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Lincoln County, Missouri

Will Book "A" & "B", 1825 -1855

Source: "Missouri Pioneers," Volume XXIII; Compiled by Miss Nadine Hodges and Mrs. Howard W. Woodruff; June 1974;

Transcribed by G.T. Transcription Team

Lincoln County was formed in 1818 from St. Charles Co., however, the earliest book of wills began in 1825. The abstracts here presented are made from a microfilm copy of the original books, filmed by the compilers in the court house at Troy, Missouri, and include all probate records listed in will Book “A” (1825-1845) and Book “B” (1845 through 1855). All names of persons, their relationships, dates, and names of places are given, and if the place is not mentioned, it is understood to be Lincoln Co. A will is generally filed or recorded within a few days after the death of the testator. Abbreviations used: Exr. – Executor; Exrx. – Executrix; Wit. – Witness.

Abbott, Joseph – will dated 25 Feb 1853.
Wife, Aley, all estate real & personal and at her death shall be equally divided between my children (not named). Exrx, wife Aley Abbott. Wit: William Miller & George Richards. Recorded 9 Apr 1853. (B:89)

Alexander, James, Senr. – will dated 6 Nov 1840.
Wife, Martha, one third of movable estate, a slave and support off the home place, and son James Alexander the other two thirds of my estate (description of land). My two daughters, Jane Alexander & Elizabeth M. Shannon, slaves. Ten dollars each to my son Samuel and the heirs of my son John Alexander. Exrs, wife Martha and sons, Samuel & James Alexander. Wit: James Finley & Andrew R. Finley. Recorded 11 Nov 1850. (B:59)

Allen, Benjamin – will dated 14 July 1834.
Wife, Sarah Allen, one third part of land and personal property and at her death the land is to revert to our sons, Edwin and Cary Allen. Also names daughter Hannah Allen, the heirs of dau. Julia, and the heirs of daughter Nancy. Mentions land bought of Henry Hight, Daniel Griffeth, Willson Overhalls & Asa Griffith, all granted to Claiborn Rhodes by the Spanish Government. Exrs, sons Edwin Allen & Cary Allen. Wit: A. Gordon & A. M. W. Gordon. Recorded 20 Mar 1835. (A:34)

Alloway, John W. – will dated 16 Jan 1850.
Wife, Mary Ann, all my real & personal estate for her use and the education of my children. When the youngest arrive at the age of 21, wife shall receive one third of estate and the remaining two thirds divided among all my children except John F. Alloway who has received . . . . Exrs, wife Mary Ann Alloway & Horatio N. Baskett. Wit: Horatio N. Baskett & Almeda Baskett. Recorded 12 Feb 1851. (B:62)

Ashburn, Gillmore – will dated 22 Apr 1840.
Wish to be buried by the side of my wife in town of Troy. Brother and sister, James H. F. Ashburn & Delia C. Ashburn to be the curator of the estate & guardian of the person of my daughter, Sophroniann Ashburn, until she arrives to age of maturity or intermarries. Wit: Conrad Custer, Ozbert Miller & Thompson Blanton. Recorded 12 May 1850. (A:92)

Baird, Judith – will dated 12 Feb 1844.
Nephew, Samuel T. Reed, a slave & personal property . . . . should he marry . . . . Personal property to the following, to wit, nephew John M. Reed, niece Fanny C. Logan, niece Elizabeth H. Geery?, niece Kitty Shaw, niece Juliann Shaw, and Samuel B. Shaw, son of Robert & Kitty Shaw. Also names brother Thomas Reed and sister-in-law, Mary B. Reed. Exr, brother Gabriel Reed. Wit: Samuel B. Baird & David L. Jamison. Recorded 16 Feb 1844. (A:141)

Baird, Samuel – will dated 30 Nov 1840.
Wife, Judith Baird, all property and at her death to be divided between my children. Son John Baird two bonds which I hold on my son James Baird. Exrs, sons William & James Baird. Wit: Marcus H. McFarland & John T. Bell, Sr. Recorded 11 Jan 1841. (A:98)

Ball, John S. – will dated 29 Aug 1848.
Wife, Ann Ball, the use of my plantation, slaves & all personal property during her lifetime. Sum of 200.00 to the trustees of the Board of Missions of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (old school). Names following, to wit, granddaughter Emely Caroline Walton, daughter Nancy Ruby, grandsons Lucius Lee Bates & Frederick Bates, and grandson John Ruby. Names three youngest children of daughter Nancy Ruby, viz, Caroline Jett, Nancy Ossie? and John Ruby. Lists the names and birthdates of the slaves who are to receive their freedom . . . . Phyllis was born in the year 1806; David was born in year 1810 October; John was born in Feb 1814, etc. Exrx, wife Ann Ball. Wit: Achilles Broadhead, Harrison Hubbard & Bird Farmer. Codicil dated 30 Dec 1848. Names friend Achilles Broadhead exr. of the estate, and in case of his death, my grandson Lucius L. Bates. Wit: Harrison Hubbard & Bird Farmer. Recorded 16 Apr 1849. (B:44)

Beck, Jeremiah – will dated 1 Oct 1838.
Wife, Sarah Beck, all my lands (description) with all my worldly goods and at her death to be distributed according to law. Exrx, wife Sarah Beck. Wit: Malen Spyers, George H. Copher & Jacob Capps, Jr. Recorded 31 May 1839. (A:79)

Berkhead, Abraham B. – will dated 27 Sept 1849.
Wife, Joanna Berkhead, the whole of my estate . . . . having provided heretofore for all of my children, namely, Elizabeth Ann who married Blurford Thornhill, William Wallace, Juliet Marlina md. to Jacob Taylor, John M., Joanna Amanda wife of John Gentry, Mary Malvina md to William S. Smith, Abraham Nerin, Francis Marion, Uphemia Josephine, Emanuel Bailey, Alice H., Joseph F., Artemesia K., and Christina J., and given to each what I consider a fair share. Exr, my friend Littleton Dryden. Wit: William Overall & Richard N. Shadburne. Recorded 13 Feb 1850. (B:52)

Berry, Benjamin, Jr. – will dated 18 Aug 1843.
Brother, John Berry, my 5 slaves. All money coming to me shall be divided between all my brothers & sisters. Exr, brother John Berry. Wit: James Willson & Joseph Cochran. Recorded 1 Sept 1854. (A:121)

Blackabee, Elizabeth – will dated 25 May 1850.
Son, Thomas Blackabee, all the goods, moneys & effects of every description. “. . . . son Richard Blackabee if he comes to this country . . . . ” Exr, J. Winston Sitton. Wit: J. Winston Sitton & Samuel Cannon. Recorded 10 Aug 1853. (B:91)

Blanks, Joseph – of Pittsylvania Co., dated 14 Apr 1827.
Wife, Frances Blanks, all estate and after her death or marriage I give my land to my three sons, James, Henry & Joel, and they shall pay to my daughter, Sally Riddle . . . . Also names daughter, Polly Blanks. Exr, son Joel Blanks. Wit: James A. Luck, William Rogers & John L. Mays. John Douglas witnessed to the signature of John L. Mays. Recorded in Pittsylvania Co. on 21 July 1834. Recorded in Lincoln Co., Mo. 19 Dec 1843. (A:123 & 128)

Brown, Luther –will dated 2 Oct 1844.
I wish my property to be equally distributed to my mother, father, brothers and sisters. Exrx, mother (not named). Wit: A. B. Birkhead & William Overall. Recorded 4 Mar 1846. (B:1)

Butter, William, "Sugnior" – will dated 25 Jan 1843.
One dollar each to the following children, to wit, Francis Butter, Moses Butter, Ann Buchanan, Polly Snedigar, Susannah (surname not given), Ichabod Butter, Elizabeth Yokem, Dudley Butter, Amelia Bramble & Bledsoe Butter. Wife, Polly Butter, a certain parcel of land (description) and at her death to be divided between sons Thomas & Elizah Butter. Exrx, wife Polly. Wit: Jesse Wagner, J. M. Parson & Rollins Trail. Recorded 10 Aug 1843. (A:119)

Callaway, Chesley – will dated 24 Mar 1847.
Wife, Elizabeth Callaway, all estate and at her death to my two sons, Stephen and William (description of land). Exrx, wife Elizabeth Callaway. Wit: Milton Lovell & John Britton. Recorded 2 Sept 1848. (B:28)

Callaway, Zachariah – will dated 18 Jan 1848.
Wife, Jane M. Callaway, all property both real & personal for support of herself and her youngest children, to wit, Missouri, America, Lutitia, Zachariah, John, Louisiana, Amanda, and William Callaway, and at her death to be divided equally amongst my children as above named. Exr, Richard H. Woolfolk. Wit: Robinson Seamon & John C. Wells. Recorded 17 Feb 1848. (B:20)

