Missouri State Genealogy Trails

Missouri Soldiers Living in Iowa in 1886

[List of Ex-Soldiers, Sailors & Marines Living in Iowa, 1886; transcribed by Tammy Clark]

Name Rank Regiment Company Present Post Office Address
Abarr, J.C. Private Forty-third Infantry D Redding
Abarr, J.W. Private Fifth Cavalry I Redding
Abbott, A.J. Private Second Cavalry C Manchester
Abin, Joseph Private Thirty-ninth Infantry G North English
Acton, James H Private Twelfth Cavalry E Davis City
Adair, Thos Private Forty-third Infantry E Conklin
Adams, J.Q. Private Fourth Cavalry G Siam
Adams, Thos Private First Artillery L Exira
Adkins, F.M. Private Forty-second Infantry F Hamburg
Ailshis, Geo Private Twenthy-first Cavalry H West Grove
Albert, Wm Private Tenth Cavalry B Floris
Albertson, Noah Private Seventh Cavalry B Agency
Alden, Milard Private Thirty-second Infantry F Shellsburg
Alfrey, Jonas Private Twenty-ninth Infantry E Centerville
Allen, J.C. Sergeant Ninteenth Infantry A Dexter
Allen, W.L. Private Thirty-fifth Infantry H St. Charles
Allyn, W.P. Corporal Twenty-first Infantry F Goldfield
Altemus, John Artificer First Engineers C Wellman
Alvis, E.H. Sergeant Twenty-first Infantry G Montrose
Alvis, Hiram J Corporal Twenty-first Infantry G Montrose
Ammerman, I.I. Private Eighth Cavalry K Storm Lake
Amspaugh, W.W. Private Forty-second Infantry E Hamburg
Anderson, Charles Private Tenth Cavalry M Dubuque
Anderson, G.R. Private Fourth Cavalry E Redding
Anderson, John M Corporal Twenty-ninth Infantry G De Soto
Anderson, William E Private Fifty-first Infantry G Keokuk
Andres, H.M. Private Miscellaneous-Krekels S style='display:none'>t. Charles battalion Home G'ds B Dubuque
Andrews, B.F. Private Third Cavalry G Latimer
Andrews, R.D. Lieutenant Twenty-first Infantry F mark
Anthony, Chas Private Seventh Cavalry C Keokuk
Applegate, F.M. Sergeant Second Infantry D Oakland
Ash, Louis Private Miscellaneous A Colfax
Athey, M.J. Private Third Infantry H Marengo
Atkins, John Private First Artillery E Dubuque
Axline, J.T. Private Second Cavalry B Fairfield
Baber, L.R. Sergeant Thirty-fifth Infantry F Richland
Baccus, Othare Private, M.S.M. Miscellaneous H Centerville
Bagnard, Prosper Private First Cavalry A Muscatine
Bailey, T.W. Captain First Engineers B Burlington
Baird, S.E. Corporal Second Cavalry H Belle Plaine
Baker, Balon Private Twenty-fifth Infantry F Given
Baker, J.A. Private Fifteenth Infantry E Westerville
Baker, J.S. First Lieutenant Thirty-third Infantry D Creston
Baker, Richard Private Fourth Cavalry D Holt
Balm, Alvin Private Fifty-first Infantry I Callender
Balm, H.G. Private Forty-third Infantry A Callender
Bancroft, Walter Lieutenant Seventh Cavalry A Keokuk
Banks, Francis Private Fourth Cavalry G Long Grove
Barkoff, Wm Corporal First Engineers K Wapello
Barrett, B.F. Private First Infantry A Burlington
Barrett, E.A. Private Third Cavalry H Fort Dodge
Barrett, Edmond Private Seventh Cavalry K Davis City
Basch, Theodore Private Fifth Infantry F Council Bluffs
Baule, Wm Private Tenth Cavalry I Davenport
Baxter, Benjamin P Private Eleventh Cavalry C Castana
Beadle, B.F. Private Eleventh Cavalry E Clearfield
Beatty, Wm Private Seventh Cavalry M Sigourney
Becker, Louis Private Fourth Cavalry H Waverly
Beddow, M.T. Private Third Infantry I Updergraff
Beeks, I. J. Private Forty-eighth Infantry I Shenandoah
Beeler, J.J. Private Thirty-ninth Infantry I Harper
Behrens, Clans Private Twelfth Infantry I Davenport
Behrens, Henry First Lieutenant Second Infantry F Davenport
Behrens, John Sergeant Twelfth Infantry I Davenport
Bellew, Thos. J Sergeant Twenty-ninth Cavalry B Lancaster
Bellou, John Private First Infantry D Cambria
Belville, Benj. T Private Twenty-third Infantry G Russell
Belyer, Albert Private Sixty-sixth Infantry F Given
Belz, Chas Private Fifth Infantry D Dubuque
Benn, Joseph Private First Engineers K Hillsboro
Bennett, George R Private Ninth Cavalry I Eldon
Bennett, M.E. Private Eighth Infantry G Winterset
Bennett, S.J. Captain Twelfth Cavalry A Fort Dodge
Bennett, Sidney J Sergeant Twenty-third Infantry K Ft. Dodge
Bennett, Wm Private Eleventh Cavalry I Sac City
Benton, Isaac Private Thirty-sixth Infantry D Glenwood
Berrie, Allen Private Forty-ninth Infantry K Bloomfield
Bertram, Wm Surgeon Thirteenth Infantry
Betz, John Artificer First Artillery C Wilton
Bevelle, Benj. T First Lieut. & Adjutant Fourteenth Infantry
Bevelle, Benj. T Private Twenty-third Infantry G Clarinda
Bierworth, Henry Private First Artillery C Piero
Bishop, Edward T Private Twenty-first Infantry F Charleston
Bishop, Mordica Private Twenty-first Infantry G Croton
Bissinger, M Private First Engineers K Wapello
Blacketer, Wesley Private Twelfth Cavalry G Earlham
Blackmar, W.A. Private Twenty-first Infantry A Casey
Blake, J.N. Private Fourth Cavalry G Hancock
Blakeney, Geo. W First Lieutenant Third Infantry A Jefferson
Bliss, Horace Private Thirteenth Cavalry D Goshen
Blodgett, W.H. Private Thirty-ninth Infantry I Keokuk
Blue, Gilbert Private Second Cavalry M Davis City
Bock, Wm. Private Forty-first Infantry F Galesburg
Bogue, N.B. Private Fifty-first Infantry I Keokuk
Boldt, Joachim Private Second Artillery F Gladbrook
Boles, C.H. Corporal Tenth Infantry D Drakeville
Bolin, J.J. Private Third Cavalry G Macedonia
Bolin, J.J. Private Third Cavalry I Council Bluffs
Bolser, Daniel Sergeant Third Cavalry B Morsman
Bond, J.H. Private Third Infantry C Red Oak
Border, B Private Fourth Cavalry F Guttenberg
Borowsky, Chas Private Fifth Cavalry C Sioux City
Bott, W.H. Private Thirty-second Infantry H Doud's Station
Bourne, N.R. Private Third Cavalry G Hampton
Bowen, Thomas H Private Forty-eighth Infantry B Solon
Boyier, John Private First Infantry A Adelphi
Bracken, David Private Second Cavalry B Honey Creek
Brackett, G.B. Captain First Engineers C Denmark
Bradlay, A.J. Private Seventieth Cavalry B Updergraff
Bradwell, Wm. (known as Bradville in the service) Private Twenty-sixth Infantry C Vinton
Breckon, W.J. Corporal First Cavalry G Wilton Junction
Bremer, James M Private Forty-fourth Infantry D Hamburg
Bresnehan, Jeremiah Corporal Tenth Cavalry H Croton
Brewer, Chas Private Twelfth Cavalry M Agency
Brewer, James W Captain Twenty-third Infantry C Des Moines
Brewer, Uzeal Private Fifty-first Infantry I Montrose
Bridal, J.G. Private Eighth Cavalry K Moulton
Bridwell, A Private Tenth Cavalry A Villisca
Briggs, Alfred Sergeant Fortieth Infantry F Ottumwa
Bristow, George W Sergeant First Engineers I Des Moines
Brocker, Henry Private Fourteenth Infantry A Gladbrook
Broders, Henry Private Seventeenth Infantry A Grinnell
Brook, David Private Fourth Cavalry D Leon
Brookman, James H Sergeant Sixth Infantry H Creston
Brown, Jas. A Private Twenty-first Infantry H Bonaparte
Brown, Levi B Captain Eleventh Cavalry B Davenport
Brown, M Private First Engineers B Bedford
