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1883 Pensioners

(Source: List of Pensioners on the Roll January 1, 1883, Vol. 5. Transcribed by Mamre Wilson)

Name of PensionerPost Office AddressCause for which PensionedMonthly RateDate of Original Allowance
McCully, WilliamArmstronglumbagh$4.00Sept. 1882
Shive, John S.Buftong.s.w.l. thigh$2.00May, 1881
Naylor, MargaretBuftonwidow 1812$8.00Jan., 1879
Green, EuphemiaFayettewidow$8.00Jan., 1882
Reeves, ClarkFayettechr. diarr. and asthma $4.00Aug., 1870
Shelton, Lucretia J.Fayettewidow$8.00May, 1869
Payne, MaryFayettewidow$8.00May, 1880
Pettijohn, LeahFayettewidow with minors$10.00Aug. 1870
Smallwood, DuettFayetteg.s.w.l. hip$6.00July, 1881
Boggs, RachelFayettewidow$8.00Sept., 1881
Waters, IsaacFayetteg.s.w.l. hand$3.00Nov., 1881
Taylor, JamesFayetteg.s.w.l. thigh$4.00Aug., 1874
Barry, JohnFayettefrac. r. forearm $6.00Sept. 1875
Murray, PeterFayetteg.s.w.r. side$14.00 
Lake, Marion temple and lip$3.75Feb., 1881
Warden, PollyFayettewidow 1812$8.00July, 1879
Jones, CatharineFayettewidow 1812$8.00May, 1880
Baskett, RobertFayettesurv. 1812$8.00Feb., 1872
Logan, HughesFayettewd.r. hand & loss fing$8.00 
Peppard, Edward J.Fayettedis. eyes $12.00June, 1880
Carver, Ira C.Fayetteg.s.w.l. shr$1.00Dec. 1881
Bassett, JeremiahFayetteg.s.w. breast $4.00 
Andrews, Francis M.Glasgowinj. r. shr. & arm $4.00Sept. 1876
Alexander, SamuelGlasgowg.s.w.r. hand and hip $6.00 
Boob, FerdinandGlasgowfrac. r. leg $8.00 
Tolson, JohnGlasgowinj. r. knee $2.00Nov., 1881
Cason, Maria E.Glasgowwidow 1812$8.00Sept., 1879
Conrad, George A.Glasgowg.s.w.r. side$4.00May, 1871
Christy, ConradGlasgowwd. leg $2.00 
Ballew, WilliamGlasgowg.s.w.r. hip & left thigh$4.00Apr., 1871
Fetterhoff, AlbertGlasgowinjury to abdomen$4.00May, 1882
Rennolds, Nancy H.Glasgowwidow$8.00 
Garth, MariaGlasgowwidow$8.00Nov., 1876
Boyce, ElizaGlasgowwidow 1812$8.00Jan., 1879
Hargis, James H.Myersloss l. forearm$18.00Nov., 1873
Hargis, ElizabethMyerswidow$8.00Apr., 1877
Winn, ElizabethMyerswidow 1812$8.00July, 1880
Pitts, GracieRoanokewidow$8.00July, 1868
Mansfield, SelinaRoanokewidow 1812$8.00Sept. 1880
Snoddy, NarcissaRoanokewidow 1812$8.00Aug. 1880
Miller, Mary J.Roanokewidow$8.00Nov., 1868
Richardson, Wm. E.Roanokeg.s.w.r. foot$4.00 
Bagley, EmilyRoanokewidow$8.00May, 1868
Barnes, ParmeliaRoanokewidow$8.00July, 1869
Froyman, JaneRoanokewidow$8.00July, 1874
Fuller, Hymen V.Roanokewd. l. side $4.00Sept., 1868
Clasbery, MaryRoanokewidow$8.00Oct., 1868
Emjart, CeniaRoanokewidow$8.00May, 1872


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