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 Detweiler  (Daetwyler) Family

Born 1 May, 1811 Beil Be , Switzerland son of Johann Jakob Daetwyler and Anna Katherina Schwab.
Parrish records Biel,Be,Swit. Christening register vol. 5 page 291
He served in the army for three years was a carpenter by trade, worked for three years in Naples, Italy before coming to America. He spoke eleven languages and could read and write seven. While he was of Swiss ancestry and grew to manhood in Switzerland he was really born in France. His ancestors lived in Switzerland for some 5oo years prior to his birth. The occupations of his ancestors were as follows: time maker, calico printer, doctor and carpenter.

As a young man Lewis was trained as a cabinetmaker and carpenter buy his father. He migrated to this country by working on a ship as a translator for his passage, landing in New Orleans in 1841. Moving up the Mississippi river and settling in Jefferson County, Missouri near Catawissi on LaBarque creek.

On the 15th day of June, 1841 he married Phebeanna ( Peggy )Heiott (Hyatt) in Calvey Township, Franklin County, Missouri by Justice of the Peace Thomas Boy, she being the daughter of Eli Hyatt and Margaret Woodland who lived in the near Franklin County. Her family was of early English stock migrated from Montgomery County Kentucky around 1828 listed in the 1830 Franklin county Census PG 147.
Marriage on file Jefferson County Missouri Vol. A page 188

It was on the 28th of August 1842 records in Hillsboro, Mo shows that he purchased 60 acres of land on LaBarque creek from David and Sarah Wright.

LaBarque School was built near his home. Originally it was a one room school This small building still standing, although the bell tower and awnings are not there, it is located on highway FF very near Bob Hientz ranch. It has long since been closed but it stands as a monument of time gone by for the community. It was better equipped than most because of the benches that Louis built for the school. One child of theirs, Albert, taught at this school.

Louis was an educated man, speaking several languages. An old priest attached to a convent near the farm used to visit with him to brush up on his Latin. Notes gathered said that he hanged the last person for horse thief from a bridge in Jefferson County
Louis and Phoebe had twelve children all born and raised at the old homestead.
The first one James Valentine born Feb. 14, 1843 the last Eli Frances born April 18, 1868.

August 23, 1852 At the circuit court building in Union,Mo Louis Dettwyler took the oath of allegiance and became a citizen of the United States
 ( Circuit Court Records Vol. 2 & 3 page 273 )
Which states: In Vacation August 23, 1852 On this 23rd day of August AD, 1852, before me the clerk of the Circuit Court in
and for the county of Jefferson appeared Louis Dettwyler, a native of  Switzerland age 41 years, who do duly sworn upon his oath declares, that it is
bona fide his intension to become a citizen of the United States and remove forever all allegiance and fidelity to every foreign person, potentate, or
sovereignty whatsosever and particularly the Governor of Bern of whom he is at  Present a subject and sworn to and subscribed before me date aforesaid
Tho C Fletcher Clerk signed Louis Dettwyler.

It was on August 2, 1868 that Phoebe died. While working in the garden she was stricken and died shortly after. Cause of death was from a Hernia .
She was buried on the family farm.

One son, William and wife Susan lived with Louis for a short time. Their daughter Rachael died and was buried on the family farm August 21, 1884.

As old age took its toll on Lewis it became necessary for him to leave the farm and move to Lebanon, Missouri into the home of his son Lewis C. Dettweiler.
Lewis John Dettweiler died December 7, 1893 in Lebanon, Missouri.

Ann Clary daughter to Lewis was in control of the property and had an opportunity to rent the farm out, so in 1894 they rented the farm for two years
for $ 50. Per year. The family had some boring done on the property in hopes of  finding coal under the sandstone. Their expectations were that they would later sell the farm for about $2000. It was in October of 1898 when Ann Clary went to Pacific to meet with Henry Oberhaus to arrange sale of the old Dettweiler farm Their agreement was that he would purchase 8/10 of the farm for the sum of $ 720. Minor children owned the other 2/10 and he would purchase them when they became of age. Papers show that the graves in the Dettweiler cemetery were moved to Pacific, Missouri and laid to rest in the old City Cemetery.


Detweiler Homestead

Section 33 and 34 Twp 43 Range 3 Jefferson County Missouri.
Deed Records 1841-1844 Book F Page 238F
North End of the Southeast of the Southeast section 33 twp 43 Range 3 East.

Circuit Court Records Vol M 1854
Purchased from the Goverment
SWQ of SWQ sect 34 Twp 43 Range 3 east 40 acres at the price of $2.25 per acre

Records show the farm of Louis Detweiler was purchased from David and Sarah Wright in 1842 for the sum of $40.00. Records indicate that Louis Detweiler
built the original log house, which stood on this property. The original structure appears to be a two-story log home with a lean-to type addition to
both ends of the log structure.

About the year of 1892 as Louis health failed he moved from the farm to Lebanon Missouri, into the home of one of his sons Louis Detweiler Jr.

After the death of Louis Detweiler in December of 1893, the farm was rented out for several years.

The family decided to sell the Old Detweiler Farm and on 20 October 1898. They sold 8/10ths to Henry Oberhaus for $720.00.

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