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WW1 Casualties

Enrolled in service, mustered out for sacrifice in the cause of country, are the names of Missouri's boys who have given all. These names are hallowed names, sacred ever to kin and country. None can do more then they. Short were their lives, monumental their work. "You are entitled to wear a gold star" is the brief message sent from the Capitol to perhaps Cabool, Missouri, but it tells the story of man's offering on the alter of fraternity. To the father, the mother and the wife it tells of honor to family; to the friends, of courage in conflict; to the State, of the duties of citizenship nobly performed; to the nation, of patriotism sacred; and to all mankind, of martyrdom to democracy.

These are the Missourians recently reported killed in action: William Brogan, St. Louis; John M. Davidson, of Senath; H.C. and J. H. Del Vian of St. Louis; Gene J. Henson, of Fornfelt; William Johnson, of Reger; First Lieutenant Charles Long, of Granby; Cleatus H. McMunn, of Senath; Harry N. Miller, of Kansas City; Oscar Pflaster, of St. Louis; J. Smith, (Canadian casualty list), of St. Louis.

The following Missourians are reported to have died of wounds in France: Corporal Fred C. Carter, of St. Louis; Harry F. Raymond, of St. Louis; Finis Schooling, of Clark; Wilbur Wilkerson, of Kansas City.

Five Missourians were reported to have died of disease in France: Ernest Crowder, of Kansas City; Homer E. Grafton, of Springfield; Harry D. James, of Hannibal; Arthur Eugene Newman, of St. Louis; Elmer H. Prengel of St. Louis.

P. Harold Becker, a sailor, of St. Louis, was also reported to have died in France. Cause of death not stated.

Kenneth M. Copley, of Webster Groves, and Lieut. Richard Anderson, of St. Louis, were accidentally killed in the airplane service in France.

Two Missourians are still reported missing in action: Charles M. Gibbs, of Windsor; Clarence Mitchell, of St. Louis.

Four Missourians are reported as prisoners in Germany: Pvt. Homer Akers, of Norwood; Lieut. Louis M. Edens, of Cabool; Lieut. H. A. Goodrich, of St. Louis; Capt. J. F. Hardesty, of St. Louis.

The casualty lists of those killed, wounded and missing at sea, report the following Missourians: Hamilton Lee Bayne, missing on board U. S. collier Cyclops, of St. Louis; Wallace Cecil, fireman, and Charles F. Dechenne, fireman, seriously wounded on U.S. destroyer Manley, both of St. Louis; Everett H. Duffy, of the Tuscania's dead or missing, of Siloam Springs; Francis Roberts Flood, yeoman, missing on U. S. S. Lake Moor, of Hannibal; William Lusso, killed on U. S. destroyer, of Kansas City; Lawrence Robinson, missing on Cyclops, of St. Louis; Joseph Shields, killed on U. S. S. Von Steuber, of Hannibal; Wallace G. Smith, of the Tuscania's dead or missing, of Festus; William E. Vickers, same, of Southwest City; and Moss Tinsley Whiteside, missing on Cyclops, of St. Louis.

The following Missourians have been severely wounded in France: Major John Frank Carmack, of St. Louis; Private Alfred B. Clark, of St. Louis; Jesse S. Deakins, of St. Joseph; Thomas R. Harrison, of St. Aubert; Geo. D. Kirchofer, of Kidder; Omar E. La Hue, of St. Joseph; Spencer Jay Lewis, of St. Louis; Arthur H. Quick, of Kansas City; Haydon O. Ray, of Moody; Frank J. Schwetz, of St. Louis; Felix Tokai, of St. Louis; Oliver D. Yoder, of Gunn City.

Reported slightly wounded in France: Lieut. Frederick C. Abbott, of St. Louis; Thomas W. Cole of Springvale; Lieut. Roland E. Hamman, of St. Louis; James Schuyler Lance, of St. Louis; Isidor Lewine, of Kansas City; Carl C. Leudeking, of St. Louis; Alex. Mironik, of St. Louis; Christopher C. Plummer, of Mathews; and Frank J. Sikorski, of St. Louis.

The following St. Louisans in the United States Marine Corps have been reported wounded in France but the extent of their injury was not given: Corp. William Doud; Sergt. Walter U. Kelley, Charles S. Olmstead, Gustav Sauerbrunn, Arthur H. Spies, Ferdinand Theodore Stoer, Corp. Milo Tebee, Leo J. Tevlin, and Frank Yampolasky.

"Missouri Historical Review"
By Francis Asbury Sampson, State Historical Society of Missouri, Floyd Calvin Shoemaker
Published by State Historical Society of Missouri, 1917
Transcribed by Kim T. - 2009


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