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Madison County, Missouri

Will Book “A”





Jesse Allen


Will Dated:  May 17, 1834


Wife, Mary Allen…Children:  William J., Burdette O. (son), Thomas C., Christopher C., John, Elizabeth and Susan.  “My father in Kentucky”.  Slaves, Smith and Isabella. Also mentions John Burdett of Madison County, Missouri.


Exrs:  Wife Mary and friend Caleb Cox.

Wit:  Belfield J. Porter and Arthur McFarland


Recorded:  October 30, 1834 (44)




Thomas Bombaugh


Will Dated:  December 28, 1840


Wife, Elender Bombaugh.  Daughter, Rebecca Teal, and grandson William Bombaugh.


Exrs:  wife Elender and friend Caleb Cox.

Wit:  Edward Evans, James Arnett and Gilbert Nettleton.


Recorded:  January 3, 1855  (145)





Robert Buckner


Will Dated:  September 2, 1834


Wife, Eliza.  Sons,  Aylette and Richard Buckner.  “Sell my property in Daviess County, Kentucky.”  Slaves, Joseph and Allen.


Exr:   Robert M. Frier.

Wit:  Frederick T. Overfield, Berry Cantwell and William Tong.


Recorded:  September 15, 1834  (38)





Elizabeth Burdett


Will Dated:  January 25, 1844


Widow of John Burdettl  Son, Christopher C.; daughter, Melvina Gosney, and son-in-law, Dr. James H. Gosney.  Grandsons, John F. Gosney and Yelverton O’Bannon.  Children of deceased daughter, Susanna Callaway.  Daughter, Mary McDowell.  “A girl I have reared frominfancy”.  Mentions slaves.  


Exr:  Son-in-law, Dr. James H. Gosney.

Wit:  William M. Newberry and Fred T. Overfield.


Recorded:  October 27, 1849   (113)





Peter Calaway


Will Dated:  January 2, 1834


Wife, Susan.  Children:  Powell Callaway, John B., Thomas Price Calaway, Amanda Malvina (wife of Wm. Cantwell) and Polly A. Calaway.


Exrs:  Abraham Britten and Caleb Cox.

Wit:  Richard Britton, John McDowell and Geo. Nifong.


Recorded:  February 8, 1834   (36)





Mrs. Mary Campbell


Will Dated:  August 23, 1843


Widow of  Moses Campbell.  Mentions her deceased father, George Dooley, Bedford County, Virginia.  Daughters:  Mary Bagnell and Jane Burdett (Mrs. Chris C. Burdett).  Son William B. Campbell; son George W. Campbell, and Mary Ann; son Jams D. Campbell, Mrs. Mary Campbell, and Cidney.  Brother, William Dooley of Virginia.


Exr:  Son-in-law, Isaac Bagnell.

Wit:  William M. Newberry and Edward Evans.


Recorded:  October 11, 1843    (94)





James Chilton


Will Dated:  July 22, 1829


Wife, Nancy and children (not named).  Slaves Reuben and Rachel.


Exrs:  Sons Frances Chilton of Mt. Pleasant, Missouri, Jess Chilton, near Kansas City, and Raleigh Chilton.

Wit:  James Williams, George Nifong and David E. Caruthers.


Recorded:  December 26, 1829   (25)





Peter Clubb


Will Dated:  April 21, 1827


Wife, Margaret.  Son, Anthony Clubb.  Slaves Stephen and Jane.  Slave, Rachel Born 1780,  Union County, South Carolina, owned by Wm. Lockhart.  Sold to me by Ephraim Perkins of Lincoln County, North Carolina September 29, 1798.  Also mentions land in Union County, South Carolina where John Wilchel lives.


Wit:  E. R. Conrad, William Clubb and Samuel Pow.


Recorded:  June 4, 1827    (8)





Ann  F. Cooper


Will Dated:  June 1843


Sons, William, Lloyd, George, and younger sons, Isom and Henry Cooper.  Children of Henry and Elizabeth Cooper.  Dr. Derastus Peck and wife Ellen (relationship not given).