Cannon, James – will dated 30 June 1836.
Two slaves, Sarah & George, shall have their freedom. All my estate should be sold and proceeds divided among my children now living. Exr, son Isaac Cannon. Wit: Brice W. Hammack, Thomas Buchanan & David Willson. Recorded 10 May 1842. (A:113)

Cantrael, David – will dated 21 Sept 1849.
Wife, Mary Cantrael, all my estate . . . . should she remarry, all property is to be sold and divided between her and my children . . . . taking into consideration that my son Peter Cantrael, dau Lucinda wife of Thadeus Collard & dau Gincy wife of Felix Collard, have received. Exrx, wife Mary. Wit: Martin Newlin, John M. Reed & Nero C. Smith. Recorded 14 Nov 1853. (B:104)

Clare, Daniel – will dated 20 Aug 1843.
Wife, Frances Clare, all that she brought with her when we married. Land given to each of the following children, to wit, Francis Clare; my afflicted son Jacob Clare; Waldron G. (on Wolf Creek in Montgomery Co.); Horatio (on Coones Creek in Montgomery Co.); Fountain (land in neighborhood of Mrs. Triplett); Margaret Clare & Susan Clare. “After my children have been raised and educated.” Exr, son Francis Clare. Wit: Allen Clare, George Clare & John M. Hopkins. Recorded 17 Oct 1843. (A:124)

Clark, Christopher – will dated 4 Feb 1841.
Wife, Hester Clark, to have farm we now live on and personal property (including slaves) for use during lifetime, and then descend to my son, William C. Clark. One dollar and “all that I have given” to each of the following children, to wit, James; Allen B. Williams that md my daughter Sarah; Barsheba Clark the widow of my son David Clark; Jesse Cox that md my dau Elizabeth; daughter Catherine McCoy; Ralph H. F; & Valentine J. Peers that md my dau Julia H. Clark. Exr, son Ralph H. F. Clark. Wit: Lewis Castleman & William Clark. Recorded 25 Sept 1841. (A:107)

Clark, Daniel, of New Orleans – will dated 20 May 1811.
Mother, Mary Clark now of Germantown in state of Pa., all estate. Exrs, friends Richard Relf & Beverly Chew. (no witnesses given). Recorded in Warren Co., Mo. on 12 Apr 1841; in Lincoln Co., Mo. 21 May 1841. (A:104)

Clark, Mary, formerly of Ireland, now of the City of Philadelphia, Pa. – will dated 22 Nov 1817.
All estate to be sold by exrs. and distributed among following – One share (or a fourth part) to dau. Eleanor OBearn Sligo in Ireland and her heirs. One share to dau. Jane Green, the wife of George Green of Liverpool in Great Britian, and her heirs. One share to granddau, late Sarah Anderson, now Sarah Campbell. One share to granddau. Caroline Clark, a natural dau. of my late son Daniel Clark, to be paid on day of her marriage or when she attains the age of 18 years. Granddau. Mira Clark, commonly called Mira Davis another natural dau. of my late son Daniel Clark, sum of 200.00 to purchase a jewel as rememberance of me. Exrs, Joseph Reed, Esqr., Atty at law and William E. Hutings, MD both of City of Philadelphia. wit: John Connely, Isaac Harney, Jr., L. Nicholson, John Bunting & William E. Hutings. Recorded in Warren Co., Mo. on 13 Apr 1841; Lincoln Co. 21 May 1841. (A:99)

Cochran, Thomas – will dated 20 Apr 1854.
wife, Polly Cochran, all my estate both real & personal and at her death to be equally divided among my surviving children or their heirs. Exrx, wife Polly Cochran. Wit: A. Cochran & Francis Parker. Recorded 15 May 1854. (B:112)

Copenhaver, Thomas – will dated 11 Aug 1834.
Son, Jacob Copenhaver, the land on which I now live and all personal property and negros, and he is to maintain myself and my wife during our natural lives, and at our deaths he is to pay the other heirs their portion of 800.00 dollars. Names sons Peter & Abraham and “all of my children”. Exrs, Jacob Copenhaver & Nicholas Wells. Wit: Gabriel Reed & Samuel T. Reed. Recorded 21 Sept 1838. (A:67)

Cottle, Almond – will dated 11 Jan 1835.
Wife, Dolly Cottle, the tract of land on which I now live near Troy . . . . same as deeded to me by Joseph Cottle bearing date of 5 Sept 1831 . . . . and the remainder of all of my estate. Wit: Samuel Bailey, David Bailey & N. Simonds. Rec 24 Jan 1834. (A:32)

Cottle, Andrew – will dated 10 Oct 1845.
Son, Orville Cottle, two thirds of all my estate. Brother, Sherman Cottle, the remaining third part to hold in trust for the benefit of my dau Azubia Stone (wife of John Stone) and at her death to her lawful heirs. Exr, brother Sherman Cottle. Wit: Charles Wheeler & Sam F. Murry. Recorded 25 Nov 1848. (B:37)

Cottle, Ira, Colonel – will dated 30 Jan 1842.
Property to be equally divided amongst my children, to wit, Harriette, Warren, Ira and Zora Cottle, and also my child known by the name of Jane Cottle. Signed – Col. Ira Cottle. Wit: Sidney R. Ensor & Benj. Comegys. Recorded 14 Feb 1842. (A:109)

Cottle, Sherman – will dated 5 May 1854.
Son, Stephen Cottle, real estate (description). Son, Frederick, real estate on condition that he protect and provide a home for my son Norman Cottle and my dau., Delia Cottle. Exr, son Frederick Cottle. Wit: Charles Wheeler & A. S. Buchanan. Recorded 18 Aug 1854. (B:114)

Cox, Charles – will dated 18 Apr 1855.
Wife, Alcinda Cox, all estate except the parcels of land deeded to my children, viz, Virginia J., Margaret A., Charles S., and Edna Cox . . . . after my three youngest become of age. Exrx, wife Alcinda Cox, without bond. Wit: William H. Nicklin, F. C. Gilmer & J. W. Sanders. Recorded 30 Apr 1855. (B:127)

Cunningham, William, Senr. – will dated 21 Aug 1833.
Wife, Margaret Cunningham, all my worldly goods except a yearling colt that I bequeath unto my son, Andrew Cunningham. Exrx, wife Margaret Cunningham. Wit: William L. Cooper & William Taylor. Recorded 3 Feb 1834. (A:22)

Davis, Ephraim – will dated 8 Oct 1851.
Wife, Betsy, all my tract of land that I now reside on, seven slaves & personal property, and at her death the land shall be equally divided between my two sons, William & Ephraim Davis. Names dau. Harriet Davis and granddau., Nancy Jane Ware. I have heretofore given to following children, to wit, Judith Ware, Jonathan Davis, Agnes Ricks, Louisa Briscoe, James Davis, and Rebecca Briscoe. Exrs, wife Betsy Davis & sons, Jonathan & James Davis. Wit: I. J. Davis, George W. Zimmerman & Ira T. Nelson. Recorded 10 Nov 1851. (B:73)

Davis, James W. – will dated 29 Mar 1843.
All of my estate and all that may be coming to me from my father's estate to be equally divided between my brothers, to wit, brothers, to wit, Jonathan, William, and Ephraim Davis, and my sister Harriet Davis, and the children of my sister Judith Norvel. Exr, brother Jonathan Davis. Wit: George W. Zimmerman & Mordica Watts. Recorded 3 Dec 1853. (B:105)

Davis, Littleton – will dated 3 Feb 1831.
Personal property to brother Silas Davis, brother Peter Davis, John Blain (no relationship given), and brother Lenore Davis. Exr, brother Lenore Davis. Wit: Lewis Duncan, John Henderson & Allen Jameson. Recorded 7 Nov 1831. (A:13)

Davis, Samuel M. – will dated 24 Sept 1855.
Children, to wit, Nancy Smith, Henry Davis, the widow of my son Samuel Davis, and Catherine Withinton, five dollars each. The land I live on to my children, Kessinger, Jacob, Mary Jane and William Davis. Mentions the note I hold against S. A. Holland & Rawleigh Mayes. Exrs, Rawleigh Mays and my daughter, Mary Jane Davis. Wit: Rawleigh Mayes & Martin Mayes. Rec 24 Nov 1855. (B:148)

Downing, Ezekiel – will dated 20 Jan 1849.
"The following are the names of my family, my wife Margaret Downing, and my heirs: Elizabeth M. Blair, John H. Downing, Rachel B. Cobb, Sarah Margaret Blair, Ann Eliza Mounce, Nancy Downing, Mary Jane Downing, David C. Downing, William McClure Downing & Ezekiel Andrew Downing." Wife, Margaret, the farm I have lived on the last 33 years and property of every description, including 3 slaves, for life. Recapitulates the property that he has previously given to his children. Exrs, son John H. Downing and son-in-law, Henry H. D. Mounce, without bond. Wit: Marcus H. McFarland & Edward Y. Moss. Recorded 1 Feb 1849. (B:40)