Brown, O.F. Private Second Infantry F Shenandoah
Brown, Samuel Private Thirteenth Cavalry F New London
Brown, Simeon Private Twelfth Cavalry G Carlisle
Brown, Willis Private Thirty-fifth Infantry G Ingart
Brown, Wm Private Twenty-first Infantry B Marcus
Brown, Wm. B Private Third Cavalry D Western College
Brubaker, S Private Thirty-fifth Infantry A Redding
Bruce, Samuel Private Eighth Infantry A High Creek
Bruer, Wm. H Private Eleventh Cavalry I Leon
Bryant, Thos Private Twenty-first Infantry H Mt. Sterling
Buchanan, Wallace Private Thirteenth Cavalry C Sheldon
Buckingham, J.H. Sergeant Thirteenth Cavalry C Hawleyville
Buckner, Jack Private Eighteenth Infantry D Oskaloosa
Buhner, Gregor Private Twelfth Infantry F Waterloo
Bunce, Francis Private Twenty-first Infantry I Wheatland
Bunch, Elliott Private Thirteenth Cavalry C Perry
Burdette, James Private Tenth Infantry F Reno
Burk, John Private Forty-third Infantry B Gravity
Burns, Robert Private Twenty-ninth Infantry K Dallas
Burns, Wm. Private Second Artillery L Aubudon
Burt, Hugh Private Seventh Infantry F Franklin
Burton, J.W. Corporal Thirty-fifth Infantry A Elkhart
Busch, Jacob Private Second Artillery B Keokuk
Busch, Jacob Private Fortieth Infantry A Keokuk
Bywaer, G.W. First Lieutenant Eighteenth Infantry C Des Moines
Cabel, Wm Private Twelfth Infantry I Davenport
Cain, W.G. Private Fifth Cavalry B Toddville
Caldwell, John W Private Twenty-first Infantry I Moulton
Calhoun, C.A. Private Seventh Cavalry H Keokuk
Campbell, D.C. Private Eighteenth Infantry B Harvard
Campbell, D.H. Private Fourth Infantry G Bedford
Campbell, J.A. Quartermaster Sergeant First Artillery
Storm Lake
Campbell, W.C. Private Eighth Cavalry K Brookville
Carmoda, M.C. Private Tenth Infantry E Cedar Rapids
Carrothers, J.M. Private Eighteenth Infantry I Livingston
Carter, George W Private Third Cavalry H Pleasanton
Cass, O.P. Sergeant Fiftieth Infantry E Hodge
Castill, M Private Worley's Battery F Amber
Catois, Clement Private First Engineers B La Porte City
Cavenee, Eli Private Thirty-third Infantry F Mt. Pleasant
Chambers, James H Private Thirteenth Infantry C Boone
Champion, William Corporal Eighth Infantry H Van Horn
Chance, Harvey Private Second Cavalry A Vineennes
Chandler, C.B. Corporal First Artillery E Sumner
Chaney, Thos Private Eleventh Cavalry M Clarinda
Cheroney, Vincent Private First Infantry H Elberon
Childress, C.A. Private Second Cavalry G Des Moines
Chittenden, Fernando Private Third Infantry I Tripoli
Christian, T.N. Private Thirty-fifth Infantry F Griswold
Claibourn, Jas. M Private Twenty-fifth Infantry E Sidney
Clanton, W.H. Private Thirty-ninth Infantry C Laurens
Clark, John B Sergeant Ninth Cavalry C Fredericksburg
Clark, W.F. Private Seventh Cavalry F Boone
Clark, Winferd J Private Thirty-fifth Infantry F Mt. Ayr
Clark, Wm Private First Engineers K Wapello
Claypool, W.W. Private Third Cavalry G Spencer
Clifton, Robert F Private Twenty-first Infantry C Morton's Mills
Clingman, M Corporal First Engineers I Elkader
Coddington, G.H. Private Eighteenth Infantry B Warsaw
Coe, W.H.H. Private Twenty-fifth Infantry D Shenandoah
Coffield, Wm. Private First Battery
Council Bluffs
Cole, E First Lieutenant First Artillery A Templeton
Collins, Wm. B Major Seventh Infantry
Coloney, C.E. First Lieutenant Fifth Infantry B Bloomfield
Colton, Geo Private Third Infantry A Orchard
Connell, Mike Private First Cavalry D Frederica
Conner, Waldo Private, Infantry Miscellaneous
Conrad, Ed Private Fourth Cavalry G Britt
Cool, H Sergeant Eighteenth Infantry I Indianola
Cooper, Daniel Private First Cavalry C Calliope
Cooper, Daniel Private First Engineers D Hawarden
Cooper, Samuel Sergeant Twenty-seventh Infantry A Adair
Copeland, Wm Private Twenty-fifth Infantry C Villisca
Cordel, Wm. R. Private Fifth Cavalry H Union
Cordell, Wm Private Fourth Cavalry G Plattville
Corey, Richard Private Seventh Infantry B Garner
Corley, Stephen Sergeant Second Artillery K Dunlap
Cornish, Jno. W Sergeant First Artillery K Bagley
Corporaw, Geo. W Private Eighteenth Infantry D Cincinnati
Cory, Albert Private Second Cavalry A Tama City
Cousins, Chester Private Twenty-third Infantry A Brazil
Cowardin, C.H. Corporal Forty-fourth Infantry E Hamburg
Cox, George Private Second Artillery B Council Bluffs
Cox, Julius Private First Infantry K Merrimac
Cox, William Private, Infantry Miscellaneous
Cozad, J.S. Private Seventh Cavalry L UnionVille
Cozard, J.A. Sergeant Seventh Cavalry L Spring Valley
Crabill, John Private Fourth Cavalry C Hopkins, Mo
Craig, Alfred Private First Engineers F Webster City
Craven, M.H. Sergeant Seventh Cavalry A Milton
Cress, David F Sergeant Second Cavalry D Keokuk
Criswell, James H Private Fourteenth Infantry A Leando
Croll, J.B. Private First Engineers K Wapello
Crompton, F.W. Private Second Infantry B Council Bluffs
Crouch, H.B. Corporal Second Infantry L Boone
Croy, John Private First Artillery A Ontario
Cudworth D.A. Captain (also Lieutenant and R.Q.M.) Eighteenth Infantry K Carroll
Currier, A.N. Commissary Eleventh Cavalry
Iowa City
Curson, C.J. Sergeant Second Cavalry A Marshalltown
Daily, Patrick Private First Cavalry D Cincinnati
Dale, H.W. Musician Seventh Cavalry B Fairfield
Daniels, Moses Private First Engineers H Davis City
Daniels, R.W. Sergeant Third Cavalry C Prairie City
Daniels, T.J. Private Twenty-third Infantry E Decatur
Dart, M.J. Private Second Infantry B Anamosa
Daugherty, D.C. Captain Tenth Infantry D Keokuk
Daugherty, James F Private Tenth Infantry H Keokuk
Davelaar, John Sergeant First Artillery A Sioux City
Davis, Edward C Sergeant Eleventh Cavalry L Des Moines
Davis, Gilbert Private, Home Guards Miscellaneous
Davis, M.L. Private Twenty-fifth Infantry K Hawleyville
Davis, Samuel Musician Sixty-eighth Infantry E Des Moines
Davis, Wm Private Second Cavalry B Lebanon
DeBorda, E Captain Fifteenth Infantry A Columbia
Dee, J.S. Sergeant First Cavalry L Shelby
DeHart, John M Private Seventh Cavalry A Cantril
Deiderick, G.J. Private Fourth Infantry A Red Oak
Delong, Newton Private Sixth Cavalry M Andover, Mo
Denhardt, Carl Private Twelfth Infantry I Cooper
Denny, John Private Twenty-first Infantry G Cantril
Deputy, Solomon Sergeant Sixth Cavalry M Woodbine
Deross, Wm Private Forty-fifth Infantry E Avery
Derr, Charles Private Tenth Cavalry G Sidney
Derrickson, John R Private Fourth Cavalry G Bedford
Despain, Oscar H Private Tenth Infantry G Glenwood
Dev. A Corporal Dallas Co. Reg't Home G A Ross
Dickerson, L Corporal Seventh Cavalry D Plum Hollow
Dittmer, Chris Sergeant Tenth Infantry D Davenport
Dodd, Frank Private Third Cavalry K Keosauqua
Donahoo, W.A. Private Second Infantry A Missouri Valley
Doorley. J.B. Private Thirteenth Infantry H La Porte City
Dorweiler, Paul Private Seventeenth Infantry K West Bend
Dosher, John Private Tenth Infantry I Avoca
Dotson, Wm. Private First Engineers K Chariton
