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Webb City Business Directory

(Source: Southwestern Business Directory, McKenney Publ., 1889. Transcribed by Sheryl McClure)

Adams' Express Co, St L & S F Depot Ager A H, meat market, Daugherty
Baker & Denny, flour and feed store, Allen
Baker E A, restaurant and confectionery, Allen
Bradford Bros, meat market, Allen
Chrim C R, dry goods, boots and shoes, Allen
Christy E J, restaurant, Allen
Corl S C & W A, dry goods and gen mdse, Allen
Dunlap & Hall, harness makers, Main
Edmonds J D, carpenter and builder, Allen
Ellis James R, billiard hall and saloon, Main
Ellis Opera House, Ellis, Gammon & Henderson proprs, cor Main
European Hotel, Frank Lane, Allen
Fiant Saul, blacksmith, Allen
Gammon & Henderson, groceries, provisions and miners' supplies, cor Main and Allen
Gray L 0, hardware, stoves and mining supplies, Daugherty
Green L, drugs and jewelry, Allen
Gregory J E, merchant tailor, Main
Halbiron & Concorda, blacksmiths, Main
Hamlin M E, steam laundry, Allen
Hancock & Aylor, furniture, queen'sware and undertakers' sup­plies, Allen
Hastings O, confectionery, Allen
Hendricks, Roon & Magornder, hardware and stoves, Allen
Huckaly H P, restaurant, Allen
Johnston O P, dentist, Allen
Kern H B & Son, livery and feed stable, Main
Kestle & White, saloon, Daugherty
Laub F M, notion store, Allen
Low J R, second hand store, Daugherty
Marks L P, contractor, gravel and sand, Main
McClellan & Corse, druggists, cor Allen and Main
McClellan Jas, restaurant and confectionery, Allen
Morris S, clothing, dry goods and gen mdse, Allen
Morx P L, training stable, Allen
Morvin R R, restaurant, Main
Myers Edward, hotel and restaurant, Daugherty
Noal B M, restaurant, Allen
Overstreet & Murry, flour, feed and coal, Main
Pacific Express Co, Missouri Pacific Depot
Parker & Bros, meat market, Allen
Prutsman F O, pool room and saloon, Daugherty
Reed Jasper, livery and feed stable, Main
Robinson J D, Webb City Foundry and Machine Shops
Shrum Isaac, boots and shoes, Allen
Single J M, postmaster, office Allen
Spurgin W F, grocery, Allen
Spurgin W L, grocery, Allen
Star Hotel, John Abiter propr, Main
Sutherland O P, groceries and feed, Allen
Transit House, W H Shorply propr
Utter J C, physician and surgeon, Main
Van Buskirk J, groceries, Daugherty
Wampler W W, grocery, Daugherty
Ward & Tholbron, livery and feed stable, bus and transfer, Main
Webb City Bank, Thos Webb pres, Allen
Webb City Iron Works, P H Muningal propr
Webb City Trading Co, S L Manker pres, A A Hulett sec, Main
Western Hotel, Miss Nora Dorson propr
Winter Chas, bakery, Main
Woodruff C L, hotel, Allen
Wright C L, drugs and jewelry, Allen
Wyatt & Goodpastin, livery and feed stable, Allen


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