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List of Converts

St. Michaels Parish




List of Converts from 1885 - 1917


The Catholic Church must of necessity stand for the reunion of Christendom. But reunion implies the return of the wandering children to the center of unity, the reconciliation of those that were estranged from the old mother Church. A convert to the Catholic Faith therefore is one who has found his way back to the house of his Father, to the circle of his kindred. With Drydeti he says:

"Good deeds be now my task, my doubts are done."

I will give a list of all the converts received into the Church at St. Michael's, during the years 18851917. The earlier records we must leave to a later occasion.


Converts Received From 1885-1887

Mary Thompson 

Margarette LeeMaulsby

Charles Thompson    

Martha Henderson

Thomas Matthews     

Lucinda Meitier 


Converts Received From 1887-1907 

Frances Hastings
Leonora Amelia Matthews
Elizabeth Bell Johnson
Jeremiah Matthews
Wilhelmina Priggel
Louisa Jones
Anna Daniel
Amanda Mary DeGuire
M. McNichols
Benjamin B. Cahoon
Florence Matthews
Mariette Duchouquette
Andrew Baxter Broadwell
Laura Cunningham

Anna Bird Sauer
Mary Whitlock
Catharine Hacker
Mary McAnally
Clara Elizabeth Hacker
Mary Glinda Hacker
Victoria Louisa Duchouquette
Cora DeGuire
Thomas F. Whitworth
Emma Olander
Mary Florence Stone
Clara Brown
Edward Whitworth
Ida Zaehe

Emma Mack
Mary Birdie Matthews
Anna May Matthews
Rose Matthews
Anna Matthews
Gertrude Daisy Newcom
John A. Banes
Henry Otto Whitworth
Rebecca Whitworth
John Matthews

Raymond Augustus Whitworth

James Mounce

William Hacker

Cora Alice Riles

Olive Frances DeGuire

James Menteer

Clyde Oscar Newcom

Ethel May Newcom

Irene Newcom

Anna Osborne

Maria Lilly Berg

Abigail Hickman Smith

John Crawford Philipps

Grace Angela O'Bannon

Ira Roscoe Kennedy

Johanna Henrietta Prokopf
Lavinia Philipps
Mary Alice Duvall
Nellie Duvall
John W. Keyes
Zach Duvall
Lawrence Duvall
Mary Ellen Norwine
Josephine Decloue
William Newton Nalle
Catharine Mary O'Bannon
Elizabeth Gaines
Vermont R. Allen
Josephine Caldwell Smith
George Graham
Sarah Adeline Maze
Samuel Rochester
Joseph W. O'Bannon
Maudie Mary Bloom
Henry Jones
Walter Jones
Mary Jones
George Bishop
Ada Cowan Latanzio



Converts Received From 1907-1911 

Nora Elizabeth Peterman  

Catharine Ellis

Moses Ellis       

Pauline Sonderman

Mary Grace LeGrande

Mary Helen Banes

Sarah Frances Newcom

John Bennet Newcom

Gertrude DeGuire

Catharine Peterman 



Converts Received From 1911-1917 

Robert E. White
Raymond Otto Edwards
Mary Goff
Henrietta LaChance
Oscar Cornelius Whitener
Agnes Irene Sebastian
Joseph Ashlock
Helen Ashlock
Frances Ashlock
Thomas Ashlock
Amanda Mary Schulte

Evarista Bell Lanpher 

John Owen Matthews
Sidney Jones
Charles Jones
Karl Hardt

Joseph Clarence Montgomery
Lottie Graham
Mary Benna Skaggs
Ervie John Thompson
Augustine Aubrey Wood
Oscar Byron Wood
Clyde James Wood



Many of the converts have long since departed this life, others are still with us and in the unity of the faith. May they find many successors in the coming years.




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