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1883 Pensioners

(Source: List of Pensioners on the Roll January 1, 1883, Vol. 5. Transcribed by Mamre Wilson)

Name of Pensioner Post Office Address Cause for which Pensioned Monthly Rate Date of Original Allowance
Bolerjack, Henry  J. Chapel typhoid fever and kid. Dis $8.00 July, 1882
Steelman, Aaron Chapel g.s.w.l. leg & inj.l. arm & hand $18.00  
White, George W.  Hutton Valley wd.l. thigh $18.00  
Harlow, Thomas Hutton Valley g.s.w.l. shr $6.00  
Dollins, John C. Hutton Valley g.s.w.l. leg and r. thigh $16.00  
Shelton, Elmira M. Hutton Valley widow $8.00 Oct., 1868
Rowe, George W. Hutton Valley dis. eyes  $4.00 Sept., 1882
Wilson, Wm. D. Hutton Valley inj. lumbar reg.  $15.00  
Morgan, George W. Hutton Valley g.s.w.r. forearm $8.00  
Stubbs, Jacob Hutton Valley g.s.w.r. cheek $18.00  
Taylor, John Hutton Valley ch. diarr  $16.00  
Smith Wm. C. Hutton Valley ch. rheum  $12.00  
Shreeve, Saul Hutton Valley g.s.w. both thighs  $8.00  
Butt, John D. Hutton Valley injury to abdomen $8.00 Mar., 1879
Casteel, Abram M. Hutton Valley dis. eyes  $6.00  
Goday, David Hutton Valley g.s.w.r. thigh $8.00  
Steger, Robert B. Hutton Valley w.r. thigh $6.00  
Watson, Robert C. Peace Valley dis. eyes  $12.00 Oct., 1880
Perryman, Wm. Peace Valley ch. diarr. and dis. lung  $12.00  
Cox, Oliver Peace Valley wd. l. hand and inj. l. foot  $14.00  
Tilson, Anna Pottersville widow $8.00 Sept., 1868
Riley, Anna Pottersville widow $8.00 Dec., 1875
Bramwell, Stephen S. Siloam Springs dis. lungs  $6.00 Oct., 1880
Pepper, Willis Siloam Springs inj. r thigh  $4.00 Dec., 1882
Madden, John H. South Fork wd. r. breast  $8.00  
Means, Johon Talcott ch. diarr  $6.00 Mar., 1877
Wonnell, James W. Talcott dis. stomach  $4.00 July, 1881
Halstead, John West Plains dis. heart and erysip  $18.00 June, 1880
Gilbert, Samuel West Plains injury to abdomen $10.00 Oct., 1875
Barger, Samuel West Plains dis. heart  $12.00 June 1882
Akeman, Henry West Plains g.s.w.r. thigh and ch. diarr.  $8.00 Nov., 1881
Nash, Lavina West Plains widow $8.00  
Mahoney, Happy West Plains widow $8.00  
Jenkins, William W. West Plains g.s.w.r. foot $8.00  
Jones, Mark West Plains g.s.w.l. arm $2.00 Feb., 1879
Coombs, Wm. N. West Plains epilepsy and heart dis $8.00 Nov., 1882
Downey, Elza J. West Plains shell wd. r. hand  $17.00  
Edgar, Harvey E. West Plains wd. r. leg  $6.00  
Foster, Samuel D. West Plains dis. kidneys  $6.00 Oct., 1880
McGinnis, Andrew J. West Plains shell wd. r. ankle  $8.00  
Pearson, Thomas J. West Plains g.s.w.r. buttock  $2.00 June, 1882
Raymond, Albert L. West Plains g.s.w.r. arm  $4.00 Mar., 1881
Olden, Benjamin F. West Plains g.s.w. chest and heart dis $15.00 June, 1882
Moore, Henry West Plains g.s.w.r. foot & loss toe  $4.00 June, 1882
Miller, James M. West Plains g.s.w.l. leg  $8.00  
Meadows, Peter H. West Plains g.s.w.l. hand $6.00  
Heath, George C. West Plains g.s.w.l. hip $8.00 Junnne, 1881
Courtney, John T. West Plains g.s.w. head $4.00 Dec., 1882
Hooper, John West Plains g.s.w. back $4.00 May, 18877
Hatcher, Aaron West Plains dis. eyes  $18.00 Apr., 1881
Simpson, John R. West Plains g.s.w.r. arm $4.00 Mar., 1882
Sinclair, James J. West Plains scurby, dis. gums & legs  $6.00 June, 1882
Richardson, John G.W. West Plains g.s.w.r. leg $4.00 Sept., 1874
Rawlings, John W. West Plains loss r. leg  $24.00  
Smith, Bailey P. West Plains wd.l. ankle $600  
Schneider, Frank West Plains shell wd. l. arm  $4.00 Sept., 1880
Barnwell, Mary S. West Plains widow $8.00 Mar., 1865
Kelin, James S. West Plains injury to abdomen $4.00 Mar., 1869
Smith, George H. Willow Springs g.s.w. thighs  $8.00  
Prewitt, Anna Willow Springs dep. mother  $8.00 Mar., 1865
Laner, Andrew Willow Springs loss sight l. eye  $4.00 Oct., 1882
Mires, James W. Willow Springs g.s.w.r. groin $6.00  


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