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Cemetery Location
Aaron Morgan Cemetery  
Adkins Cemetery Clinton
Anderson Cemetery Shawnee Mound
Antioch Cemetery Clinton
Askins Cemetery Calhoun
Avery Cemetery  
Barker Cemetery Shawnee Mound
Bear Creek Cemetery La Due
Beaty Cemetery  
Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery  
Bethlehem Cemetery Clinton
Blairstown Cemetery Blairstown
Blizzard Cemetery Deepwater
Bozarth Cemetery  
Bronaugh Cemetery  
Brown Cemetery Leesville
Brownington Cemetery Brownington
Byser Cemetery Clinton
Calhoun Cemetery Calhoun
Carrsville Cemetery Petersburg
Chipman Cemetery  
Chitwood Cemetery  
Clinton Poor Farm Clinton
Clinton Memory Gardens Clinton
Combs Cemetery Clinton
County Farm Cemetery Clinton
Crews/Givens/Weidman Cemetery


Cruce/Vail Cemetery Clinton
Deepwater Cemetery Deepwater
Deer Creek Cemetery Lewis
Drake Family Cemetery Calhoun
Drakes Chapel Cemetery Calhoun
Dunning Cemetery Clinton
Dunning Cemetery Deepwater
Englewood Cemetery Clinton
Eversole Cemetery  
Fewel Cemetery Leeton
Fewel/Blevins Cemetery Urich
Fields Creek Cemetery Clinton
Finey Cemetery Finey
Fox Cemetery  
Freeman Cemetery Huntingdale
Gates Cemetery  
Gillett Cemetery  
Good Hope Cemetery Coal
Gruver Cemetery Clinton
Hartwell Cemetery  
Hendrick Cemetery Urich
Hickory Grove Cemetery Urich
Hickory Grove Cemetery Hartwell
Hickory Grove Cemetery Shawnee Mound
Hinton Cemetery Shawnee Mound
Hopewell Cemetery Montrose
Hughes Cemetery Windsor
Immaculate Conception Montrose
James Cemetery  
Jones Cemetery Leesville
Kepner Cemetery Urich
King Cemetery Leesville
Ladue Cemetery La Due
Laurel Oak Cemetery Windsor
Layses Chapel Cemetery Deepwater
Lewis Cemetery  
Logan Cemetery Leesville
Maplewood Cemetery Brownington
Millner Cemetery  
Montrose Cemetery Montrose
Montrose Mound Cemetery Montrose
Mt. Olivet Cemetery Roseland
Mt. Zion Cemetery Deepwater
Mullin Cemetery Urich
Norris Cemetery Hartwell
North Station Cemetery Clinton
Oak Grove Cemetery Clinton
Page Cemetery Creighton
Page Cemetery Huntingdale
Parks Chapel Cemetery Leesville
Paul Cemetery Huntingdale
Peaceful Home Cemetery Finey
Pisgah Cemetery  
Pleasant Valley Cemetery Deepwater
Reid Cemetery Clinton
Renfro Cemetery Leesville
Robinson Cemetery Leesville
Ross Cemetery Blairstown
Royston Cemetery  
Rusche Cemetery Calhoun
Saint Ludger's Cemetery Germantown
Saint Mary's Cemetery Montrose
Salem Cemetery  
Salem Church Cemetery Norris
Sardis Cemetery  
Sardis North Cemetery Windsor
Shadrack Dunning Cemetery Brownington
Shady Grove  
Shawnee Mound Cemetery Clinton
Sipe Cemetery  
Stewart Cemetery Mt Zion
Stimpson Family Cemetery  
Stone's Chapel Cemetery Montrose
Stow Cemetery Urich
Stubblefield Family Cemetery Montrose
Summers Cemetery Montrose
Sweeney/Owen Cemetery  
Swindle Cemetery Huntingdale
Teays Chapel Cemetery Deepwater
Tebo Church Cemetery Leesville
Timberlake Cemetery Leesville
Urich Cemetery Urich
Vickers Cemetery Montrose
Wade Cemetery  
Walker Cemetery  
Wall Cemetery Calhoun
White Cemetery  
White Oak Cemetery Lucas
Witherspoon Cemetery Gaines


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