Madison County - Genealogy Trails






Old Names and Places




 Influential people came from near and far reaching surroundings 



From the west and on into Creek Nation were:


The Thompson’s

George Hahn

Henry Revelle

Ed Lewis

The Prices

Joe DeGuire

George and Celeste Bruce



From out on the gravel road came the:


Jasper Graham Family

Billy Snider

The Coopers


All of Oak Grove, including Monroe Wilson at the top of Hells Half Acre.  Into town:


Joe O’Bannon and Robinson at the Red Barn 

Skrainke Town and Simpsons Quarry

Beverly Maze

June Castile

The Old Rebel

George Lampher


From Catherine came:

The Wiegensteins and Thomas’s


On towards town and off the road about half a mile north, Judge Henry McFarland. 


Crossing the river and on into town was the Belken family.

Theo (Toat) Underringer

Max Neidner

The Kassabaums






North Town furnished a number of families: 


Barney O’Connor

Robert Arnett

The Walkers

N. B. and Joe Graham

John Herman

The Richeys

Bill Gudger

Mike DeGrieve

Pink Gabriel

Judge James Fox

Judge Noll

Judge Holliday

Dr. George Nifong

Dr. Williams

Dr. Goff

Dr. Haley

Dr. Frank Newberry

Dr. Kemper

Dr. Caruthers Anthony

Dr. Greenwood

E. H. Day

Frank May

Gus and Charley Dagen DeGuire

The Sondermans

Mrs. Duchouquette and Jorlen

Bill Harris

The Robinson Boys

Frank Bollinger, the old porter

A . & W. Pierce

Crow and Buford

Dad Sherman

Bill Talley and Bruno

Forney (Mick) Beggs

Dr. Donnell

Miss Mary and Hattie

Lewis & Hattie Riggs

J. & V. Schlissinger

Judy Weldin

John Clardy

Judge Allen

Mell Rhodes

Rufus Beard

Milt Addison

Frank Alumbaugh

The Nedderdicks

Raymond Sauer

Seatoff and Prokoff

Bisplinghoff & Christoph

John Muellersman

Jim Compton

John R. Casey

Dr. George Nifongs home.

Frank Moore

Lewis and Hattie Riggs

Judy Weldin

B. Benson Cahoon

Philip Cohn

Jack Chilton



Some old family names in and around town:


The Anthony's

Ed Marshall

The Stephensons’s

Ben Sahnly

The Golsons


Out Shady Grove way:


The Whitworths, off Castor River

The Spiva FamilyBen McGraw

Charly and Jim Thompson

Andy Ruth

Bill Mounce

The McClellans

Dick Deven, his wife “Granny” and Mary

Ed Perringer

Rev. Mose Ellis


Down on the head of Twelve Mile:


Frank Stephens and Suffy 

Little Black John

Father Rothensteiner

The Perringer Family

Fred Hertzinger

N. B. Watts

Ben McGraw

Felix J. Perkin

John and Talitha Moore  

Dr. Caruthers.

Dick and Poke Anthony

Stella P. Pocahontas Anthony, Forbs and Benton Anthony

Frank Anthony

Dick Devon

Professor Henry

A.S. Cocker

Rev. Grey Whitesides            

Mary Glaves

Marie Thost

One of Arthur Blumer’s daughters

Ed Anthony’s daughter, Edith 

George Gassman


Lum Watts

James McGraw, Davidson & Stone

Big Jim Moore

Jor Graham

Rowdy Cole

Forney (Mick) Beggs

 Henry Howell


George Poston

Tuney Sharp

Flim Guitar

Fred Clark

Frank Schulte

Guss Willams

S. W. Hall

 James Moore

Jim Kennedy

Alex Souden

 Joseph Elbert Bollinger


Some old land marks still standing:


Judge Fox Home

The Rufus Beard  place

The Jack Chilton place

Old Snider House


The old tramway to City Lake park

Old Chat Dump

Old Silver Mine on Big St. Francois River

The Old Copper

The old Hickory Nut Mine

The Catherine Mine

The old Buck-Eye Mine

Marvin College

The Old Antioch Church

A. W. Pierces Warehouse

The Hub Factory

DeGuire Mill in North Town

Alliance Mill

City Well on Mine La Motte Avenue

New Era Bank

Crow & Buford Warehouse





Memories Of The Past In Fredericktown, Missouri

Harvey C. Moore 1-16-1997