Doty, W.H. Private Third Cavalry A Reeders Mills
Dougherty, Con Sergeant First Infantry H Ottumwa
Dow, John Private Third Cavalry G Emmetsburg
Downey, Jos. L
Downing, G.W. Private Forty-third Infantry C What Cheer
Ducher, J.M. Private Forty-third Infantry B Lehigh
Duede, Chas Private First Artillery C Epworth
Dufer, Fred Private Eleventh Infantry D Monticello
Dugan, Thomas Private Second Infantry D Davenport
Dulcher, John Private Forty-third Infantry B Horner
Duncan, Joseph Private First Engineers F Le Mars
Dunham, H.A. Sergeant Sixth Infantry I Waterloo
Dunkin, J.J. Private Twenty-third Infantry H Peoria
Dunlap, John W Corporal Eighteenth Cavalry B Bedford
Dunlavy, John P Private Third Cavalry H Pleasanton
Dunther, W.H. Private Forty-third Infantry B Lehigh
Dyball, Robert Private Fourth Infantry F Seymour
Dye, Asa Private Twenty-third Infantry B Charleston
Eads, Ambrose Private Fourth Infantry B Moorhead
Eberhart, Fred Private Twenty-sixth Infantry H Fort Dodge
Ederer, Anderw Private Fifteenth Infantry I Keokuk
Edwards, F.G. Private First Infantry H Davenport
Edwards, Wm Sergeant Second Cavalry B Deane
Edwards, Wm Private Thirty-third Infantry A Norwich
Eggers, Hans Private Second Battery
Eggers, John Private Second Artillery F Davenport
Ehrhart, Charles Sergeant Eleventh Infantry K Sioux City
Ellis, J.H. Private Second Cavalry G Humeston
Ellis, W.H. Private Forty-fourth Infantry C Weston
Emery, Jesse Private Fifth Cavalry I Murray
Ernstpergor, Alvis Private Seventeenth Infantry K Garnavillo
Esser, Andrew Private Twelfth Infantry C Rockford
Estes, W.S. Captain Eighteenth Infantry K Riverton
Evans, J.J. Sergeant Fourth Cavalry G Bedford
Farlen, M Private Thirteenth Cavalry C Brighton
Featherstone, Michael Private Eighteenth Infantry A Mason City
Feldmann, Aug Private Thirteenth Infantry B Burlington
Fellows, Peter Private Eighth Infantry B Bedford
Felt, George W Sergeant Third Cavalry G Sioux City
Ferguson, S.C. Sergeant Thirty-fifth Infantry A Albion
Fightmaster, H.C. Private Thirty-ninth Infantry H Ft. Madison
Finch, John A Second Lieutenant Thirty-fifth Infantry B Hawleyville
Finley, D.M. Sergeant Thirteenth Cavalry F Cascade
Fischwild, Henry Private First Infantry A Buffalo
Fisher, F.F. Private Sixth Infantry K Hamburg
Fitzsimmons, H Private Third Cavalry G Likens
Flaherty, John Private Third Infantry D Elkport
Fleming, F.M. Private Tenth Infantry B Lexington
Flood, James Private First Artillery C Cleveland
Foersterling, Emil F Private First Cavalry G Bancroft
Ford, Frederick Private First Infantry F Mt. Vernon
Forkel, Aug Sergeant Seventeenth Infantry F Burlington
Foster, A.F. Private Thirteenth Cavalry K Bloomfield
Foster, John R Private Thirty-fifth Infantry B Waverly
Foster, Wm Private Fifty-first Infantry B Morsman
Foster, Wm. T Second Lieutenant Second Cavalry F Albia
Fox, Henry Private Seventh Cavalry F Mackey
Fox, John N Private Seventh Infantry F Mineral Ridge
Fox, John N Private Tenth Infantry D Maloy
Frank, John Private Eighteenth Infantry B Hawleyville
Franklin, Squire Private Third Infantry E Davis City
Freemeyer, Joshua Private Fourth Cavalry E Mormontown
Frisbie, S.H. Private Tenth Infantry B West Union
Fry, Crosby Corporal Seventh Cavalry M Dayton
Fry, J.C. Private First Cavalry D Glenwood
Fuller, Barnett Sergeant Fifth Infantry E New Market
Fulton, Marion Corporal Twenty-first Infantry F Ft. Madison
Funnell, J.T. Private Forty-second Infantry D Lineville
Funston, Lewis R Private Fifty-first Infantry G Nora Springs
Fuqua, James W Private Twenty-first Infantry H Bonaparte
Gallup, D.W.C. Private Twenty-first Infantry H Allerton
Galord, B.F. Private Third Cavalry G Strawberry Point
Galpin, David Private Thirteenth Cavalry H Spring Valley
Gardner, Bailis Private Seventh Cavalry K Fierce
Gardner, Lewis B Private First Infantry B Dubuque
Garges, S.W. Private Twelfth Cavalry M Bartlett
Gargnebin, H.F. Private Seventh Cavalry L Sidney
Gaskill, S.N. First Lieutenant First Cavalry B Walnut
Gatlin, G.A. Sergeant Eleventh Cavalry I Coin
Gaugh, N Private First Cavalry C Nevada
Geerdts, Henry Private First Infantry
Geiger, Vitus Corporal Second Cavalry M Holstein
Geiser, J.F. Private Eighth Cavalry H Rock Rapids
Genung, John Private Fourteenth Infantry F Hastings
Gibson, James Private Twenty-fifth Infantry F Clarinda
Gibson, John Private Twenty-fourth Cavalry G Blanchard
Gilchrist, E.M. Second Lieutenant Thirteenth Cavalry C Hawleyville
Gillespie, T.L. Private Second Cavalry E Ferguson
Gladwin, John Wagon Master Fourth Cavalry
Brush Creek
Glassburner, Geo Private Second Cavalry B Drakeville
Glendenning, James Private Fourth Cavalry G Ingart
Golding, Mathew Private Fourth Cavalry E Bedford
Golding, Wm Quartermaster Sergeant Fourth Cavalry
Goll, W.A. Musician Seventh Cavalry E Keokuk
Good, Wm. Private Eighteenth Infantry I North English
Goodfellow, Jos. K Private Fifth Infantry B Malvern
Goodlander, G.H. Bugler Forty-ninth Cavalry A Drakeville
Goodrich, D.K. Private First Artillery C West Union
Goodwin, George S Captain Seventh Cavalry C Des Moines
Gorden, Wm Private Eighteenth Cavalry K Ottumwa
Graff, H.C. Sergeant Third Cavalry K Sac City
Graff, Valentine Sergeant Twelfth Cavalry G Clarinda
Gragg, Job Private Second Cavalry B Thomas
Gragg, W.J. Corporal Second Cavalry E Albia
Graham, D.J. Private Thirty-fifth Infantry D Des Moines
Graham, EdwinL Sergeant Seventh Infantry F Montrose
Graham, Thos Private Seventh Infantry F Britt
Graham, Willis A Private Twenty-third Infantry D Tingley
Grammar, J.M. Private First Infantry D Eddyville
Grant, Wm Private Fourth Infantry B Bartlett
Graves, G.W. Private Twelfth Infantry H Grand River
Gray, A.H. Private Forty-second Infantry G Unionville
Gray, W.M. Private Eleventh Infantry D Shambaugh
Green, Columbus L Corporal Eighth Cavalry C Birmingham
Greene, John T Captain Thirteenth Cavalry E Bedford
Gregg, Jefferson Private Fourth Cavalry E Groveland
Gregory, D.B. Private Second Cavalry G Toledo
Gridley, O.E. Private Eighteenth Infantry K Warsaw
Grier, Thos Private Fourth Infantry A Red Oak
Griffin, Wm Private Twenty-third Infantry D Chariton
Griggs, T.N. Private Twenty-first Infantry C Keokuk
Grinstead, E.W. Private Second Infantry B Fremont
Grist, Edwin A Private Thirty-ninth Infantry C Plano
Gronewold, Wm. Private Twelfth Infantry I Davenport
Grubbs, John M Sergeant Fourth Infantry A Sioux City
Grutz, Stephen Private First Cavalry I Sageville
Gunn, I.F. Sergeant Eighth Cavalry A Centerville
Gunn, I.F. Private Ninth Cavalry A Centerville
Gunnels, J.R. Private Thirteenth Infantry K Wapello
Guthrie, John Sergeant Forty-third Infantry G Cone
Guthrie, Wm Private Forty-third Infantry I Grandview
Guyton, John Private Twenty-first Infantry F Ft. Madison
Gyles, J.H. First Lieutenant Twenty-third Infantry A James
Haggarty, John Private Second Cavalry F Westerville
Hall, James Corporal Twenty-first Infantry B Dean