Dudley, Clarissa – will dated 15 Oct 1838.
Daughter, Margaret Ann Dudley, personal property. Exr, George W. Zimmerman, and should anything occur to prevent him from acting, Henry C. Wright is to be the exr. Wit: Brice W. Hammack & John M. Faulconer. Recorded 12 Aug 1839. (A:81)

Duff, Ann – will dated 10 June 1854.
Sister, Elizabeth Reid, one half of my estate. Bequeath to the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Congregation at Mount Zion, Mo., a Pulpit Bible. Remainder of estate divided into 8 equal shares & distributed to following, to wit, brother Jackson Duff, bro. William W. Duff, Caldwell C. Ross (son of my sister Hannah), and brother Hamilton Duff’s children, viz, Sarah Ann, Alexander, Mary Margaret & Martha Jane Duff. The remaining 1/8 to be divided between 4 institutions. Exrs, Samuel S. Ralston of Mo. & Samuel Jameson of the state of Indiana. Wit: David Reid & William S. Gladney. Recorded 13 Aug 1855. (B:139)

Duncan, Hiram – of Prairie Twp. – will dated 3 Oct 1855.
Brothers, Marshall, William B. & James Duncan, each 1.00. Wife, Jane Duncan, all my estate including land, slave & personal property and at her death to be divided between my brother Lewis Duncan, sister Lucy Ann Jenkins & Thos. D. Hancock. Exr, Thomas D. Hancock. Wit: Robert B. Allen & John Q. A. Burkhead. Recorded 29 Nov 1855. (B:151)

Duncan, James – will dated 9 Oct 1842.
One half of the estate to son, John S. Duncan, and the other half to my oldest daughter, Frances (Franky) Wright. Also names Squire Boone who is in Saint Louis. Exr, John Duncan. Wit: Elizabeth Miller & Susan C. Highsmith. Rec 25 Oct 1842. (A:117)

Dyer, David – will dated 13 Aug 1844.
Wife, Nancy, a portion of land that lies west of Kellers Ford on big creek which is the dwelling house where we now live, also slaves & personal property. Children, to wit, George W. Dyer, Joseph F. Dyer, Mary Martin, Martha Spencer, John S. Dyer, Sally Mason, James C. Dyer, Jane Dyer, Elizabeth Dyer, to each a slave. To my two youngest daughters and my youngest son, Louisa, Rachael Matilda and David Dyer, the negros willed to my wife. Exrs, wife Nancy Dyer and son, George W. Dyer. Wit: Jefferson Dyer and Wm. H. Jennings. Recorded 21 Nov 1844. (A:153)

Elston, John – will dated 14 Aug 1849.
Two daughters who live in Ky., Elizabeth Hayden & Nancy Wester, have received. My other children, who are all now living in this state, namely, Willet Elston, John Elston, Mary Meadows & Margaret Elston, slaves & land (description). Exr. not named. Wit: Joel Blanks & Chas. Wheeler. Recorded 12 Aug 1851. (B:69)

Emerson, Enoch – will dated 11 Apr 1849.
My three full sisters, to wit, Mary Crider, Dasarene Robinson & Helen McClure, all of my estate of every description. Exr, friend Solomon R. Moxley and should he be unable to serve I appoint my friend, Richard Wommack. Wit: Chas. R. Morriss & Robert W. Haislip. Recorded 12 Aug 1850. (B:54)

Estes, Coleman – will dated 6 Dec 1838.
Wife, Mary Christian Estes, the plantation on which we now reside and personal property, including slaves, and at her death to my son, Jacob Oglesby Estes. Remainder of estate divided among my children, to wit, Robert Pollard Estes, Susan Ann Thompkins, Mary Jane Gillum, Frances Coleman Estes, Mildred Martin Huskstep, Jacob O. Estes, Martha Ellen Sims Estes & Sarah Pollard Estes. Exrs, wife Mary Christian Estes, son Jacob Oglesby Estes and sons-in-law, Charles W. Gillum & John Huskstep. Wit: James Clark, Benj. H. Worlles (Morlles) & Micajah N. Clark. Recorded 1 Mar 1844. (A:145)

Estes, Samuel – will dated 19 Aug 1844.
Wife Deborah Estes and my two children, John W. Estes & Delphiann Estes, the home place. To Delphiann Golden the place whereon John Johnson now resides. Exr, Jarret Ingram. Wit: Henry L. Day & John P. Ficklin. Recorded 24 Aug 1844. (A:149)

Ezzell, Ira – will dated 26 May 1845.
After paying my just debt to my Uncle John Gatty, the balance of my estate to my mother, Rebecca Ezzell, for the care and attention to me in my affliction. Wit: Elijah Anderson, Samuel Ezzell & Mary Anderson. Recorded 21 Mar 1846. (B:1)

Felps, William – will dated 19 Aug 1851.
Wife, Sarah Felps, all estate for continued support of my family (not named). Exr, Thomas S. Reid. Wit: Ninion G. Norton & Martin Newlin. Recorded 23 Oct 1851. (B:71)

Frazier, John, of Lawrence Co., Ky. – dated 8 Oct 1838.
Personal property to father and mother (not named) and the following sisters and brothers, viz, Sally Thompson, Lewis Frazier, William Frazier, Polly Webb, Statia Ratleff, Elvina Frazier & Elizabeth Frazier. Also, 200.00 to Elizabeth Loar and to my friend, Samuel Singley, 50.00. Brother, George Frazier, a tract of land which I bought of John Rogers situated on Two Mile Creek in Lawrence Co, and land on Richland Creek patented to Stephen Austin. Exr, Samuel Singley of Lincoln Co., Mo. Wit: William Sitton, W. Tenneson, James Reid & Reuben Smiley. Rec in Lincoln Co. on 12 Nov 1838. (A:69)

Galloway, James, Senr. – will dated 29 Apr 1834.
One third of estate to wife, Elizabeth Galloway, and Elijah (appears to be a son). Also names daughters Leah and Sary. The residue of the property to be sold and divided among all of my children. Exr. not named. Wit: Jacob Job, Macum R. McCollum & Greenbury McCollum. Recorded 5 Aug 1834. (A:23)

Geiger, George, of Jefferson Co., Ky, – will dated 22 Jan 1812.
Mother, Elizabeth Geiger, two slaves and anything coming to me from the settlement of my father's estate and at her death to my brother, John Geiger. Exr, Daniel Fetter & John Edwards. Wit: Frederick Geiger, Jeremiah Gilmare & Jacob Geiger. Recorded in Jefferson Co., Ky. on 10 Aug 1812. L/T granted to Daniel Fetter. (John Edwards renounced his executorship) On 15 July 1809 admr of estate of Jacob Geiger, decd, granted to John Edwards. His sec, Frederick Geiger, Martin Bringman & F. Edwards. Elizabeth Geiger, widow of decd, having relinquished her right to admr. Copy of will recorded in Lincoln Co., Mo. on 7 July 1845. (B:8)

Gentry, George – will dated 6 Sept 1834.
Wife, Elizabeth Gentry, all estate during the time she remains my widow and at her death an equal division between all the children except 70.00 received by John Gentry (others not named). Wit: John Crume, Thomas Shields & Joel Crenshaw. Recorded 18 May 1835. (A:38)

Gibson, Goin (Guian) – will dated 23 Nov 1847.
Property to remain unsold until youngest son, James, comes of lawful age . . . . for the support of the children which are now with me. At that time, the estate is to be equalized among my children. The oldest are Jordan Mc, Dianah, and Alzira Gibson. The youngest are Lusely J., Elizabeth, Andrew R, Nancy, Joseph S., Elenor, and James Gibson. Exrs, two sons-in-law Robert Willson & Alexander K. Willson and son, Joseph S. Gibson. Wit: Lawrence B. Sitton & Duncan Ellis. Recorded 14 Feb 1848. (B:18)

Gibson, James – will dated 18 Mar 1843.
Wife, Dannah, my sole exrx. during her lifetime, and then I appoint my trusty friend, J. M. King to take possession of the estate and divide it amongst my children, namely, Thomas K. Gibson, Laura Hanner Parker, Nancy K. Gibson, John S. Gibson, Velera Canerdy, Malinda Gibson, Abraham K. Gibson, Martin B. Gibson & Oliver H. Gibson . . . . “the last named mentioned children being yet destitute of education . . . .” Lots in town of New Hope to be sold to John F. McCommack. Wit; William H. Nicklin & David McMillin. Recorded 13 May 1847. (B:10)

