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Ferguson-Hogan Cemetery

The name as given by the older residents of Willow Springs is Hogan Cemetery, but a later generation says the name is Ferguson Cemetery. In order to make our records agreeable to everyone, we have used both names. The official map of Willow Springs at City Hall calls it Ferguson. The cemetery is located on a small lot of land which is a part of the homestead of James Ferguson, who was the father of the late Bryant and Homer Ferguson and Mrs. Elizabeth Ferguson Gooch. James Ferguson was the grandfather of James and Tommy Ferguson and Robert Gooch.
Sec. 30: Twp. 27 R. 9.
(contributed by Kristy Fox)

Name Birth Death Inscription / Notes Obit Photo Contributor
_____, Frank Aug. 15, 1886 Jul. 4, 1887 Shared stone with Oscar N.      
_____, Oscar N. May 9, 1881 Jan. 8, 1883 Shared stone with Frank      
Aery, _____ Feb. 3, 1862 Nov. 29, 1892       Kristy Fox
Aery, Florence A. Sep. 14, 1873 Mar. 18, 1895 Wife of W. T. Aery     Kristy Fox
Aery, Monroe W. Feb. 4, 1892 Nov. 18, 1894 Son of W. T. & F. Aery     Kristy Fox
Anderson, Catherine H. 1859 1887       Kristy Fox
Bounds, Freddie W.   Dec. 5, 1892 Age 5yrs, 1mo, 21dys     Kristy Fox
Brackett, Hannah 1818 1896 Shared stone with Joseph Brackett      
Brackett, Joseph     Co. B 11th Tenn Cavalry. shared stone with Hannah Brackett     Kristy Fox
Fowler, Troy E. Apr. 10, 1895 Apr. 22, 1895 Son of Si Fowler     Kristy Fox
Finley, Minnie   Sep. 1, 1884 Dau og A. & D. Finley. 1yr 5mo 16ds     Kristy Fox
Greathouse, Catherine Hoover Jun. 20, 1802 Jun. 22, 1889 Wife of John L. Greathouse     Kristy Fox
Greathouse, Rebecca M. Sep. 18, 1827 Jul. 13, 1892 Wife of J. S. Peer     Kristy Fox
Hall, Ollie Maud Apr. 18, 1887 Feb. 18, 1889 Dau of Wm & N.J Hall Aged 1yr, 10ms      
Hall, W. N.     Co B 49th KY Inf     Kristy Fox
Hobson, Evan Hilliard Oct. 19, 1892 Dec. 3, 1895 Son of D. B. & E. E. Hobson     Kristy Fox
Hogan, ____ S. Feb. 25, 1863 Aug. 23, 1901       Kristy Fox
Hogan, Amanda F. 1830 1888 Shared stone with James H. Hogan     Kristy Fox
Hogan, James H. 1826 1901 Shared stone with Amanda F. Hogan     Kristy Fox
Hogan, James H. Aug. 24, 1882   Son of J. H. & A. F. Hogan. Age 18yr, 9mo, 4ds.     Kristy Fox
Hogan, Martha J. 1866 1901       Kristy Fox
Hogan, Orville 1884 1887       Kristy Fox
McHenry, ____-   Jun. 20, 1893 Infant son of W. A. & S. McHenry     Kristy Fox
Miner, J. T. Oct. 14, 1885 Mar. 4, 1887 son of T. J. & S. E. Miner     Kristy Fox
Miner, Maude N. Apr. 11, 1886 Jun. 30, 1886 Dau of W. E. & N. J. Miner     Kristy Fox
Moffiett, Callie May 8, 1859 Jan. 7, 1889 Wife of R. F. Moffiett     Kristy Fox
Owens, Charley E.   Dec. 5, 1890 son of J. E. & Bell Owens. 2mo, 7ds     Kristy Fox
Owens, James Henry Jan. 7, 1893 May 13, 1894 Son of J. E. & Bell Owens     Kristy Fox
Peer, Jacob D. Mar. 21, 1828 Aug. 1, 1889       Kristy Fox
Shrewsbury, Julia I. Jan. 19, 1895   Dau of Joseph & Millie Shrewsbury. 2yrs, 8ds     Kristy Fox
Thorn, Richard R. Nov. 7, 1823 Dec. 24, 1892       Kristy Fox
Torry, Amanda L. 1862 Aug. 6, 1881 Wife of Thomas M. Torry     Kristy Fox

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