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The first Mormon newspaper published from Independence, Missouri, June 1832-July 1833 and in Kirtland, Ohio, December 1833-September 1834

Mormons had a newspaper Published every month at Independence, Jackson County, Missouri by W. W. Phelps & Co.

DANITES was a term made use of by some of the brethren In Far West, Mo., and grew out of an expression Joseph Smith  made use of when the brethren in the fall of 1838 were preparing to defend themselves stealing of Micah's Images (Judges 18th Chap.) when he said that the Danites would be after them, meaning the brethren in self- defense. An apostate by the name of Sampson Avard tried to organize a secret band called Danites in Far West for wicked purposes, but this was without the knowledge of the leaders of the Church, and the companies organized by the legal authorities for the defense of the city was in no wise connected with Avard's movement. The repeated stories about Danites, or destroying angels, among the Saints In the Rocky Mountains no doubt has its origin in the wild fancy  of wicked and. corrupt men, whose object has been to slander and misrepresent the "Mormons." 
[The Historical Record; Andrew Jenson, Utah, 1886]


The first pension granted by Missouri was of $8 1-3 a month to Samuel Tarwater of Ray county for Injuries received in the Mormon war.



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