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Confederate Veterans and Their War Records
Source: Well Known Confederate Veterans and Their War Records, Wm. E. Mickle, New Orleans, La., 1907;

Transcribed by Genealogy Trails Transcription Team

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b. - Born
c. - Captured
d. - Discharged
e. - Enlisted
m. - Member
pa. - Paroled
pr. - Private
pris. - Prisoner
s. - Surrendered
w. - Wounded


Allen, Wm. McDowell - Pilot Grove, Mo.; b. July 2, 1830; e. 1861, under Gen. Joe Shelby; pr. Co. A, Gordon's Mo. Cav., Shelby and Marmaduke's Command, Price's Army; s. at Shreveport, La., last of June, 1865; m. John C. Breckinridge Camp No. 100.

Arnold,  David H. - Nicholasville, Ky.; b. July 29, 1819; e. Nov. 1861; pr. Co. G, 2d Mo. Cav.; pris. 14 months at Fort Smith and Little Rock, Ark., and Rock Island, Ill.; w. at Independence, Mo.; s. at Shreveport, La., June 12, 1865; m. Humphrey Marshall Camp No. 187.

Asbury, A. E. - Higginsville, Mo.; b. in Virginia, Aug. 16, 1836; e. in Mo. State Guard on breaking out of war; was in all battles in that state in 1861-62; Lieut.-Col. on Staff of Gen. J. H. McBride; in prison in more than one penitentiary; s. at Galveston, Tex., June 20, 1865.

Baber, William - Richmond, Ray Co., Mo.; b. Aug. 14, 1840; e. Sept., 1861; pr. 3d Mo. Inft., Col. F. M. Cockrell; pa. May 23, 1865; Com. Crispin Camp No. 727.

Bates, A. J. - Bentonville, Ark.; b. July 22, 1844; e. April, 1862; was in Mo. State service 6 mo. in 1861; pr. Co. F, 3d Mo. Cav.; served to close of war; Commander Cabell Camp No. 89.

Blakeley, Charles P. - Bozeman, Mont.; b. June 6, 1834; e. June 6, 1861; pr. Blakeley's Co. Mo. State Guards; served about 5 months, when the State Guards were abandoned; Com. Sterling Price Camp No. 1378.

Bonnel, F. M. - Lexington, Ky.; b. Aug. 29, 1838; e. Nov. 24, 1861; Corp. Co. A, 6th Mo. Inft.; pris. a few months at Vicksburg; w. at Bakers Creek, Miss. and at Kennesaw Mountain, Ga.; s. at Johnsonville, Tenn., May 1865; m. John C. Breckinridge Camp No. 100.

Brown, G. B. - Georgetown, Ky.; b. Jan. 30, 1843; e. May, 1861; pr. Co. H, 2d Mo. Inft.; prisoner 4 months in Vicksburg; w. at Vicksburg, Miss.; s. at Marion, Ala., 1865; m. Geo. W. Johnson Camp No. 98.

Capott, George - Lexington, Tex.; b. Dec. 1, 1835; e. Feb. 16, 1862; pr. Mo. Partisan Rangers, then in Landis Battery to Surrender of Vicksburg; then in the Reserves at Joe Johnston's surrender; m. Donelson Camp No. 555.

Cassell, Thos. L. - Lexington, Ky.; pr. Co. A, 16th Mo. Inft.; m. John C. Breckinridge Camp No. 100.

Catron, O. H. P. - West Plains, Mo.; b. Dec. 27, 1842; e. June 16, 1861; pr. in Mo. State Guard, Graves' Regt., under Gen. Price; in 1862, 2d Lieut. Co. C, Gordon's Regt.; Shelby's Brig.; pa. June 16 at Shreveport La.; Lieut. Jos. O. Shelby Camp No. 630.

Childs, William Ward - Brooklyn, N. Y.; b. Dec. 6, 1844; e. Dec. 6, 1861; Sgt. Art., Landis' Mo. Battery; later Guibor's Mo. Battery; served to close of war.

Claybrook, J. P. - Harrods Creek, Ky.; b. Feb. 18, 1843; e. June, 1861; pr. Mo. State Guard; Lieut., Nov., 1861; tr. to C. S. Navy, Midshipman, Master and Lieut.; then in Army of N. Va.; commanded Battery at Drewry's Bluff, Va.; Co. Attached to Naval Brig., Custis' Div., Ewell's Corps; c. with entire corps April, 1865; pris. at Old Capitol Prison and Johnson's Island; released July, 1865; m. Geo. B. Eastin No. 803.

