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Joplin Business Directory

(Source: Southwestern Business Directory, McKenney Publ., 1889. Transcribed by Sheryl McClure)

Adams' Express Co, H E Davis, 321 Main
Allin A V, mfr metallic skylights, cornices, and slate roofing, cor First and Main
Amrica House, Anna O'Hair, 103 Main Austin A G, wire goods, 224 Main
Balsly M T, physician and surgeon, 614 Main
Bank of Joplin, T W Cunningham pres, George A Case cashier, 323 Main
Barr Bros, meat market, 226 Main
Barr E P, boots and shoes, 304 Main
Bartleto E O, gen mgr, 125 men employed
Bathe M, provisions, wholesale and retail, 211 Main
Beall J W, meat market, 530 Main
Bebb C W, drugs, 510 Main
Bell P, "Q T" Parlor, 310 Main
Beller William, billiard hall and saloon, 124 Main
Bierig & Lambert, bakery and confectionery, 412 Main
Blach & Dwelly, meat market. 205 Main
Botkin E T, livery and feed barn, Fourth
Boucher J, Willow Saloon, branch No 5, 518 Main
Bowdie D E. dressmaking, 106 Main
Bowers John, meat market, 420 Main
Bradley James, grocer, 630 Main
Briswalter, Kelly & Co, real estate, loans and insurance, 222 Main
Burress P, boots and shoes, 516 Main
Calvin T F, justice of the peace and real estate agt, 519 Main
Carson & Horn, grocery and provisions, 122 Main
Casey J Mrs, restaurant, 418 Main
Catorn & Webster, insurance agt., 320 Main
Clark, Wilson & Co., boots and shoes, 309 Main
Claycomb and Staples, farm loan, real estate and collections
Cooly, G P, Looby Saloon, 514 Main
Cunningham and Dolan, atty at law, NE cor Fourth and Joplin
Dilley, C T, second hand store, 507 Main
Doty P D, physician and surgeon,407 Main
Dykeman, C W, groceries and provisions, Fourth
Eagle Cornice Works. J B Allen proprietor cor First and Main
Echort, Charley, barber, 215 Main
Ecpelet, Mille M. millinery, 217 Main
Evans, O C, physician and surgeon, office Fourth
Fairbanks, W H & Co., wholesale groceries, 606 and 608 Main
Fillmore, L A, lumber yard, 625 Main
First National Bank, Charles Shefferdecker, pres., A C Cragin, cash’r, 312 Main
Fowlkes, T T, carpenter, 104 Main
Frank J P, cigar store, 314 Main
Furguson J & Co., Saloon, 406 Main
Galdmocher, S Mrs., restaurant, 113 Main
Geadi (Geade?), E, boots and shoes, 528 Main
George, N B, groceries and provisions, 425 Main
Glover, J B jr, supt City Gas Works, 323 Main
Goodman, C B, wholesale groceries, 409 Main
Gore & Glover, insurance, 323 Main
Graham, J J, wholesale groceries, 409 Main
Graves, H G, confectionery, 112 Main
Halyard, W B, heavy and shelf hardware and stoves, 415 Main
Hamilton, L C, groceries and provisions, 413 Main
Hardon, A B, photographer copying and enlarging photographs, cor Fourth & Joplin
Harmony Foundry and Machine Works, Schellinbach & Sons
Haywood S H, barber and hairdresser, 222 Main
Hazzord P A Mrs, notions, 618 Main
Heedrick George, groceries and provisions, 831 Main
Heironitz J, Kansas City Second Hand Store, 501 Main
Henderson S C, wholesale grocery, 527 Main
Heinrichs J & Bro, harness maker, 219 Main
Hines G M, blacksmith, cor Fourth and Joplin
Holrnan W J, grocery, 402 and 404 Main
Holmes J A, blacksmith, 027 Main
Hotel Pollard, Henry Pollard propr, 105 Main
Hoy A J, groceries and provisions, 123 Main
Hoyle & Checkering, Novelty Wood Works, 418 Joplin
Huit & Lowry, gen agts W J Lemp, Sixth
James Breen, physician and surgeon, Main
Jansen D W. gunsmith, 219 Main
Jenkins E, groceries, 628 Main
Johns E C, merchant tailor, 308 Main
Jones Bros (E W and F D) flour and feed, 616 Main
Jones Ella Miss, dressmaker, 301 Main
Jones & Son, meat market, 218 Main
Joplin Herald, Herald Printing Co proprs. Fourth
Joplin Hotel, L C McCorty propr, cor Fourth and Main
Joplin Machine Works, W M Lackin propr
Joplin Neus (daily and weekly) Peter Schnur editor and propr, 302 Main
Joplin Steam Works, Geo Cunningham propr. Second
Joplin Water Co, C W Glover propr, 110 Main
Kelsos—, physician and surgeon, 301 Main
Klotz John, cigar mfr, 232 Main
Koehler G W, groceries and provisions, 612 Main
Koats May A, laundry, 109 Main
Kranch C F, boots and shoes, 632 Main
Landaur & Co, wholesale liquor dealers, 306 Main
Lanzet D, notion store, 408 Main
Lavery Bros, bakery and confectionery, 524 Main
Leonard E B & Son, dry goods. 303 Main
Lindley O W, claim agt, 514 Main
Luecke Julius, watches and jeweler, 520 Main
Lutman D. dentist, Collins Building
