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Established: Jan. 29, 1841
Parent County: Gasconade
County Seat: Linn
Named After: Osage River

Situated near the center of the State, is bounded on the north by Missouri River, on the west by the Osage, and four townships in its southeast corner are traversed by  the Gasconade.  The first settlements made here by persons from the Eastern States and by Germans.  The general character of the country is uneven, and some portions broken and sterile.  The valleys and much of the table-land is fertile, and what are known as the âbreaks of the Osage,â have been discovered to be rich in lead ore, and it is believed iron ore will be found abundant in some parts of the county.  Pieces of iron ore have been picked up on the surface of several hills, and surface lead ore, yielding 80 percent of pure lead has been found in a number of places near the Gasconade river.  Excellent limestone abundant.  The county is well timbered with oak, hickory, black walnut, etc., and saw mills would do well on the Gasconade, Osage or Maries; the lumber or furniture could easily be transported down these streams to the Pacific railroad or the Missouri river.  Several Germans are turning their attention to grape culture, and are confident that the cheap âflint hillsâ will produce more, with less labor, than more fertile soil cultivated for other purposes.  Osage is not a first-rate agricultural county, yet the average yield per acre of the farms under cultivation is reported to us to be as follows:  corn 75 bushels; wheat 30, rye 40, barley 50, oats 50, buckwheat 50, tobacco 1500lbs.  The root crops and fruit product is probably a little less than an average with counties in the same latitude.  Wanted in this county-a wild-awake newspaper, a few go-ahead farmers, manufacturers, saw mills, furniture factories, mechanics, and capitalists.  But nearly every county in the State present good openings for all these classes.
(The Source is: P.M. Pinckard, The Missouri handbook, St. Louis, 1865, 162 pgs. Transcribed by Donna Walton)

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