Exr:  Dr. Peck

Wit:  Hiram N. Tong


Will “told to Susan Bartlett”.


Recorded:  July 19, 1853   (189)





Caleb Cox


Will Dated:  March 12, 1852


Wife, Louise C. Cox.  “All my children” (no names). 


Trustees:  Henry A. Cox, J. Barton Cox, Samuel Caruthers and Samuel Collier

Wit:  Louis Tucker and S. A. Guignon


Recorded:  December 10, 1852     (130)





Moses Cox


Will Dated:  April 26, 1833


Wife, Ellen.  Daughter, Eliza Ellen Ellis, and son-in-law, William Ellis.  Infant daughter, Ann Cox.


Exrs:  Brother Caleb Cox and son-in-law William Ellis

Wit:  Elijah O’Bannon and Theodore F. Tong


Recorded:  July 16, 1833  (33)





John Duff




Will Dated August 10, 1824


Died August 12, 1824.  Wife, Elizabeth.  Children – no names.


Wit:  William Borin and wife, Ruth Boren


Recorded:  September 9, 1824   (6)





Richard Farrar


Will Dated:  March 12, 1824


Mother, Fanny Farrar.  Nephews, Clement Farrar and Richard Allen Martin.  Sisters, Sally Martin.  Slaves:  Big and Old Ned, Stanford, Polly, Lettle Ned, Kitty, Phillis, Sampson and Jane.


Wit:  Nathaniel Cook and Geo. Capehart


Recorded:  March 31, 1824   (4)





Robert M. Frier


Will Dated:  June 4, 1849


Wife, Elizabeth.  Son, Erastus R. Frier, and daughters, Gabrelia and Caroline Lindsay.  Son-in-laws, William M. Newberry  and James Lindsay.  “Land I purchased from Robert Buckner, Nat. Cook and Joseph Moore west of St. Francois River 1 mile from Fredericktown”.  Slaves Sharlot, Eliza, Dick, Isaac and Edmond.


Exrs:  Son Erastus R. Frier and friend Richard Brittin.

Wit:  Caleb Cox, Alex Nifong and M. F. Cox


Recorded:  January 13, 1842   (123)






Thomas Frizell


Will Dated June 10, 1839


Wife Mary Ann Frizell.  Sons:  Salathel, Needham, Jason and Thomas.  Daughters:  Clara, wife of Urian Johnson; Maria, wife Of Thomas Nana Moore:  Marilla wife of John Clugg; Loues, wife of Benj. Cato; Jemima Frizell and Nancy Frizell.


Wit:  Fred T. Overfield, Jeremiah Spencer and Napoleon B. Allen.


Recorded:  February 8, 1845.




Codicil Dated:  December 3, 1843.  Names sons:  Salathel, John J., Jefferson, Needham, Jason, Thomas and Jeremiah Frizell.  Other heirs the same as in original will.


Wit:  Fred T. Overfield, A. T. Lacy and Samuel Brittin.


Recorded:  May 1, 1848    (101)






Boswell Hutchings


Will written in Dinwiddie County, Virginia, February 8, 1837.


Son John Hutchings; daughter, Elizabeth (Hutchings) Green; son Charles Hutchings an dhis wife Agnes, daughter of Robertson Montgomery; children of deceased daughter, Mary (Hutchings) Wingo; son Robert Hutchings; grandson Samuel B. Wingo and Granddaughter Mary H. Wingo.  Mentions slaves.


Wit:  Allen Thweatt, John W. Fraser and Charles T. Moody, all of Dinwiddie County, Virginia.


Recorded:  April 7, 1837   (79)






Dr. William Isom


Will Dated:  March 15, 1827


Wife, Odillie.  Daughter, Marselette, Only child.  Brother, Jonathen Isom.  Slaves:  Coss, Hannah, Meborah, Bob & Della Golian.


