Jackson County, Missouri Genealogy Trails

1883 Pensioners
Transcribed by Mamre Wilson

Name of Pensioner Post Office Address Cause for which Pensioned Monthly Rate Date of Original Allowance
Williams, Amanda R. Blue Mill mother $8.00
Parr, James K. Blue Springs g.s.w. left thigh $4.00 Feb., 1881
Cannon, David E. Blue Springs would left thigh $3.00
Simonds, Mary Blue Springs mother $8.00 Sept., 1869
Miller, George W. Buckner wd. right arm & face $8.00
Grandlinard, Edward Buckner g.s.w. face

Wallis, John Greenwood dis. heart & lungs $6.00 May, 1881
Caldwell, John W. Greenwood g.s.w. left hip $2.00
McCullough, Francis T. Greenwood chron. diar. $10.00
Penn, Benjamin Greenwood minor $30.00 Feb., 1882
Nesbitt, Henry W. Independence chron. diar. & dis. heart $8.00 Jan., 1881
Early, Isabella J. Independence widow $8.00 June, 1880
Johnson, John Independence surv. 1812 $8.00 Sept., 1872
Fagg, James Independence surv. 1812 $8.00 Oct., 1871
McDaniel, Mary A. Independence widow $8.00 June, 1868
Montgomery, Louisa Independence widow 1812 $8.00 Feb., 1879
Harmon, Maria T. Independence widow 1812 $8.00 Mar., 1879
Dixon, Jane M. Independence widow $8.00 Nov., 1874
Hook, Nicholas Independence g.s.w. left side $1.00 Dec., 1881
Knight, Michael Independence g.s.w. left shoulder $6.00
Johnson, Peter Independence g.s.w. left side, & inj. to abd $6.00 Feb., 1882
Ellis, Elias Independence g.s.w. right knee $12.00
Dunn, John Independence rheumatism $18.00
Fann, John P. Independence disease eyes $2.00 Aug., 1881
Smiley, Nancy Independence widow $8.00
Clemensen, James F. Independence disease eyes $8.00 Sep., 1872
Cox, Sarah Independence widow $8.00
Gillman, Newton Independence chron. diar $8.50 Nov., 1881
Gibson, James Independence g.s.w. left thigh $8.00
Honey, Benton Independence g.s.w. right thigh $4.00 May, 1881
Davis, Roy Independence father $8.00 May, 1879
Bucher, Frederick Independence chr.diar.,indig.,& dis. heart $8.00 Apr., 1881
Fann, Evelena Independence mother $8.00 May, 1866
Bander, Daniel S. Independence g.s.w. through r. thigh $4.00 Mar., 1863
Adams, William F. Independence minor $14.00 Jan., 1881
Ayers, Malinda Independence mother $8.00 July, 1879
Zimmerman, John N. Independence g.s.w. left side head $4.00 June, 1881
Spry, George W. Independence g.s.w.l. hand & l. hip $6.00
Nelson, Emily Independence mother $8.00 June, 1882
Pasley, Sarah C. Independence widow $8.00
Watson, Samuel Kansas City inj. to abd. & g.s.w.r. leg $6.00 Mar., 1882
Mason, Mathew R. Kansas City injury to abdomen $8.00 Feb., 1877
Wheeler, James J. Kansas City dis. lungs $4.00 Dec., 1876
Leach, Margaret J. Kansas City mother $8.00 Apr., 1879
Ward, William J. Kansas City g.s.w. left shoulder $8.00
Sparks, George W. Kansas City wound l. shoulder $18.00
Pogue, Matilda Kansas City widow $8.00 June, 1872
Martin, Angie B. Kansas City widow $15.00 Nov., 1879
Morgan, Mary B. Kansas City widow $30.00 Apr., 1880
Mitchell, Jennie S. Kansas City widow $50.00 June, 1882
Phillips, Ellen Kansas City widow $8.00
Nelson, Sarah Kansas City widow, minors $14.00 Nov., 1877
McWilliams, Jane C. Kansas City widow 1812 $8.00 Dec., 1879
Quest, Malinda Kansas City widow 1812 $8.00 Nov., 1878
Rule, Anna M. Kansas City widow 1812 $8.00 Jan., 1881
Robbins, Elizabeth F. Kansas City widow 1812 $8.00 Jan., 1882
Inman, Nancy Kansas City widow $8.00 Mar., 1867
Johnson, Sarah J. Kansas City widow $8.00 Mar., 1874
Johnson, Lucy Kansas City widow $8.00 Apr., 1878
Luck, Sarah Kansas City mother $8.00 Jan., 1867
Shepherd, Alonzo C. Kansas City loss mid. fing-r. hand $4.00
Madden, Judith Kansas City widow $8.00 Jan., 1865
McCain, Mary Kansas City widow $8.00 Feb., 1871
Morton, Minerva Kansas City widow $8.00
Smith, Andrew M. Kansas City dis. heart & eyes, injury to $14.00