Gibson, Joseph – will dated 14 Aug 1853.
Wife, Elizabeth Gibson, all personal property, certain slaves & control of my real estate. At her death the estate is to be sold and proceeds distributed as follows – 1,000.00 to son Colman Gibson. Five dollars each to two children of my son Guyon Gibson, decd, also, to granddau Elizabeth Kingsberry and grandson Joseph Kingsberry. Remainder to be divided among my daughters, Sarah Grimes, Mahala Thompson, Livona McCormack and Sophrona Adaline Martin. Exr, friend Joshua M. King. Wit: Carey Allen & Thomas Shields. Recorded 2 Oct 1853. (B:100)

Gilliland, John – will dated 24 Apr 1846.
To each of my children, Charity Ligon, Margaret Moore, William L. Gililland, Jesse R. Gililland, Allen J. Gililland, John B. Gililland, & Mary Gilmore, one dollar and what has already been given. Wife, Elizabeth, all the remainder of my estate and at her death to revert to the rest of her children by me, except David P. & Nancy Gililland, who have received their share. Exrx, wife Elizabeth. Wit: Francis B. Clare &William F. Clare. Rec 11 May 1852. (B:81)

Goodrich, Asaph, of town of Troy – will dated 14 Dec 1854.
Wife, Sarah Goodrich, all of my estate for the raising and education of our joint children. Exrx, wife Sarah. Wit: Francis Parker & Charles Wheeler. Recorded 20 Dec 1854. (B:122)

Guinn, George – will dated 18 Mar 1834.
Wife Anny Guinn and son, Edwin Guinn, personal property and the plantation on which I now live situated on Cuivre River adjoining the lands of George Presley above and John Monroe below. Remainder of my property to be sold and equally divided among the rest of my children {not named). Exr, Edmond Guinn. Wit: David Clark & Wm. Clark. Recorded 15 Dec 1838. (A:75)

Guinn, William – will dated 23 July 1840.
Wife, Harriet, all my real & personal property and should she remarry or in the event of her death the land shall then revert to my five sons, namely, Edmund? (Edward?), John Allen, William Riley, Levi and Gilmore Guinn. Personal property to daughters, Nancy Jane, Doviann and Hannah Elizabeth, as they reach the age of 18 years. Exrx, wife Harriet Guinn. Wit: Frederick A. A. Heisen, John S. Roper and William Y. White. The subscribing witnesses are not residents of the state and places of residence unknown. Two credible witnesses, Charles Wheeler and Jordan S. Sallee appear before the court and verify signatures. Recorded 10 Jan 1848. (B:13)

Hammack, William – will not dated.
Estate to be used for "raising my family", but names only a daughter, Betsey. Testator is presently the admr. of the estate of Brice Burrus, decd. Mentions Thacher Vivion & James Gates. Exrs, friends Thomas Buchanan & Brice W. Hammack. Wit: Jehu L. Sitton, Samuel Gladney & Gayenne Gibson. Rec 4 Nov 1828. (A:4)

Hammond, John – will dated 20 May 1834.
Bequeaths slaves to following children, to wit, Thomas Isom, Hardin, John, William & Slade Hammond. Fifty dollars to be delivered to Jarrot Ingram in the presence of Barbara, his daughter. Exr not named. Wit: Jarrott Ingram & Barbary Ingram. Recorded 18 Apr 1835. (A:36)

Harvey, Martin – will dated 5 Dec 1838.
Wife, Elizabeth, all my lands and at her death to my two youngest sons, namely, Beverly and Whitely, the “old tract” I now live on with exception of 2 acres in the NE corner that I give unto my son George and 40 acres adjoining the old tract. All of my children, namely, George, Valentine, Molly Duey, Beverly and Whitely. Exrs, sons George & Beverly Harvey. Wit: Samuel Riggs & James Gentry. On 15 Sept 1848, Beverly L. Riggs appeared before the court and verified the signature of Samuel Riggs, one of the witnesses. Recorded 24 Nov 1848. (B:34)

Henry, Elizabeth – will dated 8 June 1842
Bequeath to Elizabeth Dudley my three negros . . . . and she shall pay to my grandsons, Jacob, Shapley, Montgomery& John Giger as they become of age the sum of 100.00 each; and to my great grandson John Owen Smith the sum of 50.00 when he arrives at age of 21. Exr, Nicholas Dudley, the husband of said Elizabeth Dudley. Wit: Carey K. Duncan & A. C. Glore. Recorded 1 Nov 1844. (A:151)

Henry, Francis – will dated 11 Nov 1840.
Wife, Juda Mira Henry, personal property, slaves, pleasure carriage and all estate. My children shall receive equal shares as they become of age (not named). Exrs, wife Juda Mira Henry and James W. Campbell. Wit: Joel Blanks & John Eddens, Senr. Rec 4 Dec 1840. (A:96)

Henry, Malcolm – will dated 17 Sept 1834.
Wife, Elizabeth Henry, personal property & slaves. Heirs, to wit, daughter Peggy Jourdan; dau Elenor Batey; grandchildren, the heirs of Nancy Hill, decd, and Alexander Hill; son Francis Henry; son Hugh Henry; son William Henry; and two granddaus in the Carolinas, Nancy Faulkner formerly Nancy Kincade & Isabella Standland formerly Isabella Kincade. 100.00 each to Olivia Erwin, Elizabeth Hill, Mary Campbell & Sophia Campbell. Exrx, son Francis Henry & James W. Campbell. Wit: Thomas Madding, James Branson & C. K. Duncan. Recorded 13 May 1840. (A:89)

Henry, Malcolm, Jr. – will dated 9 Sept 1832.
To sister Mary the place that I own where Woodrow & Hughes now lives. Nephew William Jasper Henry, son of Frank Henry, the land my father now lives on when he arrives at age of 21 years. Also names brother Francis and sisters, Sophia A. Campbell and Eleanor Ervin. He owns many slaves. Exr, brother Francis Henry. Wit: Thomas Hill, William Woodrow & Richard L. Gosney. Recorded 25 Sept 1852. (A:16)

Hoff, Abraham – will dated 4 Feb 1830.
Wish a farm to be purchased for my wife and family and my children to be reasonably educated. Exrs, my wife, my father, and Joseph Paxton. Wit: Ezekiel Downing, Thacker Vivion & William Herbert. Recorded 6 Apr 1830. (A:10)

Holcomb, Charles L. – will dated 6 Aug 1843.
Wife, Anna Holcomb, all my estate and at her death to be divided among my children, to wit, Kenzey Holcomb, Sarah wife of Stephen Hefington, Clarissa wife of Jacob Pais1ey, Jonathan Holcomb, Elizabeth wife of William Simons, Mary wife of John Early, Eliza wife of James Callaway & Hardin Holcomb. Mentions land on the east side of the river. (Exr. not named) Wit: Samuel Howell, Robert Howell & Abraham Howell. Recorded 22 Sept 1846. (B:6)

Holloway, Robert C. – will dated 10 Apr 1852.
Brother Henry W. Holloway and my sisters, Nancy Hudson & Permelia Nun, my whole possessions including lands to be divided among them. Wit: John C. Williams & James W. Williams. Recorded 22 Jan 1853. (B:87)

Howdeshell, Joseph – will dated 20 May 1841.
". . . . at this time in good health yet knowing the uncertain state of this transitory life . . . .” Wife, Mary Howdeshell, all estate and at her death to be divided among my children, namely, William, John, Henry, Hiram, David, Elizabeth (now Burch), Mary (now Thompson) and my son Joseph. Exr. not named. Wit: A. Cochran & William Taylor. Recorded 3 Dec 1845. (A:157)

Hunter, John – will dated 8 Apr 1826.
Wife, Marget Hunter, all my lands & personal property, with the exception of 10.00 paid to each of my lawful heirs (not named). Exrx, wife Marget Hunter. Wit: Robert Stuart, Isaac Cannon, James Collard, Joseph Collard & Jos. B. Hunter. Recorded 4 Feb 1833. (A:18)

Jackson, Joshua – will dated 22 July 1836.
To be buried at the Troy graveyard & stones placed at my grave . . . . enclosed with a neat & substantial fence of poleings. Son, Yearly Jackson, the sole heir to all my estate and to descend to his heirs. Bequeath to my dau. Sally Ann Jackson and to my son, William A. Jackson, each the sum of 20.00 to be taken from estate. Recorded 9 Aug 1835. (A:48)

Jamison, David, Senr. – will dated 28 May 1838.
No division of the estate until James Ely arrives to the age of 14, but to be kept together under the management of my wife and my two sons, David L. & John Z. Jamison, until that time when there may be a division. Younger children should be educated. Wit: John Logan & Wm. Jamison. Recorded 22 Feb 1844. (A:139)

Jewel, Jacob – will dated 17 June 1845.
Wife, Nancy Jewel, all real & personal property & at her death to my children, to wit, Gideon Devol Jewel, Winian, Judith S., Ruth R., Elizabeth Jane, Samuel Robert Jewel, David S. Jewel & Nancy Catharine. To my son Wm. S. Jewel one dollar. Grandchildren, Martha Jane, Margaret Francis & Mary Ellen, daughters of my son William S. Jewel, sum of 50.00. Exr, son Gideon Devol Jewel. Wit: James Gibson, Benj B. Robinson & George W. Robertson. Recorded 10 Aug 1846. (B:4)

