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Assumption Cemetery 381536N 0902337W
Baker Cemetery 381447N 0902542W
Barsotti Cemetery 380855N 0902102W
Buster Cemetery 380144N 0903046W
Byrd Cemetery 380542N 0902402W
Calvary Cemetery 380829N 0903419W
Cole Cemetery 380440N 0902609W
Cook Cemetery 380928N 0902141W
Curtis Cemetery 380818N 0901851W
Donnell Cemetery 380853N 0901956W
Emmanuel Cemetery 381843N 0902351W
Gamel Cemetery 381257N 0902403W
Good Shepherd Cemetery 381407N 0903411W
Griffin Cemetery 380817N 0901823W
Hamman Cemetery 380155N 0903427W
Harrington Cemetery 381749N 0902355W
Hillsboro Cemetery 381339N 0903329W
Hope United Church of Christ Ebenezer Cemetery 380626N 0902859W
Joachim Cemetery 380613N 0903249W
Lucas Cemetery 380847N 0902024W
Madison Cemetery 381101N 0902335W
Mahlers Cemetery 381651N 0902817W
Maness Cemetery 380956N 0904345W
McCain Cemetery 381029N 0904255W
McClain Cemetery 380735N 0902247W
McCormack Cemetery 380735N 0902426W
McMullen Cemetery 380714N 0902502W
Moontown Cemetery 380107N 0903458W
Mount Olive Cemetery 380449N 0903025W
Mount Zion Cemetery 381205N 0902428W
Oakland Cemetery 380730N 0903953W
Old German Cemetery 380536N 0902733W
Old Town Cemetery 381254N 0902250W
Politte Cemetery 380446N 0903747W
Porter Cemetery 380452N 0902254W
Richardson Cemetery 382515N 0902346W
Roselawn Cemetery 381352N 0902308W
Rowe Cemetery 380225N 0903101W
Sacred Heart Cemetery 381357N 0902312W
Saint Johns Cemetery 382626N 0902951W
Saint Josephs Cemetery 382245N 0902159W
Skullens Cemetery 382225N 0903824W
Stafford Cemetery 380802N 0904214W
Sunnyside Cemetery 380912N 0902755W
Victoria Cemetery 381044N 0903216W
Vineyard Cemetery 380250N 0903618W
Wagoner Cemetery 380740N 0901927W
Weaver Cemetery 380825N 0901845W
Wheeler Cemetery 380721N 0902524W
Zion Lutheran Cemetery 381641N 0902343W
Zion Lutheran Church Cemetery 381602N 0902943W
Zion United Methodist Church Cemetery 381457N 0902853W

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