Exr:  Theo F. Tong


Wit:  I. T. Spring, G. A. Bird, and Ezekial B. Herrick.


Recorded:  July 18, 1827   (13)






Jacob Kern


Will Dated:  May 3, 1843


Written in German


Sons, Jacob, Jr. and John Kern.


Wit:  Mos. Goddey, John Warner, Nicholas Adelmann, and Jacob Weber


Recorded:  May 23, 1843  (83)






William McMurtrey


Will Dated:  July 3, 1839


Wife, Sarah, and son, William M. McMurtrey.  Granddaughter, Jane Brown of Arkansas. Mentions slaves.


Exrs:  Son William and friend William Tidwell

Wit:  George Campbell and Winston Whitworth


Recorded:  November 4, 1890   (55)






John Mathews


Will Dated:  November 2, 1839


Wife, Polly.  Children:  Nancy, Susan, Rebecca, Ancil. Lamiel, Vanburon, John, Russsell, Nepolen, Jeremaih, Elizabeth (Sinclear), Sally (Pettigrew), Any (Mitchell), Adiline Mathews and an unborn child.


Exr:  Son John Mathews


Wit:  Francis Parks and Henry Kemper.


Recorded:  November 6, 1839   (59)






William Mitchell, Sr.


Will Dated:  July 24, 1851


Names “my 6 older children”:  James, Greenberry, Elijah, Amelia, Wright, Tabitha and William.  Seventh. Isaac Mitchell.  Heirs of son Aquilia Mitchell.  Grandsons, William M. Wright and John Reaves.


Wit:  Robert M. Shannon, Pinkney L. Turner, A. H. Gibbs and T. P. Hawkins


Recorded:  January 21, 1853   (135)






Robinson Montgomery


Will Dated:  February 23, 1842


Grandchildren, Mary Elizabeth Hutchings and John Boswell Robinson Hutchings, children of my daughter Agnes K. Montgomery Hutchings, wife of Charles Hutchings.  Granddaughter, May Elizabeth Montgomery, Daughter of my son Nathan Montgomery.  Grandson, Robertson Montgomery Slater, son of my daughter Elizabeth (Mrs. Joseph Slater).  Grandchildren, Robertson Montgomery Stephenson and Rebecca Ann Stephenson, children of daughter Emily, Mrs. Joseph Montgomery.


Exrs:  Son Nathan and son-in-law Charles Hutchings

Wit:  Thomas Cooper, Richard Britten and Fred F. Overfield


Recorded:  March 26, 1842   (68)






Joseph Moore


Will Dated:   September 17, 1822


Wife “Betsy” (Elizabeth ).  Children:  Galatin Moore; Sophronia (Mrs. Markings M. Knight); Joannah, Drusilla, Amanda, Mildred and Joseph Moore.


Wit:  Theodore F. Tong and Jeremiah Robinson


Recorded:  October 7, 1822    (1)






Edward Murray


Will Dated:  April 2, 1870 (?)


Wife, Clarimond, and “offsprings”.


Wit:  William R. Tucker and James Miller.


Recorded:  April 22, 1837  (53)


** Bible record gives: 



Born:  October 10, 1785

Died:  April 3, 1837

Married:  Clarimand, widow of Robert Grooms.

Children:  Elizabeth (Mrs. Jacob Smith; Sarah M. Murray, Ann (Mrs. Drewry Skaggs); Joanna (Mrs. George Helterbrand); William Isom Murray, Richard A. Murray, Calvin Murray, Agness Purlisha (Mrs. Leonard Peringer),  and Drewry T. Murray.  (Also Murry).






