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Local Mountains





Black Mountain

A mountain in the west part of Liberty Township, which was named for a pioneer family who owned a large tract of land here. (King, La Plant), (Watts)


Blue Mountain

A mountain in the western part of Polk Township on which Blue Mountain Lookout Tower was built.

It was named for a pioneer family--Belew.

The spelling has been changed, probably by the people of the community who spelled the word to correspond to the sound, and by the map makers, so that the original word has almost been forgotten. (Goodspeed, Berry, Andrews)



Blue Mountain Lookout Tower

Cf. above


Buck Mountain

A mountain in the eastern part of St. Francois Township, named for the deer found there by pioneer hunters. (Waggoner, Ferguson)


Buckner's Mountain

A large mountain in the central part of Polk Township, named for Aylette Buckner. Cf. above. (Goodspeed, Andrews, County Map)


Deguire Mountain


A Mountain in the western part of Polk Township, having an evelation of our hundred and ninety two feet.


Goodspeed spells the word Deguerre, but this is a mistake, for the mountain is name for Paul Deguire (1792-1875), who came to Madison County in 1800 from France.


Paul De Guire with three other families hewed the road throughthe wilderness to Madison County.


Thiers was the first wheeled vehicle to come over the trail.

De Guire engaged in lead mining and also was an extensive farmer.


The family's name was origanlly pronounced ____ and was spelled De Guire, but today it is Americanized to ______ and written Deguire.  (Doublass I 6690671, Deguire)


Iron Bank

See Matthew's Mountain


Matthews Mountain

A mountain in Liberty Township where iron ore was formerly mined.

About 1870 it was referred to as "The Matthews Mountain Iron Bank" and was named for the landowner. (Campbell, Gipson, Schulte)


Rock Pile Mountain

A large hill or mountain in the center part of Central Township. At the top of the mountain is a large flat rock and on this are piled large rocks in a pattern. It is quite an extensive formation, covering about four acres and is believed to have been used by the Indians as a signal mountain. (Ferguson, Brewington, Berry)


Silver Mountain

A large mountain in the southern part of Polk Township, which is named from the silver deposits found and mined there in 1893 at what is known as Silvermine (q.v.). (Ferguson, Schulte, Watts)


Smith's Mountain

A high mountain in the northern part of Central Township, named for the Smith family, prominent pioneers. (Andrews)







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