Hall, P.C. Private Eleventh Cavalry L De Kalb
Hall, Richard Private Forty-second Infantry G Savannah
Hampshire, Henry Private Twenty-third Infantry C Hepburn
Hampton, William H Private First Engineers K New London
Hansen, Christopher Private Fourteenth Infantry F Ida Grove
Hanson, Wm Private Twenty-fifth Infantry E Hamburg
Hardin, Alexander B Private Eighteenth Infantry B California
Harlan, Aaron Sergeant Twenty-first Infantry F Croton
Harman, J.C. Private Ninth Infantry B Bartlett
Harriman, John C Blacksmith Second Cavalry A Killbourne
Harris, A.H. Private Fortieth Infantry C Oak Grove
Harris, Milton Private Third Infantry B Thornburg
Harrison, M Corporal Thirty-ninth Infantry I Boone
Hartman, Geo Private Second Infantry F Dubuque
Hasson, Milton Private Third Infantry G Parnell
Hauby, Frank Private Eighth Infantry B Hirondelle
Hayes, G.W. Sergeant First Engineers D Lacona
Haynes, J.A. Corporal Second Cavalry H Carlisle
Heatherington, E.D. Captain Eighth Cavalry K Mount Pleasant
Hedrick, S.H. Private Twenty-third Infantry C Fairfield
Hedrick, Samuel Private Twenty-third Infantry A Mitchellville
Hefferman, John Private Seventh Cavalry B Central City
Heines, J.E. Private First Engineers B Wapello
Hemphill, Rob't F Sergeant Thirteenth Cavalry F Douds Station
Hendricks, Fred First Lieutenant Second Infantry E Council Bluffs
Henrichsen, I.C. Musician Second Infantry
Hermansdorfer, John Private Twenty-eighth Cavalry C Harper
Herrington, Geo. W Private Second Cavalry D Keosauqua
Herron, D.G. Private Thirty-third Infantry A Missouri Valley
Hesse, F.H. Private Third Infantry C Waterloo
Heyl, George Private Fourth Cavalry G Ida Grove
Hickman, J.A.C. Sergeant Thirteenth Cavalry L Centerville
Hill, J.A. Private Second Cavalry G Lineville
Hill, James C Private First Cavalry D & G Deep River
Hill, Jesse J Private Tenth Infantry
St. Joseph, Mo.
Hill, John Private Forty-eighth Infantry E Leon
Hills, T.F. Private Second Cavalry B Elliott
Hinse, Nick Private Eleventh Cavalry F Clarinda
Hism, D.H. Private Second Cavalry D Exline
Hittle, W.H. Sergeant First Infantry K Henderson
Hobson, Aaron Private Third Cavalry C Carbon
Hobson, William B Private Twelfth Infantry E Glenwood
Hockney, M.A. Private Tenth Cavalry E Strahan
Hodges, E.W. Private Third Cavalry G Geneva
Hodges, W.B. Private Seventh Cavalry G St. Charles
Hoffbauer, Charle Corporal Twelfth Infantry H Buffalo
Hoffman, George Private Twelfth Infantry G Fort Madison
Hogan, I.J. Private Twenty-first Infantry H Bonaparte
Holcomb, E.A. Private Tenth Cavalry H Cedar Rapids
Holder, A.F. First Lieut., Infantry Miscellaneous
Holland, M.C. Private First Engineers K Hawleyville
Holland, Stephen Private Sixth Cavalry M Davis City
Holliday, L Private First Engineers C New Market
Holling, John Private Second Artillery F Lost Nation
Holloway, J.N. Private Second Infantry I Burlington
Holmes, John W Private Twenty-first Infantry F Montrose
Hood, Chas. P Private Fourth Cavalry K Brookville
Hoover, B.K. Private First Infantry B New Sharon
Horn, Elisha First Lieutenant First Cavalry K Pleasanton
Horner, Charles Sergeant Seventh Cavalry C Vineennes
Hough, Jerry Private Second Cavalry D Conway
Howard, Samuel E Corporal Twenty-first Infantry C Kossuth
Howe, Hiram Private Tenth Infantry B Ontario
Howell, William Y Private Forty-ninth Infantry E Milton
Howser, Thompson Private Third Infantry I Waverly
Hubbard, Jas. B Sergeant Thirteenth Cavalry K Coatsville, Mo
Huddleson, Calvin Private Seventh Cavalry A Milton
Hudson, Henry Private Fifth Cavalry E Allerton
Huff, Rob't W Private Thirteenth Cavalry F Hazleton
Huggins, Phillip Private Fifty-first Infantry F Des Moines
Hughes, Jacob D Private Third Cavalry C Milton
Huiskamp, H.J. Corporal Sixth Cavalry D Ft. Madison
Huiskamp, Luke Lieutenant Sixth Cavalry E Keokuk
Hukill, J.H. Private Second Cavalry D Westerville
Hulbert, R.G. Private Twelfth Cavalry C Prescott
Hundley, Wm Corporal Third Cavalry I Grundy Center
Hunn, Michael Private Third Infantry F Sweetland
Hunter, C.G. Sergeant, Engineers Miscellaneous C Dublin
Hunter, Walter Private Eighth Infantry H Oskaloosa
Hurbut, Silas Private Seventh Cavalry M Panora
Hurley, James Private Seventh Cavalry B Hamburg
Husted, Emanuel Private Fifty-first Infantry D Coalfield
Hutchison, W.A. Sergeant Eighteenth Infantry I Exline
Hutson, Mathew D Private Eleventh Cavalry B Manchester
Ihm, Herman Lieutenant Seventeenth Infantry K Guttenberg
Irelan, Joseph B Private Second Cavalry H Keokuk
Irwin, I.T. Private Second Cavalry D Winfield
Jacobs, C.V. Captain Third Cavalry I Cresco
James, J.J. Sergeant Eleventh Cavalry F Braddyville
James, John Private Twenty-first Infantry G Denison
Japp, Christian Private Second Artillery F Davenport
Jewell, A.S. Private Seventh Cavalry I Logan
Jewell, John Second Lieutenant Eleventh Infantry I Reeders Mills
Johnson, C.M. Private Seventh Cavalry E Villisca
Johnson, Isaac N Private Fifty-first Infantry F Bedford
Johnson, J.H. Private Twenty-third Infantry C Audubon
Johnson, J.M. Sergeant Twenty-third Infantry C Mt. Ayr
Johnson, Wm Corporal Thirteenth Infantry A Malcom
Johnson, Wm. M Sergeant Twenty-third Infantry I Caledonia
Johnston, James T Sergeant Fourth Cavalry G Bedford
Joiner, B.A. Private Second Cavalry M Centerville
Joiner, B.A. Private Eleventh Cavalry M Centerville
Jones, Charles Private Third Cavalry F Manhattan
Jones, G.B. Private Second Cavalry D Corydon
Jones, Geo. W Private Eleventh Cavalry C Laddsdale
Jones, J.H. Private Eighteenth Infantry D Centerville
Jones, James Private Twenty-fifth Infantry K Malvern
Jones, John S Private Third Cavalry H Leon
Juers, Joachim John Private Fourth Cavalry H Garner
Jump, O.P. Private Forty-second Infantry C Livingston
Karhoff, Joseph Private Seventeenth Infantry D Houghton
Karney, Edward Private Ninth Infantry A Ainsworth
Kauffman, John Lieutenant Twelfth Infantry G Davenport
Kaylor, E.R. Private Seventh Infantry I Thornburg
Keagy, Ephriam L Private Third Cavalry M Newton
Keeley, C.H. Captain Fifty-sixth Infantry K Mitchellville
Kelley, G.B. Private Thirteenth Infantry H Beacon
Kelley, Rob't Corporal Thirteenth Cavalry H Leon
Kelsey, Francis M Private Twenty-seventh Infantry B Ottumwa
Kelso, J. Private First Cavalry A Kellerton
Kemp, A.C. Private Second Cavalry B Lineville
Kemper, I.J. Private Second Cavalry B Grinnell
Kempkes, Thomas Private Seventh Cavalry E Charleston
Kendall, Matt Private Twelfth Infantry F Eddyville
Kenny, Joseph Private Eighth Cavalry A Spirit Lake
Kerby, F.M. Private First Cavalry D Cincinnati
Kerns, Jonathan Private Fourth Infantry K Tabor
Kerns, Patrick Private Fifth Infantry F Chariton
Kesler, Elias Private Twenty-third Infantry I Panora
Ketchum, L.S. Private Thirty-fifth Infantry F Lake City
Kettles, Peter First Lieutenant Fourth Cavalry A Frank Pierce
King, A.T. Private Tenth Infantry I Creston