Lymon Win, restaurant and saloon, 405 Main
Marks R & Co, millinery, 111 Main, wholesale and retail clothing, 419 Main
McAbie C W, agts Acme Powder Co, 314 Main
McAntire J W, atty-at-law, Collins Block
McAntire W B, atty-at-law, 528 Main
McCarty A B, druggist, 316 Main
McClurg W M & Co, restaurant and cigars, 506 Main
McConey D C, wholesale and retail fresh and salt meats, 216 Joplin
McKee O E, stationery, 522 Main
Mead Mrs, propr Second Street Laundry
Miles E 0, county surveyor, 314 Main
Miller Julius C, deputy sheriff
Miners' Bank, T E Tootte (Toatte?) pres, A H Waite cashier, cor Fourth and Main
Missouri and Kansas Telephone Office. W S Allison mgr, Collins Block
Model Clothing Co, J Goldstein mgr, 512 Main
Montgomery C H, atty-at-law
Morgan A J & Son, painters and paper hangers, 523 Main
Morgan J B, drugs, 423 Main
Morgenthaler J W, glass and queensware, 414 Main
Morris B F, saloon, 222 Main
Morris W J, wholesale flour, feed, boots, shoes etc, cor Virginia ave and Tenth
Mailer A, saloon, 204 Main Myers P, boots and shoes, Main
New Era Mills, Darley & Horton proprs, Virginia ave
Nichols & Dunlap, harness and saddles, 212 Main
Norris D H, restaurant. 224J Main
Nugent A G, groceries and provisions, 918 Main
O'Rear Geo, atty-at-law and justice of peace, cor Second and Main
Owen F D, physician and surgeon, 805 and 807 Main
Owen W P, music and jewelry, Main
Pacific Express Co, F L Combs propr, 314 Main
Pacific Hotel, Dan W Cown propr, cor Second and Main
Parker All, barber and hairdresser, 310 Main
Parker A C, saloon, 226 Main
Parks M A, confectionery and lunch room, 208 Main
Payton Geo W, clothing and furnishing goods, 301 Main
Perkins & Smooth, hardware and furniture, 121 Main
Pierce & Knoves, east side Main bet Third and Fourth
Porter E D, postmaster
Price S C, physician and surgeon, Babst Block
Price & Taylor, physicians and surgeons, Babst Block, Main
Pricher Lead and Zinc Co, O H Pricher pres, W H Pricher vice-pres
Proadfont W H, office Mining Co, cor Fourth and Joplin
Proctor Bros, photographs, Main
Quinn E P, groceries and provisions, 102, 103 and 108 Main
Ray G W, physician and surgeon, Fourth
Redell & Co, insurance agts, cor Fifth and Joplin
Renzhausen Bros, grocers, 525 Main
Robertson James, jewelry, stationery and notions, 417 Main
Rose E, jeweler, music and sewing machines, 308 Main
Sapp H, billiard hall and club, 214 Main
Scherl M, confectionery, 520J Main
Scherl O, restaurant and confectionery, 410 Main
Scheurich John E, agt spring-bed wagons, buggies and carriages, 202 Main
Schwartz Simon, dry goods, 416 Main
Serage J B, livery, feed and sale stable, cor Main and Fourth
Shirey F M & Co, furniture and carpets, 407 Main
Simon & Sapp, cigars and tobacco, 408 Main
Snyder A R, physician and surgeon, Main
Snyder M D, physician and surgeon, 407 Main
Southerland J A, St Louis Restaurant, 520 Main
St James Hotel, Chs Gaede propr, Main
Stroops R M, occulist, cor Fifth and Main
Surge J B, livery and feed, 401 and 403 Main
Sutton H C, grocery and provisions, 307 Main
Swartz P L, grocery, 424 Main
Taylor H A, physician and surgeon, office north stairway Babst Block
Teets & Co, Poplin Hotel Billiard Hall, 318 Main
Trigg J C, atty-at-law, 222 Main
Tylor R B, physician and surgeon, Third
Vasley M T, physician and surgeon, 614 Main
Watkins William, oyster confectionery, 220 Main
Watson R B, barber, 410 Main
Watson William, bus line, cor Fifth and Joplin
Webster Elmer, hardware, furniture and miners' supplies, 602-604 Main
Weiler M, clothing and furnishing goods. 305 Main
Western Union Telegraph Office, Hellen Rauschenbauch ingr,
West Joplin Lead and Junk Co, T E Toatte pres, W H Waite sec and treas,
Whatin J R, restaurant, 212 J Main
White W D, blacksmith, Main
Whitwell & Dennis, blacksmiths, 505 Main
Williams F A, druggist, 224 Main
Williams F E, surgeon and physician, office Collins Block
Wilmoth Trading Co (Paul Wilmoth and L C Hutchison), 202 Main
Wise J F, wholesale flour, feed, coal and hides, 521 Main
Witman & Huber, shelf and heavy hardware, undertaking and carpets, 221-223 Main
Wolff S & Son, dry goods, clothing, boots and shoes, 502 and 504 Main
Yager A J Mrs, dressmaker, Collins Block
Youngblood George H, livery and feed stable, 311 and 313 Main
Zentner N; Joplin Brewer, 507 Main


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