Kemper, Martin – will dated 20 Oct 1847.
Wife, Rosanna Kemper, all estate and at her death the land (description given) is to be divided among the following children, to wit, French Kemper, Matilda Kemper, Polly Shaw, Ambrose D. Kemper, Octavus Kemper, Nancy Watts (wife of Seneca Watts), and my grandsons, Martin H. & Alexander D. Renear, children of my dau Kitty Renear. Also names a daughter Emily Mayes. (Children may not be listed according to age). Exrs, sons French & Ambrose D. Kemper and son-in-law, Seneca Watts. Wit: William H. Nicklin, Elijah W. Buchanan & Thomas F. Foley. Codicil dated 29 Aug1848 – Clarification on distribution of property. Wit: Brice W. Hammack & Ephraim Davis. Rec 13 Nov 1848. (B:29)

Kennedy, Armstrong – will dated 5 July 1836.
Estate to be kept together for support of my family until youngest child comes to age of 17 years, then sold and equally divided between my wife and children. House and lot in town of St. Charles. Estate that my father, William Kennedy, late of Sumner Co., Tenn. bequeathed to me . . . . equally divided amongst my children only, to wit, William, John, Matildy, Emily, Eliza, Alexander, Armstrong, Mary & Martha Kennedy. Exrs, son William Kennedy and wife, Mary Kennedy. Wit: B. T. Skinner & Sampson Womble. Rec 17 Jan 1837. (A:53)

Kring, George – will dated 24 Nov 1835.
Bequeath to sister, Catharine A. Hamilton and her children, a slave & land (description). Wit: C. H. Bailey & Charles Wheeler. Recorded 18 May 1838. (A:64)

Lewis, Elizabeth – will dated 1 Sept 1852.
Personal property to be sold and proceeds divided among my grandchildren, viz, Henry, John, Jane & Lydia Weller? Wells? Names Elizabeth Minor, wife of my grandson Samuel O. Minor and her children by my said grandson. Also, granddau Sally W. Lea. Certain slaves to be sold and proceeds divided into 7 equal parts and distributed to following, children of decd granddau Mary O. Eastin; great granddau Margaret McKay; and grandchildren Garrett, William, Peter & Lucinda Minor and Elizabeth Brown. Exrs, Thos. M. Lewis & grandson, George D. Meriwether. Wit: Peter Carr & George D. Meriwether. Recorded 7 May 1855. (B:136)

Lewis, Nicholas H. – will dated 5 Apr 1840.
Mother, Elizabeth Lewis, my dwelling house and as much land as she may desire to cultivate. Names son Walker and daughters, Susan & Laurie. As my children arrive at age of 21 or marry, the estate is to be divided among Ann Eliza, James H., Susan H., Lydia S. & Thomas Walker. Exrs, my friends and relatives, James H. Terrell of Albemarle Co., Va; Thomas M. Lewis & James Clark of Lincoln Co; and Walker G. Meriwether & John M. Davis of Pike Co., Mo., without bond. Wit: Fontaine Meriwether, Richard Anderson & William H. Williams. Recorded 9 May 1840. (A:94) .

Lucket, Francis – will not dated.
Wife, Eliza Lucket, all estate for the benefit of maintaining my family, and at her death to be equally divided between my children. Exr, friend William Watts, without bond. Wit: William H. Nicklin & Brice W. Hammack. Recorded 12 Nov 1838. (A:71)

McAtee, Lloyd S. – will dated 10 Oct 1850.
Wife, Susan McAtee, all my property so long as she lives except 80 acres to be taken off the west end of my tract which I will to my dau Louisa Augusta Milan. Personal property to dau Lucy Ellen Underwood and her children; my son Ferdinand F. McAtee; and infant daughter Susan Margaret McAtee. Exr, friend Alexander Reid. Wit: David Reid & James Alexander, Jr. Recorded 15 Apr 1853. (B:90)

McCollum, Macum – will dated 6 Nov 1845.
Wife, Lidia McCollum, the 92 ½ acres I now reside on and at her decease to my son George Clinton McCollum after he becomes of age. Forty acres known as the sugar camp adjoining the lands of Bowling Smith to be sold and equally distributed among all my daughters. Perishable property for benefit of wife and the 4 youngest children, and wish Willis Henry to aid them in the management of the same. Wit: John C. Pace, Martin Newlan, John Hollenback & John B. Morriss. Recorded 1 Jan 1846. (B:12)

McCoy, David – will dated 21 June 1855.
To each of my brothers the sum of 1.00. Step-dau, Ezabel Red (formerly Ezabel Bruns?), all my lands and personal property. Exrx, Ezabel Red. Wit: J Winston Sitton &T. T. Steel. Rec 16 Aug 1855. (B:141)

McCoy, James – will dated 16 Oct 1834.
Wife, Rebecca McCoy, all real & personal estate for the support of herself and children . . . . until my youngest child becomes of lawful age. Names son Davis Washington McCoy. Exr, brother David McCoy. Wit: Edmond H. Powers & Jane Diggs. Proven 10 Mar 1835. Recorded 23 Feb 1839. (A:77)

McCoy, Thomas – will dated 11 May 1828.
My two daughters, Juliana & Rebecca, all my estate. Exr, David Hubbard, is to purchase one quarter section of land for my two daughters. Wit: Jacob Stinebaugh & Rollians Trail. Recorded 31 May 1828. (A:3)

McGinnis, Greenbury D. – will dated 20 Mar 1844.
Son John Milton McGinnis & my 3 daughters, viz, Mariah Holoway, Sarah Ellen McGinnis & Mary Elizabeth McGinnis. Grandson, Wm. G. Sivear, twenty dollars paid out of the estate. Exrs, two sons Thomas Y. McGinnis & John Milton McGinnis. Wit: M. H. McFarland & David Stewart. Recorded 29 Apr 1844. (A:147)

McGinnis, Milton – will dated 8 Dec 1851.
Wife, Margaret McGinnis, all estate. Exr, brother Thomas S. McGinnis. Wit: Robert C. Prewitt & John B. Strange. Recorded 15 Dec 1851. (B:78)

McMahill, Robert – will dated 19 Sept 1846.
Children, Greenberry McMahill, Arthur McMahil1, Mary McMahill, Matilda Liles & Susannah Evilsizer, receive slaves & land. Exr, Joshua W. Sitton. Wit: Joshua W. Sitton a Harden L. Sitton. Recorded 11 Apr 1855. (B:125)

Martin, John J. – will dated 21 Mar 1837.
Wife, Nancy Martin, all estate for her support and that of my 4 children, to wit, Andrew, George, James and Margaret . . . . when my youngest becomes of lawful age. Children to receive 125.00 in hands of Andrew & Joseph Cochran. Exrs, wife Nancy and brother-in-law, Thompson Blair? (Blain?) Wit: Ezekiel Downing, William Florance & Lawrence B. Sitton. Recorded 10 May 1837. (A:55)

Martin, Leanna – will dated 1 Apr 1854.
Estate to be sold, debts paid, and 800.00 held in reserve by exr. and interest paid annually to my dau, Mary. Exr, son Alexander H. Martin. Wit: Thomas J. Wright & Bird Farmer. Recorded 28 Aug 1854. (B:116)

Mathews, Anner – will dated 26 Act 1843.
One dollar each to dau Orrel Ray of Logan Co., Ky. & Dicy Johnson of Lincoln Co., Mo. Son, Diego Columbus Mathews, land lying in forks of Cuivre river in Lincoln Co. (description) and he is to support me during my natural life. Exr, son Diego Columbus Mathews. Wit: Em. H. Nicklin & H. M. Davis. Rec 25 Jan 1844. (A:131)

Mayes, Henry – will dated 16 Mar 1842.
Four children, namely, Rawleigh Mayes, Martin Mayes, John Mayes & dau Catharine Daniels. One half of my land to Issabellah Mays and her children and the other half to my dau, Catharine Daniels. Remaining estate sold and the money put out on interest for the support of my wife, Mary Mayes, and at her death to be divided among my 4 children. Exr, son Rawleigh Mayes. Wit: Clifford Gray & Thomas H. S. Grimes. Recorded 9 Mar 1850. (B:53)

Minor, Samuel O. – will dated 1 Mar 1837.
Son, Thomas L. Minor, real estate conveyed to me by Nicholas H. Lewis, in trust for the education of my daus, Mary O., Betty, Lydia. L., Sally W. & Louisa Minor. Remainder of land to be divided among my sons, viz, Thomas L., Garrett, William W., Samuel O. & Peter N. Minor. Exr, son Thomas L. Minor. Wit: Garland O. Carr & Chas. D. Eastin. Recorded 28 Nov 1838. (A:73)

Moore, James – will dated 15 Feb 1854.
Wife, Jane Moore, all personal estate for her support and at her death to be divided among the children of my decd dau, Narcissa Mutton. Son, William D. Moore, all my land (description). Wit: Francis Parker, Randol M. Barnes & Gordon S. Sallee. Recorded 16 Feb 1854. (B:111) .

