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1860 Census
" Y "

Contributed by Tom Caulley

Name Town /
Age /
Place of
Charles Yager  Arcadia 35/ca 1825  MO 
Charles Youd  Arcadia 9/ca 1851  MO 
Sarah Young  Liberty 52/ca 1808  VA 
George W Young  Liberty 45/ca 1815  MO 
David Young  Arcadia 30/ca 1830  VA 
Sarah A Young  Arcadia 20/ca 1840  AL 
George H Young  Liberty 20/ca 1840  MO 
Joseph Young  Iron 19/ca 1841  IL 
Joshua M Young  Liberty 18/ca 1842  MO 
Rebecca A Young  Liberty 15/ca 1845  MO 
Sarah A Young  Liberty 13/ca 1847  MO 
Andrew M Young  Liberty 10/ca 1850  MO 
Frances E Young  Liberty 7/ca 1853  MO 


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