Kirk, B.P. Sergeant First Battalion Mississippi Marine Brigade D Mason City
Kirsch, Andrew Musician Twenty-fifth Infantry A Muscatine
Kistner, Frederick Private Thirty-ninth Infantry H Ft. Madison
Kivits, A.P. Private Third Infantry C Des Moines
Klindt, Henry Private First Battery
Klindt, Henry Private Second Battery
Kline, John M Private Third Cavalry G Hampton
Knapp, Chas. H Private Seventh Infantry I Sidney
Knapp, Wm. A Private Twenty-first Infantry G Unionvilla
Knight, Henry
Knolke, Henry Private Fifth Cavalry E Haverhill
Knowles, Albert First Lieutenant Seventh Cavalry K Winthrop
Koch, Peter Corporal Third Infantry I Montrose
Koons,Wm. M Private Second Cavalry A Montrose
Korn, L Private Eighteenth Infantry I Bloomfield
Kortz, Jacob Private Fifteenth Infantry H Keokuk
Kracht, Emil Private Fifth Infantry F Harper
Krage, Chas Private Seventeenth Infantry K Dubuque
Kramme, Henry Private Second Artillery B Laurel
Kreider, Henry Private Ninth Infantry E Missouri Valley
Krewson, John L Private Fifty-first Infantry I Wever
Kruse, Ernst Private Twelfth Infantry I Elliott
Kruse, Fred Private Second Artillery F Davenport
Kruse, Fritz Private Second Battery
Ladd, Anson Private Third Cavalry G Colo
Lafollette, Geo Private Thirteenth Cavalry D Leon
Lagle, James Private Seventh Cavalry A Vernon
Laird, Jesse Private Fourth Cavalry G Holt
Laird, Thomas Private Fourth Cavalry G Holt
Lamar, John T Sergeant Twenty-first Infantry G Bartlett
Langdon, J.W. Private Seventeenth Cavalry D Dexter
Lange, R Private Seventeenth Infantry K Dubuque
Lasher, Wallace Private Seventh Infantry B Sheldon
Layne, Richard P Corporal First Engineers C Webster City
Layne, Samuel G Private First Engineers C Webster City
Leaphart, W.P. Private Tenth Infantry B New Market
Leffler, Andrew Private Seventeenth Infantry C Bentonsport
Leindecker, John Corporal Second Cavalry B Keokuk
Leindecker, Matt Private Second Cavalry B Keokuk
Lewis, James Private Seventh Cavalry L Spring Valley
Lewis, Peter S Private Eighteenth Infantry G Audubon
Lewis, Wm. P Private Forty-fourth Infantry C Pleasanton
Libby, C.A. Private Tenth Infantry B New Market
Linderman, J.H. Private First Engineers K Wapello
Lingrel, John Private Seventh Infantry I Spirit Lake
List, Philip Private Fifteenth Infantry H Keokuk
Little, Joseph Private Thirty-second Infantry H Modale
Livengood, Solomon Private Fifty-first Infantry H Castana
Loche, Adolph Captain Twenty-ninth Infantry F Moorland
Locket, Mason Private Twenty-first Infantry G Savannah
Long, Eli Private Seventh Cavalry B Castana
Long, Joel Private Thirtieth Infantry G Olivet
Lowe, Josephus Private Ninth Cavalry M Maxwell
Lutes, Elijah Sergeant Seventh Cavalry M Silver City
Luth, Amos Private Ninth Cavalry D Ottumwa
Lynch, Wm Hospital Steward Thirty-first Infantry I Carroll
Lyster, H.H. Private First Cavalry F Pleasanton
Macy, E.C. Private First Cavalry M Pleasanton
Mageehan, A.G. Private Second Cavalry B Coatsville, Mo
Makee, W.H. Major Twenty-third Infantry
Cedar Falls
Maloney, R.A. Sergeant Major First Engineers
March, Moses Private Thirty-ninth Infantry I Savannah
Marker, Frederick Private Fifth Cavalry E Vermillion, Kansas; moved from Sutherland, Iowa
Marley, J.H. Private Miscellaneous
Martin, J.L. Second Lieutenant Forty-second Infantry C Genoa
Martin, L.P. First Lieut. & Adjutant Twenty-third Infantry
Martin, M.T. Private Twenty-third Infantry A Woodburn
Masterson, John W Private Twenty-first Infantry D Red Oak
Mastoller, Josiah Private Tenth Cavalry D Afton
Mathews, H.N. Private First Infantry C Toolesboro
Mathews, Hiram Private First Engineers C Toolsboro
Mathews, J.C. Private Third Cavalry G Centerville
Mathias, Joshua Private First Cavalry B Corning
Mathias, Lupiter Private, Infantry Miscellaneous A Western College
Mathney, S.P. Private Twenty-third Infantry B Glenwood
Matsch, Philip Private Seventeenth Infantry K Dubuque
Maxwell, Thos Private Seventeenth Infantry A Bedford
May, James N Private Twenty-first Infantry G Garfield
McAfee, S.L. First Lieut. & R.Q.M. Third Cavalry
McBride, D.A. Corporal First Cavalry K Perry
McCann, John Private Twenty-seventh Infantry E Lourdes
McChesney, Thomas First Lieutenant Sixty-ninth Infantry A Burlington
McConn, Redman Private Thirty-ninth Infantry K Wever
McCormick, James Private Twenthy-second Cavalry A Wellman
McCoy, A.J. Private Thirtieth Infantry C Centerville
McCracken, D.R. Corporal First Infantry E Fairfield
McCrary, James C Private Seventh Cavalry A Bentonsport
McCulla, Lewis J Private First Artillery C Cherokee
McCulley, Wm Private Thirty-first Infantry F Silver City
McCustian, James Private Eighth Cavalry B Bloomfield
McDaniel, Jesse Corporal Seventh Infantry C Winterset
McDonald, F.M. Private Thirty-ninth Infantry H West Branch
McDowell, Samuel Private Third Infantry G Woodland
McEvors, J.N. Private Third Infantry I Elkport
McFarlan, Marshal Private Fourteenth Cavalry B Belknap
McGowan, Jospeh Private First Infantry D Dexter
McGuire, J.W. Corporal Forty-fourth Infantry B Dayton
McIntosh, Wm Private Twenty-seventh Infantry B Davis City
McIntyre, Joseph Private Thirtieth Infantry D Conesville
McKeon, James Private Twenty-first Infantry H Summitville
McKeown, Issac L Artificer First Artillery A Agency
McLane, John Private Seventh Infantry C Keokuk
McLaughlin, John Private Second Cavalry G Ireton
McNab, A Sergeant Twelfth Infantry C Rock Rapids
McNamara, Pat Private Seventh Infantry B Des Moines
McNeal, John Private Ninth Cavalry A Beaman
McNeer, James Private Second Cavalry E Milo
McThoman, Joseph Artificer First Engineers C Hepburn
Meacham, L.S. Private Seventh Infantry A Cherokee
Medley, David Private Seventh Cavalry D Thayer
Merryman, Ammerst Private Eighth Infantry L Clearfield
Messner, Fred Private First Infantry I Iowa City
Meyers, Leo Private Twelfth Cavalry A Iowa City
Michel, John F Private Third Infantry A Farmington
Miles, E Corporal, 4th Regt Miscellaneous A Dension
Miles, J.S. Private Forty-second Infantry H Bevington
Miles, Noah Private Fourth Infantry A Pacific City
Miles, R.F. Corporal Twelfth Infantry G Pacific City
Miller, Daniel Private Fifteenth Infantry I Carl
Miller, Fred Private Fourth Cavalry M Sigourney
Miller, Geo Private Fourth Infantry F Charleston
Miller, Geo. Private Thirty-fifth Infantry F Leon
Miller, Hiram Private Thirty-fifth Infantry F Lineville
Miller, Jefferson Captain Twelfth Cavalry M Pleasanton
Miller, John F. Private Third Cavalry G Jefferson
Miller, John R Private Thirty-fifth Infantry E Davis City
Miller, Luke Private Thirty-second Infantry D Leando
Miller, R.A. Private First Engineers A Clarinda
Miller, Robert Private First Engineers C Clarinda
Milligan, A.E. Corporal First Cavalry M Imogene
Minter, Jacob Private Fourteenth Infantry A Leando
Moffatt, Wm Sergeant Fourth Cavalry A Clear Lake
Monroe, N.A. Private Eighteenth Infantry E Mitchellville