Morris, Israel – will dated 13 Jan 1851.
Wife, Hannah Morris, all my estate and at her death to be divided among my children, to wit, James Morris, Jonah Morris, Henry B. Morris, Lidda Smith, Israel Morris, Polly Creasy, Elizabeth Dearen; the children of my son Jacob Morris, decd; and my son John Morris and his son, William Morris. Exrs, son Jonah Morris & friend, George W. Zimmerman. Wit: John McBriscoe & Martin Newlin. Recorded 14 Apr 1851. (B:65)

Moss, Daniel – will dated 1 Oct 1828.
Wife (not named) the sole exrx of estate . . . . and to pursue the following course with our children . . . . James, Isaac Watts & Edward one years schooling; Daniel Harvey 18 months; and Absolem 2 yrs schooling. Property to be distributed among the children, to wit, Eliza, Peter Philip Daderidge, Malinda, William, Lydia, James, Isaac Watts, Edward Daniel Harvey & Absolem. (punctuation poor – names may not be given according to age). Wit: Jas. Downing, William C. Downing & C. C. Easton. Recorded 21 Jan 1829. (A:6)

Moss, Samuel, of Granville Co, N.C. – dated 10 Sept 1843.
Son, Benj Moss, one half of money arising from sale of land on which I now live and slaves. Appoint John Ellis the curator of the estate for benefit of Benj Moss & his children. Land & slaves to following, Drury R. Turner and his wife Elizabeth; James T. Stark & wife Sarah Stark; and John Ellis and the children of his wife Fanny Ellis. Grandchildren, viz, Priscilla Wilson wife of Solomon Wilson and Elizabeth Stark both daus of James T. and wife Sarah Stark; Isabella and Puss Turner, daus of Drury R. and his wife Elizabeth Turner. ". . . . if James T. Stark shall be ready to start to move away . . . ." Mentions "three sons of John Ellis" (not named). One acre of land reserved (including the grave yard) for a burying ground. Exrs, James T. Stark & Daniel A. Paschall. Wit: John H. Wright & L. H. Hare. Granville Co., N.C. L/T granted above named exrs in Aug 1844. Recorded in Lincoln Co. on 9 Sept 1852. (B:84)

Mourning, Thomas, Senr. – will dated 28 Apr 1837.
Four daus, namely, Elizabeth, Nancy, Susan and Louisa Mourning, all my estate . . . . at the death or marriage . . . . estate sold and divided among my children, namely, John, Elizabeth, Thomas, Nancy, Susan, Louisa & William Mourning. Son John Mourning to be charged interest on a loan from the 1 Nov. 1830, the time I advanced it for him in Virginia. Exr, friend Macon A. Shelton. Wit: Alexander Morris & Samuel Laughlin. Rec 1 July 1837. (A:58)

Mudd, Mary Price – will dated 24 Jan 1840. To be buried in the Catholic burying ground at St. Charles. Slave to become property of my exr and he is to pay 500.00 in following manner – 200.00 to Nathaniel Mudd, son of Doct Hillery Mudd . . . . until he arrive at age of 2l . . . . should he die the money is to be divided between the children of Clare Lancaster. 50.00 paid to Francis Marion Mudd the dau of Will A. Mudd. Balance to be divided between Clare Lancaster & Harriet Garner. Exr, friend Robert Mudd. Wit: Geo J. Dyer, Thos. N. Mudd & Geo Sands. Rec 31 Mar 1840. (A:86)

Norton, William – will dated 12 May 1836.
Estate to children, to wit. Mary Jane Norton, Nancy Crenshaw, Pamela Herral, Elizabeth Shaw, Isabella Norton, Margaret Norton, Ninson? G. Norton, James N. Norton, Sally Ann & Evaline Norton. Wife to manage the property . . . . five youngest to receive schooling. Wit: John M. Hopkins, Margaret C. Custer & James Ellis. Recorded 9 Aug 1836. (A:51)

Oakley, Cary A. – will dated 12 Jan 1831.
Wife, Susan, my land and negros so long as she bears my name. Should she remarry the property is to be divided between her and my daughter, Elizabeth . . . . dau to be educated. Exrs, Lawrence B. Sitton & Peter Teage. Wit: Law B. Sitton & Thomas H.S. Grimes. Recorded 21 Feb 1831. (A:11) .

Overman, Nancy, of Davidson Co., Tenn. – dated 14 June 1824.
Sisters & brothers, Sarah Jackson, Mary Overman, John Overman & Reuben Overman. Also names the children of sister Sarah Jackson, to wit, Acan William Samuel & Reuben (no punctuation). Wit: William Edmiston & Priscilla Edmiston. Filed in Davison Co. in March 1841 term of court. Recorded in Lincoln Co. 18 Aug 1841. (A:105)

Owings, William, Senr., of Prairie Twp. – dated 20 Dec 1851.
My home farm and the sugar camp tract to be sold and proceeds appropriated to the use of my wife, Celindy Owings, and the education of my 6 youngest children, Richard, Reganah, Polly, Eliza, Robert K. & Wm. P. Owings. One dollar each to sons, James Jefferson Owings & Ephraim Owings. Exrs, Presley Anderson, Geo. W. Owings & Robert B. Allen. Recorded 10 Feb 1852. (B:80)

Parsons, James Elizabeth – will dated 2 Sept 1855.
Land in town of New Hope to be sold and proceeds applied to the use of my children, viz, Benton C. Parsons, Casandria Victory, Columbus Parsons, Augusta Virginia, America Reginia, Mary Jane & Brice Hammack Parsons. Wish my family to live near their Uncle Thomas E. Smith . . . . Exrs, Thomas E. Smith & John W. Porter. Wit: Thos. E. Smith, John W. Porter, William Willis & Joshua W. Sitton. Recorded 9 Oct 1855. (B:145)

Paxton, James – will dated 10 Oct 1827.
Wife, Mary Paxton, use and management of all property . . . . to school my chi1dren . . . . as they arrive at the age of 21 or marry, namely, Elizabeth Helen, Martha Ann, John Alexander, Luke Hoff & James Reed Paxton. Wit: Joseph H. Allen, A. Hoff & James Reid. Rec. 5 Nov 1827. (A:2)

Perkins, Elisha – will dated 19 Nov 1849.
Daughters, Fanny Perkins (town lots in town of Troy), Sarah H. Block (family Bible), Mary Wing & Fanny Perkins. Also names granddau Mary Perkins, the dau of Charles E. Perkins, decd, and grandson, Frederick Wing., Exr, grandson Frederick Wing. Wit: Chas. Wheeler & Asaph Goodrich. Recorded 28 Nov 1851. (B:77)

Perkins, Jesse – will dated 9 Aug 1847.
Wife, Polly Perkins, the farm where I now live and slaves, and at her death to my son, Franklin Perkins. Remainder of property to be equally divided among all my children (not named). Exrs, wife Polly Perkins and son, Walton Perkins. Wit: Charles Wheeler and Francis M. Wright. Recorded 16 Mar 1848. (B:21)

Porter, Polly M. – will dated 27 Feb 1845.
Sons, Charles U. & Gilchrest Porter, land (description). Son, J. D. Porter and daughters, Rebecca Farish, Ann McElroy & Mary Porter have already received. Exr, son Charles U. Porter. Wit: Oliver Simmons & Wm. D. Moore. Recorded 2 Mar 1855. (B:123)

Perwitt, Robert C. – will dated 5 Aug 1850.
Wife, Elizabeth, all estate and at her death to be divided among all my children including my son Vaulallen Prewitt. Exrs, wife Elizabeth & William Caswell Prewitt. Wit: David Stewart &Wilson Cunningham. Recorded 12 Oct 1850. (B:56)

Profater, Christian – will dated 15 Nov 1853.
". . . . having arrived to a good old age, and according to the course of nature, will have soon to go the way of my fathers . . . . ” Wife, Sally Profater, all real & personal property. Wit: R. J. Hawkins & James Smith. Recorded 22 May 1855. (B:135)

Ransdell, Wesley – will dated 21 Mar 1855.
All my interest in the estate of my bro Caln? Thomas Ransdell shall be given to my 4 grandchildren, heirs of James W. Ransdell, decd, namely, Jonathan R., James W., Charles Clinton & Maria L. Ransdell. Exr, William Florance. Wit: Wm. Florance, Richard Fentem, Senr. & Charlton Roach. Recorded 18 Aug. 1855. (B:143)