Singleton, Henry M. Kansas City g.s.w. left arm $14.00
Schubert, Hermann Kansas City g.s.w. head $2.00 Mar., 1882
Kedward, Robert Kansas City g.s.w. right arm $4.00 Jan., 1873
Miller, John A. Kansas City g.s.w. head, l. leg, & forearm $24.00
Maynard, Kitehall A. Kansas City dis. head, inj. r. foot $4.00 Aug., 1882
Wood, Willis Kansas City inj. to left eye $4.00 Dec., 1882
Swartz, Ezra K. Kansas City dis. heart $6.00 Sept., 1882
Shult, Elias [insane] Kansas City g.s.w. right thigh $8.00 Nov., 1870
Shoush, Benjamin B. Kansas City g.s.w. left arm $4.00 Mar., 1879
Rooney, William Kansas City g.s.w.r. foot, shell wd.r. side $8.00 May, 1881
Franke, Henry Kansas City varicose veins l. leg $8.00 July, 1879
Fleming, George F. Kansas City g.s.w. right forearm $4.00 June, 1882
Fry, George B. Kansas City g.s.w.l. side chest & dis. $15.00


Flanders, Frank D. Kansas City injury to abdomen $8.00
Wills, David Kansas City g.s.w. right hip $4.00 Nov., 1877
Waibel, Benedict Kansas City wound left arm $18.00
Bookout, Martha A. Kansas City widow $8.00
Thompkins, Lewis Kansas City g.s.w. left hip $6.00
Tribble, James Kansas City injury to abdomen $8.00 May, 1881
Twist, George W. Kansas City g.s.w. left forearm $6.00
Taylor, Charles H. Kansas City g.s.w. neck $2.00 Nov., 1881
Tilton, Anthony J. Kansas City dis. of abdominal viscera $4.00 Oct., 1880
Trott, Alexander Kansas City g.s.w. right leg $4.00 Jan., 1880
Turpie, Adam Kansas City g.s.w. left arm $4.00 June, 1873
Saal, Morris Kansas City rheum. & periostitis l. leg $15.00 July, 1881
Simmons, Martin Kansas City chron. diarr $2.00 June 1881
Sawyer, Madison E. Kansas City g.s.w. left arm $12.00
Sawyer, Samuel J. Kansas City disease heart $4.00 Apr., 1882
Bennett, Newton P. Kansas City g.s.w. right arm $4.00 Mar., 1871
Behney, Melchoir Kansas City g.s.w. right leg $4.00 Apr., 1880
Baldwin, Marcellus O. Kansas City g.s.w. left thumb $4.00 Feb., 1881
Bodine, Lewis T. Kansas City g.s.w. right foot $3.75 Mar., 1881
Bovard, Lafayette Kansas City dis. right knee $6.00 Apr., 1881
Bovard, Joseph C. Kansas City dis. lungs $8.00 June, 1882
Brumback, Jefferson Kansas City g.s.w. left leg $12.50 Jan., 1866
Botsford, James S. Kansas City g.s.w. right shoulder $10.00
Biggs, Henry Kansas City injury to abdomen $8.00 Nov., 1880
Bailey, Benjamin F. Kansas City g.s.w. right arm $18.00
Butterfield, Francis W. Kansas City pistol shot w'd right hand $20.00 Mar., 1878
Brown, Adam Kansas City rheumatism $2.00 Apr., 1881
Allen, Silas F. Kansas City wd. l. shoulder $20.00
Atwell, Robert H. Kansas City g.s.w. left ankle $12.00 Nov., 1874
Allen, James Kansas City injury to back $2.00 Oct., 1880
Anderson, Alfred R. Kansas City g.s.w. left shoulder $2.00 May, 1879
Bierbower, Jacob Kansas City g.s.w. right hand $14.00
Churns, Joseph W. Kansas City wound left hand $4.00
Casey, Philip Kansas City chron. diarr $8.00 Mar., 1882
Carpenter, Lewis R. Kansas City injury to abdomen $20.00
Chapman, Luther A. Kansas City g.s.w. through left lung $4.00 Aug., 1873
Crowell, Robert C. Kansas City g.s.w. left shoulder $10.00 Mar., 1879
Shively, Andrew Kansas City minor $14.00 June, 1882
Braden, Mary E. Kansas City widow $17.00
Burris, Lucinda Kansas City widow $8.00 Sept. 1868
Atkinson, Sarah A. Kansas City widow $8.00 Aug., 1868
Bush, Frank Kansas City disease eyes $4.00 June, 1882
Withrow, Thomas A. Kansas City disease eyes $8.00 Oct., 1882
Lynch, Richard Kansas City g.s.w. left thigh $6.00
McFeeley, Mack Kansas City g.s.w. right thigh $3.00 Dec., 18877
McNett, Elisha Kansas City disease of eyes $10.00 July, 1880
Miller, Jacob F. Kansas City g.s.w. left foot $1.00 Oct., 1880
Mayers, George Kansas City inj. left shoul., r. arm g.s.w. $10.00
Hallevoet, Sophia Kansas City widow $8.00 Mar., 1878
Houser, Sarah I. Kansas City widow $8.00 July, 1865
Gillett, Lydia A. Kansas City widow $8.00
Gant, Betsey Kansas City widow $8.00 July, 1875
Plaisted, Joseph Kansas City g.s.w left leg $8.00
Orr, Daniel Kansas City inj. l. hip, results var. veins $4.00 July, 1881
Norris, William H.P. Kansas City shell wd. left hip $17.00 Aug., 1866
McKinley, Thompson Kansas City dis. of throat $12.00
Myers, Thomas Kansas City injury to abdomen $4.00 Sept., 1861
Rogers, Elisha T. Kansas City g.s.w. left lung $18.00
Rice, Daniel Kansas City g.s.w.l. forearm & inj. Left $24.00