Moody, Benj Private Twenty-first Infantry F Croton
Moody, J Private First Artillery K Shellsburg
Moody, J.A. Musician, Engineers Miscellaneous I Shenandoah
Moore, Clayborne Sergeant Seventh Cavalry L Spring Valley
Moore, D.B. Private Seventh Cavalry E Corydon
Moore, G.W. Private First Cavalry M Creston
Moore, Joseph Private Third Cavalry F Angus
Moore, Joseph Private Fourth Infantry E Farragut
Moore, Thomas Lieutenant Seventh Cavalry C Vineennes
Morgan, David Sergeant First Engineers A Hawleyville
Morgan, Henry Private Third Cavalry E Stuart
Morgan, J.S. First Lieutenant Forty-third Infantry I Lewis
Morgan, John O Bugler Fifth Cavalry I Hopeville
Morgan, Scott Private Fifth Cavalry I Hopeville
Morgan, Thos Private Thirty-fifth Infantry C Crown
Morgan, V.J. Private Seventh Cavalry D Afton
Morgan, W.W. Corporal Forty-eighth Infantry I Adair
Morlan, W.N Private Eighteenth Infantry G Allerton
Morris, C.E. Private Third Cavalry G Coon Rapids
Morris, H.P. Private Thirteenth Infantry H Lineville
Morris, James Private Tenth Cavalry E Plattville
Morris, Jos Private Twenty-first Infantry G Montezuma
Morris, L Private Third Cavalry H Solomon
Morrison, E Private Third Infantry G Warsaw
Morrison, Thos Private Seventh Cavalry E Moulton
Morrow, James Private Eleventh Cavalry L Talleyrand
Murphy, G.C. Private First Infantry C Hamburg
Murphy, John Private Seventeenth Infantry D Danbury
Murphy, Michael Private Twelfth Cavalry E Weller
Nacke, Wm Private Second Artillery D Ft. Madison
Nandall, Rob't Private Fourteenth Infantry G Anamosa
Neff, John W Corporal Eleventh Infantry G Moulton
Neibert, Geo Private First Infantry B Davenport
Nelson, James Private Thirty-fifth Infantry E Keokuk
Nelson, John Private Forty-fourth Infantry I Morton's Mills
Niblack, N.A. Private Second Cavalry C Moulton
Nickell, J.R.H. Private Thirtieth Infantry G Mt. Pleasant
Nickell, T.N. Private Seventh Cavalry M Marysville
Niekell, J.A. Private Seventh Cavalry M Maryville
Noonan, Richard Private First Cavalry G Moingona
Norris, W.H. Private Fourth Cavalry E Mormontown
Odam, Jacob Private First Cavalry D Genoa
Oeth, Andrew Private Fifteenth Infantry G Dubuque
Ogle, W.T. Private Tenth Infantry I Bancroft
O'Hare, Hugh Private Twentieth Infantry B Mt. Pleasant
Ohn, Peter Private Fifth Infantry G Aubudon
O'Neal, George Private Eighth Infantry D Mt. Ayr
Oney, Marion Private Third Cavalry G Leon
Oney, Marion Private Seventh Cavalry K Leon
Orr, J.N. Private First Cavalry G Council Bluffs
Osborn, Hiram Bugler Second Cavalry G Livingston
Osborn, Stephen Private Twelfth Cavalry K Pacific City
Ott, Henry Private First Infantry F Arcadia
Pace, M Private Twenty-third Infantry D Laurens
Palmer, John Private Twenty-first Infantry C Knoxville
Paque, Adam Corporal Thirtieth Infantry C Davenport
Parcel, Henry D Fifer Twenty-third Infantry E Centerville
Parker, Geo Private Twenty-seventh Infantry B Emerson
Parker, J Private Third Cavalry H Manning
Parker, John Private Forty-ninth Infantry C Stratford
Parker, W.L. Major Thirteenth Infantry
Parkhurst, Josiah Private First Infantry B Russell
Parks, P.J. Corporal Tenth Infantry D Hibbsville
Parr, Robert Private Second Cavalry
Parris, John Private Third Cavalry E Drakeville
Parrish, E Private Eighth Infantry I Weston
Parrish, R.B. Private Second Cavalry H Monona
Patterson, James Private Third Cavalry E Keokuk
Payne, P.J. Surgeon Tenth Infantry
Payne, W.T. Private Seventh Cavalry K Bloomfield
Payne, Wm. Private Sixteenth Infantry K Burlington
Peek, George E Private Second Infantry C Davenport
Peek, Samuel E Lieutenant First Cavalry M Tama City
Perkins, David Sergeant Second Infantry C Pleasanton
Perkins, Levi Private Sixty-fifth Infantry F Farmington
Perrin, Joseph Private Third Cavalry I Sheffield
Perry, L.J. Private Forty-fourth Infantry C Hamburg
Peterson, Jerry Private Second Artillery M Almont
Phllips, A.J. Private Twenty-first Infantry C Keokuk
Pierce, George Private Fifty-first Infantry F Climax
Piper, H Private Eleventh Infantry G Osceola
Piper, Solomon Sergeant Major Fifth Cavalry I Surry
Pitman, Ed. K Private Seventh Cavalry K Leon
Pitman, G.W. Private Fourth Cavalry A Guthrie Center
Pitman, J.H. Private Seventh Cavalry K Leon
Pitman, James H Private Third Cavalry G Leon
Pitman, W.H. Chief Bugler Seventh Cavalry
Pittman, Thomas Private Fifty-first Infantry C Ringgold
Points, David Private Second Artillery L Honey Creek
Powell, David C Sergeant Thirty-ninth Infantry B Des Moines
Prescott, Alva R Second Lieutenant First Engineers F Postville
Prescott, D.B. Private Seventh Infantry A Corning
Presler, L.M. Sergeant First Artillery H Liscomb
Preston, Isaiah Private Twenty-first Infantry H Stiles
Prettyman, Geo. H Private Thirty-third Infantry D Keokuk
Primean, C.M. Quartermaster Sergeant Thirteenth Infantry
Fort Madison
Probasco, Edward Private First Cavalry A Moulton
Probasco, Noah Sergeant Second Cavalry L Deane
Prust, August Corporal Fourth Cavalry F James
Pugh, D.B. Private Second Cavalry E Bloomfield
Putnam, A.D. Lieutenant Third Cavalry H Carson
Raabe, Fred Veterinary Surgeon First Artillery
Ramm, John P Private Twelfth Infantry I Davenport
Randolph, Joseph F Private Twenty-seventh Infantry F Albia
Raphael, Jacob Bugler First Artillery C Davenport
Rasco, Jas. H Private Twenty-fifth Infantry K Sidney
Rasco, Logan Private First Cavalry C Sidney
Rash, Wm Private Eighteenth Infantry D Dean
Rathbone, Benj Private Forty-second Infantry C Genoa
Rathman, Wm Private Second Infantry A Fontanelle
Ray, Wm Captain Fourteenth Cavalry G Moulton
Ray, Woodward Private, 16th Regt. Miscellaneous G Montrose
Rector, Wm Private Fifth Cavalry I Knox
Reed, A.D. Private Fourth Cavalry G Meriden
Reed, A.M. Corporal Second Cavalry M Lucas
Reed, J.E. Second Lieutenant Fifty-first Infantry I Pulaski
Reed, J.N. Private Seventh Cavalry B Hopeville
Reed, Robert Private Twenty-first Infantry H Allerton
Reeder, W.M. Private Fourth Cavalry G Storm Lake
Reid, George Private Fifteenth Infantry I Viele
Reil, Charles Corporal Eleventh Infantry H Creston
Reimer, August First Lieutenant Fifteenth Infantry E Davenport
Reno, N.T. Private Third Cavalry C Dunreith
Reynolds, Jeff Private, Independent Miscellaneous F Menlo
Rhoades, J.J. Sergeant Seventh Infantry A Milton
Rhodes, J.W. Musician Eighteenth Infantry D Clarinda
Rice, G.G. Corporal Ninth Cavalry M Jackson
Rich, Geo Private Fourth Infantry H Burlington
Rickerson, T.F. Private Forty-second Infantry I Minburn
Ridgely, Eli Private Eleventh Cavalry L Siam
Riggen, J.A. First Lieutenant Eighteenth Infantry B What Cheer
Ritter, Henry Private Fourth Infantry F Glidden
Robb, L.C. Sergeant Seventh Cavalry C Vineennes
Roberts, A.C. Surgeon Twenty-first Infantry
Ft. Madison
Roberts, Wm Private Eighteenth Infantry G Harvard
Robinson, T.S. Private Second Cavalry C Keokuk
Rodgers, John E Private Third Cavalry B Ainsworth; now lives in Anson, Mo.