Reeds, Samuel Thomas – will dated 5 June 1846.
Wife, Sarah A. Reed, everything of every description. Exr, Gen. David Stewart. Wit: Richard Estes & L. H. Paxton. Recorded 11 Aug 1846. (B:5)

Richards, Charles – will dated 18 Dec 1854.
Wife, Louisa, my tract of land whereon I now 1ive . . . . my three children be given a tolerable English education. Exr, George Richards. Wit: Joel Blanks & Alexander Hill. Rec 7 May 1855. (B:130)

Ricks, John – will dated 15 Mar 1853.
Sons, Thomas & John M. Ricks, given slaves . . . . and they shall pay to my dau, Jane Ricks, 30.00 annually during her lifetime. Exrs, sons Thomas & John M. Ricks. Wit: Horatio N. Baskett & James D. Dodson. Recorded 7 Oct 1853. (B:93)

Ricks, John M. – will dated 27 Aug 1853.
Wife, Polly, all estate for the maintinance of herself and the education of my infant children, John, Elizabeth, Harriet & Caroline. Children, to wit, Robert Ricks, Ann Norton, Thomas Ricks, decd (& his widow Eveline T. Ricks & his children, Zachary T. & Thomas N. Ricks), Joshua Ricks, Jane Bosman (divorse suit now pending), John Ricks, Martha Ricks, Caroline, Elizabeth, Mary & Harriet Ricks. Exrs, wife Polly Ricks, son Robert Ricks & friend, George W. Zimmerman. Wit: James Dodson, William Porter, Thos. S. Reid & John T. Bell. Recorded 7 Oct 1853. (B:95)

Riggs, Jonathan – will dated 19 Jan 1834.
Wife, Jane Riggs, all estate for her support and the education of our children, and at her death the remainder of estate is to be divided equally among our children. Exrs, wife Jane Riggs & friend, Daniel Draper, Senr. Wit: Emanuel Block, Joseph Cochran & Horace B. Wing. Recorded 3 Feb 1834. (A:19)

Riley, Joshua – will dated 20 Sept 1853.
My two children, to wit, Armsted Riley & Jane Riley, all of my estate. Exr, son Armsted Riley. Wit: Joel Blanks &Wm. Murphy. Recorded 14 Feb 1854. (B:107)

Ripley, Richard – will dated 27 Oct 1834.
All perishable property to be sold and proceeds to be applied to the education of my children . . . . land rented until youngest child becomes of age. Wife, Ailsy Ripley, one third of all property. Exrs, Norbourn Woolfolk & Benj Vance are to pay the medical bills of Geo. Burns & Henry Lane, as their guardians. Wit: William Wilkinson, Austin C. Woolfolk & Daniel Darney. Rec 4 Nov 1834. (A:30)

Roberts, John – will dated 13 Sept 1844.
Sons, Elliot Roberts & Kirtly Roberts, each 5.00 and the remainder of my estate to be divided among my 4 daus, to wit, Mary Ann Basler, Elizabeth Duvan, Milaria Henry & Sally Wigh (Wigs?). Exr, Jonathan Duvall. Wit: Nixon Palmer & Thomas Hammonds. Recorded 27 Mar 1849. (B:39)

Robertson, Robert – will dated 4 May 1825.
"I put all my property in my wife Mary Robertson's hands and authorize her to make sail of as much as will buy the said tract of land where the said Robert Robertson now lives for my son, William D. Robertson, who is now about 18 months old." To David Rogers a good horse, saddle & briddle if he lives with my wife until he is 21 years of age. At death of wife the remainder of property to be equally divided among my 3 daus, to wit, Charlotta, Fletica & Mary Robertson . . . . Exrx, wife Mary. Wit: Hallowel E. Fallis & Elijah Myers. Recorded 8 June 1825. (A:1)

Robinson, Levi – will dated 23 Mar 1855.
Son, Daniel, all real & personal property. Two daughters, Sarah Mariah Perkins & Harriet Newall Blackburn, have received. Exr, son Daniel. Wit: W. A. Jackson & Chas. Wheeler. Rec 21 May 1855. (B:133)

Salmons, Eve – will dated 3 Sept 1853.
Son, John K., my negro boy George on condition that he pay to my grandson Robert J. Chasten & my granddau Elizabeth Thompson, each 200.00. Money & slaves to following, to wit, son Nathan Salmons; dau Nancy R. Williams wife of Henry C. Williams; dau Lucinda Williams; & the children of my decd son, Robert Salmons. Exrs, Moses M. Duff & Pleasant J. Davis. Wit: Bailey A. Young, Benedict J. Dillahay & Pius H. Wheatly, Recorded 7 Nov 1853. (B: 103)

Sanders, Joshua – will dated 18 Nov 1848.
Lands that I now have or may be entitled to of my father's estate to my 2 sisters, Elizabeth Blackabee & Jane Blackabee. Exr, Winston Sitton. Wit: J. Winston Sitton & Clifford B. Sitton. Rec 18 Dec 1848. (B:49)

Sanford, Henry B. – will dated 3 June 1844.
Wife, Sally Sanford, all estate for support of herself & the children that live with her. My 10 children, to wit, Richard H., George W., Lyda Ann Williams, Thadeus D., John D., Calistheness (son), Elizabeth P. Dorsey, Milton, Frances M. & Nancy F. Sanford. Exrs, sons Thadeus D., Calistheness & Milton Sanford. Wit: S.B. Sitton, Lawrence B. Sitton & Greenup H. Dejamatt. Recorded 8 Apr 1844. (A:145)

Saunders, Richard – will dated 30 Oct 1833.
My 3 oldest sons now living, Mordecia, Henry & Joseph . . . . having given to my son William in his lifetime a full share . . . . I leave to his heirs 1.00. Balance of estate divided among my 4 youngest children, viz, Elizabeth, Mary Jane, Richard & Joshua. Exr, friend John Thompson. Wit: E. H. Powers & Robert Thompson. Recorded 3 Nov 1834. (A:27)

Seymore, Claborn – will dated 9 Aug 1843.
Three children, John, Robertson & Betsy Seymore, each given slave & personal property. Exr, son John Seymore. Wit: Z. Callaway, James Callaway, Jr. & Thos. Hammonds. Rec 6 Nov 1850. (B:57)

Shaw, Bethuel – will dated 11 Apr 1842.
Wife, Susannah, all estate and should she remarry to be distributed according to law among my children. Exrs, wife Susannah & brother, James Shaw. Wit: P. T. Overall & N. B. Shaw. Rec 20 Oct 1842. (A:115)

Shearly (Shirley), John – will dated 3 Oct 1835.
Bequeath to John Foster all my right & interest in following named negros (8) and all personal property . . . . and he is to pay my brothers, Henry & Charles Shearly. Wit: Wm. Highsmith & F. K. Duncan. Recorded 25 Dec 1835. (A:40)

Shelton, Charles M. – will dated 4 Apr 1848.
Debt I owe my brother, William C. Shelton, for a tract of land due on 15 May1849, to be paid. Personal property to brothers William C. & Peachy G. Shelton. Remainder of estate to wife, Jane S. Shelton. Exr, Uncle Macom A. Shelton. Wit: David W. Nowlin & Charles C. Shelton. Recorded 9 May 1848. (B:25)

Sitton, Joseph – will dated 28 Apr 1830.
Wife, Diannah, the estate and at her death to be divided among my children, to wit, Jeffrey, Phillip, Lydia, William, Thomas, Jesse, Lawrence, Diannah, John & Selema. Exrs, wife Diannah & sons, Phillip, William & John L. Sitton. Wit: Brice W. Hammack, Geo. W. Zimmerman & J.W. Sitton. Recorded 10 Feb 1832. (A:14)

Smiley, George – will dated 5 July 1839.
All of my books to my father. Money divided between two oldest brothers and remainder of estate divided among my younger bros & my mother. Wit: John Bellomis? & Gyan Gibson. Recorded 12 Aug 1839. (A:83)

Smiley, Samuel – will dated 16 Feb 1843.
Estate to be sold and proceeds distributed between my wife, Emily, and my sons, Reuben, John, David B., William G. & George P. Eldest daughter, Catharine Emerson, has received. Also, second dau Synthia Womack, decd, and her infant children, Virginia Eliza Jane & Mary Jane. Exrs, neighbors & friends George W. Zimmerman, James Reed & Jas Wilson. Wit: John C. Wells, Carty Wells, James S. Thompson & F.G. Gilmer. Recorded 12 Feb 1844. (A:132)

Spyres, Malen, of Prairie Twp. – will not dated.
Wife, Rachel Spyres, all lands that I hold at this time (description). 5.00 each to following children, to wit, Sally Parson, William Spyres, Isaac, Mathias, Martin, Eleazor, Aaron, Sanson?, Yerldia Spyres, Henry and Malen Spyres. Exrs, sons William & Isaac Spyres. Wit: Joseph Stark & Samuel Mutton. Rec 14 Feb 1854. (B:108)

