Missouri State Genealogy Trails
Source: Official Manual, of the State of Missouri, 1891-92 - C. Horton -2009

Officers Of Ex-Confederate Association Of Missouri,
And (ex offcio) officers of


Elected at Kansas City, August 20, 1891

President James Bannerman St. Louis.
Vice-President Harvey W. Salmon Clinton
Treasurer H. A. Ricketts Mexico
Surgeon J. J. Fulkerson, M. D. Higgnisville.
Secretary W. P. Barlow 2712 Gamble street, St. Louis
1st Dist. Thomas H. Bacon Hannibal
2d Dist. F. L. Pitts Paris
3d Dist. A. C. Cook Plattsburg
4th Dist. Elijah Gates St. Joseph
5th Dist. Jno. B. Stone Kansas City
6th Dist. F. P. Bronaugh Boonville
7th Dist. W. H. Kennan Mexico
8th Dist. Henry Guibor St. Louis
9th Dist. Frank Gaiennie St. Louis
10th Dist. Geo. T McNamee St. Louis
11th Dist. E. G Williams Waynesville
12th Dist. W. C. Bronaugh Lewis Station
13th Dist. D. C. Kennedy Springfield
14th Dist. O. H. P. Catron West Plains

Resident committee of the Home, Higginsville, Mo.--Capt. M. L. Belt, Dr. J. J. Fulkerson, Capt. A. E. Asbury.


Missouri State Genealogy Trails
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