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Wills/Henry Bennett,Towns/New Hampton,September 2011 Samuel Anderson Family Page/Thank You Kathy Anderson,Biographies/J.H. Burrows/Thank you Lucy Church,October, 2011,news/surname/Stolen by Cyclone (Bennett),news/surname/Napier Greeley,news/crimes/Price murder,news/crimes/Joseph Downing,November, 2011 ,news/surname/Mrs. H.H. Eads and Mrs. Harry Wren ,news/surname/Munson,news/surname/Norton and Russ,news/surname/I.M. Fuller,news/surname/Booth,news/surname/Joseph Murphy,news/surname/Muzy Prather,news/surnames/Powell,news/surnames/Wood,news/crimes/Foster murder,news/crimes/Spragg murder,news/marriage announcements/Johanson/Lesh,news/marriage announcements/Middleton/Brown
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January, 2012:Wills:Archibald McDaniel,James McKay;Family Page:John May Hubbard; February, 2012:news/surname/Neville Twins,news/death notice/Henry Butcher,news/death notice/Roy L. Simpson,news/death notice/Cynthia Shumate,wills/Elizabeth Melton,wills/Archibald McDaniel,wills/James McKay,news/surname/Wilcutt,news/surname/Riley,news/surname/Miner
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January:Obits: -Archie GrahamNina GrahamLois Nadine TilleyNews/Gossiparticles added for:Hobbs area Murphy New Hampton;News/ Marriages:Harper-DavisRinehart-Hoylman1890 Vet Schedule:Clay TownshipFamily Pages: William EisenbargerJames Martin EisenbargerReunions:1939 Wyant 1939 Tuggle1939 PolleyBirths:
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February 2014Pre 1910 Births updatedHistory/ Early Settlers of Harrison CountyNews/Crime: Spurgin-Mitchell;New/Crime: Burger-ShafferApril 2014
News/Crime: Elliott, John and HartNews/Crime: Strickland-GarrisonNews/Crime: Dr. Tennis-George YoungNews/Crime: Benjamin NickersonNews/Crime: Williams-McCollumNews/Crime: Urshin-HarrisonNews/Crime: Wm. PoynterNews/Crime: Jacob FansterNews/SuicidesRice BantaMcCrayNoah NeeceF.M. DuncanD. PinkertonEmmeline BakerLindsey DowellAndrew SchroffSamuel Moore W.L. FoxworthyNews/Accidents:Campbell DaleWm. R. Allen,John LayMiss Nevada Hill,Harrison child,Miss Delilah Plymer
Jackson White,J.G. Bryant,Daniel Thomas child,C.J. White daughter,Burl child,Warner Burris,Charles Paine child,Ransom Hook child
Mr. Foster,Augustine Stoner child,P.A. Brooks,Wm. Stone daughter,William O. Thomas,Levi Roach,Mr. Linville;
June 2014:Biographies: Edgar S. Miner,Walton E. Todd,Ernest Harvey,L.M. Davis,George W. Bolar,George W. Selby,C.M. Peugh,C.C. Fordyce,Daniel D. Boyce,G.C. Zingerle,Jesse F. Frank
Updated: Pre 1910 Birth CertificatesPage Four addedFamily Page added forFordyce Family;
September 2014:Biographies:Dr. Felix G. Smith Claude A. Endsley Oliver W. Curtis Nathan T. Slatten C.J. Zimmerlee James P. Anderson L. Underwood W.W. Ballew Churches:Mt Moriah Marriages:The earliest marriages of Harrison County, Missouri Towns:
Andover Military:G.A.R. Posts of Harrison County Mt. Moriah Ridgeway;October 2014: Biographies:James B. Slemmons Harry C. Shroyer Dr. Quinlan James Joyce J.G. Buis Ezekiel B. Hobbs;news/crimesCharles Foster Blythedale Holdup 1935;News/SurnameGuymon;News/ Death Notices:Robert Harvey Wren Zola Osborn Mrs. Susie Talmage Surname Registry:Wayne Klusman researching Buis and Herbst families;
