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Name of Deceased: Bettie F. Talbot
Newspaper: The Columbia Daily Tribune
Date: Dec. 28, 1989
Submitters Name: Robert King

Obit: Bettie F. Talbot, 89, Fayette died Wednesday, Dec. 27, 1989, at Keller Hospital.  Graveside services will be at 2 p.m. tomorrow at Walnut Ridge Cemetery under the direction of Ralph A. Carr Funeral Home.  The Rev. Robert Simpson will officiate.  There will be no visitation.  Mrs. Talbot was born Nov. 10, 1900, in Howard County to Leon and Cecile Denny Fife.  Her first husband W. F. Markland, preceded her in death.  In May 1941, she married Wallace Talbot, who died April 27, 1964.  She was a member of the Episcopal Church.  Surviving are a daughter, Cecile Thorpe of Fayette, two stepsons, John Talbot of Springfield and Wallace Talbot of San Diego; a sister, Gladys Berry of Glasgow; two grandchildren; and for great-grandchildren.  Memorials may be made to Keller Hospital.

Name of Deceased: Dr. John A. Talbot
Newspaper: The Glasgow Weekly Times, Thursday
Date: August 12, 1858
Submitters Name: Kathy McDaniel

Obit: --Died. TALBOT--At his residence in this county, on Sunday morning, Aug. 1, of gangrene of the lungs, Dr. John A. Talbot.
The deceased was born in Northwestern Virginia, the 18 of November, 1805. Left an orphan at the early age of four years, he entered on his boyhood with no other endowments than those which God had bestowed upon him, and with a willing arm and vigorous mind, raised himself to the position that he occupied at the time of his death. He graduated at the Jefferson Medical College, at Philadelphia, in March, 1831. In the succeeding November he came to Fayette and established himself in the practice of his profession, where he continued to reside until the year 1845, when he removed to his farm in the vicinity of town, upon which he died.
In 1833, he was married to Alice, daughter of Lawrence Daily, Esq., of Fayette, and thus became connected with one of the largest and most respectable family connections in this county.-- Mrs. Talbot and nine children survive the deceased.
In November, 1830, Dr. Talbot united with the Episcopal Church, receiving the rite of confirmation at the hands of the Rt. Rev. Bishop Hawks.
The deceased devoted the early portion of his life to his profession, in which he attained great eminence, but after his removal to his farm, he withdrew from general practice, and gave up his time mainly to agriculture. His professional advice, however, continued to be sought after, and give in all extreme cases, down to the time of his death. He had no desire for public office, but was content to remain in the walks of private life, although when he died, he was the President of the Branch Bank of Missouri, established at Fayette. He was attacked with his disease on the 17 of June, and was confined to his room from that time until his death. During his sickness he had all the aid that medical skill and the most tender and unremitting nursing of his numerous relatives and friends could render--but throughout his long and painful illness, one of his greatest joys was the fervent prayers, that in health had been his guide and his consolation. The manner in which the deceased discharged all the duties incident to the various relations of life, in which he was placed, furnishes an example that those of us who survive him may well strive to imitate.

Name of Deceased: Dr. John A. Talbot
Newspaper: The Glasgow Weekly Times, Thursday
Date: August 5, 1858
Submitters Name: Kathy McDaniel

Obit: --Dead. Dr. John A. Talbot, one of our oldest and most respectable citizens,died at his residence, near Fayette, last Sunday, after a protracted sickness.

RALPH TALBOT. -Class of 1872 – B. 17 Aug., 1850, Fayette, Mo. Lawyer. D. 28 June, 1911, Fort Robinson, Neb.
Source is: Dartmouth College Necrology, 1910-1911, Hanover, N.H. Transcribed by Kim Mohler.

Name of Deceased: Turner Victor Thornton
Newspaper: Columbia Daily Tribune
Date: Feb 1, 2007
Submitters Name: Robert King

Obit: Turner Thornton, 88, of New Franklin passed away Sunday, Jan. 28, 2007, at his home. Graveside services will be held at 1 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 3, at Mount Nebo Cemetery with Branch President Jeff Harris presiding. Mr. Thornton was born July 13, 1918, in Sedalia, the son of Charles and Viola Vannoy Thornton. On July 12, 1941, he married Erma Jewell Sapp in Columbia and she preceded him in death in October 1990. He was an active member of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He worked hard all his life and enjoyed gardening when he was able. Survivors include three children, Janie Black of New Franklin, Jerry B. Thornton and his wife Vicki Lynn, of New Franklin and James D. Thornton and his wife, Carolyn M.., of Marshall. He was preceded in death by his parents and his wife. Memorial contributions are suggested to the American Cancer Society, 1900 N. Providence Road, Columbia, MO 65202.

