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  Bounderies of Fredericktown



Mable (Schwaner) Crow’s house; on West Main Street.  A vacant lot owned by B. B. Cahoon between the Sloss Land (South Wood Avenue).  The Tom White Farm across Sloss Lane was open land south to the Alf Buckner place; later known as Sloss Place. 

The north boundary of the White farm was the old gravel road, the then Mordica Jackson place on South Wood Avenue.

From the river ford, around the Bend field by way of Sinking Springs, the Bluff Spring, the Cooper Fork, the French Hole, the mouth of Mill Creek and on to the Narrows, at the foot of Mt. Devon.

On the north side of the gravel road from the east boundary of the White place and west to the river, and back around Town Creek, lay the Cap Belken place. 

Theo (Toat) Underriner’s place joined up to the back of the A. A. Blumer place and east to Maple Avenue. 

Pea Ridge, the west boundary of Bogg Town (Bugg Town; North Town, was known as different names). 

On the north of North Town, the T. J. Downs place, over to the Mine La Motte Road, and across was the Alex Nifong place, which joined the Dick Anthony place to the east, and back to Town Creek, with the exception of a small piece of land along the old Jackson Road was owned by Jack Berryman which is on Z Highway. 

The east side of town and the old Valley Farm.  At the entrance of Valley Farm, was where the Will Graham house stands today at start of Bloomfield Road. 

From here was the Jim Berryman place, and the Boner place; formerly known as the Buckeye land or the copper mines. 

The Nehmiah Johnson place was south of the Valley Farm, along the Boomfield Road.   The Johnson place, and a portion of the Valley farm.  James Oden  place along the Bloomfield Road south of Marvin Avenue.  This for the north boundary came what is now East Marvin Avenue.

To finish the boundary of Fredericktown; we cross the Bloomfield Road north of the grave yard; on across the Gordenville Road and back to the Sloss Lane.




Memories Of The Past In Fredericktown, Missouri

Harvey C. Moore 1-16-1997