Country Schools

Arrington School-Hamilton Township
by Etta Hahn

A building was erected in Hamilton Twp. in the 1800's located 4 1/2 miles southeast of Hatfield, Mo.  It was to be used for both school and church.  It burned in 1882.  A new building was built in 1883 on ground donated by Wm. L. & Rebecca Koger Ragan.  Jacob Hunsicker gave a plot of ground across the road east for a playground. The deed specified he building was always to be used for both school and church.

"Arrington" was the name given the school.  Since all of the elderly people have passed away, it is not known how or by whom the name was chosen  The building still stands (1975) though no longer used, except as storage for corn and hay.  It was closed when the North Harrison School District was formed.  Mary Ragan Martin, Ella Hininger and John Grabill attended the new school in 1883.  There were possibly othes.  Listed are most of the teachers who taught Arrington over the years: 

Gladys Glenn Barnhouse Kathlene Lillie
Alma Beeks Cora Lowe
Gertrude Adair Beldon Alice Martin
Eunice Bender Edna McIntosh
Cleo Bensyl Charlie Miller
Millard Briar Ray Miller
Arlene Hart Brown Ruth Milligan
Gladys Burns Jessie Murray
Nina Burns Denice Pearson
Nellie Busby Bertha Pilcner
Doris Hunsicker Cone Florence Nelson Powell
Jessie Davidson Sadie Bouge Pryor
Bert Davis Ova Eckard Reynolds
Lola Sanders Hale Maude Richardson
Elsie Herron Fannie Saffer
Lemon Hill Roy Simpson
Marsha Hill Ocie Swinney
Chris Hininger Bessie Updike
Doris Hart Hunsicker Pearl Alley Woodward
June Hunsicker Harve Young
Charlie Jones

Some of the families who attended both school and church  at Arrington were:

Beeks Moore
Beldon Owens
Bogue Parkhurst
Burns Price
Campbell Ragan
Cory Richardson
Coyles Rose
Derr Shardein
Eisenbarger Spaulding
Evans Stewart
Grabill Stillwell
Hannah Thomas
Hininger Thompson
Hopper Todd
Hunsicker Westlake
Johnson Woodward
Koger Wyant
Lemar York
Martin Young

Source: Harrison County Bicentenial History, 1976

Nossman School, District #36, Washington Township
The Nossman School was located in Washington Township, four miles north and two miles east of Martinsville.   The district covered approximately three square miles, with the school near the center.  The land was given for the school December 8,  1871 by Lon Nossman.  The school grounds were on a hillside and not much level area for a playground.  A corner plot west across the road on the John Eisenbarger place was used for a baseball field. 

The school house was one room and a cloak room.  It was heated with a wood stove.  Some students had to walk as much as a mile and half to get to school.  In the 1950's Nossman School was consoldiated into the Martinsville School District.  The building was sold to Ralph Poteet. 

Some of the families who attended the Nossman Country School were:  Eisenbarger, Smith, Snipes, Eckard, Street, Crabtree, Russell, Swartz, McNelly, Geralds, Wyant, Gibson, Stevens, Hook, Allen, Ballard, Noble, O'Neal, Hobbs, Fitzgeralds, Denton, Barnett.

Graduating 8th Grade Class of 1923: Velma Smith, Avis Snipes, Leland Eisenbarger and Clara Smith.  Wave Snipes, Teacher.
Source: Personal papers of Clara Smith, transcribers grandmother. Transcribed by Melody Beery


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