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Lincoln Township, Hatfield

In Lincoln township is a society of United Brethren, the organization of which took place in 1865.  It was reorganized in 1887 under the name of Danford Church, and at this time (1888) has a membership of thirty-five.  Rev. David Beauchamp is pastor.  There is also a Christian Church in the eastern part of the township which has a good membership.

A young lady, Miss Emmeline Baker, drowned herself and illegitimate child in April, 1878, in a pool of water in Lincoln township.

Killing of Isaac Moore-
Friday night, April 5, 1878, Isaac Moore, an old citizen of Lincoln Township, was shot through the body from side to side with a musket ball.  The facts of the matter are about these, as obtained from Mr. Moore, and from Jonah Noah, the man who did the shooting:  Moore was going along the public road, and when near Noah's home, Noah fired from some place about the stable.  Noah's version is that some one had been stealing his corn, and he suspected a certain man (not Moore) and was out with his gun watching for him.  By and by a man came along, and it being dark he could not see who it was, but supposed it was the one who had been stealing his corn.  Without warning or notice of any kind, and while Moore was walking along, Noah fired with the above results.  Noah admitted to several persons that he shot Moore, but did not know it was Moore, but thought it was the other man.  The next day (Saturday) Noah gave himself up before Squire D. Adair, and a preliminary examination was held, and Noah was held to answer to the circuit court in the sum of $2,000.00  Failing to give bail he was brought to jail Sunday-  When Noah saw that he had shot Moore, he went to him, took him to his own house and sent for a physician.
the next day Squire Adair went to where Moore was and took his affidavit.   The affidavit was in words as follows:

Issac Moore states on his oath that he, Isaac Moore, was going down towards his timber, to look after the fire that was in the prairie, and I started towards the house and was shot in the public highway.  This was April 5, 1878, after dark.
Isaac Moore
David Adair, J.P.
Subscribed and sworn to this April 6, 1878.

Noah had been living in that vicinity but a short time, having removed from near Denver, Worth County.
Moore died on the 7th, and the same day the sheriff lodged a complaint with "Squire Howell", charging Noah with the murder when he was rearrested.  He plead guilty to manslaughter, and was sentenced to the State prison for a term of twenty years.  He served only six years of the sentence, having been pardoned at the end of that time.
[Source: The History of Harrison and Mercer Co. Mo., St. Louis and Chicago, The Goodspeed Publishing Co., 1888]

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