Rogers, George Private Seventh Infantry K West Point
Rogers, H.C. Private Twenty-seventh Infantry D Lineville
Rogers, T.J. Private Second Cavalry B Moulton
Rohde, Herman Private First Artillery F Davenport
Roland, Martin Private Third Infantry F Belknap
Rooney, James Private Seventh Cavalry B Vineennes
Root, A.P. Private Fifth Cavalry I Murray
Root, M.L. Private Tenth Cavalry B Webster City
Roseberry, J.M. Musician Twenty-first Infantry G Belfast
Rossean, Wm Private Forty-second Infantry E Confidence
Rowan, McC Lieutenant Forty-fourth Infantry H Harvard
Roy, W.W. Private Eleventh Cavalry B Bedford
Ryan, I.B. Private Sixth Cavalry H Leon
Ryan, James Private Eighth Infantry A Dubuque
Ryan, M.B. Private Sixth Cavalry H Tuskego
Sample, G.W. Corporal First Artillery F Des Moines
Sass, John Private First Infantry H Horn
Sauva, A Private Fourth Infantry M Creston
Savage, B Private Second Artillery C Winterset
Saver, Peter Private Fifteenth Infantry H Keokuk
Scarlet, James A Private Twenty-first Infantry F Bentonsport
Schaumberg, Fred Private First Artillery F Burlington
Schied, Casper Private First Artillery B Burlington
Schierholz, H Sergeant Major Twenty-seventh Infantry
Schlapkohl, Fred Private Twelfth Infantry I Davenport
Schlapkohl, H Private Twelfth Infantry I Davenport
Schlapp, Philip Private Twelfth Infantry I Davenport
Schmitt, Jos Private Fifteenth Infantry G Dubuque
Schmitten, Fritz First Lieutenant Second Artillery C Sabula
Schoo, Bernhard Private Fifth Infantry A Davenport
Schooling, Geo Private Fifteenth Cavalry C Mt. Enta
Schrina, Joseph Private Second Cavalry A Keokuk
Schroeder, G Private Seventeenth Infantry K Dubuque
Schultz, Aug. W Private Second Infantry C Davenport
Schulze, Louis Private First Infantry D Waverly
Schumaker, John Private, Infantry Miscellaneous D Manfield
Schweete, Fred Private Fifteenth Infantry H Keokuk
Schweitzer, Fritz
Scott, G.W. Private Sixth Infantry H Clarinda
Scott, John L Private Twenty-seventh Infantry G River Sioux
Scott, Joseph W Private Seventh Cavalry A Bentonsport
Seamn, W.P. Private Eleventh Infantry C Jefferson
Seeck, P.M. Private Twenty-seventh Infantry H Key Stone
Sehreiner, Nick Private Second Artillery M Lyons
Seiford, George Corporal First Engineers K Charter Oak
Shaefer, John P Private Second Infantry B Paton
Shafer, W.V. Sergeant Tenth Infantry D Wapello
Shaffer, S.K. Sergeant Twenty-seventh Infantry D Marble Rock
Shamblen, F Private Tenth Infantry D Red Oak
Shanks, J.B. Private Sixth Infantry A Ottumwa
Sharp, Jacob W Private Seventh Cavalry F Collins
Sharp, James Corporal Second Infantry F Fairmount
Sheaver, A.C. Private Third Cavalry C Riverton
Sheffield, P.C. Private Second Infantry A What Cheer
Shepard, Abraham Private Twenty-third Infantry B Warren
Sherer, F.M. Sergeant Sixth Infantry H Murray
Sherman, T.C. Private Sixth Infantry H Clarinda
Shew, W.A. Private Forty-fifth Infantry D Grandview
Shirkey, Henry Private Seventh Cavalry C Ford
Shirley, Daniel C Corporal Thirty-fifth Infantry A Missouri Valley
Shirley, J.H. Private Thirteenth Cavalry D Leon
Shivers, James Private Seventh Infantry I Washington
Shuster, Isaac Private Seventh Infantry A Vernon
Sibole, B.F. Private Thirteenth Cavalry L Vandalia
Sickler, James Private Thirteenth Cavalry C Martinsburg
Sieres, Edward Private First Cavalry G Denison
Sillick, Asher Sergeant First Engineers C Toolsboro
Sillsby, E.A. Musician Second Cavalry H St. Charles
Simmonds, Wesley Private Twenty-first Infantry I Kinross
Simpson, Giliad Private Thirteenth Cavalry
Singmaster, W.B. Sergeant Twenty-second Infantry A Dublin
Sinks, W.Y. Private Fourth Cavalry
Sleeper, S.A. Private Fourth Infantry K Walnut
Slump, E Private Seventh Infantry E Henderson
Smart, W.H. Private Thirty-fifth Infantry D Harvard
Smith, C.M. Private Seventh Cavalry I Winterset
Smith, Don b Corporal First Engineers F Superior
Smith, Evans Private First Infantry E Des Moines
Smith, Isaac S Private First Artillery A Goldfield
Smith, Jacob Private Seventh Infantry F Dale
Smith, Peter Drum Major Twenty-fifth Infantry
Smith, S.D. Corporal Eighteenth Infantry E Grimes
Smith, W.E. Private Thirteenth Cavalry H Bedford
Smith, William I Private Tenth Infantry C Keokuk
Smith, Wilson Corporal Tenth Cavalry D Bradgate
Smith, Wm. Second Lieutenant First Cavalry H Galion
Smyth, R.J. Sergeant Second Cavalry D Cherokee
Southwell, Robert Corporal Twenty-first Infantry A Farmersburg
Sparks, M.B. Private Twenty-third Infantry C Batavia
Spemer, Jacob Private Second Artillery B Caseade
Spencer, Alexander Private Twelfth Cavalry F Newton
Spencer, John A Private Second Cavalry D Fort Dodge
Spring, Thomas Private Tenth Cavalry M Dubuque
Sprouse, John Private First Engineers I Toolsboro
Spunaugle, Jacob Private First Engineers B Bingham
Spunaugle, W.J. Private First Infantry B Yorktown
Sroute, Wm A Quartermaster Sergeant First Cavalry G Algona
Stalleop, David Private First Engineers B Laurel
Stansburry, J.H. Private Thirteenth Cavalry B Osceola
Starkey, E Corporal Fourth Cavalry E Conway
Starr, A.H. Assistant Surgeon Fourth Cavalry
Starr, Elijah L Private Twenty-first Infantry F Croton
Stearns, Wm. T Sergeant Third Cavalry A Russell
Steele, Wm Private Third Infantry F Garner
Steiner, Chas Private Second Infantry G Rhodes
Stepheny, John Private First Artillery I Quincy
Sterling, A.S. Captain Eighth Infantry G Avoca
Stettar, Wm Private Fifteenth Infantry H Ottumwa
Stevens, I.B. Private First Cavalry D Exline
Stever, Philip Private Eighty-second Cavalry K Fairfield
Stewart, Frank Private Fortieth Infantry G Davenport
Stewart, John L Private First Infantry F Shell Rock
Stoltenberg, C.M. Sergeant Thirteenth Infantry A Davenport
Street, G.M. Sergeant Seventh Cavalry I Stuart
Stuhr, J.H.C. Private Twelfth Infantry I Shelby
Stuhr, J.H.C. Private Fifteenth Infantry I Shelby
Stuve, Ernst Private Forty-third Cavalry G Council Bluffs
Sullivan, James Captain Seventh Infantry C Keokuk
Sullivan, James Major Fourteenth Infantry
Summerson, J.R. Corporal Eighth Infantry I Perry
Summitt, James Private Fourteenth Infantry C Hillsdale
Swan, A First Lieutenant Twenty-second Infantry D Gravity
Swaney, John Private Fifty-first Infantry G Pacific City
Swango, John Private Eleventh Infantry F Monterey
Swap, Wm. E Bugler Fourth Cavalry K Bedford
Swartz, D.W. Private Seventh Cavalry C Keokuk
Sweeny, Geo Sergeant Second Cavalry G Little Sioux
Taylor, Charles Private Third Cavalry L Bedford
Taylor, John W Private Seventh Cavalry B Keokuk
Taylor, Levi Private Fourth Cavalry E Winterset
Templeman, E.W. Corporal Twenty-third Infantry D Adel
