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Amy Union Cemetery   
Antioch Church Cemetery   
Bennetts Chapel Cemetery   
Big Springs Cemetery   
Blue Mound Cemetery   
Bolin Cemetery   
Bollinger Cemetery   
Brandsville Cemetery   
Brown Cemetery   
Burden-Vaughan Burial Plot   
Burnett Cemetery   
Burnham Cemetery: near Burnham 
Cannon Cemetery   
Cantrell Cemetery   
Carroll Cemetery   
Center Hill Cemetery   
Chapel Hill Cemetery   
Chapin/Radle Cemetery   
Collins Cemetery   

County Farm Cemetery

Cook Family Cemetery   
Cureall Cemetery   
Deane Graves   
Dripping Springs Cemetery   

Dry Creek Cemetery   
Ebenezer/Forest Dell Cemetery   
Elk Creek Cemetery   
Epps Cemetery: near Pomona
Evergreen Cemetery - West Plains
Ferguson-Hogan Cemetery  
Fisher Burial Plot   
Forest Dell/Ebenezer Cemetery   
Fowler Cemetery  
Francis Cemetery   
Free Union Cemetery   
Galloway Cemetery - West Plains   
Gill Cemetery   
Gospel Hill Cemetery   
Grace Cemetery   
Greenlawn Cemetery   
Hall Cemetery   
Harris Cemetery   
Hinds Farm Cemetery   
Hogan-Ferguson Cemetery   
Homeland Cemetery - West Plains   
Howell Memorial Park Cemetery:  5604 USHighway 63, West Plains, MO 6577
Howell Valley/Langston Cemetery   
Hutton Valley Cemetery    
Joice Family Cemetery   
Keirn Cemetery   
Langston/Howell Valley Cemetery   
Lanton Cemetery   
Leach-Taylor Burial Plot   
Ledbetter Cemetery West Plains Howell County MO 
Long Pine Cemetery   
Longston Burial Plot   
Lost Camp Cemetery   
Mackey Cemetery   
Mackey Cemetery/Pomona   
McElmurry Cemetery   
Meltabarger Cemetery   
Merideth Cemetery   
Mint Springs Cemetery   
Mitts Cemetery   
Moffitt Cemetery   
Montgomery Family Cemetery   
Moody Cemetery   
Mount Zion Cemetery    
Mount Zion Cemetery/near Olden   
Mount Zion Cemetery/Poe Hill   
Mount Zion Cemetery/South Fork   
Nease Cemetery   
New Hope Cemetery   
New Liberty Baptist Cemetery   
New Salem Cemetery   
Nicks Cemetery   
Oak Grove Cemetery   
Oak Lawn Cemetery - West Plains   
Oak Mound Cemetery   
Oaks and Henry Graves   
Old Homeland Cemetery   
Old Horton Cemetery   
Padgett/Willbanks Cemetery   
Parker Family Cemetery   
Pine Creek Cemetery   
Pine Grove Cemetery   
Pleasant Hill Cemetery   
Pleasant View Cemetery   
Pottersville Cemetery - Pottersville
Radle/Chapin Cemetery   
Reese Cemetery   
Reynolds Family Cemetery   
Rowe Cemetery
Sadie Brown Cemetery 
Saint Joseph Cemetery   
Saint Joseph Cemetery/White Church   
Shady Grove Cemetery 
Siloam Springs Cemetery 
Skaggs Cemetery 
South Fork Cemetery 
Spring Brook Cemetery 
Stuart Union Cemetery 
Stubbs Cemetery 
Taylor-Leach Burial Plot 
Union Grove Cemetery 
Union Hill Cemetery 
Unnamed Abandoned Cemetery     
Unnamed Cemetery/Goldberry Twp. 
Vaughan-Burden Burial Plot 
Walker Chapel Cemetery 
Wayside Cemetery 
Willbanks/Padgett Cemetery 
Willow Springs Cemetery: in Willow Springs 
Youngblood Family Cemetery

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