Stone, Samuel – will dated 31 Dec 1835.
Wife, Mary Stone, land in Warren Co (description) & 5 negros. Nephew, Joseph L. Thompson, all my interest in my father Joshua Stone's estate that may be coming to me at the death of my mother; and also interest in my grandfather Joshua Stone's estate that is coming to me at the death of my grandmother. Wit: Milton L. Lovel, Henry Wade & James Henderson. Recorded 1 Aug 1836. (A:42)

Stout, Hulda – will dated 1 Jan 1845.
Sons, George W. Stout & Albert G. Stout, each one equal undivided half of all my land . . . . on condition that my 2 daus, Sindarilla & Lyddia Stout are to be supported so long as they remain single. Granddau Edney Raggsdale shall have 50.00 when she arrives at the age of 21. Heirs of my decd dau Osa Stout, late Osa Steel, one dollar. Five last named children, viz, Margaret H. Williamson, Louisa B. Rankins, Roda Stiles, James M. Stout & Thos. Jefferson Stout, 1.00 each. Exr, friend Thomas McQueen of Pike Co., Mo. Wit: Noah Robinson & John Robinson. Recorded 2 Jan 1850. (B:50)

Suddarth, Thomas S. – will dated 30 Apr 1836.
Three youngest children, Christopher Mortimer, Susan Jane & Thos. Sumpter, shall live on the premises whereon I now live, and their grandmother, Susannah Myers, continue to live with them until youngest become of age or marry. Dau, Cary Ann Elizabeth Adams, a slave. Certain sums of money coming to me from my father's estate in Virginia. Exrs, John Myers & Christopher M. Suddarth. Wit: John W. Gillum & W. Johnson. Rec 9 Aug 1836. (A:44)

Tarrants, Lott – will dated 4 Feb 1845.
Wife, Rachel, all personal property & balance to be sold for purpose of entering a quarter section of land upon which I now live. Exrs, Solomon R. Moxley of Lincoln Co. & Daniel Keithley of St. Charles Co. Wit: Hilary P. Mudd & Jacob Eddlemon. Recorded 11 June 1845. (A:156)

Teague, Peter – will dated 14 Jan 1848.
Wife, Rachel, all my estate for her support and education of my 3 children that are living with her. All my children, to wit, Wesley, James, Andrew, Jane Ann, Darius, Tolbert H., Marion, Caswell & Oscar. Exrs, wife Rachel and sons, Wesley & James Teague. Wit: Lawrence B. Sitton & Lemuel O. Tucker. Recorded 8 May 1848. (B:23)

Triplett, Nathaniel – will dated 22 Aug 1844.
Wife, Mary, my soul executrix to manage the affairs of my estate and at her death to be divided between my several children (not named). Wit: Wm. H. Nicklin, Ira T. Nelson & J. M. King. Recorded 11 Nov 1844. (A:152)

Turner, Elias – will dated 26 Aug 1837.
Wife, Keziah, all real & personal estate to raise & educate our children . . . . as they marry to receive a portion of the estate. Wit: C.H. Bailey, Asaph Goodrich & Chas. Wheeler. Rec 23 Jan 1838. (A:60)

Vance, Benjamin – will dated 6 Nov 1845.
Son, Wm. L. Vance, one thousand dollars. I have given my son Samuel Vance 800.00 and I give an additional 200.00. 1,000.00 each in cash or slaves to following children, namely, Theodore P., James, Eleanor R. Owsley, Sarah E. Hamilton & Robert L. Vance. Three youngest, Benj Milton, Andrew W. & Charles C. Vance, to receive as they come of age. Also names a grandson Benj. D. Vance & my sister Patsey Vance. One half acre whereon is my family burying ground to be reserved from sale. Exrs, sons Wm. L. & Theodore P. Vance. Wit: Geo. W. Zimmerman & Charles G. Woolfolk. Recorded 29 Jan 1848. (A:15)

Watts, Henry – will dated 20 July 1839.
Wife, Elizabeth, all estate to be used for her support and the education of the children, to wit, Edmund Mountjoy, John Henry, Mary Elizabeth and Margaret Ann. One hundred dollars to Polly Hartgrove. Exrs, Chas. Mountjoy & Francis Watts. Wit: Gerrard Mountjoy, Edmund Mountjoy & C. C. Eastin. Rec 27 Aug 1839. (A:84)

Watts, William – will dated 7 Nov 1850.
Wife, Nancy, all estate including slaves and at her death to be divided among my sons, Caneyra, Seneca & Mordeca Watts . . . . paying equal to my 3 daus, Gabrilla Wilkinson, Arzilla Ferry & Verdilla Hammack. Exr, son Mordeca Watts. Wit: Brice W. Hammack, Hiram Wommack & Norris H. Goodman. Recorded 12 May 1851. (B:67)

Webb, Statia – will dated 22 Mar 1838.
Wife, Sally, all estate and after her death the residue to be divided amongst all my children (not named). Exr, Geo. Clare. Wit: Marcus R. McCollum & John M. Reed. Rec 15 Aug 1838. (A:66)

Wells, Nicholas – will dated 6 Feb 1844.
Son, Nicholas B. Wells, 80 acres (description). 200.00 to dau Ann Wells. Remainder divided equally amongst all my children. Has entered a contract with his son-in-law, M. Degarmer, concerning my farm. Exrs, sons Nicholas B. & Thos. Wells. Wit: M. H. McFarland, John B. Cox & David Stewart. Rec 14 Feb 1844. (A:137)

Welty, Abraham – will dated 12 Feb 1842.
Wife, Polly Welty, all estate . . . . "as to my children that I fondly love, I leave them dependent on their mother who will provide for them . . . ." Wit: Christina Shelly, Anna Holcomb &Geo. W. Huston. Recorded 7 Apr 1842. (A:111)

Whiteside, Isaac E. – will dated 30 Jan 1846.
Wife, Susan, all of my effects both real & personal . . . . and at her death to be divided among my children (not named). Wit: Felix G. Nichols & William Whiteside. Recorded 14 May 1846. (B:2)

Wilkerson, William – will dated 31 Dec 1837.
My four sons, John, Herod, Jockinias & Elikah, land on which I now reside. Also names sons James & Anderson. Four daus, Nancy Hays, Polly Hale, Tabitha Price & Lucy Simonds, each a slave. Exrs, John & Herod Wilkerson. Wit: Geo. W. Zimmerman & Agee S. Knapp. Recorded 27 Jan 1838. (A:62)

Wilson, Mary – will dated 11 Sept 1855.
Sister, Elizabeth B. Wilson, all estate. Exr, brother William J. Wilson. Wit: Andrew R. Finley & Wm. J. Wilson. Rec 12 Nov 1855. (B:146)

Withenton (Withington), James – will dated 26 Aug 1850.
Names the following, Clifford Gray, Ellen Wommack wife of William Wommack, Nancy Watts, brother Francis Withenton, & sister Rhroda Thompson. Friends, Wm. Watts, Brice W. Hammack & Leander M. Hammack. Exrs, friends Brice W. Hammack & Wm. Watts. Wit: Caneyra Watts & Joseph Wilkinson. Recorded 15 Nov 1850. (B:61)

Wombles, James, of Bedford Twp. – will not dated.
Wife, Elizabeth, all my lands (description) and at her death to be sold and money divided among my living children. Exr, my surviving son Fountain H. Wombles and he is to be the guardian of all my children until they attain the age of 21 years. Wit: Lawson A. Capps & Malen Spyres. Recorded 15 May 1848. (B:26)

Woolfolk, John A. – will dated 9 Mar 1854.
Son, Shapely Woolfolk, two hundred dollars to make his share equal to that of my dau Mary Jane Block. Younger children, Richard O., Austin C., Martha C., Hellen B., & George Anna C. Woolfolk, to receive education and equal shares in the estate. Exrs, sons Shapley R. & Richard O. Woolfolk and my son-in-law, William H. Block? (Black?), without bond. Wit: Charles Wheeler & James H. Britton. Recorded 14 Nov 1854. (B:119)

Yater, Conrad – will dated 3 Apr 1834.
Wife the whole of my estate during her lifetime and at her death to be divided among all my children, to wit, Joseph Yater, Elizabeth P. King, Peter S. Yater, Henry Yater, Polly Johnson, Nancy Pew, Sally Sutton, Catharine Bradley, Charles H. Yater & George Washington Yater. Exr. not named. Wit: William Porter & Alexander Morrison. Recorded 9 Sept 1834. (A:25)

[Source: "Missouri Pioneers," Volume XXIII; Compiled by Miss Nadine Hodges and Mrs. Howard W. Woodruff; June 1974; transcribed by V. Bryan]

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