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1889 Lexington City Directory

Source: Southwestern Business Directory, McKenney Publ. 1889.
Transcribed by Sheryl McClure

Ahrens E & E W, general store

CAVANAUGH J M. news depot

Claggett - The W S Claggett Mercantile Co, general store

COMMERCIAL HOUSE, Lewis Neal proprietor

Cressler & Dickey, plumbers and gas works

Eagle Aug, jewelry

EPPERSON W S, architect, Main near Ninth

Gillen L, hardware and guns

Gosewish Robert W. drugs and cutlery

GRAHAM G C. hardware, stoves and tin

Graham J A, agricultural implements

Grimes & Venable, jewelry and cutlery

GURNSEY C F, Union Sewing Machines, pianos, organs, musical instruments and hardware

HAERLE GUS, proprietor The New Fort, wines, liquors and cigars, 23rd, end of street-car line

Hall J E, agricultural implements

Hall & Son, blacksmiths

HOMER J W, general merchandise

Hook Joseph, agricultural implements

HOWE NICKELS MRS, proprietor First Class

Hotel Jordan W M, foundry and machinist

Keith H W, hardware, stoves, guns and agricultural implements

King George, hardware, stoves and tin

Lexington Coal Mining Co

Lexington Gas Light Co, Gas Works

Loomis C W, drugs and cutlery

Ludwig C G, jewelry and cutlery

McGrew J C, coal and machinery

Nicholson & Bartels, wagon, mfrs and agricultural implements

PRICE GEORGE, attorney-at-law

Quandt John E, wagon mfr

Rinchart & Edmunds, hardware, stoves and guns

Royle & Son, dry goods and cutlery

Russell D, blacksmith and carriage mfr

Seuden Julius H, hardware, guns and agricultural implements

Summer Stewart, gen store

TAYLOR & LESUEUR real estate agents

Tevis D W B. drugs and cutlery

WINKLER FURNITURE CO, manufacturers of furniture and planing mill

Zeiler E. blacksmith and wagons

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