Rumann, Augustus Kansas City wound r. foot $18.00
Quade, Charles H. Kansas City g.s.w. left foot $10.00
Ortman, Theodore Kansas City wd. left leg $4.00
Maloy, Thomas Kansas City injury to abdomen $8.00
Freeman, Mary E. Kansas City widow $8.00
Bettis, Samuel N. Kansas City g.w.r. thigh, result. par. foot $12.00
Griffin, Ross Kansas City g.s.w. chest, reslt. dis. lungs $12.75
Ganter, Xavier Kansas City g.s.w.r. knee, res. var. veins $14.00
Hightower, Andrew Kansas City g.s.w. skull, r. side, lung, &c. $12.00
Benny, William F. Kansas City g.s.w. jaws $8.00
Gaston, George Kansas City injury r. hip $18.00
Goss, Henry Kansas City g.s.w. left groin $20.00
Garvin, John Kansas City g.s.w. left arm $2.00 Mar., 1882
Gwynne, Nat. M. Kansas City loss left arm $24.00
Green, Patrick Kansas City freezing r. foot, loss part toes $4.00
Finch, Thomson S. Kansas City disease eyes $17.00
Hoffmann, John E. Kansas City g.s.w.r. foot $2.00 Dec., 1878
Baker, Simeon S. Kansas City g.s.w. left arm & abd $17.00
Blair, William Kansas City g.s.w. left foot $4.00 Mar., 1881
Buis, William H. Kansas City fever & results $8.00 June, 1870
Chandler, Asa Kansas City g.s.w. left leg $2.00 Aug. 1879
Hope, Christopher Kansas City chron. diarr $10.00
Hansen, Conrad Kansas City g.s.w. breast $4.00 Oct., 1880
Butler, William B. Kansas City g.s.w. left leg, loss limb $18.00
Curtis, John Kansas City g.s.w. left thigh $16.00
Cane, Charles Kansas City disease lungs $12.00 June, 1881
House, De Witt C. Kansas City g.s.w. left leg $6.00 Dec., 1863
Holmes, Ephraim E. Kansas City g.s.w. left knee $2.96-2/3 Oct. 1866
Hax, George L. Kansas City g.s.w. right arm $10.00 May, 1875
Hall, Horace J. Kansas City g.s. fracture lower jaw $11.33-1/2 Mar., 1866
Haight, Ira A. Kansas City g.s.wds. left leg & knee $2.00 Jan., 1882
Crain, Jacob S. Kansas City g.s.w. left thigh $6.00
Connell, James Kansas City injury to abdomen $8.00 Jan., 1881
Chapman, Jerome A. Kansas City injury to abdomen $8.00
Carlton, Walker Y. Kansas City g.s.w. right arm $4.00 Sept., 1867
Cummins, William Kansas City g.s.w. right leg $4.00 Aug., 1882
Krantzlin, John G. Kansas City wd. Face, l. eye, & r. wrist $18.00
Ingraham, Henry S. Kansas City chr. nephritis $6.00
Salsbury, Mary Bright Kansas City widow Mex. war $20.00 Feb., 1880
Dorsey, William Kansas City chron. diarr $4.25 Feb., 1880
Stewart, Mary Jane Kansas City widow & minors $12.00 July, 1881
Davis, Price Kansas City ulcers r. leg $4.00 Aug., 1871
Dudles, General Kansas City g.s.w. both thighs $2.00 July, 1880