Cloyd, Wm. C. - Rush, Tex.; b. Sept. 16, 1844; e. July, 1861; pr. Co. C, 1st Mo. Cav.; in 1864 tr. to 2d Mo. Cav.; served to close of war; m. Ross-Ector Camp No. 513.

Cobb, Rev. Thos. M. - Lexington, Mo.; b. Oct. 17, 1842; e. Jan., 1862; Serg. Co. H, 2d Mo. Inft., Army of Tenn.; w. at Kennesaw; c. at Vicksburg; s. at Louisville, Ky., April 17, 1865. m. Lexington Camp No. 648.

Cockrell, Francis M. - Brig.-Gen., Warrensburg, Mo.; b. Oct. 1st, 1834; e. Jan., 1862; pr.; elected Capt. in 1st Mo. Brig. under Gen. Sterling Price; Lieut.-Col. 2d Mo. Inft.; Col. of same Regt., then Brig.-Gen.; c. at Blakely, Ala., April 9, pa. May 14, 1865.

Davidson, Alvan S., M.D. - Selfville, Ala.; b. Apr. 6, 1837; e. Feb. 16, 1862; 1st Serg. Co. Mo, 7th Ala. Cav., Wheeler's Corps; served about 3 years.

Davis, Lysander M. - Missoula, Mont.; b. Dec. 1, 1839; e. Sept. 1862; Co. A, 10th Mo. Inft., and in Co. D, 2d Mo. Cav.; w. at Pea Ridge and Prairie Grove; taken pris. at Helena, Ark., July 4, 1863; pa. at Columbus, Miss. May, 16, 1865; Commander McDonald Camp No. 1370.

Driskell, Calvin M. - Harrodsburg, Ky.; b. Sept. 18, 1837; e. May 26, 1862; pr. Bledsoe's Batt. Mo. Art.; w. in leg at Resaca, Ga., 1864; s. at Hamburg, S. C., May 1, 1865; m. Wm. Preston Camp No. 96.

Dudley, F. H. - Winchester, Ky.; pr. Co. I, 1st Mo. Inf.

Duke, Basil W. - Brig.-Gen., C. S. A., Louisville, Ky.; b. May 28, 1838; Mo. State service from May 10, 1861 to Oct., 1861; Confed. service Oct., 1861; Lieut.-Col., Col. and Brig.-Gen. in Gen. John H. Morgan's Div. of Cav.; served until May 10, 1865; m. Geo. B. Eastin Camp No. 803.

Dyer, J. C. - Henrietta, Tex.; b. Jan. 16, 1842; e. May, 1861; Sgt. 10th Mo. Inf.; Parson's Brigade served to June, 1865; m. Sul Ross Camp No. 172.

Edson, Jas. Eugene - Milford, Texas; b. Aug. 27, 1848; e Sept., 1864; pr. Co. D, 9th Mo. Inf.; Parson's Div.; m. Sam Davis Camp No. 1089.

Everman, W. A. - Greenville, Miss.; b. Sept. 24, 1841, e. July, 1861; pr. 3d Mo. Inft.; 1st Mo. Brig.; served 4 years; Percy Camp No. 238.

Farley, J. C. - Houston, Mo.; b. Dec. 10, 1844; e. Dec., 1862; pr. in Marmaduke's Div.; served 2 years and 6 months; Adjt. McBride Camp No. 787.

Ford, C. Y. - Odessa, Mo.; b. April 12, 1843; e. May 8, 1861; Corp. 2d Mo. Cav., under Sterling Price; then under VanDorn; then Forrest, to close of war; in every fight under Forrest after 1863; Brig.-Gen. Forrest Cav. Corps, U. C. V.

Frazee, Jno. M. - Maysville, Ky.; b. Aug. 13, 1838; e. Aug., 1861; pr. short time in Co. A, then Surg. (Maj.) 16th Mo. Inft.; s. at Shreveport, La. June 7, 1865; m. Jos. E. Johnston Camp No. 442.

Fusz, Paul A. - Philipsburg, Mont. - Born in Hericourt, France, August 5th, 1847. Entered Confederate Service September 20th, 1864. Private Company G, 9th Missouri Infantry Regiment, Clark's Brigade. Paroled April 10th, 1865. Member J. E. B. Stuart Camp No. 716, Philipsburg, Mont. Major-General commanding Northwest Division U. C. V. Mining Engineer, St. Louis, Mo.