November 2014: News/Surname: Thomas Morris, 117 years old; Laura Frances Davis News/Death: Robert Jones; Marie Towhy News/Crime: H. Long kills Wm. Rice; Oxley Johnson;Enloe and Workman Biographies: Robinson Gale; I.A. German;John E. Wyant December 2014 Biographies:J.Q. Chambers George Chancy Gay Aufricht John Bain Manlove Bain Military: 1890 Veterans Schedule Colfax Township 1890 Veterans Schedule Cypress Township
Updates for 2015
December 2015
Family Pages: updated Lot Skinner family page Family Pages: Created family page for Samuel B. Skinner Obituaries: Wilson Finley Skinner, Martha Jane Davis Skinner, William Andrew Davis, Edna May Skinner News/Sick List: William A. Davis News/Deaths: Funeral notices for Jackson Vail and Catharine Vail News/Accidents: Cliff Chambers of Ridgeway
November 2015: Obituaries: Carrie Montgomery Maddy; John V. Stewart; Letitia Stewart; Nancy Florena Stewart Biographies: W.H. Eades, Winfield S. Eades, Moses H. Eades, Isaac Johns, A.J. Jeffries October 2015: Military: 1890 Veterans Schedule for Grant Township Births: Pre-1910 page five added September 2015
Military: Commissioned Officers in WW1 Biographies: Daniel Neff Towns: Brooklyn Cemeteries: Bohemian Cemetery Organizations: Daughters of the American Revolution
August 2015 Churches:  small histories of various churches in the county, some with lists of original members, trustees and the year the churches were built
Schools: Financial Statistics for the year 1886 for Harrison County Schools. Biographies: Mahlon C. Turner, James Van Meter, A.M.C. Twadell News: Accidents and Tragedies:  J.F. Henderson
July 2015 Biographies: Elvis Rice, Perrin Gladstone Wightman, George W. Gibson, George P. Walker Military: WWI Names on Gold Star Flag Military: Citations for Special Acts of Heroism in WWI June 2015 Family Pages: Nossaman Family History: County Farm History: Relocation of County Seat May 2015 Obituaries: Frances Sadie Henson, Lloyd Eisenbarger, C.L. Duke Chamberlin Marriages: Eisenbarger-Cox April 2015 Biographies: J.C. Baker, J.H. Goodwin, Charles H. Golding, C.T. Hagan, James Hughes
Military: 1890 Veterans Schedule for Foxcreek township Towns: Unincorporated places: Pleasant Ridge, Bridgeport, Bolton, Mitchellville, Gardner, Akron and Jacksonville
Obituaries: M.V. Eisenbarger, 
March 2015: Biographies: J.W. Dale, Harry Phillips, Virgil Emerson Yates, Albert Dunn, MD, Newspapers/Accidents and Tragedies: Jan. 14, 1915, Fire in the Leazenby Home Newspapers/Crimes: 1874, Joseph Hamilton hanged; 1912 Cari Hamilton Newspapers/Death Notices: J.C. Wilson, T.A. Dunn Reunions: Missouri Battalion of Merrill's Horse Obituaries: Mary E. Thompson County Newspaper History:  A history of the newspapers of Harrison County, Missouri February 2015: Biographies: Charles A. Axline, C.B. Hunsicker, Samuel N. Glaze, Simon P. King, F. Papineau Military: Mexican Border War Military: Mormon War Military: Spanish American War Obituaries: Alma M. Jennings, Christopher Schell, News/Gossip:  Kirkley Chapel Community News January 2015: Biographies: J.M. Kelly, Stanley Rucker, Frank Fancher Military: 1890 Veterans Schedule for Dallas Township Cemeteries: Hobbs cemetery updated Towns:  Eagleville