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1890 Veteran Schedule - Partial

[Source: The Prairie Gleaner, Vol. 35 No. 1, Transcribed by Christi Boyer]


CHRISTIAN, C. Arnold, Pvt, B, 12th PA Inf, May 15, ’61 -----
HECKER, Henry B, Sgt, H, 7th – Cav, Mar 5, ’62 -----
WILSON, William, Cpl, A, 76th OH Inf, Dec 15, ’61 -----
JOHNSON, Otie F, Soldier (US)
ROBINSON, Louis(e)?, Soldier
RHOADES, John, Soldier (US)

WALTERS, John, Pvt, B, 3rd IL Cav, Aug 13, ’61 ----
PEELOR, James L., Sgt, Com ----, ’65-65
PEELOR, Sherod D., Sgt, H, MO E.M.M., Sept. ’61 ------
BARTER, Henry C., Drmr, F, 25th IND, ’61-‘64
PAINTER, George H., Pvt, E, 127th NY, Aug, “62-Jun 30’63
SHORT, Thomas, Pvt, G, 40th E.M.M., Aug 10’62-‘64
CONSALUS, John L, Cptn, I, 45th MO Inf, Sep ’62-Mar ‘65
WESTER, George W., 1st Lieu, 3rd TN Cav, Dec 22 ’62-65?
BLANCHARD, DeWitt C, Pvt, I, 5th MICH Cav, Feb 10 ’65-Jun ‘65
Mary A Hobbs Wdw of HOBBS, Henry L., Pvt, F, ILL Cav, Feb 22 ’62-‘65
McGLADE, John L, 1st Lieu, F, 13th OH Cav, Oct ’63-Jul ‘65
COOPER, William H., Pvt, G, 152nd IL Inf, Dec. ’65-Jul, ‘65
DEVINE, Edward, Pvt, I, 124th IL Inf, Aug. ’62-May –
Johanna Burris Fannery, Wdw of BUTLER, Nathan D., Pvt, C, ---
HARRIS, Wiley, Pvt, G, 42nd MO Inf, Aug 18, ’65-Dec. ‘65
CONOUR(?), Marcus L., Pvt, F, 60th IL Inf, Dec, ’61-Apr 6—
COOPER, Samuel, Pvt, H, 133rd IND Inf, May, ‘64
ROTHGEB, Jacob, Pvt, K, 12 MO Cav, Dec 22, ’61-Apr—
WEARS, John T., Pvt, C, 7th MO Cav, Apr 7, ’62-Apr 13—
???, Hiram L. (May be Goodson or Gordsor) no information


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