Fusz, Paul A. - Philipsburg, Mont.; b. Aug. 5, 1847; e. Sept. 20, 1864; pr. Co. G, 9th Mo. Inft., Clark's Brig.; pa. April 10, 1865; m. J. E. B. Stuart Camp No. 716.

Gilliland, Henry C. - Martha, Okla. - Born in Jasper County, Mo., March 11th, 1845. Entered Confederate Service February, 1863. Private Company H, 2nd Texas Cavalry Regiment. Served twenty-seven months. Prominent as an Indian Fighter. Led charge against Indians in fight in Parker County, Tex., July 5th, 1869. Member Mangum Camp No. 1135. Adjutant General 3 rd Brigade Oklahoma Division U. C. V. Merchant.

Glaves, Daniel Lather - Fredericktown, Mo.; b. Oct. 24th, 1844; e. May, 1862; pr.; Serg. in 1864, 4th Mo. Bat., under Gen. Sterling Price, later in Haye's Command; pa. June 5, 1865; Com. Lowe Camp No. 805.

Gordon, James A. - Marshall, Mo., b. August 26, 1841; e. August 18, 1862; Ord. Serg., Gen. Shelby's Brig.; served to June 20, 1865; Past Commander Marmaduke Camp No. 554.

Graves, Jno. R. - Lexington, Ky., e. May, 1861; Col. 2d Mo. Inft. in Commands of Sterling Price, Kirby Smith and Dick Taylor; served 4 years; m. Jno. C. Breckinridge Camp No. 100.

Hagan, F. - Louisville, Ky.; b. Sept., 1835; e. Oct., 1862; pr., afterwards Capt., Col. Kitchen's Mo. Inft.; s. at Shreveport, La. May, 1865; m. Geo. B. Eastin Camp No. 803.

Hall, J. Will - Liberty, Mo.; b. Jan. 28, 1844; e. March, 1861; pr. 7th Mo. Inft.; served to June, 1865; Com. McCarty Camp No. 729.

Hawkins, H. P. - Paducah, Ky.; b. Sept. 22, 1846; e. July, 1861; pr. Co. A, White's Mo. State Guard Batt.; dis. for injury; re-enlisted Dec., 1862, Co. K, 12th Ky. Cav.; tr. to Co. B, 12th Ky. Cav.; served 3 years and 10 months; m. J. T. Walbert Camp No. 463.

Hearne, R. S. - Georgetown, Ky.; b. Dec. 25, 1837; e. May 14, 1861; Lieut. Co. D, 5th Mo. Inft.; pris. 1 month at Port Gibson, Miss. and 3 months at Ship Island; w. six times; s. May 8, 1865, at Jackson, Miss.; m. Geo. W. Johnson Camp No. 98.

Jamison, J. C. - Guthrie, Okla.; b. Sept. 30, 1830; e. Aug., 1861; Capt. Co. D, Hane's Brig., Mo. State Guard; c. in Mo. in 1862; confined in La., St. Louis, Mo., Forts Monroe and Norfolk; exchanged at City Point, Va. 1863; left army on account of wounds; served over 3 years; m. Jamison Camp No. 347.

Keeton, J. H. - Healdton, Ind. Ter.; b. Aug. 15, 1847; e. June, 1862; pr. Col. Coffee's Mo. Regt.,  Gen. Shelby's Brig.; s. at Lexington, Mo., May 18, 1865; m. Stonewall Jackson Camp No. 1452.

Kennan, William H. - Mexico, Mo.; b. Sept. 16, 1837; e. May 15, 1861; 1st Lieut. and Adjt. 2d Mo., Sharp's and Clark's Brigs., Price's Div., Trans-Miss. Dept.. commanded by Gen. E. Kirby Smith; served over 4 years; Com. Mexico Camp No. 650.

Kimmel, Manning M. - Henderson, Ky.; b. Oct. 2, 1832; e. Aug.. 1861; Maj. and A. A. Gen. in the commands of Gen. McCulloch; Chief of Staff to Lieut.-Gen. Earl VanDorn, Adjt.-Gen. State of Mo., and on Staffs of Gens E. Kirby Smith, Sterling Price and J. B. Magruder; served 4 years; Com. J. Ed. Rankin Camp N. 558.

King, S. H. - Bruin, Ky.; Capt. 2d Co. Mo. Art; m. Jno. C. Breckinridge Camp No. 100.