Name of Deceased: Jackson Thorp
Newspaper: Glasgow Weekly Times (Glasgow, Mo.) Thursday,
Date: December 6, 1849
Submitters Name: Kathy McDaniel

Obit: OBITUARY. DIED--After a short but painful illness, at his residence, in
Howard county, Mo., Jackson Thorp, on the morning of the 30th November, 1849; aged 50 years 4 months and 24 days. He ws born in Madison county, Ky., July 6, 1799, and emigrated to this State in the year 1818, and was married to Harriet Bastin 26 August, 1823.
Jackson Thorp was a respectable agricultural citizen, filling a high seat in the affections of the community at large. In his death, his beloved wife and affectionate children have sustained an irreparable loss; the Baptist Church, one of its most prominent members; the community one of its best citizens; he joined the Baptist Church in the spring of 1823, and for many years until his death, acted in the capacity of a Clerk since his union with the Church. The fulfilment of the Divine requirements has been his highest aim..... (abstracted)

Name of Deceased: William Thorp
Newspaper: Glasgow Weekly Times (Glasgow, Mo.) Thursday,
Date: April 7, 1859
Submitters Name: Kathy McDaniel

Obit: Found Dead.--The body of William Thorp was found near his father's residence, on Tuesday morning. He was last seen Sunday morning at breakfast, and it is supposed he died Sunday night. He was dissipated, and it is supposed fell asleep while under the influence of liquor, and froze, as the night was stormy and cold.

Name of Deceased: Mary Louisa Tillman
Newspaper: The Glasgow Weekly Times, Thursday
Date: January 21, 1858
Submitters Name: Kathy McDaniel

Obit: --Died. On the 14th, Mrs. Mary Louisa, wife of John Tillman, of this place.

Name of Deceased: Davis Todd
Newspaper: The Glasgow Weekly Times, Thursday
Date: December 2, 1858
Submitters Name: Kathy McDaniel

Obit: --Two Old Citizens Dead.
Mr. Davis Todd, one of the pioneer settlers of this county, died at his residence near Fayette last week.

TOLER, Mrs. Margaret A. - daughter of Thomas & Zilpha SIMMONS and the wife of Ira C. Toler, died near Lecompton, Kans. Terr., 18 June 1857. She was born in Howard Co., Mo., 31 Jan. 1824. Married in 1844 to J. L. BASKET who in 1851 left her in Mo. and went to Calif., where he died. On 17 Feb. 1853, she married Ira C. Toler and in 1855 came to Kans. Left husband & 4 little children. [Source: "Missouri Pioneers County & Genealogical Records," vol. XVIII by Nadine Hodges and Mrs. Howard Woodruff; March 1973; tr. by GT Transcription Team]

Name of Deceased: Clifton Tooley
Newspaper: The Glasgow Weekly Times, Thursday
Date: December 10, 1857
Submitters Name: Kathy McDaniel

Obit: --Died. In this city, on the 20th utl., of Typhoid Fever, after a protracted illness, Clifton Tooley, in the 35th year of his age.
In the death of Mr. Tooley his wife and children have been deprived of a kind and affectionate husband and father, the community of a most estimable citizen, and a void has been created in the social circle which will not be easily filled. H. H. C.

Name of Deceased: St. George Tucker
Newspaper: Glasgow Weekly Times (Glasgow, Mo.) Thursday,
Date: July 19, 1855
Submitters Name: Kathy McDaniel

Obit: DIED---In Fulton, St. George Tucker, an old resident.

Name of Deceased: Gustavus A. Turner
Newspaper: Glasgow Weekly Times (Glasgow, Mo.) Thursday,
Date: December 8, 1859
Submitters Name: Kathy McDaniel

Obit: Died.--At the residence of his mother, near this place, on the evening of the 3rd inst., Gustavus A. Turner, after a protracted illness, in the 31st year of his age.

Name of Deceased: Henry Turner
Newspaper: The Glasgow Weekly Times, Thursday
Date: September 9, 1858
Submitters Name: Kathy McDaniel

Obit: --Died. TURNER--On Sunday, the 29 of August, at his residence near Boonsboro, Howard county, after an illness of forty-two hours, Henry Turner, in the 67th year of his age.
In the death of this estimable man, the community has been deprived of a useful citizen, his wife of a beloved companion, his children of a fond parent. In force of character, Mr. Turner had but few superiors; his unbending integrity, his high sense of honor, his constancy and faithfulness to all with whom he had to do, was such that it drew around him a circle of friends of whom any one might be proud, and whose care during his short and sudden illness, attendance and tears at his grave, truly demonstrated the faithfulness of which his life was an illustration. As a friend, he was ever faithful; as a neighbor, kind and accommodating. Upon his companion and children he lavished strong affection, but they will hear his footsteps no more; and that voice which was music to their hearts, is now stilled in death. He bore his brief
illness with great fortitude, and died like one “who folds the drapery of his couch about him and lays him down to sleep.” N. M. B.
Boonsboro, Mo., Sept. 1, 1858.
Howard County Banner please copy.

