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Westport 1889 Business Directory

Source: This little business directory is for what was once the town of Westport.
It is from the Southwestern Business Directory, published in 1889 by McKenney Directory Co.
Transcribed by: Friend of Free Genealogy!

Bicker, Phillip, boots and shoes
Cassady, C.., saloon
Cook, W. P., gen mdse
Dixon, W. T., grocer
Eckert, F., cigar mfr
Endter, L., baker
Flury, J., watchmaker
Fraizer, G. L., butcher
Frankle, John, grocer
Garnett, A. H. & Co., druggists
Griffin, Martha, postmaster
Hahn, A., saloon
Haileran, E. J., blacksmith
Hays, A., hotel
Heberle, A., blacksmith
Holmes, L., saloon
Hunt, J. W. & Co., hardware
Lanster, F., baker
March, J. W., druggist
Marks & Omstead, carpenters
Meriwether, D., grocer
Real, J. F., harness maker
Rodert, A., grocer
Ryles & Dives, real estate
Stegmiller, M., harness maker
Talbott, A. S., butcher
Thellin, G., barber
Warfield & Henderson, grocers
West & Johnson, grocers
Williams, W. W., justice of peace
Wilson, E. A., livery stable
Westport Mills, grist

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