Landis, John C. - St. Joseph, Mo., b. March 5, 1837; e. June, 1861; Capt. of Inft., then Lieut.-Col., Chief of Art., Mo. Div., Army of Tenn.; pa. at Gainesville, Ala., June, 1865; m. Cundiff Camp No. 807, St. Joseph, Mo.

Love, J. A. - High Gates, Mo.; b. March 1, 1839; e. Sept., 1861; Capt. Co. H, 10th Mo. Inft., Gen. Price's Div.; s. June 9, 1865; Com. Shockley Camp No. 744.

McChane, F. M. - Lebanon, Mo.; b. Feb. 28, 1848; e. June, 1863; pr. Col. Stables Regt., Shelby's Brig.; served 2 years; Com. Cockrell Camp No. 1220.

McCollum, J. W. - Dexter, Mo.; b. Sept. 22, 1832; e. Oct. 15, 1861; Ord. Serg. Co. A, 8th Mo. Cav., Col. W. L. Jeffers; s. April 5, 1865; Adjt. Kitchen Camp No. 779.

McCulloch, Robert - Brig.-Gen., Boonville, Mo.; b. Nov. 23, 1820; e. May, 1861; Lieut.-Col. 1st Mo. Cav.; Jan, 1862, Col. 2d Mo.; commanded a Cav. Brig. under Gen. Armstrong; later commanded McCulloch's Brig., Forrest's Corps; s. at Columbus, Miss., at close of war, 1865; Com. Geo. B. Harper Camp No. 714.

McGuire, W. R. - Chico, Tex.; b. Nov. 11, 1836; e. Aug., 1862; pr. Co. F, Mo. Cav., under Maj.-Gen. Sterling Price's Trans-Miss.; served to close of war, May 29, 1865; m. McIntosh Camp No. 361.

McLellan, Alden - New Orleans, La.; b. Jan. 28, 1836; e. Jan., 1862; 1st Lieut. Hannibal (Mo.) Light Art.; attached to 1st Mo. Brig. during war; c. at Blakely, Ala., April 9, 1865; Vice-Pres. Army of Tenn. Camp No. 2.

Metcalfe, H. C. - Carlisle, Ky.; b. Nov. 21, 1844; e. Aug., 1861; Serg. 2d Mo. Inft., Trans-Miss. Dept.; served about 1 year until taken prisoner; m. P. Bramblett Camp No. 344.

Moore, J. M. - West. Tex.; b. Nov. 16, 1845; e. July 16, 1862; pr. Co. A, 3d Mo. Cav., Trans-Miss. Dept.; served nearly 3 years.

Morgan, Collin - Kennett, Mo.; b. Jan. 15, 1843; e. Oct., 1862; Serg. Co. C, 4th Mo. Cav., Trans-Miss. Dept.; served __ years; Adjt. Taylor Camp No. 792.

Myers, Henry C. - Memphis, Tenn.; b. Oct. 17, 1847; e. May, 1863; pr. Co. H, 2d Mo. Cav., Forrest's Command; served 2 years; m. Confed. Historical Assn. Camp No. 28.

Neale, B. M. - Greenville, Mo.; b. Nov. 16, 1841; e. June 15, 1861; pr., Lieut. and Capt. 1st Mo. Cav. (Shelby's); s. at Shreveport, La., June 14, 1865; served 3 years and 6 months; Adjt. Stemmons Camp No. 1044.

Neese, W. C. - Safford, Ariz.; b. May 29, 1840; e. Sept. 3, 1861; pr. 1st Mo. Cav.; served until May, 1865; Capt. Winnie Davis Camp No. 1244.

Norman, N. J. - Dexter, Mo.; b. Oct. 31, 1831; e. in 1862; Serg. Co. D, 6th Mo. Inft., Gen. Marmaduke's Brig.; served 2 years; m. Kitchen Camp 779.

Penn, H. G. - Moberly, Mo.; b. June 14, 1841; e. in 1861; pr. Co. F, Burbridge's Regt.; c. at Pea Ridge, Ark.; pa. at Springfield, Mo.; served 6 months; m. Marmaduke Camp No. 685.

Proctor, J. H. - Dixie, Ind. Ter.; b. Jan. 9, 1843; e. March 2, 1862; 4th Serg. 1st Mo. Inft.; served 3 years; m. Joe Wheeler Camp No. 1242.

Pruett, H. D. - Gail, Tex.; b. Feb. 24, 1849; e. pr. Capt. Howard's Co. 11th Mo. Inft., Price's Div.; served 2 years.