Name of Deceased: Sarah J. Turner
Newspaper: The Glasgow Weekly Times, Thursday
Date: December 3, 1857
Submitters Name: Kathy McDaniel

Obit: --Died. On the 25th, Sarah J. Turner, only daughter of John and Emily Turner, aged 8 years.

Name of Deceased: Talton Turner
Newspaper: The Glasgow Weekly Times, Thursday
Date: October 21, 1858
Submitters Name: Kathy McDaniel

Obit: --Died. On the evening of the 14th inst., at his residence, near Glasgow, after a protracted illness, in the 67th year of his age, Talton Turner.
Mr. Turner was one of the oldest settlers of Howard county, having first come to this section of country in 1817. He was a native of North Carolina, but emigrated with his father to Madison county, Kentucky, at an early age. Arriving in Missouri with little else than a vigorous constitution, a clear head, and an indomitable energy, he commenced his career as a public surveyor. ---This employment, which he followed for some years, while it made him thoroughly acquainted with the country, enabled him to select some of the finest lands as they have since been brought into market; and it may not be inappropriate to state here, as some incentive to honest industry and enterprise, that, at the time of his death, he was, perhaps the most extensive land owner in the state.
In many respects, Mr. Turner was a remarkable man. All who knew him acknowledged the clearness and precision of his judgment in most matters. This faculty not only enabled him to manage his own affairs successfully, but was the cause of the success of many of his friends who acted upon his advice and suggestion: and it may be safely said that no one, who ever sought his counsel and followed it, has had cause to regret doing so. In addition to those traits of character, which distinguished the subject of this notice from the majority of men, were a calm, self-reliance that nothing disturbed, and an invincible determination which never faltered. Whether marching with General Harrison through the snows of a Michigan winter, half-starved, half-clad and shoeless --whether traversing those trackless wastes between the confines of Missouri and the outposts of the U. S. Army on the head waters of the Mississippi, or the western tributaries of the Arkansas--swimming deep and rapid streams when so disabled from rheumatism
that his companions who were afraid to venture in, had to lift him from his horse. Talton Turner was ever the same undaunted character, invariably accomplishing whatever he undertook. It has been remarked by one who knew him well that, had he been in Napoleon’s Russian campaign, he either would have been created a field marshal, or else selected by Ney as one of “the rear-guard of the grand army.” But as well and as widely known as Mr. Turner was, only those who knew him most intimately, would fully understand and rightly appreciate his character. While to strangers, and even to ordinary acquaintances he seemed silent and reserved, no man was more social in his disposition, or enjoyed to a higher degree, the companionship of his friends. To these he was ever frank and affectionately kind. But his singular freedom from ostentation, and his avoidance of empty professions of every sort, caused him to be very much misapprehended by those who judged from outside appearances only.
Mr. Turner’s business was that of a speculator in real estate, and his judgment and forecast usually enabled him to do so successfully. This fact has been another cause of misapprehension of his true character by persons not thoroughly acquainted with him. Many men very unjustifiably take it for granted, that successful speculation and dishonest practices are inseparable, as though superiority of intellect should not be allowed to have its influence in this avocation, while it is conceded that it may do so in every other pursuit---a very unfair rule of judgment surely. A man of stricter moral integrity we never knew; and this assertion is made after a most intimate acquaintance of twenty years duration, and, made too, by one bound to him by no ties save those of esteem and admiration for his many estimable qualities.
It is a source of regret, perhaps, that he never made an open avowal of his religious sentiments, but his failure to do so, we are well aware, proceeded from no skepticism. During a long acquaintance we have never heard him utter a word which savored of unbelief in the truths of the gospel: On the contrary, for the last five years, and especially the last months of his life, religion has often been the subject of his thoughts; and while laboring under the illness which terminated his earthly career, he more than once spoke of the mercies of God so repeatedly extended him in his various afflictions. For more that sixteen years, during which time he has been the subject of great bodily as well as mental suffering, no murmur of distress or complaint has ever escaped him; and when at last he saw the approach of death, he met it with that Roman fortitude which characterized his whole life, and died with expressions of resignation that become a Christian.
No farther seek his merits to disclose,
Nor draw his frailties from their dread abode
(Where they alike in trembling hope repose)
The bosom of his Father and his God. P.

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