Diamond, Henry W. Kansas City disease heart $8.00
Derecan, Hiram R. Kansas City chron. ophthalmia $6.00 June, 1869
Whitman, Ruth M. Kansas City widow & minor children $14.00
Day, Samuel W. Kansas City g.s.w. left thigh $4.00 July, 1880
Williams, Penelope Kansas City widow $8.00 Sept. 1868
Nylie, Milton Kansas City g.s.w. right hand $18.00 Aug., 1872
Winch, Marcus R. Kansas City shell wd. Back $10.00
Critchlow, Emily J. Kansas City widow $17.00 Jan. 1867
Crain, Ellen T. Kansa City widow $17.00
Cook, Nancy A. Kansas City widow $8.00 Dec., 1866
Camahan, Mary E. Kansas City widow $8.00
Coy, James Lee's Summit dis. Lungs $12.00
Campbell, George W. Lee's Summit inj. r. ankle & foot $18.00
Clements, Albert Lee's Summit g.s.w.r. forearm $2.00 Oct., 1882
Lesher, Henry C. Lee's Summit typ. fever, result gen'l deb $12.00 Nov., 1880
Vaughn, Franklin Lee's Summit ch. diar. and dis. of abd. vis. $12.00
Rawles, William N. Lee's Summit g.s.w. left side $8.00
Schmidt, Charles Lee's Summit injury to abdomen $8.00 Feb., 1881
Kelley, Mary E. Lee's Summit widow $8.00
Adams, Mary A.B. Lee's Summit widow $15.00 June, 1882
Williamson, Henry C. Lee's Summit wd. right leg $5.00
Donaldson, Margaret S. Lee's Summit widow $8.00
Sommerville, Jacob Levasy dis. of abdominal viscera $8.00
Gillison, Samuel Levasy amp. l. arm above elbow $24.00
Pickeral, William C. Levasy val. dis. Heart $18.00
Jackson, John H. Lone Jack wound left arm $4.00
Rockhold, Samuel N. Lone Jack loss little finger r. hand $3.00 June, 1878
Jackson, James E. New Santa Fe injury to abdomen $6.00
Williams, Jane Oak Grove widow 1812 $8.00 Sept., 1880
Keller, Michael M. Oak Grove g.s.w. left groin $12.00
Hartwell, Frank Pink Hill dis. of abd. viscera and in- $4.00

jury to abdomen.

Felters, Elizabeth A. Raytown mother $8.00 Mar., 1868
Shumate, John W. Raytown wound both hips $8.00
Shumate, Agnes Raytown mother $8.00 Nov., 1866
Philips Nancy Raytown widow 1812 $8.00 Nov., 1879
Terry, Stewart B. Selsa g.s.w. left arm $3.00 Sept., 1870
Rogers, William Sibley widow 1812 $8.00 Mar., 1872
McCarty, James C. Sibley surv. 1812 $8.00 Aug., 1872
McVay, Commodore P. Sni Mills disease lungs $8.00 Apr., 1879
Reagan, Anna C. Westport widow 1812 $8.00 Aug., 1879
Rosson, Margaret Westport mother $8.00 Dec., 1866
Hines, Isaac Westport g.s.w. left arm $6.00
Griffin, Martha Westport widow $17.00 Nov., 1865
Wear, Abram W. Westport inj. left knee $12.00

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