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Filing In The Estate Of Gilbert Blankenship

Found in the Oregon County Courthouse and transcribed by Ed Grooms

John S. Blankenship Plaintiff
Clora Ann Pratt
William Pratt
Merida H. Blankenship
GM Blankenship
WH Blankenship
Paralee Blankenship
Jacob H Blankenship
Easter A Blankenship
Manuel S Blankenship
William C Phillips
NJ Phillips
AAA Phillips
GW Phillips
BC Phillips
Missouri L Phillips
JH Phillips

Minor heirs of Christenah and BC Phillips and Nancy Blankenship, Administrator of the estate of Gilbert Blankenship senior, deceased. Defendants in the Circuit Court of Oregon County, Mo.

Plaintiff states that he and the defendants in the above entitled cause except Nancy Blankenship is heirs at law of Gilbert Blankenship who is deceased and the said deceased died on or about the 4 day of December 1868 and that said deceased was at the time of his death seized in fee simple of the following described real estate situated in the county of Oregon in the State of Missouri to wit: the SW & SE & S lot 2 SW section 20 township 23 North half lot 1 & 2 NW & NW SE section 3,T23 R4 SE SE section 25 town 23 range 5 containing 440 acres. That the plaintiff further states that John S. Blankenship is in title to one share and Clora Ann Pratt and William Pratt is in title to one share and Merdia H Blankenship is in title one share and GM Blankenship is entitle to one share and Wm H Blankenship is in title to one share and Paralee Blankenship is entitle to one share and Jacob H Blankenship is entitled to one share and Easter A Blankenship is entitle to one share and Manuel Blankenship is entitle to one share William C Phillips Nancy J Phillips AAA Phillips Gilbert W Phillips Benjamin C Phillips Missouri L Phillips James H Phillips George A Phillips minor heirs of Christenah and BC Phillips is entitle to one share in said real estate. Plaintiff further states that said real estate susceptible of Denision he there fore prayes that the same be sold and partition made according to law.

GW Hamm
Atty for Plaintiff

Plaintiff makes oath and says that the lone petition and he states the above contain he believes to be true.
John S Blankenship

Subscribed and sworn to before me this the 7 day of January 1869.
BC Phillips JP

Notes: BC & Christena Phillips are my gg-gparents. Gilbert & Nancy Blankenship are her parents. The other Blankenships are her siblings and the Phillipses are her children.
Notice that BC Phillips is also the Justice of the Peace. I have several marriage licenses for family that he also presided over the marriages.
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