Redd, Richard Menefee - Lexington, Ky.; e. summer of 1862; pr. Co. A, Gordon's Mo. Cav.; July 4, 1863, taken sick with typhoid fever; dis. in fall of 1863; m. J. C. Breckinridge Camp No. 100.

Redd, William Allen - Dover, Mo.; b. Feb. 12, 1835; e. April, 1861; Capt., Adjt., 1st Mo. Cav., Shelby's Brig.; c. at Cane Hill, Ark., 1863; pris. in Alton, Ill., Penitentiary; exchanged at Vicksburg, Miss., Sept., 1863; again c. Oct. 20, 1864; pris. on Johnson's Island; released and took oath of allegiance Aug. 10, 1865.

Reid, John - Lexington, Mo.; b. Dec. 20, 1822; e. in 1861; Maj. on Staff of Gen. Sterling Price; served to close of war.

Rhodus, Henry M. - Waxahachie, Tex.; b. Jan. 27, 1839; e. April 12, 1862; pr. co. A, 2d Mo. Cav.; then Co. A, 19th Tex. Cav., Parson's Brig.; disbanded May 23, 1865; Com. Winnie Davis Camp No. 108.

Routh, Joseph H. - Ballinger, Tex. - Born in Missouri April 2nd, 1841. Entered Confederate Service in 1861. Private Captain Fred Tate's Company, Colonel E. B. Nichols' Texas Infantry Battalion six months. Re-enlisted as 1st Sergeant Company D, 1st Infantry Battalion, I. N. Waul's Texas Legion. December, 1864, transferred to Company C, 33rd Texas Cavalry. Served to close of war. Commander Henry E. McCulloch Camp No. 557, Ballinger, Tex. Farmer.

Ryan, J. W. - Clarendon, Tex.; b. June 7, 1850; e. Nov., 1864; pr. Co. F, 8th Batt. Mo. Inft., Buckner's Div.; served to close of war; Lieut. Sam Lanham Camp No. 1383.

Sanders, Culvin F. - Memphis, Mo.; b. Dec. 22, 1840; e. Aug., 1861; Capt. Buckner Guards, Army of Tenn.; s. with Gen. Joe Johnston; Adjt. Shacklett Camp No. 723.

Snavely, Frank M. - Stamping Ground, Ky.; b. April 19, 1834; e. May, 1861; pr. Co. A, 3d Mo. Cav.; pris. 6 months at Fort Henry, Mo.; served to close of war; m. G. W. Johnson Camp No. 98.

Strode, E. W. - Independence, Mo.; b. March 6, 1844; e. Feb., 1862; pr. in "Lucas" Batt.; after Battle of Vicksburg, 3d Mo. Batt.; served about 4 years. Com. Holloway Camp No. 533.

Thurston, H. C. - Mount Vernon, Tex.; b. May 4, 1830; e. in 1861; pr. Co. I, 4th Mo. Cav.; Marmaduke's Brig.; pa. June 9, 1865; m. McCulloch Camp No. 300.

Towne, E. C. - Rio Vista, Tex.; b. Feb. 20, 1837; e. Dec. 24, 1861; pr. 3d Mo. Cav., Price's Army; served 4 years; m. Cleburn Camp No. 88.

Venable, George P. - Lexington, Mo.; b. March 18, 1838; e. May, 1861; 2d Lieut., Bowman's Regt., Price's Army; served to close of war; Adjt. Lexington Camp No. 648.

Ward, Edw. G. - Lamar, Barton County, Mo.; b. Feb. 28, 1839; e. April, 1861; Capt. Co. G, 1st Mo. Cav., Trans-Miss. Dept.; c. twice; w. in legs, arms and body; s. Shreveport, La., June 14, 1865; m. Ed. Ward Camp No. 760.

Willis, L. H. - Nicholasville, Ky.; b. April 8, 1841; e. April, 1861; Corp. 3d Mo. Bat., under Gen. Sterling Price; served 4 years; m. Humphrey Marshall Camp No. 187.

Willis, Leonard H. - Nicholasville, Ky.; Cav., 3d Mo. Bat.; m. Humphrey Marshall Camp No. 187.

Wofford, John W. - Kansas City, Mo.; b. Aug. 14, 1837; e. 1861; pr.; 2d Lieut., 1862, Co. B; April, 1863; 1st Lieut., Adjt. Philips' Legion Cav.; served to April, 1865; m. Kansas City Camp No. 80.

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