Templeton, A.W. Private Forty-fourth Infantry D Harvard
Tenhagan, Peter Private Thirteenth Cavalry L Pella
Thoeming, Chas Private Second Artillery F Davenport
Thomas, J.L. Captain Forty-fifth Infantry H Allerton
Thomas, M.B. Private Eighteenth Infantry E North English
Thompson, B.W. Sergeant First Artillery C Grandview
Thompson, H Private Third Cavalry A Delmar
Thompson, Norman Private Third Cavalry I Independence
Thompson, Samuel Private Seventh Infantry E Bloomfield
Thompson, Wm. Jr. Private Second Infantry D Deane
Thorp, Jesse Private Fifth Cavalry D Creston
Thurber, William H First Lieutenant Fiftieth Infantry D Epworth
Tiedeman, John Private Twelfth Infantry H Davenport
Tiffin, Wm. Private Sixty-seventh Infantry I Oskaloosa
Titus, Wm Private Second Cavalry G Oskaloosa
Titus, Wm Private Thirteenth Cavalry L Oskaloosa
Tizer, Andrew Private First Engineers K Union
Toops, Stephen A Bugler First Cavalry D Belfast
Tracey, Chas. W Major Twenty-first Infantry
Trainer, Joseph Private Fifteenth Infantry F Davenport
Treylawn, N.G. Sergeant First Cavalry M Carroll
Triplett, Elsey Private Twenty-seventh Infantry D McPaul
Trisler, John Private Tenth Infantry D Belknap
Troette, C.J. Private Twelfth Cavalry A Birmingham
Trumnell, Brandford S Private Eighteenth Infantry B Santiago
Trunnell, Thos Private Eighteenth Infantry B Seymour
Trunnell, Wm Private Eighteenth Infantry G Seymour
Tucker, Nattis Private Third Cavalry C Centerville
Tutewiler, Jacob Private Twenty-first Infantry I Centerville
Tuttle, Ezra K Private Tenth Cavalry M Dubuque
Tuttle, I.C. Corporal First Cavalry G Mt. Ayr
Tyler, Roswell Private Eighth Infantry E Burr Oak
Upmeyer, E Private Third Infantry F Garner
Van Berger, Julius Private First Cavalry D Le Mars
Van Brunt, J.F. Private Eighth Infantry H Dubuque
Van Camp, L.C. Private Twenty-first Infantry F Keokuk
Van Houten, Geo Private Fourth Cavalry B Lenox
Van Pette, A.G. Private Seventh Infantry I Nassau
Van Sickle, A.B. Captain Fourth Cavalry G Bedford
Vance, A.J. Private First Engineers E New Market
Vandike, James Sergeant First Cavalry K Exlind
Varian, Bern Lieutenant Third Infantry I Valley
Vaughn, W.H. Private Third Infantry I Rolfe
Veach, E.A. Private First Cavalry D Monterey
Vezey, Chas Private Twenty-seventh Infantry A Council Bluffs
Vibbard, Byron Private Third Artillery D Manchester
Viers, Wm Private Eighteenth Infantry B Allerton
Vincent, E Private First Cavalry D Glenwood
Wade, W.S. Private Sixth Cavalry E Osceola
Wagner, Conrad Sergeant Twenty-first Infantry F Montrose
Wagner, George Private Twenty-first Infantry F Franklin
Wakefield, J.A. Private Fifty-first Infantry I Leon
Wakeman, E.F. Private Third Cavalry C Nevada
Wakeman, R.S. Private Third Cavalry C Nevada
Walden, John Captain Eleventh Cavalry G Indianapolis
Waldrip, B.F. Private Thirteenth Infantry H Lineville
Walker, Charles Corporal First Engineers C Prairie City
Walker, F.M. Sergeant Thirty-fifth Infantry C Pleasanton
Wallace, John Private Second Cavalry F Mondamin
Walls, Michael Private Ninth Cavalry E Bellevue
Walsh, Pat Captain Sixty-ninth Infantry D Centerville
Walter, Abram F Private Twenty-third Infantry I Caledonia
Ward, Benjamin Private First Engineers C Yarmouth
Ward, F.M. Private Eleventh Cavalry M Van Wert
Warrington, J.A. Captain Eleventh Cavalry I Bloomfield
Wasem, Adam Private First Artillery B Fort Dodge
Watson, G.W. Private Seventh Cavalry M Allerton
Watts, Elihn Private Twenty-first Infantry G Croton
Weaver, John H Private Twenty-first Infantry K Keosauqua
Weber, John Private Eighth Infantry K Primrose
Webster, John B Private Fifteenth Infantry D Oskaloosa
Weeks, Adelbert J Private Second Cavalry H Correctionville
Weigart, J.J. Private First Cavalry M Irwin
Weinzier, Chris Private Fifteenth Infantry G Dubuque
Welker, Fred Major; also Lieutenant-Colonel; Brevet Colonel First Artillery Chief Art. 17th A. C.
Weller, P Sergeant Forty-third Infantry I Maple Landing
Wells, Ab First Lieutenant Eighteenth Infantry I Moulton
Wells, Alexander S Private Seventh Cavalry A Moulton
Wells, Thomas Private Eleventh Infantry D Clermont
Welton, M.N. Private Second Cavalry E Osceola
Wenz, Fred G Bugler First Artillery B Albia
West, Jas. G Second Lieutenant Second Cavalry C Moulton
West, Z Sergeant Eighth Infantry A Honey Creek
Westfall, Thomas Private Seventh Infantry F Summitville
Weston, Holmer L Captain Sixty-ninth Infantry B Newton
Wheeler, L.J. Private First Infantry H Cherokee
Wheeler, L.J. Private Fifth Infantry H Cherokee
Wheelock, G.H. Drummer Sixth Infantry D Ottumwa
Whetstone, J.N. Sergeant Twenty-first Infantry G Montrose
Whitcanack, S Private Twenty-fifth Infantry E Lebanan
Whitcomb, A.B. First Lieutenant First Engineers K Wapello
White, Geo Captain Third Infantry I Elkport
White, John S Private Ninth Cavalry C Mount Zion
Whitmarsh, T.F. Private First Engineers C Denmark
Whitmore, Daniel Private Fifth Infantry I Hopeville
Wide, R Private Third Cavalry I Sheffield
Widekin, Fritz Private Second Infantry A Sweetland
Wilder, A Private Eleventh Cavalry C Hopkins, Mo
Willbehr, August Private Second Artillery M Lyons
Willett, Charles Private Eighteenth Infantry C Agency
Williams, C.H. Private Forty-second Infantry G Dunreith
Williams, E Corporal First Cavalry M Carroll
Williams, Thomas Private Forty-fifth Infantry B Hopkins, Mo
Williams, W.T. Private Eighth Infantry A Marshalltown
Willie, William Sergeant First Battery
West Bend
Wilson, Daniel Private Eleventh Cavalry B Ivy
Wilson, J.F. Private Eighteenth Infantry K Allerton
Wilson, J.L. Private Eighteenth Infantry K Allerton
Winger, J.H. Private Eighteenth Infantry I Seymour
Wion, Fred Private Thirty-fifth Infantry E Decatur City
Wion, Henry Private Thirty-fifth Infantry E Decatur City
Wirt, David B First Lieutenant Twelfth Cavalry H Leando
Wirt, David B Private Third Infantry K Leando
Wishman, Louis Private Fourth Cavalry A Dixon
Wittkup, F Private Fourth Cavalry C & H Tripoli
Wolf, Wm Private Tenth Cavalry D Ireton
Wood, D Private Tenth Infantry K Colo
Wood, Samuel Private Thirty-fifth Infantry C Garden Grove
Wood, W.C. Private Tenth Infantry I Creston
Woodruff, David D Private First Cavalry D Mechanicsville
Worley, James Private Fourteenth Infantry C Ottumwa
Wright, Benj. Private Thirty-fifth Infantry C Lineville
Wyckoff, N.H. First Lieutenant Forty-second Infantry C Livingston
Wycoff, Geo Captain Eighteenth Infantry D Cincinnati
Wycoff, John Private Seventh Infantry K Westerville
Yager, Austin W Private First Cavalry M Missouri Valley

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