Jonathan Owsley (Howsley)


Will Dated:  February 14, 1803


Newbourbon Dist., St. Genevieve County


Wife, Mary.  Niece, Amy Callaway, wife of nephew, John Callaway.  Nephews, Jonathan Byrans of Kentucky; Jonathan Owsley, son of brother William of Kentucky; John Owsley, son of brother Henry Owsley of Kentucky.  Slave, Dorcas.  Others mentioned in will:  J. B. Valley, Camille de Lussier, Pere and Daniel Meredith, all of  Ste. Genevieve, Missouri.


Exrs:  John Callaway and wife

Wit:  Mathew Logan, John Mann and Thomas Ring


Recorded:  December 6, 1827, Madison County    (18)







John R. Parkin


Will Dated:  April 4, 1851


Mentions Charles and Mary Noel, children of sister Elizabeth (Parkin) Noel, the widow of Edward G. Noel, decd.  Children of brother Joseph Parkin and wife Emily:  Joseph F. Parkin, Eliza V. Parkin, Aylette (Elliott) Buckner Parkin and  Emily Parkin.  Brother, Thomas Parkin, and sister (Elizabeth Noel)


Exr:  Thomas Parkin

Wit:  Sam Caruthers and Sam C. Collier


Recorded:  December 11, 1852    (133)






Joseph Parkin


Will Dated:  July 20, 1843


Wife, Emily M. Parkin.  Three children by first wife:  Elizabeth, John R. and Mary Ann.  Brother, Thomas Parkin, A partner.  Mentions slaves Charles and Jane.


Exrs:  Thomas Parkin, Alfred T. Lacey and John Hill

Wit:  John Evans and George Walton


Recorded:  December 5, 1844   (97)






Evariste F. Pratte


Will Dated:  February 12, 1849


Wife, Rosine Pratte.  Our adopted daughter, Louise, wife of Francis L. Valle.


Exrs:  Brother-in-law Simon A. Guignon and wife Rosine

Wit:  August A. Fleming, Peter R. Pratte and Conrad C. Zeigler


Recorded:  February 5, 1849   (108)






James Reed


Will Dated:  October 18, 1851


Wife, Nancy Reed.  Grandchildren, the unknown heirs of Elizabeth Henderick.  Son Daniel L. Reed.  Grandchildren, Elizabeth Jane  Fitzgerald (formerly Eliz. J. Tucker), and James R. Tucker.  Heirs of William Stamp.  Daughter Zelah Tucker And James Tucker.  Jessy Pollard and wife.  Mentions property adjoining William Mitchell, Sr.  Son Bartey H. Reed (“who was born to Nancy Barry and me before our marriage”)  Son James M. Reed and daughter, Missouri Reed.  Mentions eight slaves.


Exrs:  Wife, Nancy, and friend, Herbert A. Gibs.

Attorneys:  Hiram N. Tong, Robert Sloss, and Edward Evans

Wit:  John Farr and William Graham


Recorded:  October 20, 1851   (116)





Jeremiah Robinson


Will Dated:  August 28, 1833


Wife, Drucilla Robinson.  Mentions, - heirs of deceased daughter, Elizabeth Terry; son, John L. Robinson; daughter, Drucilla Tong, Milly Hedspeth, Margery Griffs; children of deceased daughter, Joana Hedspeth; daughter, Emily Campbell; daughter, Hethy Holbert, and daughter, Harriet Robinson.  Names six slaves:  Nancy, Jefferson, Charles, Mary, Nicey and Rosetta.


Exrs and Wit:  Joseph Bennett and John Perringer


Recorded:  September 1, 1836   (47)






Samuel A. M. Shipp


Will Dated:  March 8, 1843


Sister, Frances A. Shipp, living with Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Thurmann, of Kentucky.  Nephew, Christopher Blackburn Of Boone County, Kentucky.  Friends:  Samuel Tupmann, son of Thomas G.Tuppman; Dr. William C. Morris, His son Charles and wife; Mr. and Mrs. George Carlisle of Cincinnatti Ohio; John ford of St. Louis, Missouri, and Charles S. Drake.  Partner, Horace Woodbridge; and employees Albert B. Coren and Joseph Shaw.  Also mentions Mrs. Bissell, wife of Captain Lewis Bissell;  Dr. Joseph J. Clark; and Mrs. Ward and daughter, “where I formerly boarded”.


