and well both in body and mind.  He expressed himself in the words-"This is one of the happiest days of my life."

What an inspiration it should be to all Christian men and women that, though cold winds of sorrow may blow upon us, taking the objects, the very idols of our heart, then old age creeps upon us, robbing us of ambitions and dreams of youth- happy yet he clasped the hands of sister, brother and the host of nieces, nephews and others who had come to see him.

There were present two sisters, Lucindy Handcock and Emily Clark and husbands, his only brother, Henry, and two girls, Florence and Irene, a grandchild, Mrs. Mabel Fullerton and family, Aunt "Lib" Chambers, a very dear old friend and a number of other relatives.  All showing by their tears and smiles, their appreciation of another opportunity of looking into his dear old face once more.  May God add His benediction of peace.- A Niece
Source: The Gazette Times, Heppner, OR, May 16, 1918

Reunion of Merrill's Horse

The survivors of this famous regiment meet in Bethany and renew the memories of the past
Bethany, MO., Sept. 4-
The Missouri Battalion of Merrills Horse held its annual reunion here September 1 and 2. There were present the following members:
Company D- W.H. Metcalf, Jacob Loutzenhiser, John Stanley, B.S. Nordyke
Company E- Joseph Guy, Benjamin Sperry
Company F- M.L. Beeks, William Dale, G.W. Grant, George F. Pierson, Joseph Phillebaum, W.H. Wilcox, A.N. Cave, John Balls, Charles Cain, H.M. Russ, G.C. Harbord, A.M. Foster, Jacob Ballard, D.C. Brown, Jesse P. Dille, W.T. Foster, J.T. Price, J.M. Hampton, R.F. Noah, W.H. H. Gillespie, John Williams, A.J. Barber
Company M- J.C. Pickett, J.J. Long, W.O. Dalrymple

The meeting was at the residence of James M. Hampton, and all arrangements for the occassion were superintended by him.

The usual speech making, story telling and ceremonies continued throughout the two days without a discordant note, and remarkable demonstrations of brotherly affection, which none but comrades can know.

A beautiful oak bed set of five pieces was presented by the comrades to James Hampton as an appreciation of the splendid entertainment provided for them.
During the past year James Hampton has served as president and Charles Cain as secretary of the battalion and for the ensuing year B.S. Nordyke was elected president and John Stanley as secretary.  The next reunion is to be held August 30, 1896, at the residence of the new secretary in Princeton.

By aunanimous vote the comrades adopted the following:

Resolved, That in the terrible financial depression of the last few years, the distribution of money by the payment of pensions to old soldiers has been of great benefit to the public in general and to legitimate business transactionss in particular, to some extent, at least, preventing a total collapse of business, which might otherwise have occurred in the United States.

That where pensions have been fraudulently secured, such frauds should be corrected, and the guilty parties punished.

The we condemn the uncalled for efforts being made to reduce the pensions of, and to withold pensions from, our worthy comrades who helped to make it possible that liberty representative government and the sacred institutions bequeathed to us by the fathers of this republic, might be preserved in these United States.

That we are decidely in favor of reunions that are free from the ordinary picnic amusements, and in reference to that questions, we recommend to the comrades everywhere the rules governing this reunion.

That we send greetings to the Michigan battalion of Merrills Horse, which holds its annual reunion at Battle Creek, September 19, 1895.

That we tender our sincere thanks to Comrade James Hampton, of Bethany, his wife, daughters and other members of his family for the excellent provisions made for the entertainment of our comrades and their families.

That we highly appreciate the aid extended to our reunion by the Bethany choir, and thank them for the beautiful songs so well rendered for our entertainment.

That the citizens of Bethany and others of Harrison county have our kindest regards for the very many favors shown during our stay with them.

That to the newspapers of Harrison County and other newspapers of Northwest Missouri, are due and are hereby tendered our many thanks for the frequent and excellent notices of our regiment and its Missouri battalion and for calling attention to this reunion.
Source: Kansas City Daily Journal, Kansas City, MO. Sept. 5, 1895

Polley Family-

The 13th anniversary Polley reunion was held in Bethany Memorial Park Sunday, August 20.  A basket dinner was enjoyed at the noon hour and after dinner a short program was given, as follows; Song by Wanda Lee Richardson and Betty Becker; song, Laverne Adkins; a joke given by Harry Thomas, song by Billy Hogan, recitation by Robert Courtney, song by Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hogan, reciation by Madeane Younkin, song "Three Little Fishes" by Wanona Jean Long.

Those present were Paul Gillespie, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Polley and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Polley and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Alva Polley and three children, Joe Polley, Mr. and Mrs. Vere Courtney and five children, Mr. and Mrs. John Polley, Dayton Polley, daughter Merilyn and son Bradford, Mr. and Mrs. Garland Buzzard and family, Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Polley, Mr. and Mrs. Forest Thompson and two sons, Harry Thomas, Bell Polley, Mr. and Mrs. Charley Peugh, Frances and Forest Stanley, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Younkin and two girls, Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo Peugh and two children, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Peugh and children, Mr. and Mrs. Galrland Gard and daughters, Mr. and Mrs. Vernie Dinsmore, Mr. and Mrs. Lavern Curtis, Mr. and Mrs. Russel E. Foger and two sons, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Polley and family,  Mr. and Mrs. Bill Adkins and children, Mr. and Mrs. Harley Long and two girls, Mr. and Mrs. Orville Long and two sons, Mr. and Mrs Charley Yates and family, Mrs. Katie Taff, and Mrs. Sadie Smith and son, Elgin.
[Source: Ridgeway Journal, August 9, 1939]

Tuggle Family-

Among those who were at the Tuggle reunion in Memorial Park, Bethany, Sunday, were Mr. and Mrs. Elgin Morris and daughters, Mr. and Mrs. Dave Tuggle and son Floyd, Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Polley, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Tuggle, Mr. and Mrs. L.R.Morris, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Dale and children, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Blakeman, Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Hogan, Mr. and Mrs. H.L. Smith and children of this community, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Craig of Eagleville, Caney Blakeman of Bethany and Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Morris and children of Butler, MO.
[Source: The Ridgeway Journal, August 24, 1939 edition]

Wyant Family-

The Wyant family reunion was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Provin Sunday.  A bountiful dinner was served at the noon hour and the day was spent in visiting.  The gathering was also in honor of the birthdays of Mrs. Bob Riley, Mrs. Claude Wyant and Miss Dora Dale Buis, all of which occur in August and in memory of Mrs. Peter Wyant which was August 16.  Among those present were Mr. and Mrs. Charley Wyant, Mrs. and Mrs. Will Crouse and daughter, Evelyn.  Mr.and Mrs. Claude Wyant, Mrs. Mary Buis and daughter Dale, Mr. and Mrs. Lennie Elmore and twin children Reva and Raymond, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Riley and son Edward Wayne, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Provin and daughter, Mildred, Mr. and Mrs. Dean Buis and son, Larry Dean and Miss Martha Ridley.
[Source: The Ridegway Journal, August 24, 1939 edition]

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