Exrs:  Louis Bissell and John Ford

Wit:  David Bassett and Samuel Hager


Recorded:  April 7, 1843   (87)





James Skaggs


Will Dated:  April 9, 1831


Wife, Anna Skaggs.  Four sons:  Joel, Drewry T., William M. and Samnuel H. Skaggs.  “Lawful heirs”, not named.  Mentions property in Green County, Kentucky, and in Madison County, Missouri.


Wit:  Benjamin Helterbrand, Wyatt Williams and Winston Whitworth


Recorded:  June 17, 1831   (30)






Hiram Spain


Will Dated:  September 2, 1835


Wife, Nancy Spain.  Children:  William, Martial (son), Madison, John, Blazley (son), Malinda, Lydia Ann, and Nancy.


Wit:  William W. Settle, Carter T. Graham and Elijah Graham


Recorded:  September 14, 1836   (51)






Jonas Spiva


Will Dated:  February 7, 1829


Wife, Bethany Spiva.  Children:  Nancy, Kizah Hicks, Elizabeth, Sary, Mary Curey, William; Elisha, Hannah Martin, Rhody Moor, Cynthia Bridget, Sally Martin, James, Dory Johnson, and Nancy Fleury.


Wit:  John Perringer, William Campbell and Joseph Bennett


Recorded:  November 13, 1828   (22)






Joseph Marie Beuvais Ste. Gemme


Will Dated:  January 28, 1852


Names the following:  nieve, Dulemme Ste. Gemme; Mry Mathews daughter of John and Mary Pelagie Mathews; Heirs of nephew, Lassondrais Ste. Gemme; heirs of Clement Dechmendy and Edward Dechmendy; nephew August Ste. Gemme, Jr. (son of Auguste Ste. Gemme, Sr., of Ste. Genevieve, Missouri; niece Clotilda Ste. Gemme (daughter of brother John B. Ste. Gemme); Carmellite Guignon (wife of S. A. Guignon).


Exr:  Brother, Auguste Ste. Gemme

Wit:  Charles Gregoire, S. A. Guignon, David M. Fox


Recorded:  February 12, 1852    (126)






Jacob Stephens


Will Dated:  July 14, 1835


Wife, Elizabeth Stephens.  Children:  Warren, William, Jackey B. (deceased), Polly, the wife of Samuel Weir; Gabriel J.; Macolin, the wife of George Weir; Ann W., the wife of Zenas Smith; Jacob; George; Thomas; Letitia the wife of Eli Ward; and Young Finas Stephens.  “The plantation where I now live.”  Slaves Hannah and Jim.


Exrs:  Wife, Elizabeth and friend (son-in-law) Zenas Smith

Wit:  James M. Callaway and John M. Teal


Recorded:  February 3, 1840   (62)






Joseph Tessereau


Will Dated:  May 20, 1854


Wife, Magdolene Tessereau.  Sons, Lewis J./ Joseph, Vital, and Francie Tessereau.  Daughters, Mary (Mrs. Lassondias Ste. Gemme) and Marcelite (Mrs. Henry Huck).  Friend, Henry Janis.


Wit:  David M. Fox and Henry Janis


Exrs:  Wife Magdoline


Recorded:  July 27, 1854   (142)






The original will book “A” has become so fragile, with the binding loose and the pages crumbling away, the the Probate Clerk removed it from the shelves, and put it away for safe keeping.  The probate office is using an abstracted copy prepared by the Madison County Historian when referring to the earliest wills.


The following records are made from those abstracts.


Only a small percentage of early residents left wills, most of them dying intestate, but no early book of administrations could be found.




Madison County, Missouri - Will Book “A”, 1822-1855